Eugene’s funky Qs

Eugene had posted these funny questions and told his readers not to treat it as a tag, but I find it funny, so I decided to put it up here since the questions seems so amusing… Feel free to visit his blog, dear readers. He’s the devoted kind of husband every women could ask for and his blog entries are usually family centred and thought provoking too


1) what you would do if you had 4 breasts ?

Geez, I have no idea what I’d do if I have 4 breasts. Wear another set of bra? Or maybe i’ll give birth to twins, then I can breastfeed em all at once.

2)What you love to do best if you had x-ray eyes?

*grinz* you guys wouldn’t want to know, because my answer won’t be that innocent.

3)If you could add another word to your name,what would it be?

No idea. I like my name now.

4)Would you agree to a lady being a poligamist (having 2 legitimate husbands)?

Are you nuts? One is more than enough to handle. Having two husbands would mean that a lady will also have another set of crazy OUTLAWS to please. OMG… a lady would be crazy if she decided to have two husbands. It’ll turn one’s world upside down.

5)If you had to keep a night job ,what kind of a job would you want for it?

The type of job that I could sleep on the job, I suppose. Is there such a thing like a job that you could snore on the job, anyway? Maybe a security guard?

6)How do you tell your partner or spouse that you are no longer interested in sex?

No idea. I’ll think of something when I come to that time. At the moment, my libido is still high. All I can think of is not how I should tell my husband that I am no longer interested but scheming on how to lure him to please me. LOL.

7)What will be the first word coming out of your mouth, if your spouse is caught red handed cheating on you?

Fuck your mom’s asshole!

8) What is the one thing that you hate most for being “YOU”

I’m too fiery for my own good, I guess.

9)What would you do if were even more powerful than GOD?

I’ll go kick George Bush Jr’s butt!

10)How would the world turn out to be if Micheal Jackson were to be the US’s President ?

Plastic surgery would be free.