KFC Cheesy Mushroom Crunch

 photo 1_zpsrqg62nuh.jpg

Cheese lovers are in for another treat – An exciting new cheese sensation has hit KFC stores nationwide! The KFC Cheezy Mushroom Crunch is the latest cheese creation that promises a taste experience that is set to satisfy all cheese and KFC fans.

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This limited-time offer is a perfect fusion of flavours and textures.

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KFC’s Cheezy Mushroom Crunch is available in a 2-piece as well as a 5-piece combo meal that comes with KFC’s signature sides of coleslaw, whipped potato and a regular carbonated drink from as low as RM13.50*. A delicious combination of rich creamy cheese and sliced button mushrooms, topped over the favorite KFC Hot & Spicy chicken, offers an indulgent sensory experience that is tasty beyond words.

 photo 4_zpsjysdfx78.jpg

For a burger experience of this latest cheese creation, the Cheezy Mushroom Burger is also available during this promotion period.The Cheezy Mushroom Burger is available ala carte from just RM9.10* and can also be purchased in a combo meal that includes a regular Crispy Fries and a regular carbonated drink.

The KFC Cheezy Mushroom Crunch is available nationwide at all KFC restaurants from today until 20 February 2017 or while stocks last. For more information, please visit www.kfc.com.my

*Prices may vary depending on location.

the Curve Welcomes Chinese New Year with Imperial Grandeur

 Opulence and abundance herald the dawn of the Year of the Golden Rooster, as the Curve ushers in the festive season in a truly magnificent fashion! Hosting The Empress’s Celebration: Return of the Empress, Malaysia’s first pedestrianised lifestyle mall is set to celebrate an auspicious start to the new lunar year with its loyal shoppers and patrons.

 photo Photo 1_zpsv07opeoi.jpg

From January 7 to 30, 2017, visitors to the mall will take a step back into the imperial days of old as the Curve transforms its Centre Court into an elaborate and spacious throne room, with a luxurious red carpet paving the way through the ceremonial hall. Reminiscent of the grand palaces Ancient China, two mighty guardian statues stand watch at the entrance as silent and noble protectors. Intricately-carved pillars over 14 feet high feature dragons and other oriental motifs, while lavish silken drapes add to the majestic atmosphere. Overlooking the area is the masterpiece of the mall’s décor, an ornamental two-tiered throne set on a raised dais. The setting truly offers an authentic ambience like no other that is sure to leave shoppers captivated.

Set within this spacious court setting, The Empress’s Court Dance Musical welcomes the arrival of the Spring Festival with a live musical performance. Joy and excitement abounds as Empress Huang and her court pay homage to good fortune and new beginnings. The powerful sounds of ancient Chinese instruments accompany a traditional Chinese sleeve dance, popular within imperial courts for centuries. Dressed in bright red and shining gold, with embroidered sleeves over four meters in length, the dancers will leave audiences awestruck as they swirl and flutter gracefully across the stage.

 photo Photo 3-1_zpsxb1esj53.jpg

There’s plenty to look out for when visiting the Curve this Chinese New Year. Catch the thrilling Fortune Acrobatic Lion Dance, or the heart-pounding Imperial Celebration Drums. Enjoy the gentle harmonies of the 3-piece, 5-piece or 7-piece Imperial Symphony, featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng, erhu and pipa. On top of that, don’t miss the opportunity to meet the God of Prosperity on his walkabouts around the Curve.

Additionally, shoppers can prepare for their festivities with an array of great offers from vendors around the mall, ranging from Chinese New Year apparel and accessories to cookies, hampers and more.

Take home a dash of the Imperial Kingdom! Throughout the campaign, shoppers who spend RM138 and above in a maximum of two receipts at any outlet in the Curve will be able to redeem the Empress’s Imperial Red Packet. Better yet, an elegant Imperial Banquet Set will be redeemable with a minimum spend of RM388, which comes in a variety of four colours, courtesy of the Curve. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions, and while stocks last.

Eager to learn more about the Curve’s Chinese New Year campaign? Contact the Curve’s Customer Care Officers at 03-7710 6868 or visit the Curve’s website at www.thecurve.com.my or Facebook page at www.facebook.com/theCurveShoppingMall.

A CNY Rendezvous with Datin Ong at eCurve!


Get ready for a vibrant, thrilling and fabulous Chinese New Year celebration as eCurve gears up to welcome the Spring Festival with Malaysia’s very own diva extraordinaire, Datin Ong.

 photo Photo 1_zpsdkrikgiu.png

From January 7 to 30, 2017, award-winning actor, singer and radio personality KK Wong will play the titular character in eCurve’s festive campaign themed “Datin Ong’s CNY Rendezvous”. Complete with snazzy glasses, big hair and quick-fire wit, Datin Ong will draw in audiences of all ages and backgrounds with a series of hilarious performances, from a stand-up comedy act to ‘expert’ tips on style and fashion. An impromptu concert will add to the entertaining act, featuring highly-animated performers dancing and grooving in a perfect complement to Datin Ong’s energy.

 photo Photo 2-2_zpsryksvuhu.jpg

Visitors to eCurve will not want to miss the laughter-filled show, taking place every weekend and Public Holiday throughout the campaign at the mall’s Centre Atrium. With brightly-coloured, custom-made lanterns dangling from above, casting a cheery glow over charming peony plants and festive decorations, the lively atmosphere will certainly showcase the arrival of Datin Ong in style

 photo Photo 3-2_zpstyzh3dtk.jpg

That’s not all. More exciting activities await, including energetic acrobatic lion dance performances. Visitors will also want to welcome a little good fortune into their lives by catching the God of Prosperity on his walkabouts around eCurve.

For those looking to get a head start on preparing for their festive celebrations, eCurve will leave patrons spoilt for choice at the mall’s Chinese New Year bazaar. Check out the plethora of great offers and deals on CNY merchandise, including apparel, accessories and more!

Can’t get enough of eCurve’s Chinese New Year Campaign? Shoppers who spend RM150 and above in a maximum of two receipts on the same day will be able to redeem lucky Ang Pow packets as well as an exclusive, delicately-designed Floral Ceramic Bowl Set, courtesy of eCurve. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions, and while stocks last.

Excited to learn more about eCurve’s Chinese New Year campaign? Contact eCurve’s Customer Care officers at 03-7725 0277 or visit www.ecurve.my or eCurve’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/eCurveMall.

Laugh Yourselves Silly with ‘Laugh Die You’ at Resorts World Genting

Feeling all stressed up and need to have a good laugh? Well I know how stress can get to you and people don’t really laugh that much anymore these days. Laughter, as we know is the best medicine for everything, including stress. And here’s a good news for all of you stressed up people out there.

Resorts World Genting,in collaboration with Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd today unveiled the entertainers of ‘Laugh Die You’ comedy show, in anticipation of a hilarious and amusing night at the Genting International Showroom on 11 February 2017.

 photo 20161227_115644_zpsnn5rcf5d.jpg

Top notch comedians Kuah Jenhan, Mark Lee and Jonathan Atherthon drew the attention of newsman today as they promise the audience of ‘Laugh Die You’ a hearty laugh that will relieve physical tension and stress.

The trio will feature a variety of jokes underpinned by the classic bickering  between Malaysians and Singaporeans. They are expected to bring the house down as they will take a jab at one’s nation albeit all within the parameters of a stand-up comedy.

The title ‘Laugh Die You’ derived its meaning from a literal translation of a popular Cantonese phrase which means ‘laugh til you die’. The trio will deliver rib tickling entertainment in their 150-minute show that is expected to have the audience elated and energized.

 photo 20161227_114754_zpsvimawuq7.jpg

Kevin Tann, Vice President of Promotions&Entertainment at Resorts World Genting said that he hope that the stand-up comedy will not only bring cheer during the new year to the audience but hopes that it will help the audiences to escape reality for a little while and relieve their stress.

 photo BeautyPlus_20161227122751_save_zpsbrlooigt.jpg

Tickets for ‘Laugh Die You’ are priced at RM308 (VIP), RM258(PS1) and RM158 (PS2). There’s a 10% discount for FIT and 15%discount for GRC members during the Early Bird promotion that is on til 15th January 2017.

For more information, call +603 2718 118 or visit www.rwgenting.com.

Beautiful Island Escapade: On the Hills Of Luxury at Shahzan Villa, Tioman

Once upon a time, I was a novelist. I write novels of romantic nature. Some are of fantasy genre. There are 32 of them in total. But right now, after years of writing novels and creating characters and worlds that I’ll miss by the time I ended the story, I go on hiatus. You can say that I’m having a nasty case of author’s block and I want nothing to do with writing novels anymore. Well, at least not for the moment. I will write stories, yes. But not a full blown 500 pages of novel. It would be too much for me at the moment. You have no idea how it feels like each time you write ‘the end’. Unlike other forms of writing, noveling is different. Each time I write a story, everything it the story feels so real. And crazy as it might sound, sometimes I fall in love with my characters as well and ending a story and saying goodbye can be rather painful and heartbreaking. It is like a huge part of you have died.

Anyway, going on a hiatus does not mean that I don’t miss going on writing retreat in beautiful and inspiring places. I don’t live in the lap of luxury, but I’ve experienced how it is like to stay on the hill of luxury, literally during my recent trip to Tioman Island with my family.

 photo FB_IMG_1478014819697_zpstdowyws6.jpg

Presenting to you, the magnificent Shahzan Villa in Berjaya Tioman Resort. The luxurious Shahzan Villa is arguably the most expensive villa in Tioman and it nestled majestically on top of a hill in Tioman Island. The villa is equipped with a cable car access to it and it is said to be the favourite lodging choice for the members of Pahang royal family, especially His Majesty the Sultan Ahmad Shah of Pahang. This place reminds me so much of one of my fantasy novel, ‘ Time Tempest’, where the main character lives in a mansion overlooking the sea.

 photo received_1292365467480900_zpsfiq0qvzo.jpeg

Seeing Shahzan Villa is like seeing my story coming alive. Nestled on the hill and overlooking the sea, the Chinese believes that this Shahzan Villa have a very good Fengshui and would bring prosperity and good luck to those who stays here. Facing West, Shahzan Villa offers beautiful sunset view and is great for those who wants a secluded, novel- like experience retreat with their loved ones.

 photo 20161022_063623_zpsf5zsbrtx.jpg

Dawn from the balcony of Shahzan Villa. It was a bit gloomy the morning we were there, but the view was still breathtaking with Renggis Island in sight.

Dawn from Shahzan Villa, Berjaya Tioman Resort

Watch the video to get a better idea how it looks like from Shahzan Villa.

Shahzan Villa boasts 5 beautifully romantic rooms, livingrooms, dining area and the kitchen.

 photo FB_IMG_1478025386916_zpsf3lolrzz.jpg

Here’s the living room

 photo FB_IMG_1478025396056_zpssxuahwbl.jpg

Dining room

 photo BeautyPlus_20161102030314_save_zpsbgxl5bhi.jpg

The rooms in Shahzan Villa offers a very romantic ambiance with views overlooking the sea.

 photo IMG_0991_zpsmvvlkwqr.jpg

Perfect for a romantic interlude, I must say.

 photo IMG_0996_zpsbmbllb9i.jpg

One of the rooms in the Shahzan Villa.

 photo IMG_0979_zpsmp0sqtkm.jpg

Another room in Shahzan Villa

Shahzan Villa is perfect for a quiet retreat. It also makes a perfect lodging for a destination wedding’s lodging or a shooting location. One night in Shahzan Villa will cost you MYR25,000 with full butler service and MYR12,000 with no butler service.

For more information and booking inquiries for Shahzan Villa, head over here: http://www.berjayahotel.com/tioman

Pic credit to: Adam Lau, Malaysianfoodie and Raja Sheril

Beautiful Island Escapade: Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Tioman

After our snorkeling and kayak-ing session in Renggis Island, Tioman, my family and I embarked on a yet another fun adventure before returning to our chalet in Berjaya Tioman Resort.

 photo 20161021_160945_zpsnwg1utsj.jpg

We hopped onto a Glass Bottom boat and cruise around in Renggis Island towards the sunset.

 photo 20161021_18291701_zpsgxjbwala.jpg

The Glass Bottom boat is usually used to cater to people who wants to see what the underwater world has to offer but does not want to get wet.

 photo 20161021_183131_zpshawotv2x.jpg

The see-thru glass. It is blurrish for awhile but we get better visibility afterwards.

 photo FHD0105_zpsmgmbhxqw.jpg

And here’s what we managed to see during our short trip to the sea. The Glass Bottom Boat showcases the marine life that naturally inhabits Tioman. Colourful fishes and corals can be seen clearly through the looking glass.

 photo 20161021_183634_zpszt2vzhdm.jpg

Apart of of the marine life, we also get to see beautiful Renggis Island closely.

 photo 20161021_183600_zpsozpm0hhk.jpg

And was treated to a beautiful sunset

Beautiful underwater view in Renggis

Here’s a video of our Glass Bottom boat ride.

Seasports like snorkeling, diving and kayak-ing in Tioman Island can be a little daunting for travelers who are not really adventurous or with little children in tow and therefore I highly recommend the Glass Bottom Boat ride to those who wants to enjoy a leisurely cruise with a beautiful view in Tioman.

For more information on the activities that you can do while you are in Berjaya Tioman Resort, head over here: http://www.berjayahotel.com/tioman

Beautiful Island Escapade: Snorkeling in Renggis Island, Malaysia

The seaweed is always greener,
In somebody else’s lake,
You dream about going up there,
But that is a big mistake,
Just look at the world around you,
Right here on the ocean floor,
Such wonderful things surround you,
What more is you lookin’ for?

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me

Yes indeed. Quoting the song ‘Under the Sea’ from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, such wonderful things surrounding us in Malaysia, what else are we looking for? It saddens me each time fellow Malaysians glorify places of interest that is not in Malaysia when Malaysia have so much to offer to the world, especially its pristine, sandy beaches.

I grew up watching Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ and used to fantasize that I’m Ariel, the lovely mermaid princess. Having influenced by the movie and growing up by the beach in Penang, I learned how to swim but never once imagined that one day, I’ll be given a chance to actually be a mermaid for a little moment. It was beyond my imagination that one day, I’ll be snorkeling and witnessing the beauty the underwater world could offer.

 photo IMG_8775_zpsjvtxdb8h.jpg

During my trip to Tioman Island for Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2016 at Berjaya Tioman Resort, my family and I were taken for a little snorkeling trip in Renggis Island, a small forest clad island in Tioman, and is situated right in front of the boat jetty for Berjaya Tioman Resort.

 photo FHD0115_zpsa0kbcg7v.jpg

Renggis Island.This place is one of the best spots in Malaysia to snorkel and enjoy the beautiful marine life first hand.

 photo 20161021_183634_zpsdvp58ywu.jpg

This island is a permanent home to large coral reefs that have given sanctuary to wide diversity of marine life.

 photo 20161021_183706_zpslpxplpcv.jpg

The marine life that surrounds Renggis Island is not known to be aggressive but very friendly towards divers and snorkelers. I was told that there is no danger of fast and high water currents and you do not need any heavy equipment or gear to snorkel and can easily stay put in the water as long as you want.

It was my first snorkeling experience. Both my husband and son were in tow. And having no actual experience swimming in deep places where my feet does not touch the sea floor was a little bit nerve wrecking.

 photo blogger-image-813788995_zpsqp0ub13b.jpg

Yes. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous in the beginning to actually make that jump. What more both my husband and son can’t swim and were practically fishes out of water, even in the swimming pools.

 photo received_10154035810397781_zpst1wftnze.jpeg

But I jumped into the water from the boat anyway. Here’s my friend Jerry and me.

 photo FB_IMG_1477890593952_zpswonuhjcb.jpg

Me and my boys

 photo FHD0037_zpsazn6dqda.jpg

Underwater selfie. Being a first timer, it took me a little while to get used to the strange environment, but once I dip my head underwater, I was immediately enchanted with my surroundings.

 photo FHD0128_zpssqnzuzrb.jpg

The underwater view was absolutely amazing.

First time snorkeling experience

It is nothing like what I’ve seen in aquarium tanks.

 photo FHD0029_zpsq5jszus8.jpg

It felt like a dream, so I started swinging my hands around and started snorkeling.

 photo FHD0015_zpspqtojren.jpg

A school of little fishes got curious I guess, and some surrounded me for a little while before swimming away. While my son got nervous with the small fishes and decides that they were too scary for him and headed back to the boat to entertain the idea that he had just saw a shark swimming by, the idea of sharks swimming it doesn’t freak me out, though. I actually felt like a mermaid and I couldn’t get enough of snorkeling and went further to enjoy what the mysterious ocean has to offer me.

 photo FHD0106_zps1joqa21r.jpg

How can you not fall in love with these?

Underwater View in Renggis Island

Just watch the video. It’s absolutely breathtaking. After my first time seeing the beauty that the underwater world have to offer, I knew that once is not going to be enough and I finally understood why people make efforts to be certified divers. I will have to do it again soon. And longer and deeper into the sea next time around.

 photo BeautyPlus_20161026210915_save_zpsoxfmrwgj.jpg

Here’s one for the album, on the boat after our snorkeling trip. Words can do no justice for what I’ve seen and experienced. You’d have to see it with your own eyes, so yes, if you are ever in Tioman Island, do give snorkeling a go. The dive centre in Berjaya Tioman Island Resort has instructors who will instruct you if you are a first timer, so fret not, and just jump into the water.

For more information on seasports activities in Berjaya Tioman Resort, head over here: http://www.berjayahotel.com/tioman

Beautiful Island Escapade: Kayak-ing in Renggis Island, Malaysia

If you would like to experience the beautiful underwater view during your stay in Tioman Island but swimming and snorkeling in the deep blue sea somewhat makes you feel nervous, you can always go for kayak-ing instead.

 photo FHD0070_zpswx5vj6ft.jpg

Kayak is a small, narrow boat which is propelled by means of a double-bladed paddle. Traditional kayak has a covered deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler. But the one I used only have one open cockpit and was pretty much modern in design.

 photo FHD0088_zpskqrmzsff.jpg

That’s me. Kayak-ing towards the sunset in Renggis Island, Tioman with my husband and friends tagging close behind.

Kayak-ing to Renggis Island

Personally, I prefer snorkeling more than kayak-ing. Snorkeling makes me feel that I’m part of the underwater kingdom while kayak-ing makes me feel, well, just human and it is definitely more tiring than snorkeling as pedaling takes up much more energy than floating around while you snorkel.

 photo FHD0136_zpssjydo50u.jpg

Pedaling and navigating the kayak is much more difficult than swimming. I was so scared that I will drop the pedal, but luckily for me, I didn’t.

 photo FHD0073_zps0lnht4us.jpg

Kayak-ing is great for non-swimmers who wants to to enjoy being close to the marine life, though. It is another must do thing when you are in Tioman Island. But still, kayak-ing has it’s charm. Both my husband and son seems to enjoy kayak-ing more than snorkeling. One great thing about kayak-ing is that you not only can enjoy the view underwater when you pedal the kayak in Tioman, but you can enjoy the abovewater view as well.

View of coral garden in Renggis Island while kayak-ing

Underwater view while kayak-ing

 photo 20161021_184138_zpsschkdyy2.jpg

The abovewater view of Renggis Island while kayak-ing.

 photo 20161021_184303_zpsswged6jr.jpg

And here’s the sunset view from Renggis Island while we were kayak-ing. Magnificent, don’t you think?

I was really bad at navigating my kayak. Hence, I did not enjoy it as much as I did snorkeling. I ended up with a nasty cramp on my arms after that but it was an amazing experience nevertheless. Will I do again? Well, yes. But perhaps, next time around I’d take the one with double pedals where I can have someone else share the pedalling load with me.

Wanna experience this yourselves but have no clue on how to pedal and navigate the kayak? Fret not. The dive centre in Berjaya Tioman Island Resort has instructors who will instruct you if you are a first timer, so if you are ever there, just give this a go.

For more information on seasports activities in Berjaya Tioman Resort, head over here: http://www.berjayahotel.com/tioman

Beautiful Island Escapade: Jungle Trekking in Tioman Island

The media entourage were brought for jungle trekking during our TICD 2016 trip in Tioman Island. I usually enjoy jungle trekking with my husband and son but this time around, I gave this activity a miss as prior to the trekking session it rains rather heavily and I believe the trek was still slippery and I was not equipped for the trekking session. It would have required me to wear hiking shoes with excellent grip but I only brought a non grip sports shoes with me, so only my husband joined in this activity. Shame, as there was there is a hidden waterfall in the depth of Tioman Island.

Here’s sharing some pictures my photographer husband Adam Lau, Raja Sheril and Neyra Syazeyra took during the jungle trekking session:

 photo received_1802242323355705_zpsnzti9o4w.jpeg

The trek was still slippery and therefore the route was much more challenging than usual.

 photo received_1802242466689024_zpsdk58lo6p.jpeg

A participant balancing herself during the jungle trekking session.

 photo received_1802242250022379_zpskui64zwj.jpeg

Participants were told to walk in pairs had to rely on each other to climb up jagged paths and from the look of it, it was not an easy feat indeed.

 photo received_1292292757488171_zpskjcyi4nz.jpeg

The trekking session took about 1 hour with no leisurely stop before reaching the waterfall.

 photo received_1291915984192515_zpsvjcellfm.jpeg

And here is the reward for the participants, a quick shower at the waterfall.

 photo received_1291915510859229_zpspepype1x.jpeg

One quick photo for the album before they were ushered back to Berjaya Tioman Resort as it was getting really dark and it was really dangerous to stay in the jungle when it is dark.

For more information on seasports activities in Berjaya Tioman Resort, head over here: http://www.berjayahotel.com/tioman

Beautiful Island Escapade: A Visit To The Spice Garden, Berjaya Tioman Resort

Another must visit attraction in Berjaya Tioman Resort is its beautiful Spice Garden. The Spice Garden is beautiful garden that is a home to plenty of edible herbs and spices. I had the privilege to visit this place during my Tioman Island Clean Up Day 2016, so here’s sharing some pictures taken over there.

 photo IMG_1313_zpsmhargnw9.jpg

The entrance to the Spice Garden at Berjaya Tioman Resort.

 photo IMG_1358_zpsaybjd4pu.jpg

Man-made fish pond spotted

 photo IMG_1371_zpsicojuizg.jpg

Fishes spotted swimming in the pond

 photo IMG_1365_zpsbdjvtv7g.jpg

A gazebo for you to chillax at

 photo IMG_1317_zpsefgxljv7.jpg

Red Ginger plants (Halia). Ginger originated in the tropical rainforest in Southern Asia. Although ginger no longer grows wild, it is thought to have originated on the Indian subcontinent.
These red gingers are widely used as a spice or a folk medicine.

 photo IMG_1320_zpsinwdc7u3.jpg

Cat’s Whiskers Plant (Pokok Misai Kucing). Cat’s Whiskers is a herbal plant with flowers that have protruding hairs that resemble the whiskers of a cat. This herbal plant can be seen growing mostly in Southeast Asian countries like China, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. Generally used in tea to reduce high blood pressure and diabetes.

 photo IMG_1328_zpsfg7ffyvy.jpg

Mariposa Christia vespertilionis  or the Red Butterfly Wing is a rare tropical plant from Southeast Asia with leaves resembling butterflies in flight. It is said that this plant is used in alternative cancer treatments.

 photo IMG_1329_zpssjieahsk.jpg

Bile Earth. The Malays call it Hempedu Bumi (Bile of the Earth)/Pokok Cerita (Plant of Tales) while other locals call it the antibiotic plant. This is a medicinal plant that grows in India, China and South East Asia. It is one of the ingredients used in traditional herbal formulations for antibiotics.

 photo IMG_1330_zpsdstjqjcm.jpg

Long Jack or Tongkat Ali is is famous for being a plant that ia used as aphrodisiacs for men. It also helps to improves blood circulation and stamina.

 photo IMG_1331_zpstmw1qiwl.jpg

Betel Leaves or Sireh. The betel is the leaf of a vine belonging to the Piperaceae family, which includes pepper and kava. Betel leaf is mostly consumed in Asia, and elsewhere in the world by some Asian emigrants, as betel quid or in paan, with Areca nut and/or tobacco.

 photo IMG_1332_zpskigut9wh.jpg

Sabah Snake Grass or Belalai Gajah. Sabah Snake Grass is some sort of herb grown usually in tropical weather countries, like Malaysia and Thailand. This natural herb that is part of acanthaceae family has a scientific name Clinacanthus nuthans. It is said that this plant has anti cancer properties.

 photo IMG_1334_zpseoprkoiy.jpg

Curry Leaves plant. The curry tree is a tropical to sub-tropical tree in the family Rutaceae, which is native to India and Sri Lanka. Its leaves are used in many dishes in India, Sri Lanka, and neighbouring countries.

 photo IMG_1339_zpspbfnraw9.jpg

Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. It grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses.Thanks to its phytochemical content, aloe is considered antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal.

 photo IMG_1341_zpsto1ps9lh.jpg

Basil, also known as great basil or Saint-Joseph’s-wort, is a culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae. It is also called the “king of herbs” and the “royal herb”

 photo IMG_1344_zpsd4rl5v80.jpg

Pegaga ia a specific Asian tropical plants have been used for centuries as blood cleansing herbs and detox agent.

 photo IMG_1347_zps7cwk82zx.jpg

Sweet potato plants. You probably have eaten some sweet potatoes. Well, here’s how it’s plants looks like.

 photo IMG_1348_zpsw5e3slj0.jpg

Cekur Manis or sweet leaf, is a shrub grown in some tropical regions as a leaf vegetable.

 photo IMG_1352_zpsn6lwn90k.jpg

Mints, generally used in cooking as flavourings or in herbal teas.

 photo IMG_1353_zpswmle02rc.jpg

Black pepper is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. When dried, the fruit is known as a peppercorn. Black pepper is native to south India and is extensively cultivated there and elsewhere in tropical regions.

 photo IMG_1362_zpsk4855jhi.jpg

God’s Crown or Mahkota Dewa is a dense evergreen tree, indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia. It is found in tropical areas of New Guinea up to 1,200 meters above sea level. The stem and shells of seeds have been used to treat various cancers, lung, live and heart diseases while the leaves contain compounds that can treat impotence, blood diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus and tumors.

 photo IMG_1376_zps3lt1wpex.jpg

After our little stroll in the Spice Garden, we were taken to a little tea session where we were served with interesting concoction with ingredients freshly plucked from the garden.

 photo IMG_1395_zps8gqglf9r.jpg

Freshly squeezed lemonade with mints

 photo IMG_1396_zpskxgtg1i3.jpg

Lemongrass and lime juice

 photo received_10154114297793651_zpsxfjeesap.jpeg

And last but not least, Rose Tea with Honey.

The short visit to the Spice Garden was very interesting, and if you wish to learn more about edible plants while you are in Tioman, this is the place that you should visit.

For more information on Berjaya Tioman Resort ongoing events, news and promotions please head over here: http://www.berjayahotel.com/tioman