Fuck off! Don’t tell us how to dress up or behave!

Define woman, straight woman. In Malaysia. Here goes. A woman, must have a vagina between her legs and have long hair, and on top of that must wear frilly skirts complete with headscarf and high heels with excessive makeup that will suspiciously make a female individual looks like a baboon’s ass or some ghostly opera singer. To be a woman in Malaysia and not be labeled as tomboy or lesbian, women must also be submissive to men’s wimp and acts all girlie. If a woman in Malaysia does not have the figure or the look of a typical woman or dress up nothing short like a Christmas tree, then she is by all mean, she is a homosexual, or in other words, she’s a LESBIAN.

Is there anything else I’m missing? Please feel free to add, dear readers, I am sure most of you know better than me on how our government and some NGO tells Malaysian women how to dress and how to behave in public in the name of religion. I can’t be bothered listing every damn thing they’re trying to tell us women because there are too damn much to list, and if I were to do so, I might as well write a bloody thick book and publish it.

Bloody hell! Does wearing jeans and t-shirt and having naturally flat chest and short hair makes one a lesser woman or even a lesbian? Must all woman in this bloody country dress up like some belly dancers or paint her face like some bloody bitchy doll from hell to be viewed as a woman in the eyes of public? Now they are telling our women on what to wear and how to behave, what’s next? How to have sex or which sexual position is acceptable in the eyes of the public? Women are not allowed to be on top of her man in bed? What a fucked up place we’re living in!

Having the perception that a woman or girl who dress up or look like a boy is definitely a lesbian does disgust me to no end. Why? From personal experience when I was growing up, I was a ‘tomboy’ too. I do not mix around well with girls my age. I despise wearing makeup (til tis very day), I don’t have big boobs like those porn star bitches does, and loves to mix around with boys and play football and basketball with them. I was a very active young lady when I was growing up, and I love doing what boys my age does, which is play hard, and gets myself into trouble more often than out of it.

But does all of this characteristic makes me a lesbian? Hell, no! I was not a lesbian, even though I have a very close girl friend whom stick together with me wherever we go. I may not look like a typical girl, wearing skirts and frills and favoured flowers, but I was girlish all the same deep inside. I had my fair share of crushes on cute boys. I swoon and goes goo goo ga ga each time I saw some handsome and single new male teachers in school, and hell yes, I love to gossip like most girls do. And God help me, I was addicted to Harlequin and Mills&Boon mushy romance novels and not even my controlling mother could pry those romance novels I secretly bought and stash under my bed with my allowance from my clutches.

Okay, fine, enough of my childhood times where I swoon over those hunks in school. As time goes by, I grew up. And I still do not dress up like a prim and proper lady who graduated from finishing school. I still prefer jeans and t-shirts over frilly dresses. I do not keep up with the latest fashion and I would definitely choose some cool gadget and thick books over those ‘Nippon paint makeups’. Sitting in front of the dressing table, painting my face with God knows what chemical concoction is never a routine. Evaluate my outward appearance, ladies and gentleman. Am I a lesbian?

Hell, no! I’m married to a man. A man, one that you could safely define, with a penis between his legs from the very day he was born. An original one, mind you not some bloody drag queen who had some transgender nip and tuck. So, with all my outward appearance and my dressing preference that is not very feminine in the eyes of public or ‘those people’, does this makes me a lesser woman? I think not, and most people around me does not think so too. So what gives the rights to ‘some people’ to label every single woman in this country who dressed up like a guy just because they feel comfortable with it a homosexual who will put on a strapon undies or armed with whatever kinkily designed dildo and have sex with her own kind at night?

Sorry to say this, assholes, but there are lesbians who look absolutely like a real woman where they are very ladylike and one could hardly guess that she is actually a lesbian, and sometimes, her partner even look like some woman who just came out from a runway catwalk. Gosh, don’t you guys even know that sometimes, to be a homosexual/lesbian, a woman does not have to purposely dress up or behave like a guy? Get out from your cave and smell the stinks of the world, assholes.

People should never judge a person on how others looks like. One may encounter a very beautiful lady who wears skirts, makeups and all, and she could very well be a lesbian and not even close to guessing her sexual preference. Why only label those who looks or dress up as guys as lesbian? What the hell is wrong with your screwed up brain?

If you want to do away with homosexuality, then by all means, tackle the root of the problem that brings up all of these nonsense, not just telling off every single ladies on the street who wears very casually like a man does not to dress up that way just because you think that it’s religiously not allowed to dress up like that. Go figure out why some women have tendency to be a lesbian.

Homosexual tendency is not written in someone’s D.N.A code. No department of science can prove that. It’s something developed during growing up years or somewhere in between teenage years and adulthood. A woman dressing up very casually like a man probably do so because she feels at ease and comfortable with her dressing code. It does not always necessarily mean that she is a lesbian.

Environment matters. Something must have screwed up somewhere to trigger homosexuality in an individual. Hell, I know I’ll turn into a lesbian if the man in my life mistreat me and absolutely have no respect towards me. I am not ashame to admit that. That’s probably the truth, anyway. After all, if most male figure in my life treats women like dirt, why would I not favour women in comparison to men? Women are more understanding towards other women’s sensitivity and needs. After all, men can be such bastards and clueless at times.

Sometimes, childhood environment affect someone’s sexual preference too. Do away with school that’s gender based. School are not supposed to be serving as a convent or a monastery anymore. Keeping children of different genders apart from each other during their childhood and learning years does not only confuse them of their counterpart and in some ways, but definitely encourage them ‘to get to know’ their opposite sex in a rather dangerous way.

Curiosity will lead two individual from different genders who had been kept apart for so long from each other to get close and try to understand each other in a rather sexual way. Opposite usually attract, like moth to the flame. Wouldn’t it be better if children are forewarned and have better understanding of their opposite sex rather than keeping them in the dark and find out about sex in an unhealthy way? Why not keep them informed and educated instead of hiding them away from each other during their growing up years?

Unfortunately, not all kids who were educated in a school that was not co-ed goes all curious and turn out as straight individual. Some grew up either to view at their opposite sex with contempt and prejudice or refused to look at their counterpart at all. They grew to have admiration towards the same sex and slowly, admiration turned into infatuation and beyond.

So, conniving assholes, instead of labeling or telling women not to dress up like men, why not ‘troubleshoot’ the root of all this nonsense first if you think that homosexuality is something that should be condemn? Why only choose to preach all day long in a rather shallow way of thinking instead of doing something that actually might work effectively?

Cleffairy: Children are like a bunch of pottery mud that can be shaped in any ways the artist want it to be. But beware, once a pottery mud has been shaped and burn with heat to make the shape permanent, re-shaping or any alteration would cause it to break.