Balloon Exhibition at Genting International Children’s Festival 2016

I never liked clowns and balloons. They scares me. Balloons especially as they scare me whenever they go pop.

 photo IMG_1935_zpsrh0c9k4k.jpg

But I couldn’t resist going for the balloon exhibition at Resorts World Genting during the recent Genting Children’s International Festival 2016.

 photo IMG_1928_zps4a0mmfz1.jpg

They had this balloon exhibition in a carnival like atmosphere.

 photo IMG_1924_zpsn1htpwvw.jpg

It’s open to public and offered free entry for both parents and children alike. There’s plenty of interesting balloon sculptures and not to mention balloon pool for children to play in.

 photo IMG_1932_zpsx7ims4h3.jpg

Clown balloon sculpture

 photo IMG_2059_zps58wbcldq.jpg

More clown balloon sculpture

 photo IMG_1933_zpsidjckh01.jpg

Cute hippo balloon sculpture

 photo IMG_1934_zpsuig9kgjg.jpg

Adorable elephant balloon sculpture

 photo IMG_1937_zpsknlx3k6u.jpg

Little monkeys on hot air balloon sculptures

 photo IMG_1989_zps8p0xtqc5.jpg

Children spotted playing in the pool of balloons.

 photo IMG_1995_zpsc13nhj4j.jpg

Isn’t she lovely?

 photo IMG_1939_zpsrrk3o1gd.jpg

The highlight of the balloon exhibition is definitely this, the giant 20ft tall monkey balloon sculpture.

Scared of balloons, well yes. I had to admit that I’m abit squeamish around them, but seeing my son had so much fun there was worth all my trauma.

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