From Russia With Love Part II- Moiseikin, The Art of Russian Luxury

You know something? I’m a bit like a frog in a well. I lived quite a sheltered life and I did not know much about the world. Until I started traveling and meeting new people, which was just the end of last year, my knowledge about people and the world is limited to what I’ve watched in the movies or what I’ve read in the books or novels. There’s this saying that says “The world is a book. Until you traveled, you’ve only read one page”. That’s really true, you know? Until you’ve really trot the globe, you know nothing about the world and the people.

Like I said in my previous post, From Russia With Love, my whole life was a lie. Well, at least where Russians is concerned. Until I met some of them in their National Day dinner last week, my opinions on the Russians is pretty much…well… ‘not much’. I thought most of them are mafias, mad scientists or head of organized terrorist organization. At most, they are the alpha male protagonists in Harlequin romance novels where they take reluctant wives or mistresses.  I guess I have the Hollywood to blame for that. :( They are anything but that! They are a bunch of nice, courteous, charming, beautiful, intelligent and talented people. :D

And speaking of talented, here’s introducing one very talented and handsome Russian, Mr. Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, Founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House, Russia.

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0022_zpsahsnml7y.jpg

From left: Anita Ibrahim, TV3 Nightline Newscaster, Mr. Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, Founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House, Russia and my new friend Azean.

Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin first fell in love with colourful stones when his father, Vladimir who was a geologist presented him with a piece of malachite. Since then, he has been filling up his treasure box with colourful stones from the Urals, Russia. In 1993, he opened a small jewellery studio in Yekaterinburg, holding on to his life-long dream of reviving the tradition of Russian luxury since founded by Karl Faberge in the 19th Century.

Moiseikin Jewellery House creates most luxurious and fine jewelry items, both stone-cut and metal, interior clocks, transformer objects, Russian Brilliant series’ and hand-made jewellery items. Specializing in glyptography,Moiseikin strives for perfection and innovation while reviving and maintaining the traditions of Russian craftsmanship. Dedicated to perfection and eager to satisfy the tastes of the art pieces’ owners, Moiseikin designs one-of-a-kind jewellery items and unique souvenirs, basing on a deep understanding of their historical and personal backgrounds, and their feelings. To create lively, carefully detailed art pieces that would move their owners is the priority of Moiseikin. Combining ancient symbols and modern ideas, wisdom of the past and energy of the present, skillful masters creates unique and refined objects of natural materials that most aptly demonstrate and emphasize the beauty of jewellery art works and precious metals. All these talents are part and parcel of Moiseikin’s art. You can find out more about Moiseikin’s art in, but in the meantime, please allow me to showcase some of the lovely pieces from Moiseikin that’s exhibited in the National Art Gallery.

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0017_zpswwlwn4gy.jpg

Admiring the art of Russian luxury

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0007_zpsfakhzozc.jpg

Moiseikin jewelleries. Gosh, I wish I can have a piece of this!

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0003_zpsezd9xggq.jpg

The highlight of ‘The Art of Russian Luxury by Moiseikin’ at the National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, The Horn of Plenty. Jewellery, lapidary and watch-making masterpiece. Its production took 3112 diamonds, and every detail was done manually as a separate art object. The first interpretation of the “Horn of Plenty” made a huge impression on the international jewellery community. This interior clock became a symbol of the exhibition “Russian, Eastern & Oriental Fine Art Fair — London 2010”. Moiseikin decided to surprise the audience by introducing a brand new “Horn of Plenty”, which has never been exhibited before.

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0020_zpsp7emt1xv.jpg

What makes the Moiseikin crafts so beautiful is how some items from the exhibits have ‘hidden treasure’ in it.

 photo IMG-20140614-WA0021_zpsy7kf4rnw.jpg

These pieces are actually detachable accessories that will complete your look for the day.

Swans are the symbol of true love in many fairy tales and folk lores. With true love, comes diamond brooch pins from Moiseikin in this exhibit item. Among the swan jewellery miniatures are brooch pins. Exquisitely clever, don’t you think?

Check out the video above, Mr. Roman Isaev shares the secrets of Moiseikin’s hidden treasures

My friend Paris, trying out a piece by Moiseikin, inspired by the Apple from the Garden of Eden.

 photo paris1_zps867626b1.jpg

Mr. Viktor Vladimirovich Moiseikin, Founder of Moiseikin Jewellery House, Russia and my friend, Ms. Paris. Hmm… I think she should just marry the man himself as she looks so happy with the blings bling from Moiseikin. :P

 photo paris3_zpsd5dba404.jpg

The cheapest of these exquisitely crafted rings costs RM90,000.

 photo Paris2_zps49b42c8d.jpg

Paris, wearing brooches from the detachable art earlier on.

 photo paris5_zps2da6d00f.jpg

You know what? I’ll voluntarily kill to be able to wear this one! I’m a huge fan of necklaces and I have quite a few of them in my jewellery box at home. :)

Knowing the Russians is indeed an eye opening experience, and I hope one day, I would be able to visit the country myself. :) I’ve fallen in love with their beautiful and courteous people, and I bet the same can be said about the country itself. :)


Cleffairy: The world is a book. Those who do not travel, only reads one page.


Experiencing Carnival de Janeiro 2014 Game On in First World Hotel Genting with Robbie Fowler

Tis the season where married women and girlfriends are widowed. Ahemm, I mean… it’s football season. One of the most anticipated event, FIFA WorldCup is finally here. Hardcore fans will cast themselves into sleepless nights watching football and the mamak joints will be laughing all the way to the bank with all of their midnight sales just by screening football on their projectors.

 photo C88E58451_zps9adf63a7.jpg

Yeps… football fever is here, and over at Resorts World Genting, more can be said with the appearance of Robbie Fowler, Liverpool FC’s Legend at Carnival de Janeiro in First World Hotel Genting.

 photo C88E6047_zpsd20d7246.jpg

Many football fans were spotted surrounding Robbie to have a picture taken or even a selfie taken with the football legend.


 photo IMG_20140612_135640_zpszrp5smp5.jpg

Yours truly managed to get her souvenir T-Shirt from Resort World Genting autographed too. :) I’m a happy girl, all right!

 photo C88E6148_zps711d3656.jpg

The meet the fans session ended with Robbie having an interactive game session with approximately 40 under privileged children from the Shepherd’s Centre Foundation at the Football Village located at the Universal Walk, First World Plaza. The Football Village is opened for nearly a month from 12 June to 13 July 2014, offering a string of interactive football related games and activities for football fanatics and kids. Fans will be able to put their skill to test and stand a chance to walk away with merchandises by taking part in these interactive games during this period. The Football Village will be opened from 10 am to 12 midnight daily.

For those who missed the chance to meet Robbie Fowler on the 12 June, they could head over to the Genting International Showroom for the live screening of the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2014 between Brazil and Croatia on the 13 June 2014.

 photo IMG_20140612_143423_zpsdn2rroc2.jpg

Fans of both Robbie and the FIFA World Cup 2014 can join Resort World Genting and Robbie on the final match day happening on 14 July 2014 where the winner of the ongoing Carnival De Janeiro contest for a brand new Honda Accord 2.0 VTi-L car will also be announced. Patrons who have participated in the contest held from 1 April to 24 June 2014 are most welcome to join in the cheer at the final game with the anxiety of waiting for the result announcement.
If you do not have any plans for this world cup season, you really have to come witness football at its best at Resorts World Genting amidst the cool weather from 13 June 2014 onwards. Come cheer on your favourite country by dropping by at any of the entertainment outlets in Resort World Genting to enjoy Live action on HD plasma screens. For more info, visit or call 03 61011118

Alfio Raldo Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Showcase

Are you a huge fan of bags, timepieces and eyewear? Well, I’m almost a certified shopaholic, and I can go crazy for bags and eyewear, especially. I think they make me look chic and classy. :) I, for one, never go out without my sunglasses or aviator. Apart from protecting my contact-lense clad eyes, they make me look cool too, and so, when I was invited for the the showcase of Alfio Raldo Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, I practically jumped for joy! How can I deny the opportunity ogling at pretty and hunky models… ahem….I mean, bags, shoes and eyewear? :P Now, that’s something that I wouldn’t pass for the world.

The Alfio Raldo Fashion preview was held in The Sky Bar, G Tower Hotel. I was early and it was scorching hot.I was getting pretty irritated with the weather, but lucky me, my celebrity friends were there too, and that alone cheered me up. :P

 photo IMG_20140611_152411_zpsb4dpwvtq.jpg
Iqwal Hafiz , the Singing Traveler was there too, and the first thing that he did after I joined him and his mum at the table was bringing us some fruit punch. :) That heat that day may have melted my makeup, but his charms melted my heart, seriously. I thought his mum cum manager has raised him so well. Despite being a celebrity and a star sensation, he’s courteous and as gentlemanly as ever, and made me hope that one day, my son will grow up to be someone who is as courteous as as well.

 photo IMG-20140611-WA0032_zpsnbkpunjj.jpg
Deejay Elly Raja Lawak of eWana FM who hosted the morning show Kalut Pagi every Mon-Fri from 9am-11pm was there too. If you’re not a radio listener, well, you might wanna start tuning in to eWana. You can listen to eWana via their website or via mobile apps like TuneIn. Her show guarantees to crack you up!

 photo IMG_20140611_161645_zpsjce4carj.jpg
It takes awhile for the fashion preview to start, but eventually it commenced. :) Plenty of familar local celebrities like Amber Chia and Siti Saleha officiates the launch. Boy was I glad to meet them in person, especially Ms. Siti Saleha. I’m a huge fan of her dramas. :)

 photo IMG_20140611_164011_zpsgm60peg9.jpg
Models, showcasing the latest Alfio Raldo Spring/Summer 2014 Shoes and Bags Collection. These collections are not only striking in design and colours, but also have a competitive pricetags attached to it, so if you’re a fashion geek, you might wanna check it out.

 photo IMG_20140611_164124_zpswdpiakwz.jpg
All the models, with this season’s collection of timepieces, eyewear, bags and shoes. Trendy and flashy, huh? You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd if you’re to don all these stuff. :)

 photo IMG_20140611_150916_zpsemkkac3i.jpg
Collections on display that day.

 photo IMG_20140611_150847_zpsb0xtbshi.jpg
A closer look at Alfio Raldio’s timepiece collections. These are unisex, I believe.

 photo IMG_20140611_151559_zpszdqp4lem.jpg
Lovely aviator on display

 photo IMG_20140611_151624_zpsnnjpxkr9.jpg
I got my eyes on this bag that day. :D Lovely, sweet and striking, don’t you think?

Alfio Raldio definitely brings fashion to a whole new level, and I’m glad to be able to catch a glimpse of their new collections firsthand. :) Keep a lookout for these at stores near you, ya?

Cleffairy: Special thanks to Alfio Raldo from yours truly for the lucky draw prize. I’m absolutely in love with the sunglass, bag and watch. :)

From Russia With Love

Russians are always portrayed as the bad guys in the Hollywood movies. They are either the mafia, drug dealers, mad scientist or worst…terrorist. In those Hollywood movies, most of them looks awfully obese with scary mustache and beard.


But having the opportunity to meet REAL life Russians in their National Day dinner a few days ago, I discovered that my whole life was a lie. They are nothing like what the movies portrayed. Their ladies are stunningly beautiful and their men are gentlemanly courteous and entertaining. And yes…they look good enough to eat too. ;) They are crazy for Vodka and is passionate about food and of course..rather vigorous when it come to making money.Their men knows how to pay compliments and they flatter you like crazy…and heck, they’ll kiss your hands in greeting too if you are a lady!


There’s awfully a lot of people during the dinner that night.

 photo 1525130_10152542675731804_4906066248782771138_n_zps127ceb4d.jpg

It was my first time attending such a formal event. Everyone was looking gorgeous in their evening wear, and I would have felt inferior if I did not make an effort to dress up myself. Phewww…


My friend, Ms. Paris and Captain(Navy) Sergey Zhevnovatiey, Defense Attache.This pair looks so good together, don’t you think? I think they look perfect together. Unfortunately, they are both married to different Russians. :P


I met a lot of people that night. Business people, VVIPs, ambassadors, friendly and charming Russian men…and befriended some too. Say hello to my new  friend, guys. His name is Dimitri, from Uzbekistan :P This fella is a funny one. He’s Russian speaking and taught us ladies how to…ahemm…swear in Russians.


Anyway, I learned during the dinner that 2014 is a significant year for the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia. Not only it marks the 47th year of bilateral relationship between the Russian Federation and Malaysia, but in conjunction with the Russian National Day this year, the Embassy brings a household name in the Russian jewellery industry, “Moiseikin” to Malaysia. The Embassy was established since April 1968 with H.E. Vladimir Kuznetsov as the first Ambassador, marking the beginning of bilateral relationship between Russia and Malaysia.Presently, H.E. Lyudmila Vorobyeva and a number of 20 diplomats continue the legacy to strengthen this partnership through political, trade, investment, educational and cultural exchange.
Russia is currently Malaysia’s 26th trading partner with turnover worth USD 2.7 billion in 2013, an increase of 53.7% compared to 2012. Russia exports mineral oil, fertilizer and rubber products to Malaysia. Imports include electric and electronic equipment, mechanical equipment and rubber products. With the recent trade visit by the Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Alexey Likachev, the two great nations plan to expand bilateral relationship in transportation, facility development and banking. Russia also wants to share its expertise in aerospace, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical. The latest, a pharmaceutical factory worth RM250 million in Pahang is another collaboration to create vaccine for dengue fever; the first in the world. By 2015, it is estimated that 15% Malaysian doctors will be Russian university medical graduates.

Partnering with a frequent Malaysian collaborator, TM Info-Media Sdn. Bhd. and through negotiations with another internal-class organization; the National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, the Embassy proudly presents ‘The Art of Russian Luxury by Moiseikin’ from 10th until 16th June 2014.

For this special showcase which represents the modern interpretation of 200-year-old Russian tradition of luxury founded by the famous Karl Faberge, Moiseikin shares 37 of his one-of-a-kind masterpieces for the public eye of Malaysians. Most of the exhibits are flown outside of Russia for the first time, eager to meet all art lovers in Malaysia.

 photo photo01_zpsd1fc0835.png

Known for his skills and expertise in stone-cutting, Moiseikin presents beautiful animal figurines…

 photo photo03_zpsdfed9d28.jpg

And graceful flowers inspired by Mother Nature with extreme details of precious stones.

 photo photo04_zpsf780f2d5.jpg

What makes the craft so unique is the fact that some of the exhibit items are actually pieces of jewellery attached together to form the jewellery miniatures. One may need to look very closely to see that perhaps the golden bird hanging on the jewel tree is actually a brooch pin ready to complete your look for the day. Or perhaps the edible-looking fruits made of pearls dangling from the miniature are actually a pair of pearl earrings. Truly, a showcase not to be missed.

Victor Moiseikin first fell in love with colourful stones when his father, Vladimir who was a geologist presented him with a piece of malachite. Since then, he has been filling up his treasure box with colourful stones from the Urals, Russia. In 1993, he opened a small jewellery studio in Yekaterinburg, holding on to his life-long dream of reviving the tradition of Russian luxury since founded by Karl Faberge in the 19th Century. Coming from generations of artists (architects, carvers, sculptors, etc), it is only natural for Moiseikin to create beautiful images in his mind and turn them into reality with his own hands. Since then, he has participated in various international jewellery fairs and opened his own showroom in Dubai and Hong Kong.
In 2010 and 2012 MOISEIKIN was awarded with the Order of Carl Faberge memorial fund for outstanding contribution to the development of Russian art of jewelry. Among his esteemed clients are Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Michael of Kent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, famous designer Paco Rabanne, Russian opera star Elena Obraztsova, etc.

Wanna admire the art of luxury yourselves? The exhibit will be at the National Art Gallery from 10th until 16th June 2014, so hop over before they fly back to Russia!


Cleffairy: Ya tebya lyublyu :)



More Kisses Please


Oral hygiene is very important for me. As an active lifestyle blogger who attends events quiet frequently, I need to interact and socialize with people quite a lot. Flashy smile with pearly whites is my cosmetic. :) Apart from that, I’m a kisser.

I love giving friendly pecks and not to mention, I love kissing. Although…the intimate kissing part is only given exclusively to my husband. ;)

So yes. Oral hygiene is important for me, so that I can smile more, and kiss more. Problem is? I have sensitive gums that bleeds easily and my teeth are quite crooked. I fear pain…so braces is definitely out of question and to clean my teeth properly, I need to choose a toothbrush that’s suitable for me.

As of late, I stumbled across this new toothbrush from Lion Lion, Systema Spiral 0.02mm, a toothbrush for those who wants extra clean teeth. So you ask me what’s so special about this toothbrush? Well, Systema Spiral removes 40% more plague with it’s hexagon shaped filaments. The toothbrush’s filaments are twisted together to form spirals, enabling its 6 sharp sides to scrape away the plaque effectively.

This toothbrush is sold at about RM8 per piece and is available in major supermarkets and pharmacy. Worth an investment if you want beautiful, plaque-free smile, if you ask me.

Cleffairy: So…how about more kisses? ;)

Simplot Showcases Hashbrown Recipe with Chef Florence Tan

Simplot, the largest potato grower, manufacturer and supplier in the world, shared their inspiring and versatile hashbrown recipes with a Malaysian twist which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between. Usually served as a staple choice for breakfast meals, Simplot Hashbrown is much loved for its taste, texture and crispiness. Made from real potatoes, Simplot Hashbrown is changing the cooking trend with modern mothers to showcase this freezer staple as a versatile ready-to-go ingredient that can result in dishes with added flavour and texture.

Hashbrowns can be used as a main ingredient in many dishes. It can be the filling in curry puffs, samosas, cutlets, fritters or it can be added to curries, and stir fry dishes with meat and vegetables. It is more convenient and time-saving to prepare compared to raw potato and hashbrowns add a yummy crunch to dishes.
 photo 01_zps448306a5.jpg

Recently, in a workshop where bloggers were invited,the renowned Chef Florence Tan demonstrated several Malaysian dishes made using Simplot Hashbrown. The witty chef whipped up the famous curry puff and mee rebus using hashbrown as the main ingredient.

 photo 02_zpsb87af21e.jpg

Bloggers and invited media cooked up delicious meals and snacks using easy to follow recipes from Simplot Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Some of the dishes created include Potato and Vegetable Cutlet, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Malaysian-style spaghetti Bolognese with Popcorn Hashbrown. Recipes can be found on .

Simplot Hashbrown comes in four varieties of hashbrown products including the best-seller Simplot Hashbrown Original, Simplot Hashbrown Triangle, Mini Hashbrown and Popcorn Hashbrown. A cholesterol-free product, Simplot Hashbrown do not contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It also has zero grams of trans-fat.

In conjunction with the workshop, Simplot Malaysia is also organising the first-ever ‘Simplot Award – Malaysia’s Best Home Chef’. The public can participate simply by creating a recipe using Simplot Hashbrown range of products and upload a photo of their finished hashbrown recipe together with Simplot Hashbrown product. The photo must carry their own caption and hashtag #SimplotAward.

The best 20 recipes will be shortlisted and will receive RM200 worth of vouchers from TESCO together with goodie bag from Simplot Malaysia Sdn Bhd. From the shortlisted list, Simplot will select the top 8 finalist to compete in the final cook-off in June 19. The public can also nominate their family member, friend or a Malaysian food blogger they regularly follow to join the competition. Should their nominated candidate be shortlisted as the top eight finalist, they will also win RM200 worth of vouchers from TESCO together with goodie bag from Simplot Malaysia Sdn Bhd worth RM100. If their candidate wins the Simplot Award – Malaysia’s Best Home Chef’, they will also win a kitchen appliance.

Prizes include RM5,000 cash, kitchen appliances and a Simplot goodie bag for the champion, RM3,000, kitchen appliances and a Simplot goodie bag for the runner up, RM2,000 cash, kitchen appliances and a Simplot goodie bag for the third best dish. Consolation prizes include kitchen appliances and a Simplot goodie bag each. The closing date to submit the recipes is June 14.

For more information on Simplot Hashbrown recipes and how to participate, visit and Instagram @SimplotMY.

Specially Designed School Holiday Enrichments For My Son

It’s school holiday again, and unlike other parents with children of my son’s age, I don’t really have any specific ‘enrichment’ plans for them that will help them prepare for the next school term or exam. Like I said many times before, my son is different and therefore, our priorities is different too. If you have been following my blog, you’d realize that I don’t push my son academically. Knowing that he doesn’t swing and excel that way, I concentrated on giving him hands on experience and help him build life skills instead. Some other parents might be feeling distressed by the society’s expectation on modern children and succumbed to peer pressure, but I don’t give a hoot about that. This is because I’ve seen how my son flourished and improved once I concentrate on what he is good at instead of his flaws. We are much happier now.

So yes. If other parents of with children of about 9 years old are busy getting their children in holiday class or boot camp during the school break, my autistic child and I are busy having fun. There is no competing with friends on who gets better score or who reads more but there is various fun activities for us.

My ‘school holiday enrichment’ program doesn’t cost much money, but it does take up a lot of my time. Our school holiday activities consists of fun road trips, learning to travel by public transport, cooking and baking, shopping, attending cocktail parties and mingle with expat and foreign children who came to visit the countries, revamping the house with various kind of furniture and deco and of course, our all time favourite pastime activity, go for food hunts and joining shopping mall events.

All these consume time, but it’s fun, especially decorating the wall at home. You see, the wall has always been plain and we thought that some deco would bring some fun mood to the house.

It’s our school holiday pet project. I got my son to be involved in it every step of the way, from choosing wall deco to having it installed on the wall.

Instead of going for shopping at specialty store for the deco, I decided to shop for it online instead to avoid the hassle of going out and face the school holiday crowd’s.There are plenty of websites selling wall deco items around, but we kinda fell in love with the ones that’s selling tree themes wall deco.

So what do you think? Isn’t this lovely? I happen to think that this is just perfect, and I’m very proud that my son demonstrate patience throughout the whole process.

Childhood is all about getting the experience and building memories, and I’m glad that this time around we decided to decorate the wall together. The next time we look at the wall, we’ll remember the memorable times we had together.

So, parents, these are my very own ‘school holiday enrichment programs’. How is your school holiday with your children so far? Are you having a blast too?

Bake and Donate This Ramadan With Planta

 photo 02_zpsa887d8b1.jpg

Planta, Malaysia’s trusted margarine brand for generations, launched Seceria Air Tangan Ibu for Hari Raya to inspire mothers to share their ‘air tangan’ and bake colourful, mouth-watering cookies and cakes for a bright Raya atmosphere for the entire family, especially their children.

 photo 06_zps2118b68e.jpg

Planta’s new cookie and cake recipes bring a colourful twist to traditional Raya cookies like Pineapple Tart, Pandan Semperit and Marble cake while introducing new recipes such as Red Velvet Cookie, Buah Hati Cookie and Pinwheel Cookie. Inspired by the colours of the rainbow, these cookies and cakes will add a colourful vibe and capture a mother’s loving air tangan.

 photo 10_zps0ac1527e.jpg

The recipes from Seceria Air Tangan Ibu will be shown every Wednesday on top-rated Malay talk show, Wanita Hari Ini on TV3 beginning June 11 for seven weeks. It features celebrity host and actress, Sharifah Shahirah as she showcases easy, colourful and tasty cookies created by Planta. In this warm family-themed segment, Sharifah invites special guests including her mother, mother-in-law, husband, daughter and sister to join her to share air tangan memories while baking colourful cookies on the show.

In the spirit of giving during the month of Ramadan, Planta is extending the Seceria Air Tangan Ibu campaign through the Beramal Bersama Planta National Charity Baking Week. Mothers can create a ‘colourful’ journey this Ramadan and bake cookies with Planta and share their air tangan with orphans in Malaysia. Planta aims to encourage mothers to come together as a lovely gesture to ‘raise’ a target of 50,000 cookies during the month of Ramadan from 16 to 20 July 2014.

Mothers can send their hand-made cookies to selected Mydin and Giant stores from 16 to 20 July 2014 and Planta will deliver the cookies to various orphanages. The public can also bake with Planta in selected Mydin and Giant stores with every purchase of Planta during this period. Details of the locations of these selected Mydin and Giant stores and details of how to participate in the Beramal Bersama Planta can be found on Planta’s YouTube Channel at .


Father’s Day at Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ

 photo FathersDayPlasma_zps504b1382.jpg

Ooopss, father’s day is coming.SOON. VERY SOON. If you haven’t have any plans for your father, grandfather, husband or any father figure in your life yet, you might want to consider celebrating Father’s Day in Utara Coffee House on Saturday, 14th June 2014 and Sunday, 15th June 2014. Themed ‘My Father, My Hero’, treat your DAD on his special day to either a scrumptious Father’s Day Eve Buffet Dinner or a Father’s Day Buffet Hi-Tea.

Indulge in the endless variety of International and Local buffet spread while soaking in the lively atmosphere of LIVE performances, a lucky draw and exciting games that promise attractive prizes.

With Western favourites such as Salmon Carpaccio, ‘Minestrone Con Focaccia, ‘Lamb Osso Buco Milanese Style’ (Lamb Shank), Baked Chicken with Pesto Sauce, Paella Valencia and Asian Favourites such as Buttered Crabs, Fried Prawns with Coconut Flakes, Roast Duck with Plum Sauce, Ikan Pari Panggang dengan Air Asam, Chicken Yakitori and Kari Kepala Ikan, these array of mouth-watering dishes will definitely whet Daddy’s appetite.

Father’s Day Eve Buffet Dinner
Date : Saturday 14th June 2014
Time : 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Price : RM75++ adult | RM49++ senior citizen | RM38++ child
LIVE Band Performance : The Best Crew

Father’s Day Buffet Hi-Tea
Date : Sunday, 15th June 2014
Time : 12pm to 4pm
Price : RM70++ adult | RM46++ senior citizen | RM35++ child
LIVE Band Performance : Clair Rozells to perform golden classics
Activities : Teh Tarik Competition & Lucky Draw

Adding to the excitement during the Hi-Tea is a GRAND PRIZE of the day, – a 30- minute Scenic City Flight Tour for 3 persons by Runway 81 KL awaits one lucky father and Ducati goodies to be won!

So what are you waiting for? Call (03) 7954 6888 ext. 4557 now!

Beautiful and Elegant With Neng Geulis

Whenever I looked at myself in the mirror these days makes me feel that a lot of clothes and dress does not flatter me. I always look like an anorexic whenever I put on a dress. But one fine day, I put on a traditional nyonya kebaya that I inherited from my late grandmother and went for my husband’s colleague’s wedding, and I realized that I actually look good in traditional clothing. They flatters me and hides my flaws and makes me look not only chic and elegant, but stunningly beautiful too.

I suppose, the controversial Felixia Yeap (formerly a very sexy model and a Playboy bunny) more or less feels the same way too when she decided to be the first non-Muslim in Malaysia to wear clothing that covers her aurah full time. Truth be told, I feel quite inspired by her, and although I don’t don hijab the way she does, I do find that such way of dressing up makes a woman looks much more respectable. Many bashed Ms. Yeap for donning hijab, but seriously speaking, I respect her for that, as it is not easy for one to cover up her aurah, what more when we live in a country where most have this mindset where hijabs are supposed to be exclusively for Muslims. To me… whether you are a Muslim or not, it doesn’t matter. If wearing clothing that covers up your body makes you feel comfortable, then you should just go for it. In truth, it’s much better than wearing scantily clad clothing.  There is nothing wrong in wearing like a Muslim. It does not make you less human and having chatted with Ms. Yeap herself the other day when I visited Neng Geulis booth during Busainna Sale at Menara TM, I realized that wearing hijab does not make you a backward person. Her inspirational wisdom says as much.


Felixia Yeap and Hadiania Sujadi, founder/director of Neng Geulis Hijab



Felixia Yeap and her mother, who has been a pillar of her support.


So, what was I doing at a Muslimah clothing sale? What was I looking for? Well, I’m a huge fan of shawl. As of writing, I have plenty of shawls in my wardrobe, and I thought that perhaps I could loot something from the sale. :P  Not sure if my husband approves my spending, but then again, he never complains whenever I buy some shawls to accessorize with my clothing despite the fact that he knew that I have tonnes of them in my wardrobe. So yeah… I take that as a sign of unconditional support and approval. :P


I had my eyes on this piece the other day when I was browsing at Neng Geulis booth. Very beautiful, don’t you think? Ugh, I wish I can have this one! The lace is delicately beautiful!


And this pink blouse too, but unfortunately for me, the beautiful clothings would have to wait as I’ve splurged quite an amount of money on shawls and traditional clothings earlier on. :( So these… these will just have to wait. :(

For those who likes Muslimah clothing or is looking for some beautiful and elegant clothing for this upcoming Ramadan and Raya, you might want to check out Neng Geluis Hijab Facebook Pageor hop over to their website

They have plenty of beautiful, high quality Muslimah clothing sold at an affordable price.