Fierce Curry House

It’s been awhile since I had some authentic Indian food and was craving for some when extended an invitation to dine in Fierce Curryhouse, Bangsar. Fierce Curryhouse is well known for serving mouthwatering Indian dishes and they now collaborates with Foodpanda to provide Indian gourmet food when you can’t go to their restaurant. Yes! Fierce Curryhouse is now on Foodpanda restaurant list of delivery.

Fierce Curry House is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Bangsar, well-known for its Hyderabadi style Briyani Rice. The Restaurant has been nominated and named as best curry house for 3 years consecutively from 2012 to 2014 and with the same title again in 2015 by Timeout KL. Quality and consistency is certainly a Fierce hallmark.

Here’s what we managed to try the other day;

 photo IMG_20150806_195328_zpsbbtqh0va.jpg

Briyani Rice with a side of Eggplant Masala, Curry Chicken, Flatbread, Dhal and Papadoms.

 photo IMG_20150806_195343_zps0dq7ci9e.jpg

Briyani Rice with a side of Eggplant Masala

 photo IMG_20150806_195447_zpsvv7srzcm.jpg

Curry Chicken. Not for the faint hearted. Fully flavoured with spicy spices.

 photo IMG_20150806_195411_zps3vwgyrfu.jpg

Papadoms, great on it’s own or with rice.

 photo IMG_20150806_195352_zpslzbba5of.jpg

Chewy flatbread. Definitely meant to be married to the assorted curries or dhal.

Below is the address for Fierce Curry House

Fierce Curry House
16, Jalan Kemuja,
59000 Bangsar,
Tel: 019-383 094

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Halal K Food Fair 2015, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre KL

  Annyeonghaseyo. Eotteohke jinaeseyo? That’s Korean. It literally translated as ‘Hello. How are you?’ in English. I learned the phrases long time ago when I was still a teenager. During that time, Halyu fever and Kpop culture hits Malaysia and like many others, I go crazy about it too. Who wouldn’t? Korean dramas and Korean artists are simply irresistible. The dramas that they came up with does not only have beautiful background settings but memorable storylines as well. Their songs on the other hand, have catchy tunes that you would want to sing over and over again.

Some of the K-dramas that have a strong and lingering impression on me to this very day is Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Summer Scent, Spring Waltz, Goong, Fullhouse, Playful Kiss and many more. It will take forever for me to list all of my favourite Korean dramas that I could watch over and over again without even blink but here’s a question. What does Korea have to offer apart from Halyu fever and Kpop culture?

Why, tourism and food, of course. Korea is a picturesque and scenic country with rich cultural diversity that have a lot to offer. The food are also tastefully unique and one of it’s kind. Since the Halyu and Kpop wave hits the shore of Malaysia, Korean food has been somewhat a phenomenom in the F&B industry. You can see Korean restaurants mushrooming around and typical Korean food like kimchi and instant ramen being sold in the groceries store.

Problem? Yes. Malaysia is an Islamic country where the majorities are Muslims. For Muslims to be able to enjoy and consume Korean food, it needs to be Halal and naturally, most Korean food are either non-Halal or just pork-free.

Realizing how important it is for anything related go Korean products to thrive in Malaysia, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(MARFA) has taken huge initiative to get their food Halal certified so that not only Muslims in Malaysia could enjoy, but Muslims from all over the world could too. Needless to say, having Korean food and products certified Halal will help Muslim travelers enjoy their stay with ease too while they are in Korea.

Want to discover and learn more about Korean food and culture? Right now, as of writing, Korean Food Fair Festival 2015 is ongoing at Midvalley Convention Centre from 14-16 August 2015. You can not only find out more about the Halal certification process and whatnot, but also sample food and join in various interactive activities provided, including craft making and wearing Korean traditional costumes.

 photo IMG_6127_zps0qzhrskl.jpg

The K-Food Fair 2015 is organized by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and supervised by aT( Korea Agro-Fisheries&Food Trade Corp). Lead by the theme of ‘Touch Food, Sweeten Your Life’, the fair is a part of a global marketing program directed towards improving awareness of versatility of Korean food for the global Halal market; as well to advocate Korea’s concept of cultural interchange through its colourful and enriching food experience. Over ten Korean food corporations such as CJ CheilJedang, Daewon Co, Jinju Horticultural Export Agricultural Complex, Punggi Premium Goods Agricultural Cooperative, Mommake and more will be showcasing their products here at the K-Food Fair.

 photo PhotoGrid_1439591418647_zpsko5tiyrf.jpg

The Korean companies are holding food sampling session that attributed to the four seasons of Korea in a year, which is Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

 photo IMG_6206_zpswygsaxcw.jpg

Spring booth

 photo IMG_6112_zpsehsvoily.jpg

Various Halal K Food products being showcased.

 photo IMG_6115_zpsvu9a3kh4.jpg

Spring harvests

 photo IMG_6114_zpsnrjxgfjy.jpg

Straw mushrooms

 photo IMG_6119_zpscs9sdqea.jpg

Paper lantern making workshop. Here, you will be shown how to make your own paper lanterns.

 photo IMG_6117_zpssajjgeqd.jpg

Making paper lantern

 photo IMG_6118_zpsuis3dpjg.jpg

Paper lantern. Usually made during
The Lotus Lantern Festival, also known as Yeondeunghoe or the “Feast of Lanterns,” is one of the most celebrated Buddhist ceremonies held in Korea. On the eighth day of the fourth lunar month (late April or early May of the Roman calendar), hundreds of thousands of candlelit paper lanterns are raised throughout the country to commemorate the Buddha’s birthday. In addition to the popular eight-sided lantern painted with Buddhist symbols of longevity and good fortune, lanterns are also constructed in various shapes and sizes based on themes of birth—including turtles, watermelon, fish, and ducks. These decorative lanterns are suspended in the front of every household, one lantern for each family member, with their names and prayers written on narrow sheets of white paper that sway gently from the base of the lanterns.

 photo IMG_6213_zpsgnsidst0.jpg

Summer booth

 photo PhotoGrid_1439593604959_zpsxojsd8gr.jpg

Delicious shaved ice can be sampled here at the Summer booth.

 photo IMG_6143_zps0agwe4xb.jpg

A closer look at the famous Korean iced dessert, the snow ice. Commonly served during summer, the shaved ice are placed in a cup and topped with sweet fruity syrup and assorted dried fruits and preserves.

 photo IMG_6144_zpsah306ops.jpg

Korean flavoured milk. Comes in 3 different flavours, honeydew, strawberry and banana.

 photo IMG_6146_zpsbtvjtobl.jpg

With its long history, almost everyone in Korea knows Binggrae’s Banana Flavored Milk. Those who tasted the milk when they were young tend to consume the same product when they are grown up.The popularity of Banana Flavored Milk among people of all ages is, first of all, attributed to its taste. It consists of 80 percent milk, giving it a soft and savory taste. In Korea, there are few flavored milks that have such a high content of natural milk. If you happen to be there at the K-Food Fair, do give this a try. It’s sensational.

 photo IMG_6147_zpsozngwxwh.jpg

Drinks commonly enjoyed during summer, lemonade and fruit mojito.

 photo IMG_6212_zpsvrehlda6.jpg

A healthier alternative to summer drinks, fruit vinegar. Also can be used as cooking ingredients.

 photo IMG_6135_zpseoisporx.jpg

Spotted at the summer booth, folding fan decorating workshop.

 photo IMG_6137_zpszj71tpam.jpg

Some nicely decorated folding fans by visitors.

 photo IMG_6138_zpstapb8zzt.jpg

Here’s mine. Not very artful, no? Sorry. I don’t have a lot of practice at this. This will have to do. :p

 photo IMG_6191_zpspanqtoyj.jpg

Autumn booth

 photo IMG_6189_zpswabrm6ez.jpg

Health foodstuff found in the autumn booth.

 photo IMG_6190_zpsfpoht8nf.jpg

Korean Black Ginseng, is said to have medicinal values and helps to prolong longevity.

 photo IMG_6121_zps2cxtwvmq.jpg

Winter booth

 photo IMG_6193_zpsmzhgom2w.jpg

Spotted at the winter booth, instant Korean rice cakes. This is commonly sold in Korea by the roadside or restaurants.

 photo IMG_6124_zpsvvcsyw8u.jpg

Cheesy version of Korean rice cakes as oppose to the original spicy flavour.

 photo IMG_6173_zpsrgycortq.jpg

Instant ramen

 photo IMG_6169_zpsimahdane.jpg

More instant ramen. These are quite famous. Even I have a few packs of these in my kitchen.

 photo IMG_6163_zpsnph3btzs.jpg

Exploring further in the K-Food Fair, I found more Halal Korean food products that we can enjoy.

 photo IMG_6164_zps1ygbokcr.jpg

Traditional vermicelli.

 photo IMG_6165_zpsdoomn5ta.jpg

Fresh Udon

 photo IMG_6175_zpspsyf52b0.jpg

The iconic Kimchi

 photo IMG_6178_zpssvsgnqod.jpg

Mushroom pickle and marinated mushroom.

 photo IMG_6179_zpsivpjh6j3.jpg


 photo IMG_6166_zpsazuzw0pk.jpg

Flavoured honey in jars

 photo IMG_6153_zps20wuutut.jpg

Premium Korean Seafood stall

 photo PhotoGrid_1439596782705_zps3mmmwwna.jpg

Cooking demo sessions where you can sample food that’s freshy cooked.

Korean food are famous for not only being delicious but high in nutritional values. So if do check out this K-Food Fair. The K-Food Fair 2015 will be ongoing from 14-16 August 2015 in Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Level 4. For more information on the K-Food Fair 2015, please hop over to . The hashtag for all things social media for K-Food Fair 2015 is #kfoodfair2015. Don’t forget to take a selfie or two and post it on your Facebook or Instagram and be a part of K-Food Fair 2015.

Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 Grand Finale

What’s beauty without brain? And what’s brain without the ability to use it to make a difference in the world? Realizing that an influential individual with these two traits could make the world a much better place for us all, Miss Earth aims to search for ‘the one’.

Miss Earth is one of the big four International Beauty Pageants after Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International. I would personally dub the Miss Earth as an establishment and a sponsorship program that searched for beautiful ambassadors who are not only beautiful and smart, but those who are not afraid to get down and dirty in effort to make a difference to mankind as well.

The winners of Miss Earth Malaysia shall win the responsibility to promote specifically the care of environment. In the other words, that is to take care of mother earth. Reflecting the natural merits both internal and external coupled with a caring heart for the benefits of mankind, the journey for all the participants is especially tough and challenging.

The search for Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 has finally come to an exciting end where 25 stunningly beautiful finalists are chosen to be in the running for the coveted title; Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 and the the winner will represent Malaysia in the Miss Earth 2015 in Austria. The grand finale was held in Syeun Hotel, Ipoh.

 photo IMG_5105_zpsaatb4diq.jpg

Panel of Judges

 photo IMG-20150813-WA0003_zpsw2847gxu.jpg

Mr. Ken Leong, Chairman of Blue Planet International Sdn Bhd and Mr. Zhang Shu Quan, CEO of Harmony Harvest Investment Holdings Limited with previous year winners.

 photo IMG-20150811-WA0002_zpsv5faj0kz.jpg

The VIPs

 photo IMG_5202_zpsj7xsxqd4.jpg

25 finalists line up and individual introduction was made.

 photo IMG_5131_zpsmqtfonzv.jpg

Opening presentation of the finalists in traditional costume

 photo IMG_5342_zps74qtslnt.jpg

First Round: Thematic wear by Sonny Foo

 photo IMG_5336_zpss2sflu9v.jpg

After showcasing the Thematic Wear, the finalists showcased their environmental wear made from various recycled materials.

 photo PhotoGrid_1439440506884_zpsrwxdz1bf.jpg

Recyclable and trendy.

 photo PhotoGrid_1439440452170_zpspyjxlfvo.jpg

Who would have guessed papers could be turned into such beautiful and elegant dresses?

 photo PhotoGrid_1439440361914_zpsiz9p7hy0.jpg

Of foils and garbage bags

 photo PhotoGrid_1439440422355_zpsvrsgjlgy.jpg

Fashionable and eco friendly

 photo PhotoGrid_1439440333386_zpsjuc4fblm.jpg

Aluminium cans worth definitely more than just a few cents over here.

 photo IMG_5596_zps8dcuxdm1.jpg

Subsidiary titles being awarded before the evening gown session.

 photo IMG_5572_zpsc1qjjawe.jpg

Stunning ladies in their evening gowns.

 photo IMG_5758_zpsjcjlxo7u.jpg

Miss Malaysia Earth Top 13

 photo IMG_5845_zpsab8thzhp.jpg

Q&A session to determine the winner of Miss Earth Malaysia 2015.The court of Runners Up are best manifested in the titles name after a few natural elements :-
Miss Earth-Fire ( 3rd.Runner Up )
Miss Earth-Water ( 2nd.Runner Up )
Miss Earth-Air ( 1st.Runner Up )
The result for Miss Malaysia Earth 2015 is as below:

 photo IMG_6057_zpsjmciftlc.jpg

Miss Malaysia Eco Beauty: Janice Tan from KL
Miss Malaysia Eco Tourism: Felcy Francsie from Sabah
Miss Malaysia Earth Fire: Yoyo Bek from Penang
Miss Malaysia Earth Water: Emily Chung from Sabah
Miss Malaysia Earth Air: Amreet Kaur
Winner: Miss Earth Malaysia 2015, Danielle Wong Kar Wai from Melaka

Miss Earth is the largest international beauty competition devoted to social and environmental issues, attracting 90 contestants from around the world annually.

This is the seventh consecutive year that the Miss Earth organisation had granted Star Avenue Production the exclusive rights to hold the contest.

The beauty pageant was organized by Blue Planet International and supported by various sponsors with Syeun Hotel, Ipoh as official venue and accommodation.

Picture credit to: Garfield

Malaysia International Mask Festival 2015

Mask has been used by man for protection, subterfuge, performance and entertainment for the last few millennia. It is an item that exists in many cultures of the world, each with its own identity and function. As an instance, in Malaysia, the Orang Asli Mah Meri tribe from Carey Island, Selangor, is well-known for its mask art.
 photo FB_IMG_1439346255654_zpsxizimxhv.jpg

Thus, Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) via the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) will be organising the Malaysia International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015 from August 13-16 at Esplanade, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park.

 photo FB_IMG_1439346295017_zpsqahfjaw8.jpg

This programme is going to be held for the first time in Malaysia as a signature event that is deemed able to attract tourists from all over the world to come to Malaysia.

 photo FB_IMG_1439346613142_zps6rt6mahd.jpg

This festival also aims to instill understanding on the local and international community socioculture in relation with the mask culture by featuring the uniqueness of masks according to their motif and creation.

It also exposes the characteristics, universality and variations of shape and design of mask in accordance with its function and role.

Therefore, KLCC as a landmark of Malaysia has been selected as the location for this event, as it is a base for Malaysia’s most iconic shopping mall, hosting a series of prominent and unique international brands. Its location in the centre of the city makes it a popular tourism destination, ideal for a large scale prestigious international event such as MIMAF.
The four-day festival involves 379 (please refer to the attachment) participants:

Malaysia : 287 participants
Foreign countries : 92 participants
Sum : 379 participants

MIMAF consists of five main components: performance, exhibition, demonstration, competition and parade.  The performance component consists of gala, country and pocket showcases. Exhibition will feature mask and costume, demonstration will emphasise on mask-painting and carving, along with face and helmet-painting.

 photo FB_IMG_1439346847895_zpszkgb69qq.jpg

The competion aspect of MIMAF will highlight mask-painting and coloring, while the parade will spotlight the use of masks and costume—accompanied by grandiose music.

The main showcase will feature performances from all participating countries, while the showcases will be held in various tourist-attractive places such as the Central Market, Sungei Wang Plaza and Nu Sentral.

A one-kilometre mask parade will be held in the tourist-friendly roads such as Jalan Ampang (in front of MaTiC), Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan P.Ramlee and Suria KLCC.

JKKN is an agency under Motac that organises culture and arts activities in Malaysia.

MIMAF is expected to achieve its goal in promoting Malaysia as an international culture-tourism destination through the highlight of its strong mask culture amongst the local and international community.

Members of the public can browse MIMAF official Facebook fanpage, Malaysia International Mask Festival for many interesting and up-to-date information on MIMAF. Out visitors can also upload ‘selfie’ and ‘wefie’ pictures with the hashtag #mymask2015 or #mysenibudaya to social media accounts during and after festival.

Behind the Scene Tour, Resort World Genting

Genting Highlands is well known for being a glamorous, magical city of entertainment, with the lively casinos and the indoor themepark, but did you know that they also provide educational tours? Yes, they do. It’s an interactive tour both adults and children can join to get an insight on how things are run behind the scene in Genting. During the tour, you will be given a glimpse of First World Hotel laundry operation, how lights and music are managed during shows and concerts in Genting International showroom and hands on sushi making and pastry decorating workshop.

My family and I joined the tour last two weeks and here’s sharing with you what we experienced :

 photo IMG_20140920_154954_zpsjrp5qc8j.jpg

First stop, First World Hotel Laundry

 photo DSCN1380_zpsccyei2qu.jpg

First World laundry. Cleaning dirty linens. No. First World Hotel does not keep elves who helped them to do the laundry nor do they have fairy godmothers who clean up everything with just a wave of a wand. There was no magic involved. Just systematic system, high-tech machines and pure hardwork to keep things clean.

 photo PhotoGrid_1411899299158_zpsghb8a6za.jpg

We were shown an A-Z process of laundry in First World Hotel, from collection of dirty linens to washing, drying up, pressing and distributing it back to hotel rooms for your usage. Everything was done using giant machines and the divisions looks more like a mini factory rather than a laundry room.

 photo DSCN1374_zpsvshmgbad.jpg

How laundries are transported in bulk without problems.

 photo DSCN1386_zpsbxfbx0xc.jpg

All ready to be delivered. Both wet and dry cleaning service is available upon request for those who are staying in First World Hotel.

You not only can learn how hotels manages their laundry but teaches you how to appreciate the unsung heroes who made your stay in hotels comfortable too.

Next on our iterinery was the ‘See, Do & Eat Interactive Workshop’, where we were given an opportunity to have a hands on bento making and doughnut decorating session. I opt for bento making where we made our very own bento lunch.

 photo DSCN1392_zps0kla3d7s.jpg

Bento ingredients

 photo DSCN1406_zpsv4hnabuj.jpg

My Bento. Not too shabby for a first timer, no? Naturally, being a foodie and quite a glutton, the ‘See, Do&Eat Interactive Workshop‘ is my favourite part of the tour.

Our last stop: Genting International Showroom.

 photo DSCN1409_zpsjoumsyny.jpg

Where entertaining magic happens

 photo DSCN1414_zpsojiu1iie.jpg

We were shown how sounds and lights were engineered.

 photo IMG_20140920_150918_zpsm2u0dz35.jpg

This behind the scene tour is pretty much insightful and I learned that behind every successful show or concert in Genting, there is a whole crew behind of it to make it successful and yes…credits should be given to the backstage crews too. Bravo and kudos for making world class entertainment possible.

Pre-booking for Behind The Scene Tour is recommended by email to [email protected] (3 days before the tour date) or call 03-61011118 ext.55678
For walk-in guest, please sign up at First World Indoor Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter or registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park before proceeding with payment.

The tour is limited to maximum 30 pax per day. In the event that bookings do not reach the minimum number of participants of at least 10 persons, the tour will be cancelled and full refund will be made.

Behind the Scene Tour was made possible by Resort World Genting.

Malaysia IT Fair is Back with New Business Platform, Seminar & Exhibitions Combined

Plenty of ongoing events is going on in Klang Valley in conjunction of #dekatje and #myfest campaign done by Tourism Malaysia and JKKN. Though unrelated, here’s one that’s not to be missed in August.
 photo MITF-Blogger-Option-A_zpseq4kyheg.jpg

Malaysia IT Fair. It will be held on 28th-31st August 2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

 photo business_zps1bmbbu74.jpg

Here is where you usually can get all things gadgets at a competitive price. But this time round, they have an extension on Business Solutions which is the latest addition of Techbiz@Malaysia IT Fair, which is a new business platform combining Exhibition and Seminar to make it the 1st ever comprehensive avenue in ICT industry.

Come and experience the new business platform that allows you to explore latest technology trends at the exhibition and gain latest knowledge by attending seminar that fit both of your personal and business needs. There are 200,000 crowd of visitors to get the hottest deals in IT gadgets, coolest mobile phones and various corporate solutions with more than 80 global brands covering over 300 booths.

 photo why_zps54fa0fo6.jpg

I would highly recommend those in these line or profession to attend:

- Network Consultants
- Information, Data, Business, Infrastructure and Software Architects
- Information Managers
- Business Users
- Technical Consultants
- Directors, CIO and CTO
- PMO or Project Managers
- Project Leaders
- Software Developers/Engineers
- Head of Line of Business
- Integration Specialist
- Business Stakeholders

 photo MITF-Blogger-Option-B_zps7yssumqo.jpg

Admission is free. Register now at HERE to receive a mystery gift and reserve a seat for the seminar. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Techbiz@Malaysia IT Fair. So save the date and mark the calendar.

Superstars of Magic 4

Superstars of Magic is back with its fourth instalments of spectacular Magicians from all over the world performing in one location; Resort World Genting. My family and I had a privilege of escaping reality for a lil bit last weekend and enjoyed the magic show along with other invited media friends. It was simply magic! To say that both my husband and son is captivated by the performance is an understatement.

 photo DSCF2682_zps9yxwimzj.jpg

This year they have 7 outstanding World Class Illusionist standing by to bedazzle you right in front of your very eyes. Jeff Lee, Ted Kim, One Guy, Jay Mattioli, Alana Moelmann, Joseph Gabriel and Mrs.Mattioli.

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be astounded and amazed at the talents of their magical hands in one breathtaking spectacle.

The show is set to reignite the passion for magic between the general public and the magicians and help strengthen the bonds with the illusionist and their audience. The show will showcase new acts and new renowned magicians, and promises to be an exciting, action packed filled performance with spectacular and astonishing results.

Like suggested by this year’s theme, Magic of the East Meets West, the seven illusionists will demonstrate to their audience a comparative view of what magic is to different people—depending on whether they are from the East or West. 

They will also highlight how magic has evolved with technology. The audience hence can expect the show to be one breathtaking spectacle.  

 photo IMG_1535_zpsbwe84fnc.jpg

Jay Mattioli. The emcee of this show and a celebrity magician in his own right. He first made his mark as a finalist magician on America’s Got Idol (ACT), wowing America with his sense of comedy and charm. He ultimately climbed his way to the top 10 of America’s Got Talent.  

 photo IMG_1693_zpsevb6hlyr.jpg

Magically beautiful performancd by Jay Mattioli

 photo IMG_1700_zpsm8u478ct.jpg

An escape routine by Jay Mattioli

 photo IMG_1591_zpszr6gwhgu.jpg

My heart nearly stopped when I saw this

 photo IMG_1583_zpsjcggm7rh.jpg

And then there’s Germany’s Alana Moelmann, the new generation princess of magic, as she is often called. Alana’s act includes producing life human hands out of her leather jacket—and endlessly producing various items from her six hands.

 photo IMG_1553_zpstnpfmp2n.jpg

From Taiwan, there’s Jeff Lee, an award-winning celebrity magician who performs with TV magic and modern music. Jeff takes pleasure in delighting his audience by speedily taking things out of his TV.  

 photo IMG_1687_zpszchnwpv4.jpg

Ted Kim, from Korea, is another show-stopper. The current FISM originality act champion holder, Ted’s act is one of a kind and infuses modern screen mapping technology and LED projector technology. He’s a breath of fresh air in the field as he incorporates the latest video games and music to his act such as Super Mario Brothers. No doubt Ted is a winner among the younger generation.

 Ted’s countryman, One Gun, is also among the hottest magicians in Korea—and beyond. He now performs his T-shirt act throughout the world. 

 photo IMG_1620_zpsefpbnevr.jpg

One Gun would literally step onto the stage in a casual T-shirt and jeans, and promptly stun his audience with his clothes that on their own keep changing in colour and type— right before the audiences’ eyes. 

 photo IMG_1639_zpseky8ttrh.jpg

Joseph Gabriel’s show is regarded as the Godfather of Dove Magic, and his show headlined broadway in the past.

 photo IMG_1656_zpsysjiy0pr.jpg

His act is said to be light years ahead of the classical dove act that we are all familiar with.  

 photo DSCN1421_zpsknu9ovbs.jpg

One for the album ;) Happy faces after watching Superstars of Magic Performance. :)

Together, all seven illusionists will present a show on a scale never before seen in Malaysia. Tickets are available now at the price of RM248 (VIP), RM148 (PS1) and RM98 (PS2) for adults; while the show tickets for children are priced at RM98 (VIP), RM68 (PS1) and RM48 (PS2). Grab your ticket today!  

Call +603 2718 1118 or hop over to  for more information.

Resort Seafood Restaurant, Genting Highlands

My husband, my son and I were in Genting Highlands for a short weekend tour last week, and we had somewhat a pre-Mid Autumn Festival reunion dinner in Resort Seafood Restaurant, Genting Highlands, courtesy of the good people from Resort World Genting. So, what can you have in Genting, you ask me? Granted, dining up there can be quite costly, but I assure you what I’ll be sharing with you is pretty much reasonable and worth every penny paid, considering the location.

 photo DSCN1550_zpsr1hewyka.jpg

Resort Seafood Restaurant, Genting Highlands is offering fresh exotic seafood dishes and dining hot pot style, and I think it’s just perfect for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival.

 photo DSCN1546_zpsvl8puojv.jpg

The restaurant have a very spacious dining area and I reckon it’s perfect for family reunion or group dining. So, here’s sharing what we had the other day; Steamboat Set for 8 pax.

 photo DSCN1504_zpsiyiwbob4.jpg

Set for 8 pax consists of; A pot of soup with a choice of Tomyam Soup or Herbal Chicken Soup, A platter containing: Shittake Mushroom, Enokitake Mushroom, Chimaji Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Fatt Chou Fishball, Fried Vegetables Ball, Fu Chew Fishball, Bean Curd Roll, White Bean Curd and Pacific Clams. Also in the set but served on side platters are Grass Prawns, Grouper Slices, Ostrich Meat, Chicken Supreme Slices, Poh Choy, 8 pieces of fresh chicken eggs and King’s Noodles. The set for 8 pax costs RM456 for members and RM502 for non members.

 photo DSCN1499_zpsnrpwrojh.jpg

We were served Herbal Chicken Soup that day. Much to my chagrin. I’ll be completely honest with you. I’m not a fan of everything herbal. They turn me off. I usually turn away from them, but this one is not so overwhelming on the palate. The taste was not so distinctive and strong, so I guess it is pretty tolerable although I personally prefer the Tomyam soup as my steamboat soup base.

 photo DSCN1463_zpsdurnauiv.jpg

Assorted sauce for dippings is available for your picking.

 photo DSCN1490_zpsx0yxfyav.jpg

Platter for 8 pax: Shittake Mushroom, Enokitake Mushroom, Chimaji Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, Fatt Chou Fishball, Fried Vegetables Ball, Fu Chew Fishball, Bean Curd Roll, White Bean Curd and Pacific Clams.

 photo DSCN1481_zpsrqf4dtss.jpg

King Noodles. Fantastic. The King Noodles are smooth in texture and does not get soggy easily.

 photo DSCN1477_zpsa74nm26o.jpg

Poh Choy. Apparently none of us at the table that day was a fan of greens, so although they are fresh, it remained untouched by the end of the meal.

 photo DSCN1494_zpsrhkmxbhq.jpg

Fresh chicken eggs

 photo DSCN1480_zpsyvzsveno.jpg

Chicken ham slices. The children seems to fancy these.They were gone in a jiffy once they were cooked.

 photo DSCN1483_zpslfadqthb.jpg

Grass Prawn. They surpassed our expectations, to be honest. Naturally sweet and flavourful.

 photo DSCN1485_zps1p7ttoeo.jpg

Garoupa slices. Somehow we mistook these as chicken slices and was really surprised when we consumed them.

 photo DSCN1484_zpsoqympa9t.jpg

Ostrich Meat. We were not aware that these red slices of meat are ostrich meat and those who doesn’t take beef because of religious diet restriction did not touch it. Therefore, my family and I finished up the entire platter. Honest mistake. We thought it was the common beef and only discovered that it was actually ostrich meat by the end of the meal. That said, the meat texture was much lighter, smoother and much more delicious in comparison to the common local beef and perhaps second only to Wagyu beef slices.

 photo DSCN1530_zpsxx2zlk6j.jpg

Chinese Tea is highly recommended to cleanse your palate with but being a lover of all cold drinks to accompany my meals with regardless of cuisines, I’ve requested for Calamansi Ice Blended instead. Sourish, refreshing and definitely addictive.

The restaurant have other dishes offered on their menu, so if you are not into steamboat communal dining, be sure to flip the menu for other things. They are famous for Chinese cuisine, so do check it out.

Spacious interior and comfortable ambience, Resort Seafood is the perfect place for a family dinner, gathering with friends, or even a homely dinner with your loved ones.The next time you are in Genting Highlands, you might want to check out the wonderful Resort Seafood restaurant at Resort Hotel.

Walk ins is welcomed but bookings and reservations is recommended:

Resort Seafood
Level One Resort Hotel, Resorts World Genting
Genting Highlands 69000, Malaysia
Telephone Number: +60 6036 1011 118

Opening Hours
12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10pm (Daily)

Sembonia Summer 2015 Collection

Truth be told. I’m vain. Very vain. There are times these days where I dressed not to impressed, but completely for my own pleasure. No. I don’t really dress up to impress anyone, but for the sake of looking beautiful whenever I passed by mirrors in the shopping mall. I don’t know how it is like with most women, but I’ll admit it to you that I whenever stumbled upon mirrors anywhere I go, I would stop for a awhile and admire my own reflection in the mirror. I don’t know how it is like with you ladies out there, but it makes me feel very good about myself whenever I see myself in the mirror. A few years back, I hate the person who looked back at me from inside the mirror. She not only looks messy with all the shabby clothing that does not even fit her own body, but she was insecure and lacks confidence too.

I like myself better now. Dressing well makes me feel good and confident about myself and these days, I could smile at myself in the mirror, and couldn’t be more grateful to leave the old me behind. I certainly do not miss the old me.

Sounds superficial and quite a diva? Maybe. But would you believe me when I said that how you dress up and carry yourselves in public affects your life in general greatly? I have to say that clothes, accessories and fragrances are mood setter. It makes you feel good about yourselves even when your day is less than perfect. Bonus point on being happy about yourselves? It’s contagious and you emit such aura that will make people feel good about you too.

Dressing well does not mean that you have to own a walk in wardrobe at home. No, no. Dressing well means being clever and smart at mixing and matching your clothes with the accessories that you have. One dress, for example may reflect different looks and mood with the accessories that you choose to go with it.

Apart from jewelries like earrings and necklaces, handbags, clutches and shoes will set different mood to just one outfit.

As of late, I discovered that I gravitate easily towards a variety of bags and shoes, and one that caught my attention is collections from Sembonia. Being a novice in all things fashion, I’m not really familiar with this particular brand, but having being invited to their boutique in Pavilion last week for the preview of their Summer 2015: Revolution of Leather Accessories, I must say it was quite an eye opening experience.

 photo C360_2015-08-09-07-48-07-747_zps05t4l5iz_edit_1439077912826_zpsiog8n5cv.jpg

Sembonia Boutique in Pavilion KL. Sembonia is a subsidiary company under Bonia along with their sister company Carlo Rino. The company was founded in 1974 by S. S. Chiang, the Group’s Executive Chairman, who started the business of designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling leather goods in Singapore

Sembonia: Revolution of Leather Accessories showcased a collection of clutches to go with your outfits. They all comes with soft, summery pastel colours that will surely bring out the sweet innocent girl in you.

Check out some of latest wristlet collection:

 photo DSCN5003_zpsdtlswp3j.jpg

The Discerptible Fold Wallet. 

 photo DSCN5044_zpsoplenfvz.jpg

Comes in pastel colours, the wallet allows you detach the discerptible pouch which you can quickly chuck in some cash or cards to rush out for dining.

 photo DSCN5028_zps9j8toico_edit_1439079053631_zpsnmknsln8.jpg

The Slim Accordian Wallet ideal for those who do not have so many cards to carry around.Available in 3 colours, the Slim Accordian is classy and elegant.

 photo DSCN5032_zpsnwyxlxsa_edit_1439079306189_zpsvoqtbula.jpg

The Continental Wristlet comes with the choice of Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold; each components is carefully designed to suit one’s taste. Ideal for cocktail where party and you can easily clutch them at your wrist. The collection also features adorable bird painting on the wrislet, making it irresistible for those with artful taste.

 photo DSCN5033_zpsxj4pfyvu_edit_1439079555776_zpssnxmngmw.jpg

Oversized Wristlet. Definitely created with gadget addicts in mind. This oversized wristlet is perfect for smartphones or iPad mini.

 photo DSCN5027_zpsesiah0mw_edit_1439080045388_zpsrr8h6oik.jpg

To The Nine Detachable. Beautifully crafted with stingray leather, this clutch is certainly elegant and functional. Great for formal events or dinner parties.

 photo DSCN5018_zps3ft75vao_edit_1439080350704_zpshxf7sjih.jpg

Crafted by Saffiano Leather, it is a two in one purse and clutch where you can remove the gold chain if you would like to give it a different look and make it as a wallet.

So, which one is my personal favourite?

 photo C360_2015-08-09-08-38-18-081_zps9n87x9w5.jpg

This one. ;) I like how this is very versatile. You can use it as a clutch, purse or even just as a wallet.

 photo DSCN5021_zpsu95ajwlt.jpg

It is chic, classy and at the same time, girlishly youthful.

 photo DSCN5024_zpspk9w3fpt.jpg

Brownie point? It is completely convenient and functional. You can chuck in cash, cash and even your smartphone in it and it still does not look bulky.

 photo PhotoGrid_1439081676507_zpsmoevkhtv_edit_1439081719479_zpstcnaegat.jpg

Apart from the wristlets and clutches, I spotted some newly arrived Sembonia handbags too. They are all lovely and I couldn’t really decide which one I like most. Perhaps a revisit to the boutique is very much needed soon. ;)

 photo IMG_20150806_001430_zpsltc4ulf1.jpg

One for the album. :)

I’ll be writing more about my new clutch soon, in the meantime, do check out the website: for more info on Sembonia’s news and updates.

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Wet World Charity Week

 photo WWSA-04_zpspeynxvgq.jpg

Only World Group Holdings Berhad , a Bursa Malaysia Main Market listed company has initiated its Corporate Social Responsibility programme by hosting a Charity Week at the Wet World Shah Alam, Wet World Air Panas Pedas and Wet World Batu Pahat. The Charity Week which will take place from 7 August (Friday) to 9 August 2015 (Sunday) between 10a.m. – 6p.m. will donate 20% of the total revenue collected during these days from the three Wet World Parks together with an additional guaranteed amount by OWG will be distributed to one reputable charity organisation. Participants will be entitled to a free-entry on the first day of the charity week to show their sincerity towards this charity event.

 photo WWSA-02_zpsxdz6zivk.jpg

In conjunction with its Charity Week, OWG which is in the business of operating theme parks, family attractions and food service outlets (“FSO”) will also be organising activities such an a Blood Donation Drive, informative talks by representatives of the National Kidney Foundation and related exhibitions, Autism children performances and other fund raising activities.

 photo WWSA 1 1_zpsnmmn8ygs.jpg

The Charity Week is part of OWG’s ongoing commitment in elevating a progressive Malaysia by strengthening community ties while providing an avenue for the public to lend a hand to the people that need help.

 photo Poster WWSA-02_zps9ympoxrm.jpg

Everyone is welcome to join in the charity week.