Things that saves lives

Do you want to be a superhero but have no superpower like Superman or Spiderman? No worries. You can be a hero too even though you’re just an average Jane or Joe.

You can be a hero by using punctuation. Punctuation saves lives. Consider this:

Yups… did you see how we actually saved grandma by using punctuation?  Grammar and impressive vocabulary is not the only thing that is important when you write in English.

Punctuation is important too, and I find it disappointing that a lot of my students don’t really use punctuation in their compositions.

I don’t know what their English teachers are teaching them in school, but it seems to me that their stories always lack of punctuation as well as imagination.

Whenever I examine their works, I feel as if the students are trained to use ‘safe mode’ to write where their arguments and opinions are almost the same and monosylabus. I don’t know what’s going on, but it doesn’t impress me when I see their composition plots are similar to each other, and they don’t seems to have their own opinion at all. :(

What really contributes to the lack of creativity? I can’t be too sure, but I have a sneaky feeling that our education system is way too restrictive and exam oriented that the students are oppressed from using their creativity as well as letting themselves go whenever they write a story.

Cleffairy: If only I can tell my students that creative writing/novel writing is like playing a piano. First you play by the rules then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.



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