Ramadan Special Indulgence at Me’nate Steakhub

Want to reward yourselves after a whole day fasting? Not in the mood to hunt down for food in the crowded Ramadan Bazaar? A proper sit down meal is probably a much more favourable option but not sure what to eat and where to go? Well, why not go for some delicious steaks at Me’Nate Steakhub? It is owned by once a meat carver in Buckingham Palace, serving for the Queen Elizabeth II. Impressive, right? You can read his experience, written in the Harian Metro (click HERE)

 photo 19004614575_c8caf9cae8_z_zps2ljfjvde.jpg

There’s 3 Me’nate Steakhub’s outlet so far and I managed to drop by their Setapak branch with my husband and son just a few days before Ramadan for their media preview.

 photo 18386350214_e03ea10763_z_zpsgchnemaw.jpg

Entering the steakhouse, we were greeted with a lineup of refrigerators that stores raw meat. To retain the meat quality and texture, their meat are all chilled, and not frozen. Assorted steaks can be found here for your choosing, ranging from as low as RM35++ to RM1k++, depending on the steak’s grade and quality.

 photo IMG_3699_zpsw7e5sq4x.jpg

The most expensive I’ve spotted in the refrigerator that day is this Matsusaka Wagyu steak, costing RM1008 per 200gram or RM4800 per kg. Expensive? Yes. Definitely. But I personally vouch for these. The steak will practically melt in the mouth as you eat it.

 photo IMG_3739_zpssf7rgkkg.jpg

The restaurant is a no-nonsense kind. No fancy deco whosoever to greet you or to tempt you to go on a photography or a selfie escapade, but it is spacious, functional and definitely comfortable. You may opt to dine in at the ground floor or at the air conditioned area at the first floor. Here’s a picture taken on the first floor.

Anyway, here’s sharing with you what they will be offering especially Ramadan. They have this group dining options especially for Ramadan 2015. No. There is no buffet at Me’nate but there is 4 type of group steaks with a minimum of 2 person per order.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434960126688_zpspnmmd3rc.jpg

All sets comes with pasta Olio Aglio, mix salad and complimentary dates, fruit(mix fruits), soup of the day, rice of the day(briyani rice/dhal rice/ tomato rice) and free flow drinks.

Here’s what we managed to try. Heavenly Beef set.

 photo IMG_3724_zpsatndxtgg.jpg

Heavenly Beef Set

 photo IMG_3706_zpsbquyg98i.jpg

This Heavenly Beef set is priced at RM350 for 4-6pax.

 photo IMG_3723_zpsnuqbmx16.jpg

It is a meal set that comes with Crackling Beef served on a bed of 3 types of fragrant rice with a side of salad, soup of the day, fruits, dates and free flow of drinks. There is 3 different flavoured rice served with the meal, Nasi Briyani, Nasi Dhal and Nasi Tomato.

 photo IMG_3741_zps34hmggqc.jpg

Chef Mustaffa, the once Royal Meat Carver himself taking care of the carving for us. He is the one who served Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of England. I never once imagined that I would have such an opportunity, but the man is not only generous and kind, but humble too. This is non food related but the chef got all teary eyed when he spotted my son. He probably recognized the fact that my son is autistic I suppose, and told me that I’m a privileged mother as there is only one child like mine in the world, and one day he would make me proud. I nearly cried on the spot at his kind words, and even more so when he specifically requested to have his photo taken with my son. Now, that is completely a new experience. The child is different and always will be. I have made peace with that and when it comes to socializing, he have been rejected countless way, even among some family members and relative. To have someone who is a complete stranger say such heartwarming things and treat him like he is someone important and special truly touches me. Anyway, enough of the sob story and let’s proceed with the foodie experience, shall we?

 photo IMG_3742_zpsqd3lzulo.jpg

A closer look at the Crackling Beef after the carving is done.

 photo IMG_3749_zps6zcsunuv.jpg

The beef was slowly roasted for 8 hours and was done medium rare. There was no additional flavourings added to it and it was a gastronomic perfection. No steak lover would be able to peel themselves away from this culinary masterpiece. It was flavourful, juicy, moist and positively divine on the palate. The 3 types of rice on the other hand, complement the beef perfectly. I’d suggest you to go easy on the rice, though. That way you’d be able to fully savor the splendid beef.

 photo DSCN0451_zpsoot1hcwp_edit_1434969338306_zpsacszxktq.jpg

Apart from the Heavenly Beef set meal, we had the opportunity to try 3 of the other sets featured this Ramadan.

 photo IMG_3824_zpsfoup0dj0.jpg

Set A at RM75/person. The set consists of Angus, Beef ribs and Lamb ribs/Ranghost.

 photo IMG_3780_zpsdy8w42q9.jpg

Just like the Heavenly Beef meal, the Angus, Beef ribs and Lamb ribs/Ranghost was magnificently done.

 photo IMG_3823_zpsqj9nqj6m.jpg

Set B at RM75/person consist of lamb shank, lamb ribs, lamb rack/loin and lamb syabu.

 photo IMG_3793_zps0ooztleb.jpg

These are not just a meal, but a culinary masterpiece.

 photo IMG_3825_zpsiw3ybqt7.jpg

Set D the Wagyu Lover at RM150/person consist of wagyu beef and wagyu beef ribs.

 photo IMG_3801_zps7hkayqxj.jpg

No words can actually describe my feelings when I took a bite of these. The meat practically melts in the mouth and it actually brings me to heaven and back. I still could imagine the taste as of writing. The Wagyu beef was magnificent, and I definitely would not mind a repeated experience in the nearest future.

 photo IMG_3833_zps8rp47qms.jpg

Here’s the chefs who were responsible for our gastronomic pleasure that night. And should you patronize the outlet, they will probably take care of your palate the exact same way and you will probably would want a repeated experience the moment you stepped out of their restaurant. They truly lived up to their claims of serving the best steak in Malaysia.

There is 3 Me’Nate Steakhub in Kuala Lumpur. Below is the information should you want to give their Ramadan offerings a try, either that or go with their ala carte menu. The choice is yours.

Me’Nate Ramadan Special

 photo 18816945318_aa20a27642_z_zpsvpor96yj_edit_1434955371244_zps8m8iuqe2.jpg

Set A at RM75/person consist of angus, beef ribs and lamb ribs/ranghost.

Set B at RM75/person consist of lamb shank, lamb ribs, lamb rack/loin and lamb syabu.

Set C at RM100/person consist of Salmon, Mussel, King prawn and Scallop/Crab Meat.

Set D the Wagyu Lover at RM150/person consist of wagyu beef and wagyu beef ribs.

Advance booking is recommended should you want to dine in groups, but they also welcomes walk in diners.

Me’nate Steak Hub 
Ampang Jaya Branch
No 16 Jalan Kerja Air Lama Satu,
Taman Shuet Liang,
68000 Ampang Jaya,
Kuala Lumpur
Telefon/Faks: +6 03 4251 3460

Wangsa Maju Branch
25 Jalan Delima 12,
Wangsa Link,
Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Telefon: +6 03 4251 3460

Setapak Branch
C-01 & C-01-03, Starparc Point,
Jalan Taman Ibukota,
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Telefon : +6 03 4131 8121
Faks : +6 03 4131 1611


Bazaar Desa Ramadan Buffet at The Square Restaurant, Novotel KL City Centre

It was a very hectic Friday and I wasn’t particularly impressed having to stuck in the traffic while I was on the way to Novotel KL City Centre for their media preview, but it was worth all the hassle. My family and I were greeted with such a sumptuous Ramadan buffet spread by The Square Restaurant, Novotel KL City Centre Kitchen Crew.

 photo IMG_2683_zpsuwgtja3g.jpg

Themed ‘Bazaar Desa’, The Square restaurant offers plenty of delicacies that you can’t get elsewhere in most buffets in KL. They have plenty of dishes that won my heart, but as this is a buffet and I can’t possibly list everything in their spread, I’ll just highlight what’s worth the calories.

 photo IMG_2687_zpsmw4nqee0.jpg

Oven Roasted Lamb. This one is not to be missed. It was slow roasted to perfection in the oven. Juicy and naturally flavoured.

 photo IMG_2801_zpsxerbzlvy.jpg

Deep fried keropok

 photo IMG_2781_zpsmwulkqf_edit_1434912852003_zpsoyx0wiro.jpg

Assorted Acar

 photo IMG_2777_zpsywkhclh1.jpg

Taufu Sumbat

 photo PhotoGrid_1434911587781_zps2kyui5nt.jpg

Assorted traditional curries to pair with plain or flavoured rice like Nasi Briyani. I’ll just be honest with all of you here. I wasn’t particularly in the mood for anything heavy like rice that day, as I was still quite full from my late lunch, but my husband assured me that the curries and the fresh ulams are pretty much to die for. His recommendation; the Sambal Tumis Sotong. He told me that it was addictively sensational.

 photo IMG_2729_zpsg3lliqga.jpg

Apart from the wide array of curries, you ought to keep a lookout for their live action counter where grilled seafood and satay are prepared ala minute for your gastronomic pleasure.

 photo IMG_2703_zpsqu7e5qtd.jpg

Grilled Stingray. These are quite a good catch. Very flavourful and still have the taste of the ocean.

 photo IMG_2704_zps2ewtszox.jpg

Chicken and Beef Satay. Now, I don’t usually fancy satays prepared in hotels as they are not as comparable to those sold by the street as they are usually prepared over hot pan instead of with charcoal over the open fire, but these are as good as those prepared over the open fire. Their preparation method includes caramelizing butter before frying up the skewered meat, resulting to the almost authentic fragrantly ‘burnt’ taste and texture.

 photo IMG_2831_zps06vte3j_edit_1434911387977_zpst9x7z3pb.jpg

Three of Chef’s signature that I think is a must have at this Ramadan buffet; Mee Rebus Tulang Lembu, Soto Goreng and Kacang Pool.

 photo IMG_2829_zpsmzgupnep.jpg

Mee Rebus Tulang Lembu was sensational. Despite of not particularly being tempted for heavy dishes, I had two bowls of this. The meat was fall off the bone tender while the gravy was harmoniously sweet and at the same time, naturally savoury, complementing the bland noodles perfectly.

 photo IMG_2825_zpssgozzkqq.jpg

Soto Goreng was flavourful and delicious. Infused with a myriad of spices, the soto was rather chewy and rather fun to eat too.

 photo IMG_2828_zpsfmwveh29.jpg

Kacang Pool was derived from the Middle Eastern dish known as foul medammas, which was made from fava beans. It was served with a sunny side egg and a side of sandwich bread. All of that was great to sop up the runny egg and sauce of this dish. It was my first time eating it, I thought it reminded me very much of American chilli but with some slightly different spices perhaps. This dish is uniquely Malaysian.

 photo IMG_2789_zpshticwgee.jpg

Assorted traditional Malays kuih like tepung talam and kuih ketayap can be found at the dessert section.

 photo IMG_2797_zpslfzruve8.jpg

Refreshing puddings

 photo IMG_2754_zpskdafwusx.jpg

Local fruits to cleanse your palate.

 photo IMG_2755_zps9kwazywn.jpg

Ice cream

 photo IMG_2750_zps57p9jb15.jpg

Ice Cendol, one of my favourite sweet beverage here at the buffet.

 photo IMG_2751_zps0hyoneda.jpg

Refreshing Lai Chee Kang is also not to be missed if you want something refreshing after a whole day fasting. This one will surely power you up in a jiffy.

 photo IMG_2833_zpslnzwc6n9.jpg

And while you are at the buffet, don’t forget to raid the fridge for these childhood ice cream. :p When I was a little girl these could easily be obtain from the ice cream man for a mere 20 cent but these are pretty much rare these days.

“Bazaar Desa ” dinner buffet is priced at RM95 nett per adult, RM45 nett for children aged 8-12 years old. Early bird voucher is available for sale from now until 19 June 2015 at only RM80 nett per adult and RM40 nett. Accor Plus members enjoy further 10% discount.

For more information and reservations, please call (6 03) 2147 0888 extension 7668 or email [email protected]

Luxe To Bites Cronuts and Pastries

I don’t really have sweet tooth and I don’t really fancy sweet pastries, but here’s recommending a caterer that does pastries, perfect for all occasion and events. Luxe To Bites is still a new name in the F&B industry in Malaysia but they offers all sorts of pastries for your gastronomic pleasure.

 photo received_10153309203302649_zps8243ppah.jpeg

You may opt to order prior serving and get them to deliver to your doorsteps or get them to bake on the spot for you. They also have occasional road shows where you can sample their pastries, freshly baked on the spot.

 photo received_10153309203177649_zps4czelpt0.jpeg

Their specialty; Cronuts with assorted toppings. Now, these are no ordinary cronuts. Not the greasy variant that you usually get from your neighbourhood bakeries that leaves you feeling guilty after indulging. These cronuts are baked and not fried, mind you. Flaky on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these are irresistibly addictive on the palate.

 photo received_10153309202817649_zpstzmukiza.jpeg

Apart from the regular sized cronuts, Luxe To Bites also offers Mini Cronuts for your gastronomic pleasure. Mini in size but packed quite a punch, I must say. They are as good as the regular sized ones if not better and is positively addictive. While the regular sized cronuts is great for leisurely munch over a cuppa tea or coffees during Hi-Tea, these mini cronuts is great to have on the go, or to be served as canapes at formal parties.

 photo received_10153309203217649_zpsxafhcalv.jpeg

Luxe To Bites also offers pastries with savoury fillings. Their signature item is these, assorted danish as well as their buttery croissants.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434731486903_zpskjruaxkr.jpg

Their freshly made sandwiches are good too, and being a fan of all savoury things, I definitely enjoyed these very much.

 photo received_10153309203127649_zpscazsqbvc.jpeg

All Luxe To Bites Pastries are made from the freshest premium ingredients and is Muslim friendly.

Interested to place your orders for these lovely pastries for your events? Looking for the perfect pastries to serve your guests for iftar or open house for the upcoming Eid? Please refer to the information below:

Luxe To Bites
Contact: Margaret Lau 016-8324837
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: fb.com/luxetobites
Instagram: luxe_to_bites

The Journey of Malaysian East Coast Flavours, Serena Brasserie, Intercontinental KL

Having to live in the East Coast when I was a child, I wasn’t particularly impressed with both Kelantan and Terengganu. Being somewhat traditional Islamic states, rules and regulations in school was pretty much rigid and even the non-Muslims would have to adhere to the dress codes; which is to wear cover up clothing. Students are generally expected to be quiet and obey whatever the teachers say. I was a recalcitrant and free spirited child and was never fond of such things and I considered that time of my life one of the most miserable one I had to endure, but other than that, both states have plenty to offer in term of tourism and food.

When it comes to Malay cuisine, there is no denial that Malaysia’s East Coast serves one of the best. This June, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur teams up with a Malaysian Celebrity Chef Zamzani Abdul Wahab otherwise fondly known as Chef Zam to bring local cuisine experience to the next level, and my family and I have been privileged enough to sample what they have to offer during their media preview. I was grinning from ear to ear. Not having to travel to the East Coast but will be able to enjoy authentic East Coast cuisine? I’ll never say no to that. :p

 photo Chef Zamzani and InterContinental Kuala Lumpur Chefs_zps325sdjvc.jpg

Chef Zam has specially crafted a rotational menu to ensure excellent variety and great tastes. Again, as this is a buffet spread and I can’t possibly eat everything that they are offering, I’ll just highlight what’s good in the buffet.

 photo Selera Pantai Timur 1_zpswskhj8fj.jpg

The tantalising selection starts with warm and hearty soups like Malay ox tail or sup tulang, then to refreshing appetisers featuring pulut cawan gaul kelapa dan ikan masin, akok berlauk, rojak betik, kerabu taugeh and jantung pisang.

 photo IMG_3534_zpsmmbnjpkr.jpg

Kerabu Counter where you can scoop up kerabu of your choice go go with your rice. A few all time favourite Kerabu can easily be spotted here at the buffet spread.

 photo IMG_3361_zpsaoytd05v.jpg

Kerabu Mangga. I took a scoop of this, but it was a tad too spicy for me.

 photo IMG_3363_zpsidssnbos.jpg

Acar Timun&Nanas was very tangy, fruity and definitely refreshing.

 photo IMG_3365_zpssh3ag4xk.jpg

Kerabu Tauge. I gave this a miss as I have intolerance towards bean sprouts.

 photo IMG_3364_zpsrrrt8tfi.jpg

Kerabu Daging Rebus was nice, but just like the Kerabu Mangga, this is also borders on the spicy side.

 photo IMG_3375_zpsyydkwheb.jpg

Also spotted at the Kerabu and Ulam Ulaman section, is ingredients for you to assemble your very own Pecal.

 photo IMG_3374_zpsemt3bh6u.jpg

An unlikely guest at the Kerabu section, the irresistible Ketupat Daun Palas. These are rather boring if they are to be taken on their own, but if you’re to pair these with a side of Rendang Tok, then it’s another story altogether and they make pretty much a sensational pair.

 photo IMG_3397_zpsk3vtednv.jpg

The traditional Bubur Lambuk is also offered here in the buffet spread.

 photo IMG_3459_zpsnluwbqha.jpg

Dishing this out from the pot and into my bowl, I discovered that the Bubur Lambuk Terengganu is not the variant that I’m familiar with. The one that I’m familiar with is usually cooked with spiced chicken or beef, but this have not only spiced chicken bits in it but also fish meat, and it is surprisingly leafy too. Quite a put off for my somewhat ‘carnivorous’ son, but I love this to bits. I approve this as a break-fasting dish as it is not only packed with essential nutrients and energy, but great for digestion too with all the extra fibre from the veggies. Somewhat a ‘banned’ item for my fussy son but I have no doubt that the Bubur Lambuk Terengganu will be the crowd’s favourite it has the flavour of home cooked food.

 photo IMG_3470_zps56srr3nf.jpg

There is also delightful dishes such as gulai udang, kerutuk daging, singang sotong hitam, gulai telur itik, ayam percik and ketupat sotong. Cooked to perfection with freshest of ingredients, the aromatic dish will most definitely entice guests to a second helping.

 photo IMG_3479_zps1yn6qp6b.jpg

Ayam Percik

 photo IMG_3472_zpsllutffpn.jpg

Gulai Udang

 photo IMG_3473_zpsllmmoams.jpg

Gulai Ayam

 photo IMG_3475_zpshdxh89fx.jpg

Gulai Telur Itik

 photo IMG_3435_zpsttzoth6k.jpg

Hati Ayam Masak Kicap

 photo IMG_3434_zpsw3abi17r.jpg

Sambal Tumis Kacang Bendi

 photo IMG_3381_zps4fotrck8.jpg

Stir-fry Asparagus in premium soya sauce.

 photo IMG_3471_zpsjwfw1dt2.jpg

Keep your eyes peeled for the action counter that dishes out Mee Rebus Terengganu.

 photo IMG_3456_zpsl1zbfrkc.jpg

Being a Penangite, I was expecting a noodle dish served with thick, reddish and gooey soup made from tapioca and chilli paste, topped with crunchy prawn fritters and keropok, but clearly, I am not familiar enough with Terengganu cuisine as instead of getting what I was expecting, I get the noodle dish served with clear soup and topped with beef balls instead. It was definitely different on the palate but it was enjoyable nevertheless. The soup may be the clear kind, but it packs quite a punch. Fully flavoured and quite rich, so I’d advice you to go easy on it if you I intend to sample more things in the buffet.

 photo IMG_3482_zpsrpdajz7z.jpg

The feasting journey moves on to a different beat with ‘celup-celup’ live station.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434644581712_zpsenxab6sh.jpg

Here, fresh fish, squid, prawns, crab of your choosing is prepared for dipping in piping hot batter and served with sweet chilli sauce and condiments.

 photo IMG_3458_zpstxpfcgnh.jpg

This was what’s on my plate. Chef Zam fried these for me and he promised me that I’ll like it a lot and I’ll take a second helping. Well, you know what? Chef Zam lied about just having a second helping. :( I took four helpings of this after the first one and was in the terrible danger of taking my fifth plate of the seafood Celup Celup Goreng. :p Yes. It was that good! Such cholesterol fest, but I have no regrets. It was wonderful and sensational and it makes me a very happy woman. :p

 photo IMG_3392_zpsmghbmu8n.jpg

No visit to a Terengganu feast would be complete with having a taste of their signature Keropok Lekor, and so I stole some of these from the Celup Celup action stall, and was pleasantly surprised that it was authentically fishy instead of floury.

Apart from the sumptuous East Coast spread, Serena Brasserie also aims to please those with international palate. A selection of International food can also be enjoyed here.

 photo IMG_3355_zpsshpbqyfp.jpg

Fresh seafood on ice features baby lobster, Australian Spanner Crab, Blue Swimmer Crab, Green Lipped New Zealand Mussels, Scallops, Alaskan King Crab, Pacific Prawns, US and Fin de Clair Oyster and many more.

 photo IMG_3367_zpssvljjuab.jpg

Sushi and Sashimi

 photo IMG_3368_zpstbedgwi9.jpg

Tuna Sashimi

 photo IMG_3369_zpsi2tblsxp.jpg

Sushi Gari

 photo IMG_3370_zpswmao9mmp.jpg


 photo IMG_3416_zpsxi9gdmci.jpg

Meat Carving

 photo IMG_3453_zpslkx7aydi.jpg

What I had that day was Pink Pepper Macadamia Crusted Australian Beef with a side of Yorkshire Pudding and trio roasted potato and rustic vegetable and drowned with homemade Hickory Barbeque Sauce. Sometimes, I’m amazed with my own capacity to tank on food. Despite of being full, I still managed two helpings of this. It was one of the best meat carving I’ve ever had.

 photo IMG_3394_zpsngo1amw9.jpg

Gourmet cheese and fruits

 photo IMG_3399_zps3uypuwqh.jpg

A selection of Artisan Bread

 photo IMG_3396_zps05ndquq2.jpg

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

 photo PhotoGrid_1434647133546_zpshallbu6g.jpg

Discover the sweeter essence of the East coast in the dessert section featuring traditional medley of bengkang telur manis, serikaya telur, penganan labu, hati kesuma, terembas, puteri mandi, cik abas demam, and wajid durian.

 photo IMG_3412_zpsvkr28plg.jpg

Dessert section also offers the chocolate fountain where you can delightfully make skewers of biscuits or dried fruits chocolate dip.

 photo IMG_3420_zpsfpd2qn9a.jpg

Fresh local fruits to cleanse your palate.

 photo IMG_3422_zpsuktpqgmp.jpg

And if you prefer to end your meal with a sweet note, do keep an eye on their homemade ice creams and sorbet.

 photo IMG_3542_zpsr6tlhpuk.jpg

I gave it a try and did not just stop at just two scoops. It was deliciously refreshing.

The ‘Selera Pantai Timur bersama Chef Zamzani’ is available from 8 to 17 June 2015

‘The journey of Malaysian East Coast Flavours’ will continue to be featured during Serena Brasserie’s Berbuka Puasa buffet from 18 June to 15 July 2015. Dinner buffet is priced at RM139nett per adult on the first and fourth week of the month of Ramadan, and RM152nett per adult on the second and third week of Ramadan. Spacious prayer room located at Level 5 is available for the convenience of Muslim guests with separate male and female prayer rooms.

For more dining reservations or for more information on Serena Brasserie, call +603 2782 6000 / +603 2782 6228 or email [email protected] or visit www.intercontinental-kl.com.my. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @intercontinental.kualalumpur and Twitter @ interconkl.

Be Tempted With Malaysian Flavours For Buka Puasa at Temptations Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

If there is any buffet spread that would tempt me to eat a lot after a whole day of fasting, it would definitely be TEMPTationS Restaurant, Renaissance KL. The spread is inspired to please every palate and I can shamelessly tell you that among all Ramadan Buffet that I’ve went, this is one of the restaurant that I actually stayed til their closing time so that I could sample more food. Like most buffets, they have plenty to offer but here’s highlighting what’s worth trying.

 photo IMG_2574_zpsv2x0gsmz.jpg

Sumptuous Roasted Whole Lamb. I did not manage to try this but it was one of their highlights in the Ramadan buffet.

 photo IMG_2579_zpsatvkd9cu.jpg

Nasi Bukhari. Apart from this, there is also other flavoured rice like Nasi Minyak, Nasi Tomato offered to diners.

 photo IMG_2588_zps39k2rw2b.jpg

Nasi Minyak

 photo IMG_2587_zpskdvnogc4.jpg

Nasi Tomato

 photo IMG_2589_zpsxpiwztsz.jpg

Nasi Briyani

 photo PhotoGrid_1434517403749_zpsmtiaucpm.jpg

Wide array of curries to go with your plain or flavoured rice. There is a few must try here, and that includes Daging Tulang Rawan Rendang Pedas, Daging Palembang, Udang Harimau Masak Lemak Cili Padi and also the sensational Gulai Ketam. I gave these a try and I must say that I’m delightfully impressed. They are bursting with flavours and pretty much authentic.

 photo IMG_2583_zps08dx0jr6.jpg

And yes, Bubur Lambuk is available too if you want something lighter and soothing for the tummy instead.

 photo IMG_2597_zpskhn1oepr.jpg

Assorted keropok. (Traditionally made crisps). My son and husband loves these very much, and I can pretty much say the same for myself.

 photo IMG_2605_zpsfggtoetu.jpg

Fried stuff for those who love fried food.

 photo IMG_2635_zpscbw6uyuw.jpg

Assorted Kerabu is available for you go pair with your rice too.

 photo IMG_2636_zpsghf0ovs4.jpg

And where there is Kerabu, there is of course, the traditional Ulam-Ulaman.

 photo IMG_2634_zpsyj14ekw7.jpg

If you are a fan of ‘Western’ version of ulams, no worries, you can assemble your own salads at the Salad Counter.

One thing that you should take note when you dine here in TEMPTationS is their action counter. They are offering fabulous food prepared ala minute.

 photo IMG_2673_zpsnhqgxpev.jpg

The Action Counter

 photo IMG_2614_zpsiovrigq4.jpg

Here’s assorted sea produce you can pick for grilling.

 photo IMG_2613_zpsinvtix2v.jpg

Assorted grilled seafood. These are grilled on top of banana leaves and is minimally flavoured to bring out the natural sweetness. I tried a few and found the stingray chunks is the most addictive ones in comparison to other type of fishes.

 photo IMG_2611_zpslxhz1zp2.jpg

Beef and chicken satay is also available at the grill section.

 photo IMG_2618_zpsz6kbcx0k.jpg

The noodle station offers assorted noodles for you to try, but being a Penangite, one that won my heart is the Laksa.

 photo IMG_2679_zpszqpx1qgm.jpg

Laksa Utara. Excuse the mess, I can’t help but slurped it all up before taking photo. Not the Assam Laksa variety of Laksa but the good old Kuala Kedah style of Laksa. Topped with chunks of pineapple, shredded cucumber and prawn paste, this plate of Laksa is just divine. The soup was rich, thick, creamy and flavourful and there is no fishy smell whatsoever. I took two plates of the Laksa. And that alone says a lot considering that I’m absolutely picky when it comes to Laksa.

 photo IMG_2621_zpsynv3srcn.jpg

Another action counter spotted is the Apom Balik Stall, where you can request for your own customized Apom Balik.

 photo IMG_2620_zpsq9hchf5s.jpg

I did not try this but my husband loves these to bits so I guess these are not too shabby either.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434517554127_zpst8eu0lrg.jpg

Moving on to dessert, there is assorted traditional Malay kuih to indulge in.

 photo PhotoGrid_1434517666874_zpsxzdjddvc.jpg

Both traditional and modern cakes is also available for those who have sweet tooth.

 photo IMG_2653_zpsv90lwk65.jpg

Last but not least, chocolate fountain for the chocolate lovers. :)

Located in the East Wing – Lobby Level of the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, TEMPTationS’ Buka Puasa Buffet is available daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily throughout the month of Ramadan.

The buffet is priced at RM135nett per person and half price for children from 6 to 12 years old. Early birds will also enjoy great savings as the buffet is priced at RM103nett per person from 18 to 22 June and 13 to 16 July.

For restaurant reservations please call 03 2716 9388 or email [email protected] I would recommend you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Follow them on Instagram: renaissancekualalumpur
And LIKE them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/RenaissanceKL

Celebrate The Promise of Passionate Love with Enchanteur

Marriage is not about taking things for granted, but about falling in love with the same person over and over again. So, how do you fall in love with the same person over and over again? Well, if you ask me, the trick is not to take your spouse for granted, and find time to spend as much quality time as possible with them. Plenty of couples gets too comfortable after being married to each other and stopped courting and appreciating their spouses, leading to them feeling jaded and the downfall of their relationship. It’s such a shame. Married to the same man for 13 years is not easy. It was practically a bed of roses with thorns, but if there is one thing that I learned through the ups and down throughout the years is never ever stop dating and never go to bed angry angry at each other and ever ever stop saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, or even ‘I’m sorry’ even when you are not wrong.

I make a point to dress up and spray on some perfume whenever I go dating with my husband these days. I believe that whenever you look good and smell good, your mood will improve, even when you are having a bad day, and that alone helps to set a calm environment for any relationship, be it new or old.

Speaking of smelling good reminds me of perfumes. I have a few favourites, but I’ve been using Enchanteur rather frequently. They has just relaunched their Enchanteur Love EDT collection a few days ago and it’s so nice to be able to see that despite of the cynical and harsh world where everyone is busy with their work and career, couples still make effort to love and maintain love.

 photo IMG_20150615_150256_zpsejmnl5qs.jpg

Local celebrity Fouziah Ghous and her husband; the new Enchanteur Love ambassador. They look sweet together, no?

 photo IMG_20150615_151924_zpscovt8hqr.jpg

The sweet couple posing with the Enchanteur Love EDT collection.

 photo IMG_20150615_131905_zpsadd00uhl.jpg

There are 3 perfumes in the collection.

 photo DSCN0386_zps9chdzniq.jpg

Celebrate Love

 photo DSCN0385_zpsv7xymql6.jpg

Forever Love

 photo DSCN0384_zpsk44wwqf9.jpg

Passionate Love

So which one do I like most? Well, I don’t exactly have a favourite, but I used all of them for different occasions and they never failed to make me feel and smell lovely whenever I’m with my husband.

Enchanteur Love is now available in major supermarket and pharmacies nationwide, in case you’re wondering. ;) Do get a bottle and start smelling good, ladies.

Pic credit to AlienGoTravel by Nikon S33

Citra Dulang Ramadan, Pizza Hut

The fatique is overwhelming after a whole day fasting? Wants a fuss-free meal for iftar instead of making a bee-line at the buffet or hunting down some food in the Ramadan Bazaar? Well then, you might want to go for the good old pizza instead.

 photo DSCN0347_zpsouoycssv.jpg

Pizza Hut is indulging all pizza lovers this Ramadan 2015 with their Citarasa Ramadan offerings.

 photo DSCN0371_zpsyrhvrjaz.jpg

They are offering delicious Ramadan spread with the tagline ‘A feast not to be missed’, featuring an abundance of food that is not only affordable but satisfying at the same time. Here’s introducing the new set, available for a limited time only, the Pizza Hut’s Dulang Ramadan.

 photo DSCN0375_zpswuopmnwc.jpg

Featured in the set, is a delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza, topped with an abundance of roasted chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese drizzled with BBQ sauce.

 photo DSCN0377_zpsc5myglwa.jpg

Apart from the mouthwatering pizza, Citra Dulang Ramadan comes with amazing sides; Nasi Ayam Italy Kurma, Beef Arabiatta Spaghetti, Acar, Chicken Fingers, Chips and Tomato Salsa and a pitcher of Zesty Selasih. There is an option of Dulang Citra Ramadan 1 (2pax) for RM42.50nett or Dulang Citra Ramadan 2 (4pax) for RM65.50. Please note that prices may vary by outlet’s location.

 photo DSCN0370_zps1koufbzx.jpg

For those who prefers to takeaway or have the meal delivered to their home for iftar, there is always the Big Variety Box.

In conjunction with the World Hunger Relief 2015 Campaign and in the spirit of giving, every meal that you buy can help save a child’s life. From every Citarasa Ramadan Combo purchased, RM0.50 will be donated to the World Hunger Relief Fund.

The Pizza Hut’s Citarasa Ramadan promotion is now available for a limited duration, from 15th June to 21st July 2015.

Pic taken by using Nikon S33

Jakel Launches New Hari Raya Collections For The Whole Family

Shopping for Hari Raya can be quite crazy, but ladies and gentlemen, don’t stress out. ;) Shopping for Hari Raya clothing for the entire family for the can be pretty fuss free if you know where to go. If you are looking for ready-made traditional clothes, you might want to drop by Jakel Mall. They have just launched their latest Raya collection for the whole family and I don’t think it will be a chore to go shopping in Jakel as they have a total of 18 Jackel stores nationwide.

 photo DSCN0277_zps4s15gsy5.jpg

Jakel launches new baju raya collection for the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri and introduces high profile local celebrities Rozita Che Wan and Nabil Ahmad as well as Upin Ipin line of clothing for children. The clothing are for the gentlemen, ladies and children respectively.

 photo DSCN0273_zpsqdajd6ts.jpg

Upin Ipin, the well famed animated cartoon’s mascot prancing around while wearing their own Baju Melayu Collection, receiving cheer from fans of all ages that day.

 photo IMG_20150613_125358_zpsayxed4l0.jpg

Nabil Ahmad, wearing one of the Baju Melayu from his own collection. Vibrant coloured Baju Melayu with flower motifs ‘sampin’.

 photo IMG_20150613_123444_zpsdjiodosu.jpg

Raya Clothing for the whole family sold in Jakel stores nationwide. From top left: Baju Melayu Nabil, Baju Kurung Che Ta. From bottom left: Baju Melayu Upin dan Ipin and Baju Kurung Moden for little girls. These clothing are pretty much on the high end side, especially from Nabil and Che Ta’s Collection. The cloth used to make for all of these clothing are from high quality textile materials and very comfortable to wear.

 photo IMG-20150613-WA0004_zpszjcyrbng.jpg

Here, take a look at Baju Kurung Che Ta, ladies. Isn’t it lovely?

 photo IMG-20150613-WA0003_zpsc30grmkb.jpg

Baju Kurung Che Ta is of modern designs and is adorned intricately with beautiful rhinestones and semi precious stones like crystals. One would definitely stand out in the crowd if they are to wear this for Hari Raya. These definitely caught my attention and I’m definitely going to get one for myself. ;)

 photo IMG_20150613_123458_zpstftrnpmx.jpg

While the adult clothing concentrated on being fashionable, the children’s clothing from Upin and Ipin Collection is designed to not only be stylish, but comfortably fashionable and attractive to a young child’s eye too. Take a look at this blazing red Baju Melayu Upin Ipin. The Baju Melayu buttons are not the usual ones we are familiar with. They are made to look like Upin Ipin’s characters.

 photo DSCN0288_zpsfkscyp0e.jpg

I dare to bet no little boys would complain about wearing sampin with Upin Ipin character’s prints on it.

 photo DSCN0290_zps7uysvrw5.jpg

The clothing comes in exclusively cute gift box too, making them a perfect gift and souvenirs for the upcoming festive season.

Jackel stores can be likened to a one stop centre for all your Hari Raya needs. And shoppers not only can buy clothing from Jakel, but all sort of things too like curtains, cushion covers and whatnot. So, ladies and gents, boys and girls, what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Jakel store and get your raya clothing today before they run put of stock. ;)

And oh, there will be a Gempak Raya Bersama Jakel 2015 event where there will be Happy Hour and flash sale with irresistible promotions nationwide.

13.6.2015 – Jakel Mall KL (Upin Ipin dan Nabil)
19.6.2015 – Jakel Kubang Kerian (Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara dan Nabil Ahmad)
20.6.2015 – Jakel Mall KL (Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara, Che Ta/Zain dan Nabil Ahmad)
21.6.2015 – Jakel JB (Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara dan Nabil Ahmad)
27.6.2015 – Jakel Shah Alam (Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara dan Nabil Ahmad)

For more info on current promotions, head over to their website HERE

Kids Day Out At Quill City Mall

I’m somewhat a self professed shopaholic. Naturally, one of my favourite past time is hanging out at the shopping mall with my son. I can stay in a shopping mall from the time they started opening their doors in the morning til their closing time at night. To say that some shopping malls is actually my second home is an understatement. :p I could actually plan an itinerary of a one day shopping mall exploration and that wouldn’t even be a joke. :p

One of my recent favourite shopping mall these days is Quill City Mall. I believe I’ve written about this mall countless of times before but in case you’ve missed it, here’s reintroducing the mall to you again. It’s a fairly new mall located in the heart of Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. One of the thing that I liked about this mall is that it is accessible directly by public transport. There is a direct monorail link to Quill City Mall located at level 2. All you need to do is hop onto the monorail and head to Medan Tuanku monorail station. Alternatively, you can stop at Bukit Nanas or take the Putraline LRT and disembark at Dang Wangi. It’s about 10 minutes walk away to Quill City Mall.

Quill City Mall is a home to many of my favourite brands and apart from being an excellent mall to hunt for groceries and delicious food, it is also a family friendly shopping destination. If you are a foodie, check out my blog post on Quill City Mall Food Trail HERE. There is a lot of fabulous food joints here in Quill City Mall. And the best part? They are all pork-free, children friendly and Muslim friendly.

Speaking of being a children friendly mall, Quill City Mall has organized a Kids’ Day Out yesterday and my son and I have been invited to join in the fun. Who am I to say no to a fun adventure with my son in the mall? What more it’s now my favourite mall. :p

 photo IMG_20150611_114358_zpsqakhks7d.jpg

A group photo of us bloggers, members of the media and a bunch of excited kids at the concourse area. We gathered at 11am and were given the itinerary of the day. Mr. C.K Ng gave us a short brief about the mall and what the mall have to offer before our little adventure commences.

 photo IMG_20150611_111822_zpsv9rcitni.jpg

Our first stop is the NEXT store. Our mission: To get the kids to style up. The store is located at Lot G-08-10, Ground Floor.

An integral part of the British High Street, the NEXT retail chain was set up in 1982. Through the decades, the brand has worked with notable greats in the global fashion industry. Clothes under the NEXT label are styled by an in-house design team to offer exceptional style, quality and value for money with a contemporary edge. Today, NEXT operates more than 500 stores in the UK and almost 200 stores in more than 40 countries globally.

 photo IMG_20150522_170930_zpsjgm3s1au.jpg

The brand’s latest outlet showcases its collection of clothes, shoes and accessories for women, in addition to its offering for kids.  

 photo IMG_20150522_170953_zpssx1b1zcs.jpg

Here’s some of their latest women’s clothing collection.

 photo IMG_20150522_171030_zps7sdk2sdw.jpg

Accessories ranging from handbags, scarves, belts, eyewear and many more.

 photo PhotoGrid_1432310188528_zps2rglz7tj.jpg

Children’s section features some pretty interesting designs for both boys and girls. Stylist, sweet looking but at the same time, is designed for active wear and maximum comfort.

 photo IMG_20150522_171251_zpsbb9bkcfe.jpg

In-store shopping bags is provided for your shopping convenience. ;)

 photo IMG_20150611_183812_zpsmzktzkdi.jpg

Each bloggers were given an RM50 voucher, courtesy of NEXT to shop for something here and here’s what my son chose for himself; a navy coloured sailor shirt. Being a little vain pot like his mum, the boy is definitely a happier child after that little shopping trip. I got to make a mental note to get him a stylish cap and a sunglass next time we drop by. He’s been eyeing on those and he’ll look very fashionable in those, no doubt.

 photo IMG_20150611_114943_zpsa4gdvirs.jpg

After the short shopping spree session, we were brought to our second stop of the day, the MPH Bookstore. MPH Bookstore is located at Lot 2-32 & 33, Second Floor. MPH Bookstores is a well-loved and treasured household name in Malaysia and Singapore. From its humble beginning as a small bookshop selling general titles, MPH Bookstores has since progressed into a major chainstore in Malaysia and Singapore, offering a wide selection of books and other merchandise including music and movie products, stationery, educational toys and games, gifts and greeting cards. MPH Bookstore has since grown to an impressive 33 outlets nationwide.

 photo IMG_20150611_115105_zpsanysjeu_edit_1434104225022_zps39n51ivh.jpg

There is a storytelling activity going on to amuse the participating children.

 photo IMG_20150611_115754_zpsgir8clgp.jpg

Poison of the day: The Book With No Pictures. It was a very funny story and my son laughed so loud at the storyteller when he was reading the funny story from the book.

 photo IMG_3306_zpshcgt03p7.jpg

A group photo taken after the storytelling session.

 photo IMG_20150611_183951_zpsjiwf7ozw.jpg

Each participating children were given some storybooks and stationeries when the session ends and it’s definitely going to be useful when the school reopens.

 photo IMG_20150611_125038_zpsy2s0xktc.jpg

Our next stop is the Kid’z Paradise. Kid’z Paradise, located at Lot 2-33A & 35, Second Floor.

 photo IMG_20150611_122429_zps7vdbvoro.jpg

It is an indoor playland featuring equipment specially designed for toddlers and children.

 photo IMG_20150611_121443_zps3ikat3a6.jpg

Kid’z Paradise is a safe and clean indoor play land concept with a wide-range of exciting play equipment through the age of twelve. Rocking up with a huge state-of-the-art playground and specially patterned toys-in-motion, they believe in providing learning opportunities in a safe, fun-filled and carefree environment to maximize children’s learning potential to grow into happy and healthy adults. So, if you are planning a birthday party, or an event here, you may want to check out their package at their website HERE

The kids were absolutely famished after burning off their energy and so we headed to Big Daddy Little Chefs, Happikiddo. It is located at Lot 2-28-31, Second Floor.

 photo IMG_20150611_125202_zpsxqux4vek.jpg

This cafe is a tiny setup adopting the “child-friendly” manner. The space can comfortably fit 35 adults and 15 children.

 photo IMG_20150611_133722_zps6cd67nwl.jpg

There is a tiny play area using Natural Korean Citrus Woodchips that has a mild healing effect for eczema, asthma and sinus. Its citrusy smell also acts an an anti- mozzie patch.

 photo IMG_20150611_125330_zpswtglntun.jpg

Big Daddy Little Chefs’ home-cooked varieties are MSG free and they use Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt . It uses halal ingredients so Muslim diners can savour their meals with ease.

 photo IMG_20150611_135825_zpsxbbxgeop.jpg

After the meal, it’s time for some action in the kitchen. Well, sort of. Our next destination is Pizza Hut Restaurant, located at Lot 2-20, Second Floor where the children are given a chance to make and bake their own pizza. Pizza Hut boasts a dining experience, complete with contemporary decor with courteous and friendly service for all. Pizza Hut offers a wide variety of freshly prepared dishes such as pizzas, pastas, rice and a range of appetizers for your culinary pleasure.   

 photo IMG_20150611_140035_zpsb4ry8b9d.jpg

Briefing for the pizza-making session.

 photo IMG_20150611_141051_zpsvkih1s5t.jpg

Kids getting ready to make their own pizzas.

 photo IMG_20150611_141916_zpszq5raq4i.jpg

Delicious Pizzas in the making.

 photo IMG_20150611_141857_zps1ltwdq03.jpg

My son’s pizza before going into the oven.

 photo IMG_20150611_143644_zps8g3q5dvn.jpg

The final product. Personal Hawaiian Pan Pizza.

 photo IMG_20150611_143728_zpswpvqn8si.jpg

Time to tuck in. The kids seems to enjoy eating the food that they made much more than those they didn’t, apparently. I was a fool thinking that they could have been stuffed after lunch earlier. :p

 photo IMG_20150611_183404_zpsfn9cwqv9.jpg

We did not leave the outlet empty handed. :) Pizza Hut Restaurant has generously handed us goodie bag containing vouchers and whatnot for us to use during our next visit. ;) And being a fan of pizzas, I have no doubt that my next visit will be soon enough. :p

 photo IMG_20150611_145544_zps2kspfvtp.jpg

There is no such thing as a fun day put without a trip to the toy store. Our next stop is Hamleys located at Lot 1-01, First Floor. This is one of the finest toy shop in the world that brings magical experiences and joy to children of all ages. Hamleys, as a trusted worldwide brand, promotes customer loyalty and brand growth through its unique approach to retailing including in-store entertainment, toy demonstration, colourful and engaging store designs combined with fantastic Hamleys own brand toys.

 photo IMG_20150611_150003_zps1uslqjac.jpg

That said, the children were treated to a magic show.

 photo IMG_20150611_151254_zpss1uho9r7.jpg

A manicure session

 photo IMG_20150611_151749_zpsqzwzkqbc.jpg

Sticker tattoo and also face painting session.

 photo IMG_20150611_150413_zpsuyuy9csl.jpg

Spotted Iron Man Jr. over here in the toy store too.

 photo IMG_20150611_182923_zpsvvyaptis.jpg

The children did not leave the store empty handed. They brought home some toys, courtesy of Hamleys. ;)

 photo IMG_20150611_154107_zps5wb07mbx.jpg

After the exhilarating time in Hamleys, the children were brought to Occubite Pastry Cafe located at Lot 2-15, Second Floor for muffin decorating workshop where the children were given a chance to decorate their own muffins. Occubite Pastry Cafe is a friendly, casual place that offers freshly prepared meals for dining in or takeaway. Their menu is designed to be seasonal, all natural and healthy. Occubite offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a great range of freshly baked muffins, cakes and pastries for those who have sweet tooth.

 photo IMG_20150611_154350_zpsyny42dph.jpg

Muffin decorating workshop in session.

 photo IMG_20150611_154513_zpshn3esgif.jpg

Muffin decorating in progress. An elder child spotted helping out the younger one.

 photo IMG_20150611_155754_zps08ainoxt.jpg

And this is what my son made. The muffins did not last long for photography purpose as the boy practically polished it off from the plate the minute he was done decorating.

 photo IMG_20150611_160758_zpslpszydqx.jpg

The kids was all parched after having their muffins and so we were brought to The Original Milkshake Co. located at Lot 4-63, Fourth Floor for a delightful milkshake experience. Established in 2014, The Original Milkshake Co. opened its first outlet at Quill City Mall attracting a wide range of milkshake lovers from youngsters to professionals and retirees. Available in three varieties : Premium, Classic and Signature series which feature delicious concoctions of milkshake and delectable cakes by KL’s premium dessert brand Mad Treats.

 photo IMG_20150611_160908_zps3sl0hfqi.jpg

Additional milkshake toppings is chargeable at RM1.50 each.

 photo IMG_20150611_161806_zpscbsbm2c9.jpg

3 of the flavours that we managed to try that day; original, chocolate and blueberry flavoured milkshakes.

 photo IMG_20150611_162448_zpshhhwhnhk.jpg

After the milkshakes, we proceeded to the final stop of the day, Cornery-The Popcorn Gallery is the most exciting gourmet popcorn store in Malaysia.

 photo IMG_20150611_162648_zps3zeifyvz.jpg
The open kitchen allows multi-sensory experience for everyone. Listen to the reverberating popping sound, smell fresh popcorns from the kettle, see the creations and taste the crispness of popcorns and last but not least, feel happy.

 photo IMG_20150611_162540_zpszrpwhyst.jpg

Cornery offers both sweet and savoury version of the popcorns.

 photo IMG_20150611_183611_zpsyzvnrud2.jpg

Being a pure glutton, my son and I asked for both sweet and savoury version of their popcorns. One is their bestseller, the Butterscotch flavour and the White Cheese flavour.

The Kids’ Day Out at Quill City Mall comes too soon and I come to realize that it is not a hassle to actually bring kids to shopping mall. At least not in Quill City Mall.There is literally something for kids of all ages at Quill City Mall. This mall can be considered a kid’s haven with loads of outlets and activities to keep the young ones ‘edutained’. It is indeed an exciting family destination, jam packed with lifestyle offerings for people of all ages, including kids.

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine Ramadan Buffet 2015 at Suria KLCC 

Thailand will always hold a special place in my heart. To me, it is a beautifully romantic country with plenty of mystical tale that comes alive as soon as you stepped foot in it’s land. Being a Northerner, visiting Southern Thailand is quite a norm for me and my husband whenever we go back to my hometown, mainly Satun and Hadyai. But last year, we decided to explore further and took a short birthday a.k.a anniversary trip to Songhkla, Thailand.

Songhkla is actually a very famous state in Thailand, especially among those Muslims who eloped. To cut the long story short, Songhkla is the Asian version of Las Vegas. Attractions around it includes the zoo, mosque, temples and of course, the mermaid statue by Samila beach.

My husband and I did some eat-travel-write kinda thing and discovered that Thai food is absolutely delicious, and not quite easy to find authentic ones in Kuala Lumpur. We usually get the watered down version of Thai food, but lucky us, we found Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine. Located on the 4th floor of KLCC, Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine serves nothing but authentic Thai cuisine.

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine has rolled out a delectable buffet spread in conjunction of Ramadan, with a good mix of local and Thai delicacies to suit everyone’s palate.

Here’s sharing with you what they have to offer in their buffet spread this coming Ramadan 2015. First let’s check out the live action stalls:

 photo IMG_2482_zpsuebhcelv.jpg

Tom Yam Stall

 photo IMG_2487_zpsawwdnswk.jpg

Tom Yam Goong. A Siamese signature sour and spicy soup dish. A must try.

 photo IMG_2486_zpsqti7aegl.jpg

Assorted noodles to go with your Tom Yam soup.

 photo IMG_2485_zpsphwahccr.jpg

Assorted fish balls and surimis

 photo IMG_2484_zpsiszbskrc.jpg

Fresh calamari and prawns are available too.

 photo IMG_2545_zpsitcni41l_edit_1433750732872_zpsdhlqshui.jpg

Gerai Ikan Bakar

 photo IMG_2540_zpsywxflvdz.jpg

Grilled catfish with sweet and spicy sauce.

 photo IMG_2536_zpsajg7vjwy.jpg

Chicken Satay

 photo IMG_2535_zpsnoim8xtz.jpg

Beef Satay

Also spotted at the Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine Ramadan Buffet is those all time Malaysian favourites dishes that is a common appearance during Ramadan and special occasions:

 photo IMG_2488_zpspelaxl3n.jpg

Nasi Briyani

 photo IMG_2489_zpsb9ccin61.jpg

Ayam Kapitan

 photo IMG_2493_zpseiioyyxv.jpg

Rendang Tok

 photo IMG_2494_zps21kgkh7m.jpg

Pajeri Nanas

 photo IMG_2495_zps4djh2ttv.jpg

Pajeri Terung

 photo IMG_2498_zpsxljiwifu.jpg

Stir Fried Lala in Tomyam Paste

 photo IMG_2500_zps7crd862b.jpg

Stir Fried Squid in Garlic Sauce

 photo IMG_2499_zpsdhv59rgs.jpg

Tofu in minced chicken

 photo IMG_2501_zpsiwyqdgh7.jpg

Deep fried butter fish

 photo IMG_2505_zps5awlhnje.jpg

Creamy butter prawn topped with chunks of salted eggs.

 photo IMG_2503_zpsqo74pdqt.jpg

Green curry lamb

 photo IMG_2481_zpsxrgjixtq.jpg

Here’s the Executive Chef Solehuddin Nutto showcasing must try items at the buffet

 photo IMG_2516_zps15hjhlgl.jpg

Thai style Kangkung Celup Tepung

 photo IMG_2515_zpsro9qubkr.jpg

Fried Onion Rings

 photo IMG_2555_zpskawqcpsd.jpg

Mieng Kham

 photo IMG_2573_zpsw4hssfqp_edit_1433752678322_zpsmhtivsu1.jpg

It is a Thai leaf dish usually sold on the street of Thailand. I topped the leaf with roasted shredded coconut, toasted peanuts, lime, dried shrimp, bird’s eye chili , topped with palm syrup sauce. It was an explosion of taste in the mouth. Very interesting leaf dish and it was said to have medicinal value where it helps the digestive system and expels wind.

 photo IMG_2513_zpsaiwey802.jpg

Fresh vegetables

 photo IMG_2554_zpsq8e4nnxf.jpg

Assorted sambal and air asam dips to go with fresh ulams.

 photo IMG_2557_zps3tn77ref.jpg

Assorted Kerabu

 photo IMG_2507_zpsiddaeeqb.jpg

Kerabu Timun dan Nanas

 photo IMG_2508_zpsl84ml0mn.jpg

Kerabu Ayam Cincang

 photo IMG_2509_zpsfsfrjbxr.jpg

Kerabu Soo-hoon

 photo IMG_2510_zpsd4ljmff6.jpg

Kerabu Mangga

 photo IMG_2561_zpsvzahmqwj.jpg

Assorted Jeruk

 photo IMG_2560_zps8ufvtusi.jpg

Acar Buah

 photo IMG_2562_zpstvjiqelr.jpg


 photo IMG_2565_zpshzjtwmcj.jpg

Dessert section features assorted traditional Malay Kuih and Thai desserts.

 photo IMG_2568_zpsbmwsgomx.jpg

Kuih Talam

 photo IMG_2570_zpswfbmmskp.jpg


 photo IMG_2569_zpsthpvy2bi.jpg

Ubi Kayu Rebus

 photo IMG_2566_zpsugz59ngw.jpg

Pisang Rebus

 photo IMG_2564_zpsq2ndbqbl.jpg

Bubur Pisang&Jagung and Bubur Kacang Hijau

 photo IMG_2567_zpsqnhrztgn.jpg

Pulut Mangga or rather, the famous Mango Sticky Rice. I did not manage to try this but it is always gone whenever they replenish it at the buffet so I suppose this surpassed the expectations.

 photo IMG_2558_zpsikswectc.jpg

Red Ruby or Tub Tim Grob, coconut milk based dessert that is very popular among Thais when the weather is hot. The small reddish thing are water chestnut covered with tapioca flour, served with sweeten coconut milk and shaved ice and one can add jellied coconut and shredded jackfruit as additional item if they prefer. Very sweet and refreshing dessert.

For more information what they have to offer this coming Ramadan, please refer to the information below:

Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine
Suria KLCC Tel: 2382 7788 / 0887
Pavilion KL Tel: 2143 1141
Alamanda Putrajaya Tel: 8890 1616

Website: www.chakri.com.my & www.rotolgroup.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rotol.foodchain