Nestle Reveals Milo Ice Cream Frozen Confections

 photo Nestle MILO Ice Cream Stick 05_zpshns5ugbo.jpg

Malaysians have many ways to enjoy the nourishing goodness of MILO® weather by having a nice big spoonful of it right into their mouth, sprinkling MILO® into condensed milk sandwich, the MILO® dinosaur, a concoction of milo ice sprinkled with spoonful of delicious goodness, and last but not least NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection the popsicle.

MILO® was first introduced in 1950, and since then, it has become a well-loved beverage to Malaysians young and old, with its promise in fuelling us with positive energy all day. The introduction of the NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection by NESTLÉ ICE CREAM will further continue its mission for being the trusted brand in households nationwide.

NESTLÉ ICE CREAM is known for its quality, is not only passionate about nutrition but is also an ice cream treat that makes life a little sweeter and refreshing.

NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection has been made available in stores as of 1st January 2016. Malaysians can purchase NESTLÉ MILO® Frozen Confection at the price of RM1.50.

For more information on Nestlé, visit Nestlé’s website at or Nestlé’s Malaysia Facebook page at


Eradicate Urban Poverty Through Smart Investment

Living in the city does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy. That is a terrible misconception.

Many urbanites in Malaysia, especially blue collars who are living in big cities, admitted that their salaries are not even enough to cover for their expenses every month. Those who have familial and marital commitment, could be heard complaining about their struggles pretty often, be it while having a chit chat with friends at their regular Mamak joints or ranting on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s admit it, most of us who are living in the city could barely survive the current economy in Malaysia, what more thrive and grow from it, but whining or telling sob stories about your financial struggles or putting the blame solely on the current economic environment is not exactly a solution.

Urban poverty cannot be eradicated by just whining. Complaining will only makes things worst as self pity gets you nowhere and merely escalate the stress that you are having to a much more serious problem and consequently lead to mental illness such as severe depression and acute anxiety. Truth be told, doing such things will only overwhelm you with negative energies and engulf you with negative aura. Those who believed in the Law of Attraction would know that negative thinking and negative attitude could only attract negative people and situations continuously. Do keep in mind that good things can only be attracted by positive attitude.

To get out of urban poverty and improve personal finance, the first thing you need to do is stop complaining and stop making excuse for yourselves. True enough, middle class person could go nowhere by just doing their day job that pays peanuts. But one could actually go further and improve their financial situation if they make some effort to produce side income in order to cope with their struggles.

There are plenty of ways to generate more income and add extra figures to your savings account, but my favourite ought to be investment.

Investment is basically buying or creating an asset with the expectation of capital appreciation, dividends profit, interest earnings, rents, or some combination of these returns. Most forms of investment involve some form of risk, such as investment in equities, property, and even fixed interest securities which are subject, among other things, to inflation risk. But then again, done right, you could not only get out of urban poverty but improve your standard of living as well.

If you are interested to raise the standard of living and get out of urban poverty, you can consider making some investments. Not sure how? Fret not. There are plenty of financial consultants out there who are ready to help you and consult you on your financial needs. All you need to do is consult them and do some homework before you make the leap.

You can check out should you want to make some investment to generate revenue. The site is dedicated to keep you updated on latest news and hacks in the financial world. The site is both web and mobile friendly and easy to navigate while the articles in the site are well-researched and insightful. It is written in easy to understand compositions and even a novice would be able to comprehend and benefit from the tips given in this site.

Once you browsed the site, you’ll discover that they have plenty of articles covering all things related to finance and economy. It is a great site to browse and study if you intend to invest in unit trust and property or even take personal loan for whatever reason.

I would like to believe that all of us live not to just work to pay bills but to accumulate wealth so that the next generation will have a better life and future than us. So, stop giving yourselves excuses and find problems in every solution and start considering to make a change in your life.

Put a stop to urban poverty. Help yourselves. Nobody can do that except yourselves. That said, I bid you best of luck in your financial endeavour, and may us all be blessed with a better future.

Goodness Greens Cafe, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Vegetables and greens does not always agree with me. In my foodie dictionary, they are disgusting, mainly because they taste bitter and awful. But having patronized Goodness Greens Cafe in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, my opinions in health food somewhat made a 360′ turn. I finally discovered that health food does not necessarily have to be disgusting. Done right, they can be as delicious as regular food.

 photo IMG_8615_zpstnxv2gfd.jpg

A spinoff from the well famed juice brand in Malaysia, La Juiceria, Goodness Greens Cafe is offering health food concept for those who wants to eat clean, minus the distasteful flavours and excessive calories.

 photo IMG_8671_zpsvbxb27hm.jpg

This quaint looking cafe is great for a lazy weekend with your loved ones.

 photo IMG_8736_zpsfyvjepp6.jpg

The cafe is notably children friendly. There is a play area for small children to amuse themselves with and restroom with lowered toilet bowls and washing area for toddlers and children.

 photo IMG_8632_zpshrq8sbfv.jpg

Fresh and crisps greens, cold pressed juice, substantial soup and salads can be seen on their daily offering menu.

 photo IMG_8856_zpsgoxqty0g.jpg

Huge refrigerator containing various kinds of juices and health shots spotted.

 photo IMG_8858_zpsj35njaaz.jpg

A selection of Vital Shots in small bottles for your takings.

 photo IMG_8855_zpswh4vfx1e.jpg

Price-wise, the cold pressed juice, smoothies and shots are quite affordable.

 photo IMG_8712_zps5ckwgwxk.jpg

After settling down at the table by the window, promptly made our orders. It can be a tad confusing for first time patrons, but we managed to get a hang of it.

 photo IMG_8704_zpsmqcvwq1f.jpg

Mushroom Soup. Initially we were recommended something else, but I wasn’t feeling so adventurous and wanted Mushroom Soup instead, and I’m glad I stick with my option. Conjured with all sorts of mushrooms and a drizzle of olive oil and roasted almonds on top, this creamy bowl goodness packed quite a punch. Served with garlic flavoured baguettes, the Mushroom Soup offers comfort to the tummy within seconds. Bursting with natural flavours, my husband loves this so much and polished everything off. This would definitely on our list should we revisit the cafe again.

 photo IMG_8684_zpsmoef8niu.jpg

Goodness Greens Signature Dip is perfect for sharing with your loved ones.

 photo IMG_8716_zpsxogv0aus.jpg

Made with spinach, mozzarella cheese and served with wholesome baguette slices, this healthy green is full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Spinach has an extremely high nutritional value and is rich in antioxidants. Another plus point? It’s richly delicious.

 photo IMG_8685_zpsyzkpxzbw.jpg

The deep green colour put off my son for a little as he’s almost a natural carnivore, but he shared this with us and was asking us for seconds in which I gave a negative as I wanted us to try other items on the menu.

 photo IMG_8846_zpsbz6k8p3y.jpg

Homemade Granola Bars with Almond Mylk. We ordered this for our son to try. The granola bars came in two flavours; maple and chocolate. Deciding against chocolate, we went ahead for the maple version of the granola bars and we have to say that we’re impressed.

 photo IMG_8854_zpseoxebena.jpg

Generously topped with sliced strawberries and bananas, this wholesome bowl of goodness is fairly addictive to the palate. Perfectly balance between crunchiness, sweet and sourish flavour, the granola bars drowned with rich Almond Mylk is distinctively agreeable. Even the fussiest child would have discovered that this a sensory delight, and would enjoy spooning these into their mouth, I assure you.

 photo IMG_8817_zpsu284l6w4.jpg

The granola bars also comes in small handy packets for takeaway and if you think you did not have enough, you can pick it off from the counter and bring it home for just RM6 per packet. Knowing that the Granola bars would be a useful instant energy boost for my traveling trips, I brought back two home and stashed it in my travel bag.

 photo IMG_8698_zpswqsusfaw.jpg

Moving on from the sensational Granola Bars, we customized our own salad bowl.

 photo IMG_8700_zpsuitoffa4.jpg

Famished, we opt for the ‘heavy and filling’ kind of salad.

Here’s how to customise your salad bowl at Goodness Green Cafe:

1. Start off by choose your salad size: Petit, Medium or Grand.
2. Select your variety base, mains, supplementary items and prime for your salad bowl.
3. Pick your preferred dressing from a list of 10 house-made dressings.

 photo IMG_8746_zpsuoj9q1wq.jpg

Here’s ours. Our very own special Goodness Green Grand Salad Bowl. What’s in our salad bowl:

Base: Romaine lettuce
Main: Cherry tomatoes, croutons, pasta macaroni, roasted baby potatoes and crabsticks.
Supplementary: Beef bacon bits, and homemade crispy tofu
Prime: Grilled chicken
Dressing: Thousand Islands dressings

The bowl of salad is great for sharing and in all, it was really a satisfying meal that kept us full for the next couple of hours.

 photo IMG_8808_zps3uvfzktc.jpg

‘Dessert’ was a smoothie bowl. We had the highly recommended Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl and was left wanting more. The Acai Berry smoothies were smoothly concocted and topped with strawberries, shredded coconuts, bananas chia seeds, cacao nibs, and bee pollen. It was nothing short of sensational. Regretfully, we were too stuffed from our salad earlier to treat ourselves with a second helping of the smoothie bowl.

 photo IMG_8839_zpsbuppi6zx.jpg

Our drinks: Juice, babycino,latte and rose petal tea.

 photo IMG_8666_zpsas0tlspx.jpg

To wash everything off, we had Berry Bliss and PAM LA Juiceria cold pressed juice. The Berry Bliss was berry-licious while the PAM juice was uniquely sour. My husband preferred the Berry Bliss but I positively love the PAM juice much more than the Berry Bliss.

 photo IMG_8871_zpsrsqgjdqu.jpg

Ravishing Rose Petal Tea was not only refreshing but rejuvenating as well. And I like how the aroma works it’s calming effect on me after just a few sip.

 photo IMG_8825_zpskkfkjhl5.jpg

Babycino with Marshmallows. My son tried this, so I can’t comment much about it on the taste, but judging on the empty cup after just awhile, I’m guessing that this is fairly acceptable, at least to him.

 photo IMG_8826_zpshl6tz4lz.jpg

Latte and Chlorophil Water. Being a coffee lover, my husband decided to end the meal by washing it off with Latte. I was told that the Latte was fairly on the acidic and sour side instead of the bitter note that he is used to. It needs an acquired taste, I guess. The Chlorophil water on the other hand was simply refreshing, I’d order this shot of energy boost again anytime if I were to revisit this cafe.

Overall, it the Goodness Greens Cafe offers pretty much satisfying delicious meals, minus the guilt. Great place to go if you are looking for some clean eats. Families with young children will appreciate how child friendly it is while social media addicts like Facebookers and instagrammers will most definitely love the fact that the place is well lit enough for photography purposes.

For more information on the cafe, please refer to the information below:

Goodness Greens Café
32, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
6000, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 018 368 3320


Instagram: @goodnessgreenscafe

A Majestic Terracota Chinese New Year Celebration in Quill City Mall

 photo 20160120_112324_zpsgf0bglk7.jpg

Kick start the festive Chinese New Year mood by enveloping yourself in the rich Chinese culture and tradition. Bring your family to Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail and check out these exciting activities for prosperity and good vibe as we usher in the Year of the Monkey.

 photo 20160120_100609_zps1utygw4g.jpg

Standing tall and majestic at the Main Court of the mall are two larger than life sized (30-feet tall) Terracotta generals accompanied by 60 warriors, each measuring 2-feet tall.

 photo 20160120_110543_zpsex27dmm7.jpg

These replicas were inspired by the “8th Wonders of the World”, the warriors of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China.As for this year’s theme, the mall took a bold yet unique and auspicious approach by presenting the Mighty Terracotta, as the warriors represent strength, energy and victory. This is the wish for all, that 2016 would be a year of great strength and success.

 photo 20160120_110508_zpslzkjil98.jpg

One of the highlights for this year’s launch is the endorsement of the 30-feet tall Terracotta by the Malaysia Book of Records for the “Biggest Styrofoam Terracotta Army Replica”.

 photo 20160120_111827_zpslq1omp2v.jpg

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year launch, the mall also spread good cheers by hosting 89 senior citizens from Rumah Victory, Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia and Rumah Charis. They were all entertained by the performances lined up and treated to a sumptuous meal, followed by a karaoke session thereafter.

 photo 20160120_111209_zpsk7hulhhw.jpg

Lion Dance performance by the 17th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship 2015 winner, Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Troupe.

 photo 20160120_115800_zpsssmaytlt.jpg

Chinese Magical & LED Dance Show by Vivas Magic & Entertainment.

 photo 20160120_105839_zps7kkijvwp.jpg

The Thousand Hands dance being performed.

 photo 20160120_110017_zps9ssgwbrb.jpg

The appearance of the Monkey King.

 photo 20160120_112707_zpsamhngs5p.jpg

Exciting activities have been lined by the mall, which include ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions with God of Prosperity, 5 Emperor & 24 Season Drum Percussion and Lion Dance performance on every weekend from 23rd January, 2016 – 22nd February, 2016 by the 17th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship 2015 winner, Kwong Ngai Lion Dance Troupe.
Shoppers will also stand a chance to win a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer with its Shop & Dine Fiesta from 8 October 2015 to 7 March 2016. For more information on the Shop & Dine Fiesta, visit or Instagram: QuillCityMall.

Taman Negara Eco Escapade: Rapids Shooting at Taman Negara

It was scorching hot and humid throughout our visit to Kg. Dedari. We were practically drenched with our own sweat, but there was no time for shower before our next activity; shooting the rapids.

 photo DSCN8539_zpsp8nm731s.jpg

The traditional boat is once again used for rapids shooting.

 photo DSCN8451_zpsv5frusob_edit_1453788230933_zpsknnpjydz.jpg

All set and ready to go

 photo DSCN8461_zpswcqxzjlg.jpg

It is an activity where the boat will cruise against the stream.

 photo DSCN8462_zpslabnlx7c.jpg

Tough ride for some, but it was fine for me and my family.

 photo DSCN8437_zpsl7fpzhnx.jpg

Playing with the water while the boat is still moving.

 photo DSCN8539_zpsp8nm731s.jpg

Racing with another boat while going against the river stream.

 photo DSCN8540_zpsxfp6sjox_edit_1453788845471_zpsexfvcplk.jpg

Well, good that we did not shower as we ended up soaking wet, and not even our undergarments were spared.

Nevertheless, it is one of the exhilirating activity that is not to be miss if you’re in Taman Negara. It is not only fun, but adrenaline enducing as well.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

You can also visit for more information.

Apart from reading this blog, the updates on our trip can be looked up on social media like Facebook and Instagram by using the official hashtag #GoDomestic #dekatje #mitatourismfair and my personal hashtag #ellietravels #kembaradekatje and #kembarabayau.

Taman Negara Eco Escapade: A Visit to The Bateq Tribe Indegenious Settlement in Kg. Dedari, Kuala Tahan Pahang

 photo IMG_4417_zps8bjmlkeg.jpg

Following our almost 2 hour 4WD ride with Mr. Rizal Belalang and 4×4 Extreme crew assigned by our host, Han Travel, we arrived at Kg. Orang Asli Dedari to spend some time with the indigenous people who lives there.

 photo IMG_4419_zpsixslecjv.jpg

The indigenous folks in Kampung Dedari are known as the Bateq (also spelled as Batek). According to our guide, the Bateq people are part of the Negrito tribes.The Bateq is still practicing their nomadic lifestyle inherited from their ancestors. The Bateq community is synonymous with nature and can only be found living in three states of Peninsular Malaysia, which is Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu.

Negrito tribes are believed to have migrated to Malaysia since thousands of years ago from Indo-China on foot through the mountains. Compared to Proto-Malay tribes, the Negritos like the Bateqs are a bit behind due to the way of lifestyle and culture. Some may have embraced modernization and subscribed to religions like Islam, Buddhism and the likes, but most are still practicing animism. Animism encompasses the beliefs that there is no separation between the spiritual and physical or material world, and that souls or spirits exist, not only in humans, but also in some other animals, plants, rocks, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, or other entities of the natural environment, including thunder, wind, and shadows.

 photo 20160102_133115_zpsvnkfjtwt.jpg

The Bateq have distinctively unique physical disposition.

 photo IMG-20160107-WA0004_zpstmrdghio.jpg

Commonly they are dark skinned with slightly noticeable swirl pattern prints on their skin (a genetic condition), afro-like hair and round faced.

 photo 20160102_133040_zpsbtvzcqjf.jpg

The Bateq are shy and wary of outsiders and there were traditions and taboos that you’d have to respect when you visit them.

 photo IMG-20160107-WA0002_zpsp5vlmhhu.jpg

Some would not allow you to photograph their babies because they believed that the child’s spirit would be disturbed and many also believed that having their pictures taken would bring bad luck or even death, but over the years, those beliefs somewhat wears down a little.

 photo 20160102_132412_zpsexykyqlm.jpg

The Bateq are still living in a rather primitive way and I find it difficult to believe that the village is actually in Malaysia. Their village does not even have basic modern amnesties like electricity or tap water.

 photo IMG_4435_zpsoqvmcei6.jpg

At best, their houses are merely shacks that functioned to barely shelter them in harsh weather. The village comprises about a dozen huts, all of which are rectangular and raised on stilts.

 photo IMG_4444_zps6jpf0lwo.jpg

The settlement is oriented parallel to the river in a sandy, man-made clearing. The raising of the huts is nothing to do with the proximity of the river but rather to encourage air movement beneath the building.

 photo 20160102_131630_zps5nnbbhv9.jpg

The structure is made from assorted hardwood branches lashed together, while the walls are bamboo, which is hammered flat and held in place by two sticks on either side. Roofs are pitched and overhang the bamboo walls.

 photo IMG_4655_zpscexfqclx.jpg

Some of the Bateq people settled themselves at one place for a couple of years, and only leave when something bad happened at their village. One of the things that commonly prompt them to be on the move to search for a new spot to live in again is death. It is believed that when a person in their community died, the place that they are living became contaminated and cursed by bad luck, and so the place became inhabitable.

Apart from the complex culture and ritualistic nature that they subscribed to,The Bateq leads an unbelievably very basic lifestyle. Being nomadic, they do not practice any agriculture activities, enabling them to move from one place to another easily.

 photo 20160103_115830_zpsaeioy2jo.jpg

Their men hunt for food while their women are left behind to take care of their children at home.

 photo IMG_4659_zpsxjlvvhjj.jpg

Only the head of the tribe remained at their village when the men is out hunting and serve as the protector of his people.

The duties of the men here are simple: make huts, make blowpipes, go hunting and mate. Mating is done solely from within the village and the family units are large. When the family expands, another hut will be build. Apparently having six children or less is to be seen as a lazy man. I’m asked how many children I have when I was talking to one friendly Bateq lady and I told them I only have one child and motioned to my son and husband. The lady who asked me that shakes her head in disapproval and told me in a very pitiful manner. According to her, my husband is an extremely lazy man and does not pleases me in bed. They believed that only when a woman is pleased they can get pregnant. Divided by culture and worlds apart, I only blush in respond. Not quite sure what to make of her criticism of my sex life.

Courtship is fairly simple. To win a Bateq lady’s hand, the man in question must be of age and must be able to prove themselves worthy of protecting his family and of course, needs to be able to provide for the family. Approval on the union is done by Tok Batin; their leader and the elder of the tribe. According to our guide, children’s stomach will be tied with rattan and they will practice using blowpipe. The rattan rope is used to view the strength of the blast of the blowpipe concerned. When the rope that was tied gets disconnected, these children is considered as an adult and is allowed to join the hunt. They will be given their own Sumpit blowgun and each successful hunting session will be recorded by their Tok Batin by carving a line on their Sumpit blowgun. The more lines on it means the more capable the Bateq man is question is and that is what enable them to settle down and have family if their own.

 photo 20160103_114518_zps7q3rqmrj.jpg

Still living in a primitive way, they do things without the help of gadgets and whatnot, even lighting fire for heat is done the good old traditional way, but rubbing sticks or rattan rope.

 photo 20160103_114529_zps1txhuumb.jpg

A Bateq man making fire from scratch, literally.

 photo 20160103_114535_zpsa9j5emyl.jpg

Building up the fire.

 photo 20160103_114732_zpsa6asrjzg.jpg

Expertly done, under 5 minutes. Seriously speaking, it is really impressive.

 photo DSCN8429_zpsbbs0wuno_edit_1453786208155_zpsr2booivh.jpg

The Bateq’s hunting weapon is is known as Sumpit. It is a blowgun type of weapon consisting of a small tube for firing light projectiles or darts.

 photo DSCN8416_zpsjpccmvba.jpg

The weapon is used by inserting the projectile inside the pipe and using the force created by one’s breath to give the projectile momentum. Its propulsive power is limited by the user’s respiratory muscles.

 photo IMG_4474_zps2pvmaf3z.jpg

Children of the Bateq tribe doesn’t go to school. Their education consists of survival skills like hunting and whatnot in the jungle while the younger ones stays behind in the village and play simple games they made up. Very refreshing scene, considering that they have nothing and yet everything.

 photo IMG-20160107-WA0003_zpsvdgkcijy.jpg

They take pleasure in the simplest joy, something urban children are not blessed with. I watched these children in envy. Their parents have no expectations on them and they’re innocently carefree. Considering the circumstances, this is almost an idealistic childhood a child could ask for.

 photo 20160103_123449_zpsmbsyhkvr.jpg

Their clothing are simple and functional at best. The ladies generally seen clad in sarongs and it is variantly fashioned according to their liking from time to time.

Funeral management on the other hand is not quite simple and rather mystical in my opinion. Instead of burying their dead, they place the bodies high up among the trees. Uprooting the village is just the start of a hugely elaborate burial ritual, in which the body is brought by procession to a hut, similar to the ones in the village, but constructed in a tree some 50 metres high. The body is covered and left with its possessions alongside it, together with food for the spirits. It is then left undisturbed for two to three years, upon which time the village returns to procure a bone from the skeletal remains. This is then buried, so returning the family member to the forest.

Time flies and before we know it it is time to head back for the next activity on the itinerary.

Visiting the indigenous settlement during our family trip to Taman Negara was one of our most humbling thing we have ever experienced. My son probably learned more about life and humility here in Kg. Dedari with the Bateq in a few hours over here than a year in school, and I highly recommend a visit to any of the Bateq tribe’s settlement should you are in Taman Negara. I promise you it will be a very interesting experience.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

You can also visit for more information.

Apart from reading this blog, the updates on our trip can be looked up on social media like Facebook and Instagram by using the official hashtag #GoDomestic #dekatje #mitatourismfair and my personal hashtag #ellietravels #kembaradekatje and #kembarabayau.

Taman Negara Eco Escapade: Off-Roading in Taman Negara Pahang

Apart from the Jungle Night Walk Tour, Han Rainforest Resort also offers Night Safari ride on a 4WD vehicle. However, we were utterly exhausted after the night walk and our little fishing trip, and so we opted for the daytime off-roading trip on the next day instead.

Our destination; the The Batek (Also spelled as Bateq) Indegenious Settlement in Kg. Dedari, Kuala Tahan.

 photo IMG_4113_zpszwykpafz.jpg

It is about 1 hr drive away via the jungle route and here’s sharing the views throughout our trip to Kg. Dedari.

 photo IMG_4168_zpsfy8ent3w.jpg

Our driver decided to take a slight detour and we passed by a highway under construction. We were told that the highway will directly connect to Kuala Tahan to Terengganu.

 photo IMG_4192_zps2rxqo8cx.jpg

Not to say that I’m utterly impressed or fascinated with the view, but I have to say that I realized that we took plenty of things for granted.

 photo IMG_4178_zpstplg59t0.jpg

One thing for example is that how much effort it took by the unsung heroes to build a safe road for us. We saw how hard people worked to make such thing possible for us. It is certainly humbling when you think that way, I must say.

 photo IMG_4141_zps0q2wyi9v.jpg

Having enough of the construction scenery, we finally took off to Kg. Dedari.

 photo IMG_3963_zpsrpj2tfow.jpg

Crossed the river for a little bit

 photo IMG_4586_zpszkkjiqqi.jpg

And deep into the jungle we go

 photo IMG_4553_zpsdhp6k6sb.jpg

It wasn’t exactly a smooth drive, but if I were to compare our 4WD off-roading trip in Kalumpang, I’d say the ride is pretty much a breeze.

 photo IMG_4371_zpsyekj32tw.jpg

Just a little ‘carwash’ here and there, and some hindering branches and tree trunks. Nothing we can’t handle.

 photo IMG_4417_zps0ybnlo3y.jpg

Our driver is a professional 4WD driver who is well versed in the route, after all. Mr. Rizal Belalang and team from 4×4 Extreme made sure that the journey was nothing short of enjoyable.

 photo IMG_4419_zpslny25jst.jpg

And before we know it, we arrived in Kg. Dedari to spend some time with the Batek Tribe. More about it in the next installment of my post for our eco-escapade to Taman Negara.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

You can also visit for more information.

Apart from reading this blog, the updates on our trip can be looked up on social media like Facebook and Instagram by using the official hashtag #GoDomestic #dekatje #mitatourismfair and my personal hashtag #ellietravels #kembaradekatje and #kembarabayau.

Taman Negara Eco Escapade: Midnight Fishing in Taman Negara

Feeling particularly pumped up with adrenaline after our jungle night walk and unable to sleep after we went back to Han Rainforest Resort, the owner took pity on us and brought us for some midnight sightseeing with their 4WD and a nightcap after that.

We were then brought to the riverside for some midnight fishing.

 photo 20160102_011231_LLS_zps8rzxw21z.jpg

A favourite fishing spot among anglers in Taman Negara.

 photo 20160102_011243_LLS_zpslpzm15uh.jpg

Preparing the bait to angle in some fishes.

 photo 20160102_011254_LLS_zpszl5eknqg.jpg

A closer look at the bait.

 photo 20160102_011043_LLS_zpsar5del6g.jpg

Pahang is famous for their Patin Tempoyak, and being a somewhat an urbanite, I never once dreamed that I would be catching one off the plate, but life is full of surprises and here’s a huge one, fresh from the river.

 photo 20160102_011102_LLS_zpsgfbstdtt.jpg

The fish is definitely huge and I was told that a Patin fish this big worth well over RM2,000 if we’re to sell it off but rules are rules. The fish is over 2kg and should you caught any fishes in Taman Negara that is over 2kg, you will have to release it to maintain a healthy ecosystem and a healthy food chain among the wild. You are only allowed to keep those below 2kg. And so, with a heavy heart, we released it back into the river where it belongs.

While I was a little disappointed that we won’t be having any Patin Tempoyak for lunch the next day, it was still a wonderful thing to experience.

Catching your own meal from the river is certainly not an easy feat and requires a lot of patience.

For those families that would like to experience some midnight fishing, you may have your trip arranged by appointment with Han Travel.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

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Taman Negara Eco Escapade: Jungle Night Walk in Taman Negara

We don’t need to build a time machine or a spaceship to travel back in time or to visit another world. All we need is just a torchlight and we can travel to 120 million years away from city lights and urbanisation into a buzzing nocturnal world.

As soon as the sun sets, Taman Negara, Pahang transformed itself into a strange but magnificent world, far removed from man’s dominance over the earth.

Having the opportunity to join the Jungle Night Walk Tour organized by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort, my family and I were introduced to weird and wonderful cast of characters who live together to create a grand ecosystem that would no doubt mesmerized every explorers who dares to explore Taman Negara in the still of the night.

Taman Negara Night Walk tours depart nightly at 8.30pm with an assigned guide. Raincoats and flashlights are not provided so do bring your own. Comfortable enclosed footwear and moderate fitness are required. It is not overly challenging as there’s wooden path all the way through but at some point during the night walk, you will need to be able to cope with slippery and uneven ground.

Briefing before the jungle night walk

 photo DSCN8196_zpswxkfiybc_edit_1452783218169_zps2djncxuu.jpg

Our journey starts at the jetty where the traditional boat awaits us to bring us across.

 photo DSCN8154_zpst7e765v4.jpg

All geared up for our jungle night walk.

 photo 20160101_211339_LLS_zpsjd7l56f4.jpg

Many of the most fascinating residents in Taman Negara are nocturnal, so as the sun sets over the trees, the forest comes to life. During our night walk, we regularly encounter forest mammals, strange insects and many species of spiders and tree snakes.

 photo 20160101_210403_LLS_zpsgvq4okv9.jpg

If you’re lucky enough like us you’d stumble upon the wandering Tapir and can get up close and personal with it. Apparently the wandering tapir are rather tame and quite used to humans. We managed to pet one and snap some photos with the tapir. Photography tips: try to get the shot as fast as possible as sometimes overly excited tourists tends to hog the tapir and overwhelms them til they run away.

Some of the creature that we chance upon that night was poisonous, like scorpions and snakes.

 photo 20160101_211531_zpsry0ewose.jpg

Look closely. Do you see a spider? Pretty good at camouflaging, the spiders of this species is commonly known as The Huntsmen. As per the namesake, this spiders does not weave webs in order to trap it’s victim, but hunt them instead.

 photo 20160101_211922_LLS_zps9e628fj8.jpg

Another huntsmen spider.

 photo 20160101_212527_LLS_zpsjpyt8twx.jpg

Spot anything? There’s a stick insect here in the picture. Can’t see it?

 photo 20160101_213632_zpstqvrpr8s.jpg

How about now? The stick insect is hanging on the leaf.

 photo IMG_3822_zps27lpiv18.jpg

Moving further into Taman Negara, just before we reach the Tahan Hide, we managed to find an army of termites, working very hard to bring food to their Queen.

A video of the termites gathering food and bringing it back to their Queen.

We reached Tahan Hide after almost one hour in the jungle. But it was too dark and my camera is not equipped with nighy lense and therefore there is no pictures at Tahan Hide, where we managed to see deers and some nocturnal creatures licking salt from afar.

The night walk was certainly educational and both my husband and son enjoyed it as much as I do.

While I brought my son for the nightwalk, I personally would recommend only children age 8 years old and above to join the tour.This night walk is not recommended for children under the age of eight years old as the quieter you are, the more you will see.

The Taman Negara Jungle Night Walk is about 1.2km and you will take about one to two hour to complete the tour, depending on your pace.

For those families that would like their children to do a private jungle walk and you have little ones then a shorter journey may be arranged by appointment with Han Travel.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

You can also visit for more information.

Apart from reading this blog, the updates on our trip can be looked up on social media like Facebook and Instagram by using the official hashtag #GoDomestic #dekatje #mitatourismfair and my personal hashtag #ellietravels #kembaradekatje and #kembarabayau.

Taman Negara Eco Escapade: Han Rainforest Resort, Taman Negara Pahang

Han Rainforest Resort is located about 10 minutes drive away from Mawar Floating restaurant which is the river crossing point to the Taman Negara, Pahang.

 photo DSCN8146_zpsecfxkoup.jpg

Mawar Floating Restaurant

 photo DSCN8145_zpshi9ulwpw.jpg

Crossing the river to the entrance of Taman Negara costs merely RM1 per pax and is just a mere 2-3 minutes ride away.

 photo IMG_4743_zpsmsavgofh.jpg

Han Rainforest Resort is the largest resort in Taman Negara.The place is located quite far from town area but it is highly convenient to stay here as there’s a cafe, convenience shop and even a spa in the vicinity of the resort.

 photo IMG_4796_zpspoape0f9.jpg

Han Rainforest Resort

 photo 20160101_175509_zpsnoxvqhdq.jpg

The reception. Apart from being a place for receiving guests, this is also is a place where you gather with your groups or book your tour.

 photo 20160101_175525_zpsq030rlc0.jpg

Mr. Kenny Ng, our host and also the owner of Han Rainforest Resort, personally overseeing everything when we arrived at the resort.

 photo 20160101_180113_zps0sbporkf.jpg

Our room was pretty basic, with two single beds. As usual, I shared one with my husband while our son gets the whole bed to himself.

 photo 20160101_180123_zpsbqac4sry.jpg

The vanity table. Sockets can also be found for all your electronic needs.

 photo IMG_4760_zpslj3utavh.jpg

The shower

 photo IMG_4792_zps5k7noa77.jpg

Our 3D2N stay here was all right. While you can’t expect lavish or overly modern amnesties like in-room high speed internet or room service, it’s proven to be comfortable with relaxing environment, perfect for those who really wants to get up close and personal with nature but still wants all the worldly comfort of a regular resort.

Our trip was sponsored by Han Travel/Han Rainforest Resort and MITA. Han Travel provides one of the best transportation and accommodation arrangement to Taman Negara, so look them up for fuss free experience in Taman Negara at an affordable price.

You can also visit for more information.

Apart from reading this blog, the updates on our trip can be looked up on social media like Facebook and Instagram by using the official hashtag #GoDomestic #dekatje #mitatourismfair and my personal hashtag #ellietravels #kembaradekatje and #kembarabayau.