ChiChi & ChaCha, A New Fun Edutainment Program

Does your kids watch television? Mine does, although he pretty much prefer the ‘new’ way of watching the idiot box, which is via his iPad, through YouTube. I kinda limit his iPad usage, though, as I have not much control over quality entertainment that is suitable for his age range.

But for what it’s worth, I’m very happy that Big Fish Media is presenting the next wave of children’s edutainment with “ChiChi & ChaCha’, airing on Astro Ceria (Channel 611) & Astro Maya HD (Channel 135) on every Saturday, 11th of October, 2014 from 10.30 a.m.

Though this program, the children get explore a world of fun, games, adventure and learning with ‘ChiChi & ChaCha’. The episodes will re-run 3 times a day, everyday from Monday to Friday (13 episodes x 30 mins).

The program is targeted for children from kindergarten to early primary (ages 6-8).’ChiChi & ChaCha is an energetic, fun-filled learning and entertainment programme that is attempting to revolutionize the edutainment market of Malaysia.

ChiChi & ChaCha’ is a never seen before format of production from Malaysia and it is a wonderful addition to our TV show line-up at Astro Ceria, featuring a dynamic group of high energy TV hosts, ‘ChiChi & ChaCha utilises various mediums such as song, dance, music, as well as 3D animation to create a positive environment that teaches as well as entertains.This will be Malaysia’s first programme that synergises a hybrid world of live action and 3D animation. The adorable characters of ‘ChiChi & ChaCha will be the next-generation of edutainment characters that children all around Malaysia can learn and grow with.

ChiChi & ChaCha’ is the intellectual Property of Big Fish Media, a joint venture between Educate to Learn (e2L) and Kyanite TV. Coming from one of the premier production houses in Malaysia, Kyanite TV has been involved with high end quality productions houses like Jejak Jepun Bersama Zizam (Astro), Chalk & Cheese (AFC), Letting Go with Jojo Struys (Mediacorp), Yuna Inspired (Astro) and many others. E2L is an advanced learning hub that focuses on the training and development of teaching children and is an expert in the field of quality development and early childhoon educatio. The partnership between Kyanite TV with e2L is the ideal venture-ship to create Malaysia’s next edutainment movement.

Big Fish Media seeks to be the number one innovate leader in creating transmedia projects for the edutainment content sector of Malaysia, and eventually all over the world. The Company already has an extensive line-up of plans to develop 360 degrees of multi-platform content learning; with negotiations already underway for future mobile gaming and learning apps, licensing and merchandising, interactive toys and many others. The Company has already established a partnership with prominent Malaysia media house Karangkraf for a series of ‘ChiChi & ChaCha’ activity books and graphic novels.

As a parent to a growing up child, I’m really glad that there is a wonderful edutainment program coming our way, and I’m sure my son will not only enjoy it, but benefited from it as well.

Keep a lookout for the debut of ChiChi&ChaCha soon.

For a little sneak peak, do have a look at the following links:

· (@chichidanchacha)
· (@chichidanchacha)


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The Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014 (WEF2014)

Being a woman in this modern world is not an easy feat. There is so much expected from us women. Let’s admit it. Many of us ladies struggle to balance our traditional nurturing role where we are expected to be a domesticated goddess and a successful career women. Yes. It is indeed not an easy feat. Or at least, yours truly finds it a struggle to be truly fabulous and a very extraordinary woman, and I’m on a constant lookout to be a better version of myself. I’m always looking for positive aura and inspiration to improvise myself and now, I think I have a chance. I spotted this The Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014 (WEF2014) and it is exactly what I need; women empowerment.

 photo 10629880_324133007765284_4007619209275004450_n_zpsn82icvnh.jpg

Following through from its 1st successful run in Kuala Lumpur last year, The Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014 (WEF2014) will stage its 2nd outing in Malaysia from 28th – 29th October. The forum will be held in the Sime Darby Convention Centre. In 2015, the forum will be moved to Manila, Philippines. 

The debut forum in Kuala Lumpur last year witnessed the participation of many prominent female leaders in Asia, both from the private and public sectors. Their stories and presentations inspired and empowered attendees comprising entrepreneurs, industry leaders, dignitaries and experts of both genders.

Once again, this year, the WEF2014 will bring together over 40 expert global speakers to focus the spotlight on leadership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. 

 photo 10653522_775630539168021_157499439928671982_n_zpsosf7tjsm.jpg

The forum’s panels and speakers will share their experiences and insights to stimulate and motivate delegates in 5 Key Pillars of Life: Health, Wealth, Family, Career and Lifestyle. 

Participants can garner pointers as well as learn from the experiences of these speakers on how they can enhance these 5 Key Pillars of their lives. Yes. This is something not just me, but every woman in Malaysia could actually benefit from.

The WEF will be an excellent opportunity for delegates to network, exchange ideas, learn from role models and take home great ideas on how to strengthen the five pillars of life –health, wealth, family, career and lifestyle.

The Opening launch will be done by YB Puan Hajah Nancy Binti Haji Shukri, Minister in the Prime Minister Department.

Closing ceremony will be done by YB Dato’ Sri Hajah Rohani Binti Abdul Karim, the Minister of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

Former Prime Minister, YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, will deliver a keynote address. 

Ticket price: RM1, 800.00 per ticket 
To register., please email : [email protected]

Like and follow :- WEF Forum KL 2014   and also website

WEF Forum KL 2014 is organized by Brandt International under the license of Wealth Asia Media and supported by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community, SME Corporation, Peniagawati,Talent Corporation. Official media partner is Bernama, the National News Agency.

Official Airline is Air Asia while their strategic partners are – Hyrax Oil Sdn Bhd, SEGI College, Megapadu Sdn Bhd, etc , NGOs & speakers of the Forum

Behind The Scene Tour- See, Do& Eat Interactive Workshop

We were famished but there was no refreshment provided during the Genting Behind The Scene Tour. But lucky for us, there is See, Do&Eat Interactive Workshop in our itinerary where we get to make our own food and eat em. ;)

 photo IMG_20140920_162019_zpsvvh1ig3p.jpg

First, there’s a cupcake decorating session where the chef gave us a demo on how to decorate cupcakes by using cream, chocolates and fruits.

 photo IMG_20140920_162249_zpsbyuz4fu1.jpg

Here’s the members of the media, social media influencers and kids bloggers decorating our own cupcakes.

 photo IMG_20140920_163022_zpsohhnejzv.jpg

Here’s the cupcake that I decorated. :)

 photo IMG_20140920_163000_zpsxzo5ouli.jpg

And this is what my son made. Yours truly thinks the boy is much more talented in the art of cake deco than her. :p Pretty neat, huh? :)

 photo IMG-20140928-WA0020_zpspqybffvk.jpg

There was a sushi demo too. Here’s a pic of the kids and adults alike making their own sushi. :) Picture credit to Cutiemonkee and my blogger friend Miera.

 photo IMG_20140920_165032_zps0hnldxc_edit_1411920432812_zpsofglenk5.jpg

I did not make any sushi, but my husband did. :) Here’s his before it was done. This one’s for sushi rolls. The ingredients was nori sheet, vinegered Japanese rice, pickled radish slices, cucumber slices, crab sticks, tamago, tuna flakes and creamy Japanese mayonnaise.

 photo IMG_20140920_165641_zpsqoobhnh5.jpg

Here’s the final products. The sushi rolls looks delicious, no? It was delicious, I assure you. And my husband even made me an additional thing;a California Roll when I told him I wanted one. Not too shabby for a person who doesn’t really cook, I must say.

Naturally, the ‘See, Do&Eat Interactive Workshop‘ is my favourite part of the tour. :p Yes, I’m a glutton at heart, but that’s not a bad thing. I appreciate food and small details in life and these stuff happens to be one of it, and I’m sure you would appreciate it too.

Interested to join the Genting Behind the Scene Tour and take a sneak peak behind their daily operations? Well below is the details for it:

Meeting point:

First World Indoor Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter or
Registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park (next to post office)

Tour dates available
September : 6,7,13-21, 27,28 (13 days)
October : 4,5,6,11,12,18,19,23,24,25,26 (11 days)
November : 1,2,8,9,15,16,22,23,28,29,30 (11 days)
December : 5,6,7,12,13,14,19,20,21,25,26,27,28 (13 days)

Price : RM20 per person
Time : 2.15pm – 5.00pm


2.15pm  – Everyone gathers at First World Tagging Counter or Vision City Video Games Park
2.30pm  – The Visitors’ Galleria
3.00pm  – Genting International Showroom
3.30pm  – Visit to First World Hotel Laundry
4.00 pm – See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop
5.00pm  – End of Program

Pre-booking is recommended by email to [email protected] (3 days before the tour date) or call 03-61011118 ext.55678
For walk-in guest, please sign up at First World Indoor Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter or registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park before proceeding with payment.

The tour is limited to maximum 30 pax per day. In the event that bookings do not reach the minimum number of participants of at least 10 persons, the tour will be cancelled and full refund will be made.

Behind the Scene Tour was made possible by Resort World Genting.

Behind The Scene Tour- First World Laundry Room

Unlike the visit to Genting International showroom, our visit to the First World Laundry division was nothing glamorous or funky, but it was educational nevertheless, as while yours truly knows how important and cleanliness in the line of hotel and hospitality, I had no clue how the hotel actually keep things clean and hygienic, especially the bedsheets, duvet etc.

 photo IMG_20140920_154954_zpswxgmeaws.jpg

An overview on housekeeping and laundry division.

 photo PhotoGrid_1411899299158_zpswdbkxdle.jpg

No. First World Hotel does not keep elves who helped them to do the laundry nor do they have fairy godmothers who clean up everything with just a wave of a wand. There was no magic involved. Just systematic system, high-tech machines and pure hardwork to keep things clean. We were shown an A-Z process of laundry in First World Hotel, from collection of dirty linens to washing, drying up, pressing and distributing it back to hotel rooms for your usage. Everything was done using giant machines and the divisions looks more like a mini factory rather than a laundry room.

 photo IMG_20140920_160545_zpsqzedxxsa.jpg

These are clothes sent by the patrons of First World Hotel for dry cleaning and is now ready to be delivered back to the respective owners. Both wet and dry cleaning service is available upon request for those who are staying in First World Hotel.

The visit is indeed educational, and I believe, through this visit, you not only can learn how hotels manages their laundry but teaches you how to appreciate the unsung heroes who made your stay in hotels comfortable too.

Behind the Scene Tour was made possible by Genting Resort World.

Behind The Scene Tour-Genting International Showroom.

The last time I was at Genting International Showroom was November 2013. My family and I were invited to experience Fantastica! 2 and Stars on String in Genting Resort World back then. It was indeed one of my most memorable trip as my husband ended up on the stage, dancing ballet with Fantastica! 2 performers in front of hundreds of audience, complete with a tutu. ;) I believe, many of us who joined that trip back then still remembers his ballet performance. :p

 photo IMG_20140920_150918_zpsmvpgsr7t.jpg

My rather introverted husband breathes in relief this time around though. We were not there to make an impromptu performance but to find out how things works behind the stage during concerts or shows in Genting International Showroom.

 photo IMG_20140920_150521_zpstkkrjgcv.jpg

Here’s one of the sound and lighting crew member, briefing us on the stage sound and lighting.

 photo IMG_20140920_150810_zpsi17bxyau.jpg

Sound engineer demonstrating the arts of sound and blasting the Genting International Showroom with funky sound.

 photo IMG_20140928_152719_zpsn3mnelca.jpg

Here’s one for the album, the kid bloggers dancing and having their 5 minutes fame on stage in Genting International Showroom, complete with lighting and music before proceeding to our next stop; the educational visit to First World Hotel Laundry division.

This behind the scene tour is pretty much insightful and I learned that behind every successful show or concert in Genting, there is a whole crew behind of it to make it successful and yes…credits should be given to the backstage crews too. Bravo and kudos for making world class entertainment possible.

The Behind the Scene Tour was made possible by Genting Resort World.

Behind The Scene Tour- History of Genting

After having a blast in the Ice Age Adventure and a fill in the Coffee Terrace we Proceed to Behind The Scene Tour where there will be 4 stops, which is; The Visitor’s Galleria, The Genting International Showroom, First World Hotel Laundry and See, Do& Eat Workshop. I will be writing about all of these stops individually as each and every one of it is pretty educational and interesting.

Our first stop was the Visitor’s Galleria. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by a tour guide who will lead us throughout the tour and were given a goodie bag containing a bottle of mineral water and a set of Genting Resort World stationary set, which will be pretty useful if you are a student or a member of the media who joined this tour as you will need to jot down some notes if you are to really write a good article about the Behind the Scene Tour.

The tour is mainly aimed to educate the public on how things works behind the scene in Resort World Genting, but our first stop in the Visitor’s Galleria, is pretty much a tribute to the founder of Genting Resort World, the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

 photo IMG_20140920_141452_zpsdecktado.jpg

In the Visitor’s Galleria we were briefed about the life of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong and his ultimate masterpiece; Genting Resort World. The story is very extensive but to cut the long story short, the late Tan Sri hailed from China and migrated to Malaya,( now Malaysia) and works as a carpenter before starting to delve into the world of constructions.

 photo IMG_20140920_141807_zps9dx7lqxp.jpg

Hall of fame- the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong’s achievements is all on display here, ranging from trophies to momentous from VIPs from all over the world.

 photo IMG_20140920_141734_zpszqyovmb4.jpg

The members of the media were also given an overview of the entire Genting and their future plans, the first Fox World theme park in the world, which is currently in progress and expected to be completely done and open to public by the end of 2016.

This tour may be boring to some and small children may find it a bit mind boggling, but to aspiring adults who wants to be a self-make billionaire, the story of how the late Tan Sri Lim Go Tong is nothing but pure inspiration.

Our next stop is the Genting International Showroom, where the visitors will be given a glimpse on how things works behind the scene of all those world class show and concert in the showroom.

Wait up for my next post, yea. :)

This trip was made possible by Resort World Genting.

Lunch at Coffee Terrace

After having so much fun at Ice Age Adventures, we were ushered to The Coffee Terrace for lunch. :) It was buffet style with plenty of food to appease even the fussiest eater.

 photo IMG_20140920_124405_zpsafgfbnjz.jpg

Was feeling rather cold, so I took the Creamy Mushroom Soup to share with my husband. But unfortunately for me, it was not to my liking as the cream was way too thick and clumped up pretty easily. :(

 photo IMG_20140920_133446_zpslcjyid17.jpg

Spotted some Chinese Pancakes with Scallions at the Chinese stall. This was marvellously done. Savoury, crispy and flavourful. Would have gone for a few more if I wasn’t saving the space in the tummy for other dishes.

 photo IMG_20140920_130232_zpsqp1gigsy.jpg

On husband’s plate: Salad and assorted sushi. He was craving for sushi and took some. The sushi was fresh and earned his approval. The salad? I took a forkful. It was all right. No complaints there.

 photo IMG_20140920_124354_zpsvfbc1wvv.jpg

On my place was some Mixed Grill and Pasta. These are all right too. Loved the beef slices to bits. Perfectly marinated and nicely done.

 photo IMG_20140920_133209_zpsnslspmij.jpg

Dessert was Assorted Pastries. I gave this a miss but my son enjoyed this so much.

 photo IMG_20140920_133227_zpscrsbknnj.jpg

My husband and I ended our meal with two scoops of ice cream before we proceed to our next stop: The Genting Behind The Scene Tour. :)

More info on Coffee Terrace, please refer to the details below:

Resorts World Hotel Genting Highlands

Breakfast: 5.30am – 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon – 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm – 9.30pm            

24 hours

Phone: 03-6101 1118

Ice Age Adventure in Resort World Genting

What did you do last school holiday? It was pretty short. Just one week, and it is not very practical for me and my family to go anywhere far. I was tempted to fly over to Boracay, but instead of that my family and I settled for Genting Highlands instead after receiving a FAM trip invitation from Resort World Genting. ;)

 photo IMG_20140920_090319_zpsl6inhg6g.jpg

The FAM trip this time around is different as it is completely children friendly. See the picture above? These are my kid blogger friends. Yes. These children are bloggers too. :) So…why did we go up to Genting last school holiday?

Well, it’s because of this:

 photo IMG_20140920_105100_1_zpszb0pjg7j.jpg

Ice Age Adventure. :) Resort World Genting is bringing the Sub Zero heroes over for all of you to meet. ;) Ice Age Adventure is an interactive section aimed to the young and the young at hearts and is happening from 1 September – 26 October 2014. Touring Ice Age Adventure will allow you to meet the Sub Zero heroes, Manny, Ellie, Sid, Scrat and Diego who will bring you on an extraordinary adventure that includes lots of fun and
games as well as plenty of once-in-a-lifetime photo moments. ;)

Here is a bit of a walkthrough for Ice Age Adventure, in case you’re planning a visit. :) There is 3 main sections in Ice Age Adventure which is: Ice Age Playground, Ice Age Theater and Ice Age Meet and Greet.

 photo IMG_20140920_105922_zpsoijysniy.jpg

In Ice Age Playground, there is makeup of Ice Age interior where selfies lovers can roam free to take pictures at over 30 photography spots based on real movie scenes.

 photo pix24_zpsoopo7yol.jpg

The replica of Captain Gutt’s ice ship from the animation is also stationed at this zone.  

 photo IMG_20140920_105530_zpswgkirzwr.jpg

Even the adults couldn’t resist from posing here. It is simply irresistible! Any Ice Age fan will definitely go nuts over the legendary nut. :p See…even an adult couldn’t resist the nut!

 photo IMG_20140920_110804_zpsfsqohoyx.jpg

There is also section where a mini arcade where there is a variety of skill games and redemption machines to test your skills.

 photo IMG_20140920_110733_zpslmdy1prc.jpg

Here’s my son playing basketball game….and scoring! :)

 photo IMG_20140920_120656_zps5yhjrzuq.jpg

Activities corner is here too where you can make your own Ice Age character mask. :)

 photo pix35_zpsdg5vkhpm.jpg

An oh! Before I forget! You can also create bookmarks over here while you are at Ice Age Adventure playground. There are 6 stations scattered around and you may collect 6 different Ice Age characters design from respective stations. :)

 photo IMG_20140920_114208_zpsalewjhgs.jpg

In the Meet and Greet session with Ice Age Characters, the kids and adults alike can meet and greet the much loved characters – Sid, Scrat and Diego. You can choose to dance, play games or just take‘selfies’ with them.

 photo IMG_20140920_120013_zpsxsnuntto.jpg

Cutiemonkee, taking a photo with Scrat.

 photo IMG_20140920_114059_zpsqxdwlxvp.jpg

My son, Little A couldn’t resist hugging the cheeky Sid too. :)

 photo pix40_zpsambgutil.jpg

In Ice Age Theatre, there will be screening of Ice Age’s Popular Short films such as Gone Nutty – the 2003 Academy Award for Animated Short Film, No Time for Nuts – the 2007 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film & etc.

 photo Screenshot_2014-09-26-00-28-06_zpsviz9umg9.png

Here is the schedule of the show

 photo IMG_20140920_115853_zpsvy0jffko.jpg

One for the album. :)

I’m a big kid at heart. Overall, the entire Ice Age Adventure made the child in me extremely happy and I’m sure it will me you and your little one happy too. :)

Ice Age Adventure details:
1 September – 26 October 2014
10am – 10pm .
RM20 per person
Genting International Convention Centre
(Meeting rooms 7 – 12)

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, TasteMIGF 2014

 photo MediaLaunch_Alex_MIGF2014_MG_8530_zpsdzdr8qii.jpg

The spectacular preview event for the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, TasteMIGF 2014, will take place from the 26th to 28th of September 2014 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

For one fabulous gastronomic weekend, food lovers can get a tasting preview of the Festival by partaking in a Super Gourmet Safari exchanging Gourmet Dollars for bite sized samples from all the Festival restaurants as they gather in one specially created location – The Theatre of Cuisines.They can also shop at the Epicure Gourmet Village and attend Master Chefs’ cooking classes and enjoy wine appreciation talks and other culinary happenings.

A new inclusion this year is the LuxuryPlus Showcase which will display high end properties and investment opportunities among others and provide those present with the opportunity to hear from the industry’s best.

Go on a Super Gourmet Safari at the Theatre of Cuisines
In the specially created “Theatre of Cuisines”, where the Festival restaurants are showcased, visitors can buy “Gourmet Dollars” and enjoy a “Super Gourmet Safari” sampling creations from Malaysia’s leading chefs as they serve up tasting portions from their Festival Menus. These special portions are big enough to exhibit the creativity of the Festival chefs but small enough to allow tasting as many dishes from as many restaurants as possible. Live music and cooking demonstrations take place, providing a fiesta-like atmosphere for all visitors.

The Theatre of Cuisines will open to the public for a fabulous gourmet weekend from 11.00am to 10.00pm on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September.

To go on your Super Gourmet Safari, you will need Gourmet Dollars that have been created with the benefit of diners in mind. They help to minimise queues and delays for people waiting for their change. Gourmet Dollars will be available for purchase on the day of the event itself; however, you can avoid valuable time on that day and enjoy a 5% discount if you pre-purchase Gourmet Dollars at

Epicure International Gourmet Village
TasteMIGF will also feature an “Epicure International Gourmet Village”, situated right next to the Theatre of Cuisines. Here, more than 80 purveyors of the finest gourmet food, wines, cigars, and much more, offer their wares in a festive, bazaar-like atmosphere.
The Epicure International Gourmet Village will open to the public from 11.00am to 4.00pm on Friday 26th September and again from 11.00am to 10.00pm on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September.

This is this also unique opportunity to get to know the Festival Master Chefs as they share their culinary secrets. There will also be wine appreciation, mixology classes and many other activities throughout the 2-day weekend.

Cooking Classes and Workshops will be conducted on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September from 1pm until 8.30pm.

A new inclusion to TasteMIGF this year and located on the same floor as the Epicure Lifestyle Workshops, is the LuxuryPlus Showcase & Workshops where all things luxurious will be on display including high end properties, investment opportunities and much more. The workshops will feature talks and invaluable advice by industry experts.

The LuxuryPlus Showcase will open to the public from 11.00am to 4.00pm on Friday 26th September and again from 11.00am to 10.00pm on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th September.
Workshops are available on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September from 1pm to 8.30pm.

So mark the 26th – 28th September 2014 in your diaries, foosies.
TasteMIGF promises to be a spectacular preview for the month-long MIGF 2014 that will heat up the Malaysian dining scene all through October.


1. The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival

1st to 31st October 2014
A fabulous month of Special Festival Menus in Malaysia’s best restaurants

2. Taste MIGF – Venue: Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre

Friday, 26th September – 11.00am to 4.00pm
Epicure International Gourmet Village and Luxury Plus Showcase only

Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th September 2014 – 11.00am to 10.00pm
Theatre of Cuisines, Epicure International Gourmet Village and Luxury Plus Showcase

3. Taste MIGF Activities

a. Theatre of Cuisines – Super Gourmet Safari
i. Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th September – 11.00am to 10.00pm
ii. Payment Method: Only with Gourmet Dollars.

b. Epicure International Gourmet Village
i. Friday, 26th September – 11.00am to 4.00pm
ii. Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th September -11.00am to 10.00pm
iii. Payment Method: Cash and Credit Cards

c. Epicure Lifestyle Workshops
i. Saturday, 27th and Sunday 28th September – 1pm to 8.30pm

d. LuxuryPlus Showcase
i. Friday, 26th September – 11.00am to 4.00pm
ii. Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th September- 11.00am to 10.00pm
iii. Payment Method: Cash and Credit Cards

e. LuxuryPlus Showcase Workshops
i. Saturday, 27th and Sunday 28th September 2014 – 1pm to 8.30pm ii.

Limited space, please pre-register at

*This information is correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change.

English Mania in Kidzania

 photo image014_zps4dbe7b6f.jpg

The Ministry of Education (MoE), Malaysia launches English Mania in KidZania, the pilot phase of the first-ever English based learning experience programme for students and teachers at KidZania Kuala Lumpur.KidZania is an indoor family education and entertainment centre, which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience targeted at kids aged 4 to 14 years. KidZania combines role-play with real life, creating a kid-centric city experience designed to educate and inspire kids; from arriving at the airport, to visiting a city centre to exploring the city streets. As in the real world, kids choose activities – such as being a police officer, doctor, journalist or a customer – and earn money, which they can then spend or save. KidZania operates just like a real city complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles, a functioning economy, and recognisable destinations in the form of “establishments” sponsored and branded by leading international and local brands. The facilities are designed to educate through experience, fostering the development of life skills, but from a kid’s perspective it is all about fun.

English Mania in KidZania is a programme designed for both students and teachers to enhance and encourage the use of the English language in classrooms. Besides providing an enjoyable learning platform for students to learn English, the programme leverages on KidZania’s unique role-playing concept and also equips and inspires the teachers to be more creative and imaginative in their teaching delivery.

Students will have their wildest dreams come true by playing in KidZania Kuala Lumpur on a school day! However, the students are in fact assisting their teachers by collecting data through role-playing some of the over 100 professions available in KidZania. This data will then be shared with their teachers at the end of the program to assist them in designing fun and educational role-play based activities back in the classroom.

While the students experience the city of KidZania Kuala Lumpur, the teachers will attend a one-day training session conducted by appointed facilitators from the MoE together with KidZania’s in-house trainers. The course brings them through the concept of ‘edutainment’, which is a portmanteau of education and entertainment, to make learning more enjoyable through playing. Teachers will also learn about educational role-play and how it aids child development, complements out-of-classroom teaching, and supports existing school curricular.

English Mania in KidZania is sponsored and organised by the Co-curriculum and Arts Division, Ministry of Education, Malaysia in partnership with KidZania Kuala Lumpur. The two-day pilot phase is targeted at 32 schools around Klang Valley and Putrajaya, reaching over 1100 students and 100 teachers. Once the pilot programme has completed, teachers will need to submit a report to the MoE recording their experience with their students and measure their students’ learning outcome towards the success of implementing role-play and hands-on activities in the classroom. The MoE will then review the reports to formalise the roll-out of the full programme.