The Sky at One City- A Rooftop Dining Experience

Looking for a romantic place to dine this coming Valentine’s day? Well, I know just the place where you can have a romantic dinner with your beloved: The Sky at One City. The Sky is located on 10th floor(rooftop) of the level 16 mall. Here, you can literally dine in the ‘sky’. Here’s sharing some sceneries from The Sky at One City.

 photo IMG_20150123_170303_zpsmakg3uel.jpg

Fantastic view

 photo IMG_20150123_192147_zpsd5e68s5f.jpg

See-thru glass panel. Definitely not for the faint hearted but this place is a heaven for selfie lovers.

 photo PhotoGrid_1422067047078_zpsi2gpo0cc.jpg

Check out the view ;)

 photo IMG_20150123_172036_zps13jybfxf.jpg

For a rooftop dining hub, The Sky at One City definitely have loads to offer. Here’s my friends Elly and Arief checking out the menu before we go on a little gastronomic adventure. ;)

 photo IMG_20150123_230558_zpsduemzes1.jpg
The Sky have plenty of restaurants and bistros for you to choose from and you can indulge yourselves in a variety of mouth watering international cuisine like Thai, Korean, Fusion and Western Delights. I managed to check out some during their grand launching and here’s sharing with you what the some of the resident restaurants have to offer:

 photo IMG_20150123_170141_zpsxz8ahar3.jpg

Hong Dae-Mun: offering authentic Korean cuisine. And below is some of their specialties.

 photo IMG_20150123_181936_zps9gilpmqh.jpg

Charcoal Barbeque Lamb. Perfectly barbeque-ed lamb slices. Juicy and tender and no unpleasant smell that you usually get from lamb either. Highly recommended for meat lovers.

 photo IMG_20150123_182223_zps8cxjcgfr.jpg

Korean Fried chicken may look rather hot and spicy but appearance can be deceiving. They are pretty much on the sweet side rather than savoury. They are fried to perfection and coated with special sweet sauce and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

 photo IMG_20150123_170912_zpsuyxjrj36.jpg

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 3pm-1am
Contact: 013- 206 0129/ 03- 5115 0129

Krua Thai Authentic Thai Kitchen.

 photo IMG_20150123_170949_zpsuelrou5a.jpg

The restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant is spacious and great to dine here with a huge crowd.

 photo IMG_20150123_182902_zpsqtgfnpo5.jpg

Seafood Tomyam is definitely a must order in this restaurant. The soup packs quite a punch. Rich with oceanic goodness, this dish is great to go with plain steamed white rice.

 photo IMG_20150123_175620_zpszzqhqhsf.jpg

Prawn and Fish Cake Combo. The prawn and fishcake is a no-nonsense. They are specially made from real fish and prawns and fried til golden brown and paired with Krua Thai’s very own Thai chilli sauce dip. This dish makes a very good appetizer and definitely something you would want to order for sharing.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: +013-289 0139

 photo IMG_20150123_171606_zpsufakwuty.jpg

Inaho Sushi offers authentic Japanese cuisine. Below is what I managed to try in this restaurant:

 photo IMG_20150123_180138_zpsupu626aa.jpg

Yakitori Moriawase. An assortment of skewered meat. The skewered meat are perfectly flavoured, succulent and juicy.

 photo IMG_20150123_180214_zpsxstjdvbu.jpg

A fan of raw food? Go ahead and indulge with Momiji Sashimi. Momiji literally means 7 types of fishes in Japanese. The usual suspects like maguro, salmon and squid is there. While the squid is rather chewy, the maguro and salmon slices are to die for. Fresh and naturally sweet and I could go on and on having these Momiji Sashimi on ice.

 photo IMG_20150123_171804_zpsioqud2jq.jpg

For a rooftop dining experience, this Japanese restaurant is definitely affordable in comparison of those pretty much commercialized fast food Japanese joints. Check out the price range. Not too bad, eh?

 photo IMG_20150123_171614_zps32v26zsr.jpg

There’s 10% off promo ongoing for some selected items, so be sure to make inquiries if you’re to dine here.

 photo IMG_20150123_173321_zpswjbt0vqf.jpg

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: 03 5115 0169

Have a bad day at work? Need a place to de-stress? Head over to Master Room. It’s a sports bar catered for those who are looking for some after work fun.

 photo IMG_20150123_172754_zpsh1rvxzta.jpg

Pool table is available for some healthy after work fun.

 photo IMG_20150123_172808_zpsxy901m4x.jpg

And so is some dart games. Great to have a go at should you have a bad day at work or tough time with the boss.

 photo IMG_20150123_174435_zpsnx1sjquo.jpg

Master Room serves plenty of bar and bistro food, but this Petite Nasi Lemak takes the cake. It comes in a really petite portion and served atop a small piece of papadom cracker and topped with fried anchovies, sliced cucumber, fried peanuts and spicy sambal. Quite an irresistible dish and great for those who are dieting but can’t live without their nasi lemak.

 photo IMG_20150123_184138_zpsrt6hyhn1.jpg

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice cream was worth every calories. The sliced chocolate cake was topped with vanilla ice cream. Great hot and cold combination that will satisfy those who have sweet tooth.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 3pm-3am
Contact: 03-5115 0189

 photo IMG_20150123_174035_zpswipvgdob.jpg

de House Restaurant and Bar serves a healthy selection of western cuisine, but I only managed to sample two dishes.

 photo IMG_20150123_174510_zpst1loximp.jpg

Mediterranean Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs. A perfect salad platter with a combination of crisps ice lettuce, plum tomatoes, quail eggs, crispy bacon strips and topped with Parmesan cheese. Definitely juicy and refreshing on the palate.

 photo IMG_20150123_182758_zpspzjftrq1.jpg

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Vongoli. Basically this is clam spaghetti. The spaghetti was generous with clams. Delicious and flavourful and pasta lovers would definitely give this a thumbs up.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: 03-5115 0119

Overall, the dining experience here in The Sky surpass my expectations. Will definitely go back soon in the near future for a repeated experience.

For more information on The Sky at One City, do hop over here at their Facebook page:

The Sky at One City Grand Opening

So what did you do last Friday night?

 photo IMG_528254992506882_zpsviqcgm5a.jpeg

While the rest of the blogging world went for The Party of The Century, I was invited to The Sky at One City Grand Opening and decided to check it out instead. The place is located on the 10th floor of the One City Mall in USJ, and is actually a very picteresque dining hub. Will be blogging about what The Sky have to offer, but now, here’s sharing my little Friday night escapade. :P

 photo PhotoGrid_1422065822597_zps9ghwjtcw.jpg

There was plenty of performances by talented local artist.

 photo IMG_528251454080343_zpsyksvcydt.jpeg

Rejuvenate Dance Crew. Saw their performance for the first time in Klang Parade and have been their fan since.

 photo IMG_528219589835879_zps4asvat7m.jpeg

Henley performing on stage.

 photo IMG_536054613095265_zpsulchmmuc.jpeg

Dina Nadzir. A diva with powerful vocal.

 photo IMG_528224243692571_zpsm7em6dsg.jpeg

Dance art performance.

It’s so nice to be able to let down my hair a lil bit and while the performances was awesome to watch, the food at The Sky is even better. So stay tune for the next blog post.

Quill City Mall

There’s a new mall in town that will make a wonderful place to shop and lurk. Quill City Mall. It’s
the latest prestigious landmark along Jalan Sultan Ismail in Kuala Lumpur. Opposite Sheraton Imperial Hotel. I managed to check it out last Saturday after my bowling tournament with my husband and son.

 photo IMG_20150118_165008_zpspfr89mms.jpg

Quill City Mall was officiated by YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz, the minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.

During the grand launching, there was plenty of eye catchy performances and activities.

 photo IMG_20150118_162843_zpsyuvuqchu.jpg

Heart-stopping aerial acrobatic performance

 photo IMG_20150121_231233_zpsrwjpj6ee.jpg

The auspicious Lion Dance

 photo IMG_20150118_184028_zps2mnb3q2u.jpg

K-Pop performance that inspire screaming from their fans.

 photo IMG_20150118_201929_zpssyfibvtx.jpg

Clowns entertaining the young and Tue young at hearts. :)

Quill City Mall is set to be the new icon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. It has 770,000 feet of nett rental space fronting the hustle and bustle of Jalan Sultan Ismail. Quill City Mall will definitely serve as an attractive and convenient hub for all those living and working in the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas.

I’ve walked around after the grand launching last Saturday and discovered that they have plenty to offer. Quill City Mall’s anchor tenant is  AEON, which brings it’s first premier departmental store to the city centre.

 photo IMG_20150118_202206_zpszlseh38z.jpg

There was also H&M

 photo IMG_20150118_202235_zps0nn7rmcc.jpg

One of my favourite lurk for some updated fashion fix.

 photo IMG_20150118_204659_zps7pmf96dw.jpg

A-Saloon for some hairstyling and a quick fix for your hair.

 photo IMG_20150118_205726_zpscfy05bvx.jpg

Derma Master, an aesthetic establishment.

 photo IMG_20150118_205736_zpsdcwxcva2.jpg

They have plenty of ongoing offer in conjunction of their opening, so if you are a a little vain pot, do check it out and take advantage of their promotions.

 photo IMG_20150118_205842_zps7re9wy6q.jpg

Komonoya store

 photo IMG_20150118_205849_zps1w1dqkn6.jpg

Things are imported directly from Japan and all items goes at just RM5 here. Great bargain and value for the money if you ask me.

 photo IMG_20150118_210851_zpsy4ozui1n.jpg

Golden Screen Cinema.

 photo IMG_20150118_210912_zpsbtynpkoa.jpg

Yet to check it out but they are offering 10-Screen cinema with the latest digital technologies for the ultimate movie- going experience .

 photo IMG_20150118_205315_zpsimxnr3us.jpg

Kids Paradise. Here in Quill City Mall you can shop with ease without your children tagging along as there is a daycare to cater all your babysitting needs.

 photo IMG_20150118_205414_zpshykjecnn.jpg

Here’s the rate for your perusal.

 photo IMG_20150118_191144_zpssiz7qkgn.jpg

Plenty of eateries and cafes here in Quill City Mall, including big names like KFC, Secret Recipe, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and many more, but I only managed to dine at Dubu Dubu. Will be talking about them in my next post. :)

 photo IMG_20150118_204600_zpsc2kc9c7p.jpg

There is easy accessibility and direct linkages to the Medan Tuanku Monorail station, and an elevated walkway to the Sultan Ismail LRT and a short distance to walk from the Dang Wangi LRT, so do check it out soon.

More information on Quill City Mall, do hop over to their website here;

My January 2015 Recap

It’s 21st January 2015 as of writing. Time indeed flies and in the blink of the eyes, we’ll be going to the second month of the year. I usually do a recap of the things that I have done at the end of the year but this year I want to do something different and review the things that I have done or achieved by the end of the month.

It is not the end of the month yet, per se, but my January 2015 have been rather happening, so here’s sharing with you what I’ve done and achieved so far:

1. Kicked-start the year by having a holiday with hubby and son up North instead of staying in KL. The trip was not only fruitful but enjoyable. Nice way to start the year, definitely, by recharging our batteries and going full speed afterwards.

2. Realized that efforts should be made to look beautiful and staying youthful so I visited an Aesthetic clinic in Bangsar upon recommendations from friends for possible treatments and decided to go for it.

 photo IMG_20150112_164530_zps66zmbazg.jpg

RMT or better known as Reborn Medical Clinic, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur. This is a fairly new aesthetic clinic that’s offering plenty of aesthetic treatments and procedures at a very reasonable price.

 photo PhotoGrid_1421847328340_zpsvyh6dsy1.jpg

Will be talking in depth about them in my future posts and about my experience with them, but in the meantime, do visit their site here check out what they have to offer.

For appointments, consultations and enquiries, do have a look at the details below:

Reborn Medical Technology (1105509-K)

Phone: 03-2202 1121
WeChat: Reborn Clinic
Whatapps: 011-38179672

Email: [email protected]


Facebook Fanpage:

No. 160, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours
Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00am – 6:00p

3. Chinese New Year Food review with friends at Si Chuan Duo Hua, Parkroyal KL.

 photo PhotoGrid_1421849615736_zpslclctue0.jpg

Great food. Full of surprises. Will be posting about them soon.

4. Celebrated friend’s birthday at eWana FM.
 photo IMG-20150115-WA0044_zpslisk1d15.jpg

It feels so good to be able to surprise the unsuspecting fella. :)

5. Joined modelling class and grooming class with DJ cum designer, Kose Serani.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0014_zpsmaybceui.jpg

See these people? They are my teacher and classmates. :) From left: DJ Kozz aka Designer Kose Serani and male models Yard and Ben. Will also be jotting down my experience in class soon when I got the time for it.

6. Joined bowling tournament organized by Twin Travel and eWana FM.

 photo IMG_20150118_102929_zpskkwdlop9.jpg

Will be writing about it soon too. :) Wow. What an experience.

7. First Myfest 2015 event: the Quill City Mall Grand Launching

 photo IMG_20150118_165008_zpspfr89mms.jpg

Here’s Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz from MOTAC doing the officiating. I went to loiter around the mall to check things out after that. Will also talk about it soon.

8. Co-host with my all time favourite deejay, DJ Kozz for eWana FM’s business segment.

 photo IMG_358076449747801_zpssoa842xg.jpeg

A first for me, but it was such a wonderful and eye opening experience to be able to host alongside with my all time favourite deejay.

 photo IMG_299424008430379_zpsw9t5r54r.jpeg

Our guest was Josh Lim. A prominent figure in the social media industry. He was there to talk about LikesBeforeLove and Facebook optimization.

 photo IMG_20150123_170303_zpsmakg3uel.jpg

My first rooftop dining experience at The Sky at One City. Great food, great ambiance, definitely a must visit.

That’s about it for my January 2015 so far and it’s not even a wrap yet. There is plenty more things on schedule in my schedule and things have been rather happening and hectic despite the fact that I significantly reduced attending events all around KL. So yes…til then. Do keep a lookout for my in depth posts on all the things I have been doing, in no particular order, that is. :)

How Facebook Changed My Life

 photo facebook-like-question_zpsaabkeih6.jpg

Let me share something with all of you here. I’m a regular Facebooker. I spend a lot of time interacting with friends and acquaintances via Facebook. I have 3 Facebook account. One of it is solely for Facebook game purpose while the other two is my personal account that I used to interact with friends. Each of these accounts have different sets of friends coming from different backgrounds.

I stopped using one of it because of a very personal reason: which is that the friends in that particular account are not as motivating and inspiring as the new one. The newsfeed in my old Facebook account are usually full of negative status updates and things I’m not comfortable with. It is also full of judgmental people who thinks I’m an abusive and failed wife and mother. Accusation that I do not sit very well with.

Yes. These days I’ve stopped using that account and currently using the new one where I either do not befriend such people or I do not subscribe to their status updates. Plainly speaking, the current account that I’m using, the one that I’m actively updating serves to make me feel good about myself, and not the other way around.

One can easily accuse me for being picky and discriminating, but you have no idea how much such thing affected my life. Surrounding myself with positive people has made me feel better about myself instead of feeling inferior and insufficient. Surrounding myself with inspiring people who encouraged, inspire and motivate me instead of telling me that it is not possible for me to achieve something when I wanted to try something new made me a better and happier individual who feels that the sky is the limit.

Accidentally logging in to the older account that I’m no longer active in a couple of days ago after more thqb a year abandoning it actually gave me a culture shock. You see, I have yet to deactivate that account and once I was logged into that account, I was blasted by all sort of negativities and things that does not make me feel comfortable; from racist individual who condemned everyone who have faith in religion and God to judgmental parents who are more than determined to take their children’s childhood away by grilling them and forcing them to attend extra classes and tuitions as young as kindergarten age and not to mention those who rant and vent about their failed relationships were practically flooding the timeline.

That account was filled with all sort of negativities. The negative auras were somehow instantaneous. Out of sudden, I could feel depressed and anger filled me for no reason. I was shocked with my own reaction towards what I was seeing and I was immediately slammed with the fact that I was one of these people before I decided to change my life by surrounding myself with different kind of people who makes me a better person in while just by behaving positively.

I guess…it is true that who you have as your friends, even on social media reflected who you are, and Law of Attraction does come into the equation when it comes to attracting both positive and negative energy. I now surround myself with people who are positive and encouraging, and I definitely feel like I am a better and a more successful person than the person I was two years ago.

Yes, someway, somehow, Facebook did changed my life, by showing me that different sets of people in your life could affect you differently with just their status updates and the things that they decided to share on their timeline.

For what it’s worth, I’m glad that I decided to abandon the old account and stick to the new one instead. Truthfully, I feel much happier now.

It is nice to have friends who encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and friends who do not bash me for everything that I want to do. And it is certainly nice to have friends who actually told me that I am doing well as a mother instead of those who show off their spoiled brats and tells me that my child is retard and I need to do something to ‘fix’ him up because he is unfit to mingle around in the society
And it is definitely very nice that I no longer have to deal with people who find ways to comment negatively on everything no matter things are good or bad.

Yes…it is nice that I no longer have to be with those who are finger pointers and fault finders.

Cleffairy: I want to be the better and successful version of me. Not the insecure and depressed version of me.

All I Want for V-Day is To Be A Flasher

My husband may not be very good with dates and special occasion. He tend to forget them if I don’t remind him, but occasionally…he does pay attention to special dates, in his own subtle way, that is. Usually…he will not wish me anything…not happy birthday…or happy anniversary, but 12 going on 13 years of spending our lives together since college, I noticed that he always make a point to spend time with me on special dates, regardless of how busy he is. Okay. That’s good enough for me. :)

Anyway, speaking of special occasion,  it is that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day is less than a month. It is pretty commercialized these days in my opinion. My husband shares the same sentiment too, so whenever he asked me if I want anything as present, I would say no need, but this year, I’m awfully tempted to tell him that I wanted a brand new smartphone with good camera function for me to take photos and selfies.

Yes. You are reading that right! Take selfies. I may not showcase myself on the Internet or the social media,but I do take pleasure in taking self portraits these days. Yes, yes….I’m vain. A hopeless one at that too. :p I like flipping through the album gallery in my smartphone; where I captured myself and my loved ones in various backgrounds and settings. Pictures, especially selfies are such wonderfully personal thing that makes the occasional trip down the memory lane much easier.

If you’re to ask me what I want for new year and the coming Valentine’s day is a selfie phone, where I can take a lot of beautiful selfies and send the pictures to my loved ones to share my beautiful memories with….or if I’m feeling rather naughty, literally flash myself to my husband whenever I’m feeling naughty or miss him when he is at work.

There is one phone in particular that I have my eyes on;

 photo Alcatel_Flash_Poster_1_zpsbmzu05li.jpg

Alcatel Onetouch Flash. This smartphone was recently launched in Malaysia and is available for sales since early December 2014. ;)

The Alcatel Onetouch Flash , is lauded to be one of the world’s best selfie smartphones, comes with an outstanding camera performance.- a front 5 Mpxl HD and a 13 Mpxl Full HD rear camera. Alcatel Onetouch Flash also comes with a great resolution front facing camera with Smart Beauty Enhancement feature that is just perfect for selfie lovers without the need of any extra photo editing apps, as the photos taken are already enhanced for the users. How awesome is that? I mean… the selfies that I take will have professional, studio-like quality, where I can look flawless and model-worthy! ;) In addition, to it’s selfie features, Alcatel Onetouch Flash   has a lightweight 150g body with 5.5” HD. Packing a True Octacore 1.4 GHz processor. It is ideal for multitasking and the 3200mAh battery allows your entertainment on-the-go for longer. The Dual-frequency Wi-Fi on the other hand, reduces interference and enhances transmission speed.

Alcatel Onetouch Flash also has Hotknot pre-installed, a technology that allows rapid transfer of all multimedia information and much faster than NFC. Users can transfer their favourite photos or videos by just one touch. Basically,the phone delivers optimized memory and touchscreen functionality, boosted voice call quality, redesigned Quickoffice and E-mail and a new emoticon keyboard.

So, basically, here’s the Alcatel Onetouch Flash‘s spec:

Display: 5.50-inch HD

Processor: Octa Core1.4GHz

Front Camera: 5-megapixel HD

Rear Camera: 13-megapixel Full HD

Resolution: 720×1280 pixels


OS: Android 4.4

Storage: 8GB

Battery capacity: 3200mAh

In my humble opinion, the phone is not just ‘flashable’, but packed quite a punch as it encourages work productivity as well. And a bonus for a vain person like me? Well, this phone is fashionable too. Yes… Alcatel Onetouch Flash is not just a smartphone but also a fashion accessory with its premium design with Hydraskins ( ) – creating a fashionable look for Alcatel Onetouch Flash.

Alcatel Onetouch Flash is available nationwide in Malaysia and from 15th December 2014 in East for just RM699 bundled with flip cover and value added Screen Warranty Care + (SWC+) which covered the device with a free one-time screen replacement within the first 12 months of ownership. In conjunction with the launch, Alcatel Onetouch has also partnered with to provide an exclusive 50% off skins exclusively for Alcatel Onetouch Flash users by simply entering the redemption code “BEaFlasher”. The promotion period is valid till 31st March 2015 and is also valid for all Alcatel Onetouch users and not only Onetouch Flash.

Drooling yet? But since I don’t have any budget allocation for the phone right now, I’ll just check out the #BEaFlasher on Facebook and Instagram. #BeaFlasher is a campaign that encourages one to embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies. Do check it out the hashtag on Facebook and Instagram too, ladies and gentlemen.

For more information on Alcatel Onetouch Flash, hop over to


Cleffairy: PS: Sweetheart, all I want for V-Day is YOU. :)

Twin Travel and eWana FM Bowling Tournament

What do you usually do on the weekends? I used to just stay home and do nothing, feeling bored and pretty much useless, but these days I try to let down my hair a bit and do things that will make me feel good, either attending events, spend time with my loved ones or attend self improvement classes.

Last week I did something very different though. Instead of going on trips, attending events or going for classes, I compete in a bowling tournament instead.

 photo IMG_20150118_102929_zpsf4b1hezp.jpg

The bowling tournament was jointly organized by Twin Travel and eWana FM at Wangsa Bowl, Wangsa Walk Mall Kuala Lumpur.

 photo IMG_20150118_103334_zps1blqslpo.jpg

I’ll be frank with you. It’s been more than a decade since I last bowled. If my memory serves me right, the last time I went bowling was during my college years. Went with my boyfriend (now husband) whenever we are on dates.

Was a bit rusty, of course, but before the actual day…I did went bowling with friends to practice a lil. :P There’s 3 person in one team and there are 30 participating contestants that day. My team consists of myself, my husband and my unofficial coach, Hilman. :)

Here’s sharing with you the pictures we took that day.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0024_zps0wziq2zf.jpg

Excitements at the registration counter.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0053_zpshkyl4wqx.jpg

All pumped up for the game

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0013_zpsd3kh54c0.jpg

All my macho ‘boyfriends’ :P

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0043_zpsszbfy4jg.jpg

From left: My friends Nora, Saman and Fareez.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0019_zpsrmxj0x70.jpg

Male model Ben and Yard having fun and taking selfie before the game.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0017_zps5dawyiwx.jpg

These two are definitely the Kings of selfies

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0022_zpsgqqezc0l.jpg

Group photo before the game started.

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0014_zpslw3kxqvi.jpg

Had a shock of the century when my friend DJ Kozz and his team dolled up for the game. :P Just look at their bling bling outfit. And guess what? They even do catwalk and dance each time they bowled the ball at the alley. Talk about having fun! :P

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0051_zpsve5suwdj.jpg

The score sheet. ;)

 photo IMG-20150118-WA0033_zpsxlcsgpdf.jpg

Well, my team did not win anything…but my friends’ team, won best dressed category and we all had a good laugh over that. It was indeed a fun time out with friends, and it is indeed nice to have a walk down the memory lane to the times my husband and I was still young and had loads of fun with each other on our dates.

Where to Eat for Chinese New Year 2015: Si Chuan Dou Hua

So, where to eat for the upcoming Chinese New Year’s reunion dinner
2015? My husband and I managed to go around a lil bit and we thought Si Chuan Dou Hua, Parkroyal KL is offering quite a few surprises from their kitchen for the year of goat.

Si Chuan Dou Hua is offering extensive variety of delicious dishes. From 5th February – 5th March 2015, for both lunch & dinner, all diners will get to enjoy 10 different sets of Chinese dishes. They are as follows:

58.00 nett per table of 2 persons

Golden Happiness RM188.00 nett per table of 2 persons

Auspicious Blessing RM488.00 nett per table of 4 persons

Blissful Happiness RM688.00 nett per table of 6 persons

Happy & Prosperous RM1288.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Smiles of Fortune RM1388.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Golden Prosperity RM1688.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Bountiful Wealth RM1988.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Prosperous Blessing RM2188.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Vegetarian Abundance RM1188.00 nett per table of 10 persons

* Each set comes with 1 serving of yee sang (different set, different types of yee sang), 4-6 dishes + 2 desserts

Here are some of the dishes that my family and I managed to sample:

 photo IMG_20150115_185944_zpsy24gqc2y.jpg

Barbeque Lamb Yee Sang (RM98.00 nett/half portion or RM148.00 nett/full portion)

 photo IMG_20150115_185859_zpsexfphh8v.jpg

BBQ lamb slices are served with this Yee sang.

 photo IMG_20150115_194339_zpspzirx21x.jpg

Those who are adventurous will be pleased with this but will shock the traditionalists. The combination is a bit weird for me but of course there are still other options of yee sang like salmon, jellyfish, abalone, soft shell crab, shark’s fins, tropical fruits, & even vegetarian goose (RM58.00 nett – RM128.00 nett/half portion or RM98.00 nett – RM238.00 nett/full portion)

 photo IMG_20150115_195711_zps4ebwmpqp.jpg

Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Sea Treasures & Fresh Scallop

Environmentalists will scorn , buy was my favourite dish that. It tastes different from the usual shark’s fins soup as this one is rich, slightly creamy. Very flavourful and filled with oceanic goodness.

 photo IMG_20150115_191720_zpsyocvko2b.jpg

Steamed Village Chicken with Dried Seafood & Chinese Herbs. The combination of herbs with the chicken were well balanced, and I was really surprised with this dish as I am not a fan of anything herbal. The chicken was tender, well-flavoured and has a springy texture.

 photo IMG_20150115_191753_zpslb8rfmgv.jpg

Stir-Fried Large Prawns with Egg White served with Fresh Iceberg Lettuce

 photo IMG_20150115_202100_zpsjzctmoy0.jpg

Served with lettuce leaves, the prawns were fresh and well-cooked. Not quite a traditional Chinese New Year’s dish, but this one’s rather well executed.

 photo IMG_20150115_185837_zpsmv7ijyo7.jpg

Braised Seasonal Vegetables, Beancurd & Dried Oysters with Pumpkin. I took a glance at this dish and mistook it for dessert. Looks can be deceiving. This is actually a savoury dish. The white stuff is thinly beancurd while the orange ones are pumpkin. The stir-fried dried oysters, “fatt choy”, water chestnuts, carrots and sweet peas were lying in a bed of broth in the middle and is certainly full of surprises.

 photo IMG_20150115_190022_zps53sdja2z.jpg

Fried Rice with Black Mushrooms, Lotus Seeds & Smoked Duck. Fried rice with black mushrooms, lotus seeds and smoked duck! Very flavourful and delicious and would not mind seconds if my stomach was not already full.

 photo IMG_20150115_211050_zpsbgxdvbfz.jpg

Chilled Mango & Pomelo Sago. Those with sweet tooth will appreciate this. But this creamy chilled blended mangoes with vanilla ice-cream, pieces of mangoes and pomelo flesh is too sweet to my liking.

 photo IMG_20150115_191851_zpssngbmw67.jpg

Steamed Nian Gao with Crispy Oats was all right, but after the cloyingly sweet dessert earlier, this pale in comparison in terms of sweetness. But…if you like mochi, then you will like this.

Si Chuan Dou Hua has definitely outdone themselves this time and the Chinese New Year’s dishes are not exactly traditional. I enjoyed it very much and those who are adventurous will definitely appreciate this.

Wanna dine there this Chinese New Yea Below is the details for your reference:

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 2147 0088
Fax: (+603) 2782 8455
Email: [email protected]
Business hours: Daily from 12:00p.m. – 2:30p.m. (lunch) & 6:30p.m. – 10:30p.m. (dinner)

iPrice, A Shopaholic Heaven

It’s 9th of January 2015 as of writing. More than a week after new year 2015. How time flies. It feels like only yesterday my family and I hit the road for a holiday to kick-start our new year. I guess it’s true then…the saying ‘days are long but years are short’. Time seems to slip away without us noticing, and it’s best that we make the most of everything.

Speaking of making the most of everything, I made the most of my new year trip with my family. ;) I did not just go sightseeing and spent some quality lovey-dovey  time with my husband while my son spent time with his doting grandparents, but I went on a shopping spree as well.

 photo IMG_20150108_190234_zpsnsrdmsle.jpg

These are my most recent loot. Fully sponsored by my beloved Finance Minister a.k.a Mr. Hubby. :P Yes. You got that right. I’m a certified shopaholic. :( I find shopping is the best form of therapy. It takes all the stress away. I know I must have scared my father somehow when he saw me going nuts in the handbag shop. He kept telling me to stop and keep asking me to wrap it up. :p Boy. Daddy dearest must have felt lucky that I’m now married and it’s my husband’s turn to spoil my whim and fancy. :D

Anyway, my shopping habit is not limited to just offline shopping, but online shopping as well. There’s plenty of online shopping websites that I frequent for my retail therapy but Zalora and Lazada tops the list for clothing and household gadgets. They provide secure online shopping platform with fast delivery and easy return policy.
My shopping experience with Zalora and Lazada have been really satisfactory so far.

And you know what makes shopping there sweeter? Well…let me tell you a secret…apart from secure payment gateway, fast delivery and easy return policy, shopping at Zalora and Lazada is much more fun as there’s plenty of additional discount coupons that can be used to give more value to your money. :)

So…wanna know where you can get these discount coupons? Here’s where, at iPrice:

 photo Screenshot_2015-01-09-16-07-57_zps52vuuaki.png

This particular website have affiliation with Lazada and Zalora, and they are offering discount coupons for you to use.

 photo Screenshot_2015-01-09-16-18-07_zpsumdflzmr.png
And the best part about using the coupons offered by this site is that you can enjoy purchasing items up to 90% off it’s original price. Just take a look at the picture above. Fantastic, don’t you think? Well, the shophaholic in me certainly approve!

So, what do you need to do to enjoy these privileges? It’s easy, actually. On iPrice Coupons you will have the option to copy the code after clicking on the blue “Get the Code” button. So what you need to do is just copy the codes from the website. These codes are sometimes also referred to as discount code, voucher code or promotion code. Such codes can easily be used during the retailer’s checkout process. Most of the time you will find specified coupon or voucher boxes to paste in your code and directly see the deduction you will get from this. I coupons to shop at Zalora from HERE

With iPrice, you certainly can shop for more with just a fraction of the price. iPrice is currently available to shoppers in 7 countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and India.

So what are you waiting for, ladies and gentlemen? Go knock yourselves out and shop til you drop. ;)

An Evening with Rynn Lim at Klang Parade

Apart from going on a holiday with my husband and son to kick-start the new year, things have been rather quiet…and a bit boring. But that’s okay. I guess it’s just the calm before the storm. ;) No pun intended though.

This is a bit backdated, but here’s sharing what I did just before 2014 ends: hanging out with my husband and son as well as blogger friend Wendy at Klang Parade.

Klang Parade underwent a massive makeover  and was refurbished since June 2013, introducing structural additions to the mall including two new brightly lit atriums drenched in natural sunlight during the day, new travelators and a sense of serenity. A product of very careful planning and design by the mall ‘s owners ARA Asset Management Limited, a new al fresco food and beverage area has been established in front of Klang Parade, replacing spaces previously used as a carpark ramp.

Being one of the largest malls in the area, Klang Parade definitely has gone the distance to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers like me, paying attention to the assortment of international and regional brands open to the public.

So, what did we do there? Well, we were there to party and have fun, of course. ;)

 photo IMG_415905085301622_zpsasurvqmy.jpeg

There was plenty of performance during Klang Parade year end party, with performance from various artists like Rejuvenate Dance Crew etc. But one that tops the list is the exclusive performance by Rynn Lim (Lin Yu Zhong), a Malaysian born Taiwan pop idol.

Here’s sharing with you his performance that day.

 photo IMG_415827065533232_zpspunwgkw1.jpeg
There was also a meet and greet and photography session for media and fans that day.

Back during my college years, Rynn is one of my idol. So this is quite a good experience for me, to be able to see him perform live and interact with him personally. :)

Klang Parade certainly have quite some things to offer. And I guess it will soon be a regular lurk for me.