Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen

These days, my husband and I made effort to spend time as a couple rather than just being a parent to our son. Having our son when we were barely out of college, we missed out quite a lot as a couple. We were always more anxious on raising the boy more than anything else during our youth, and now he’s quite grown up, despite being busy with our job demands, we try as much as we can to spend time with each other.

Going to the movies every now and then is part of our current favourite past time. :P sure, it may sound normal to most of you, but considering that both of us are living an extremely busy lives, even going to dinners or movies together is special. Especially it it is impromptu or during one of those working nights.

Problems? Yes. Plenty. Not on the money part but on looking for a nice movie to watch together that is actually worth our time. Watched Penguin of Madagascar together back in January and it was great. February was not exactly our month. We watched plenty of movies in February but most of them are lousy. Although I enjoyed my husband’s companionship immensely, I couldn’t help cussing silently that the movie was not satisfactory enough.

Was getting pretty wary and thought that I would have to be forced to be contented to just enjoy all the snuggling in the cinema instead of the whole movie experience, then came March and we were invited to the preview of ‘Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen’.

 photo IMG_20150317_014715_zpsngqcpgxr.jpg

Cute movie ticket. Currently keeping this as a souvenir and using it as a bookmark. :P

 photo _L2_5579_zpsk0ia3b4q.jpg

We get to meet the casts as well. ;)

So, before I comment on the movie, allow me to share with your the synopsis of it:

 photo ABTMP3-A3size-poster_zps3dslpuvw.jpg

Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen

Genre: Comedy
Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Tosh Zhang, Wang Wei Liang, Wesley Wong, Justin Dominic Mission, Charlie Goh, Bao Shang Ze, Jaspers Lai, Irene Ang, Richard Low, Wang Lei, Aileen Tan, Chen Tian Wen, Yip Limei
RunTime: 2 hrs 30 mins
Rating: PG13 (Some Coarse Language & Violence)
Released By: mm2 Entertainment and Golden Village Pictures
Official Website: 

Opening Day: 19 February 2015

Synopsis: Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen brings Singapore’s favourite recruits back to the days before enlistment in ABTM. Instead of reporting to Pualu Tekong, the Ah Boys are posted to the Naval Diving Unit (NDU). Returning to active duty are familiar characters ? Ken Chow (Joshua Tan), the spoilt, rich kid, who tries to ‘keng’ his way out of NS. Aloysius Jin AKA Wayang King (Maxi Lim), whose over-enthusiasm creates more problems for his cabin mates. Lobang (Wang Weiliang), the street-smart wheeler dealer, out to make a quick buck off his cabin mates. Joining them is new face Hei Long AKA The Black Dragon (Wesley Wong), an aggressive gang leader, who prefers to talk with his fists instead of his mouth. Together, these ragtag band of misfits must somehow survive 40 weeks of training in hell. Do they have what it takes to become one of Singapore’s most fearsome military units ? The frogmen?

So, what did I think about this movie? Good or bad? It’s good. Quite an emotional roller coaster ride despite the fact that the movie genre is a comedy and I was treated to the views of well sculptured male bodies. Worth both your time and money. I can vouch for that. There is plenty of character’s development in this movie and you can actually see how the characters transformed to being better person by the end of the movie. While the movie is hilarious in nature, there is plenty of moral values embedded along the way and not to mention not so subtle message on doing what is right although it may crucify you emotionally.

In all, it is a good movie, and yes. I enjoyed this movie very much and easily give it a 5/5 and I’m absolutely glad that I did not have to just be contented to snuggling up to my husband and sleep in the cinema.

Every Night is Like The First Night Together

There’s a difference between sex and making love. Sex is just sex while making love is a sacred union between two bodies where couples becomes both physically and emotionally connected to each other . When couples are married to each other for a very long time, they forgot how to make love and just have sex, leading to the lack of intimacies and sex becomes just a chore or merely scratching mutual itch. No foreplay, no teasing, no cheeky bantering. Things just become…ordinary. Now, here’s some questions, how do you resolve such thing and reignite the passion? To me, marriage means falling in love with the same person over and over again, everyday. One can never be too comfortable in marriage. One should never stop dating or stop courting their other half when they are married. And one definitely should not stop making love to each other and have sex instead. How do you improve intimacies with your spouse and make things exciting and fall in love with each other over and over again everyday?

Well, I’ve been with my husband since I was 17 years old. And been married to him for more than a decade as of writing. I’d be lying if I said that everything is always fine with us. Sometimes there are rocky moments between us. Being married to the same person can be too comfortable for your own good sometimes. I learned it the hard way not to take things for granted, and efforts should be made to keep the passion alive. If you asked me to advice you on how to keep your marriage interesting and alive is that you should never stop dating each other. You both deserves some time off, without the kids around. You may be married and has become parents, but let’s not forget that you both are also a couple who needs some time off for intimate moments with each other.

Although sex is just one part of marriage, but it is probably one of the most important element in marriage. It helps you to be connected not only physically but spiritually and mentally to each other.

Sex can be quite boring and pretty much routine after being with each other for so long, and ladies particularly may find it is more of a chore than a pleasurable activities. I know, I know, work stress and kids may take a toll on your bodies, but there is no reason for you to abstain from sex or reject it when your spouse initiates it.

I was recently introduced to this intimate women care product that not only helps to tighten whatever that’s loosen inside, but served as something that could arouse you as well and increase the desire to be intimate with your partner.

 photo IMG_20150130_104542_zps2pb3dkxh.jpg

AE Ouch! A vaginal care product in the form of purplish coloured gel. It’s carefully formulated from herbs to help not only deal with unpleasant womanly problems like odor and whatnot, but it also helps to tightens the vagina wall. I’ve been using this for approximately one month and I suppose I can say that it improves my intimate moments with my husband tremendously.

AE Ouch! is pretty easy to use. Just squirt out the gel and apply it accordingly on your clitoris and your vagina. You may feel slightly warm inside but I assure you that it is not an unpleasant feeling, in fact, the tingling sensation is rather pleasurable.

I won’t exactly say that it can get you horny as different people may react differently to AE Ouch!, but somehow it has that effect on me, and I must say that it also helps me to achieve multiple orgasm easily, making the entire intimate experience with my husband exciting and addictive. This stuff is so effective that I dare not use it when my husband is busy or not around. I only use it if I intend to seduce him into making love with me, say, 5 minutes before the actual act as the effect of it is quite immediate.

True to it’s tagline: Every night is like the first night, this product does make me feel that each time being intimate with my husband is the first time we had intercourse together.

Interested to bring back the spark of fire into your bedroom once again? Well, you might want to hop over here for more info about AE Ouch!

Website: http://aeouch.com


MyFest Melaka 2015: Klebang Bustel

Have you ever made love in a vehicle? Say…in a bus? If I say it is possible to do so without being watched or getting caught, would you do it? I once asked these questions to my friends on Facebook, and I’m quite surprised at their responses. Answers varies from wanting to try to accusing me for being horny. To be honest, what exactly were you thinking when I asked you that question? ;)

Well, kinky as making love in a vehicle might sound like, I did not actually meant for it to be scandalous, what more encouraging all of you out there to perform inappropriate PDAs. It only happens that I know a place that’s actually perfectly safe for intimate activities or otherwise.

Had the privilege to visit Klebang Beach, Melaka two weeks ago, and there is this unique chalet near the beach in the form of buses. ;)

 photo IMG_9260_zpsyfpbyxr5.jpg

The chalet is located in the Dataran 1Malaysia, Pantai Klebang, Melaka.

 photo IMG_9258_zpsad0tdsf8.jpg

The chalet’s reception.
 photo IMG_9261_zpssi9umodf.jpg

Yes. It is a real bus, modified into hotel rooms.

 photo IMG_9268_zpstcvutesk.jpg

There are plenty of bustels here in Klebang Beach. Each buses are parked nearby to each other and there’s spaces in between each buses that served as parking spaces for the guests.

 photo IMG_20150318_060922_zpspp7xkquh.jpg

The place is scorching hot during the day, but no worries, all rooms in the bustel chalet is well equipped with air conditioners. There is also the usual TV, hot showers etc in each rooms.

This is one of the rooms. Not very spacious considering that it is inside a bus, but if you are feeling a bit adventurous and looking for a unique accommodation while you are staying in Melaka, the bustel might just be your answer. It is not particularly expensive. One room per night just cost -
RM80-RM120 depending on peak period or not. Each rooms can accommodate a maximum of 3 people per room.

 photo IMG_9277_zpsijrtlnfd.jpg

Food stalls in the form of busses is available within walking distance from the bustel chalet, so no worries about starving if you are staying here.

For more information and current promotions on Bustel Klebang, visit their Facebook page here: http://facebook.com/bustelmelaka

MyFest Melaka 2015: Top 5 Street Food

If there is one thing that I like about Melaka apart from it being a very touristy and romantic place, is the street food. I have to say that the streetfood in Melaka is not only delicious but creatively irresistible too. Here’s sharing with you my top 5 favourite irresistible street food that can easily be found in the night market of Jonker Walk.

1. Baby Drink

 photo IMG_20150307_191224_zpsrcsqb4uw.jpg

Spot this stall if you are walking around in the night market. This particular stall sells colourful fruit juices in baby bottles. For RM6 per bottle, you’ll get to relive your childhood moments, drinking fruit juices from milk bottle, through the rubber nipples, no less.

 photo IMG_20150307_212532_zpsmiltrkfa.jpg

Well, yea…you don’t have to ask. I suck on this. And my husband did too. It’s a lovely experience, I assure you. Taste wise, the drinks are mediocre. But like I said… This is really a fun thing to do as an adult. A bonus: You get to keep the milk bottle as a souvenir.

2. Colourful, cute pau

 photo IMG_20150307_205140_zps25ahjass.jpg

Loves Hello Kitty? Addicted to Angry Birds? Fancy Rilakuma? Hunt down these cuties and have a bite or two. They come with assorted classic flavours like red bean, kaya, BBQ, curry and etc.

3. Satay celup

 photo IMG_20150307_221851_zpsfeujcmnk.jpg

Grab some of these. You don’t have to go to overrated Satay Celup restaurants in Melaka. Some stalls in Jonker Street are selling these too and I assure you they tastes as good as the restaurants around Melaka town.

4. Fried Skewered Quail Eggs

 photo IMG_20150307_203856_zpsw0johsxj.jpg

Bored of having quail eggs the same way you usually do? Say bye bye to boiled quail eggs and say hello to fried quail eggs.

 photo IMG_20150307_204114_zps23j0svwg.jpg

Cracked onto a special hot pan, quail eggs are topped with sliced chicken sausages and fried to perfection.

 photo IMG_20150307_203911_zpsxjyg1q2h.jpg

It was then dressed with creamy mayonnaise and skewered. It made quite a lovely snack and it was positively addictive to me.

5. Takoyaki

 photo IMG_20150307_195138_zps2spmsura.jpg

Another not to be missed street food in Jonker Street is the famous Japanese street/ festival food, the Takoyaki. It was first popularized in Osaka, Japan and is here to stay in Malaysia.

 photo IMG_20150307_195723_zpshaw3w69a.jpg

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion.These Takoyaki are brushed with takoyaki sauce, similar to Worcestershire sauce, and mayonnaise. The takoyaki is then sprinkled with green laver and shavings of dried bonito. These can be a tad messy to be eaten on the go as you walk, but they are terribly irresistible and I couldn’t stop at just one box.

So, there you go. My 5 favourite street food that can be found in the Jonker Walk Nightmarket. If you ever visit Melaka, do keep a lookout for these and give them a try. I can assure you that they are worth your time, and money too. :)

MyFest Melaka 2015: Mods Cafe

I am not really a coffee drinker but my husband is and nothing beats chillaxing with him in a coffee house or a cafe over a cuppa or two. While we were in Melaka, we visited Mods Cafe. It is located just a few minutes walk away from the hotel that we stayed for the night.

 photo IMG_20150307_142923_1_zpsbfi6w0np.jpg

Mods Cafe have been operating for about 3-4 years.

 photo IMG_20150307_130745_zpskwn2sf5s.jpg

It is a very eclectic cafe with A 1978 Volkswagen Kombi Campervan in Hippie floral orange parked inside. The van served as the coffee bar and cashier.

 photo IMG_20150307_130816_zpscpfdgmem.jpg

We were informed that it is not a merely decorative tool. They drive the van out every now and then and served as a coffee van outdoors.

 photo IMG_20150307_130844_zpssp4ekqlg.jpg

Mods Cafe is a very unique and vibrant place with all sort of antiquities decorating the quaint cafe. One of a kind, I must say. The place is perfect for photography enthusiasts and of course, selfie queens like myself.

Anyway, Mods Cafe have a roaster inside the shop, hence they roast their own beans. And here’s what we had that day.

 photo IMG_20150307_135803_zpscwr2htzf.jpg

Piccolo and Cappuccino. The taste is a tad too robust and strong for me but my husband loves it very much, so I guess that’s all that matters. :)

Price wise, the coffees here is rather pricey, much pricier than my regular coffee and tea lurks in KL, even but I’m not complaining. The ambiance and the coffee is worth paying for, in my humble opinion.

Do give a visit to this lovely cafe if you are ever in Melaka. Below is the info for it.

Mods Cafe
14, Jalan Tokong , 75200 Malacca
Tel: 012-756 4441


MyFest Melaka: The Night of Carnival

It was Chap Goh Mei, or rather the Chinese Valentine’s festival night in the small town of Melaka. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, my son and I were went on a solo trip without my husband to witness the festival. :) He was busy working, and only came over to join us afterwards. There is a story behind this. :) Initially I did not expect that he would come over to join us as he’s been really busy at work, and his workload is piling.

He informed me that he would come over to join us. I didn’t take it seriously though. ;) These days, I don’t put much expectations on people… not only my husband, but everyone else around me, as I come to learn that not everyone else have their own lives to lead, and in my husband’s case, his work consume a lot of his time.

Although I informed him of my whereabout with our son like I usually do via text messages, I did not expect him to appear before me while I was walking around in Jonker Street. :P

When my husband arrived in Melaka, he did not inform me right away and was walking on his own too.That night, we kinda bumped into each other without even making calls to each other on where to meet. Well, how about that? Although we have been with each other as husband and wife for a very, very long time, bumping into him in a very crowded and busy nightmarket is definitely a first. For the first time in my married life, I felt that our relationship is indeed meant to be, and Fate always have a hand in guiding us to each other whenever we got lost. ;)

Anyway, I’m sure you had enough of my little walk down the memory lane. :P Here’s sharing with you what we did afterwards.

The well famed Jonker Street was transformed into a Japanese Tanabata inspired carnival-like street, and so, we walked hand in hand with our son in tow over there.

 photo IMG_20150306_233955_zps0wfppwfg.jpg

Bright red lanterns illuminated the entire Jonker street and it makes me feel as if I was in another country.

 photo IMG_20150306_234757_zps7d8kmvnu.jpg

There was also funfair booth along the street, and couples could be seen holding hands and walking around while hunting for things to play.

 photo IMG_20150306_234200_zpsqenkfrym.jpg

Typical carnival game; burst the balloon and get the prize of your choice.

 photo IMG_20150306_234219_zpsmcjpo7ms.jpg

I was immediately transformed into a little girl and pestered my husband to win some soft toy for me. He obliged, but of course, these sort of things are not easy for you to win. :P more often than not, these are just for the sake of pure fun (and wasting money). :P

 photo IMG_20150306_224757_zpshlx48glv.jpg

Feeling rather hot and famished after having fun at the carnival, we dropped by one of the stall to quench our thirst with the classic all time Melaccan signature shaved ice, the sweet and cooling Cendol. :)

 photo IMG_20150306_224719_zps02zdkopl.jpg

And of course, we had supper too. I ordered some Oyster Omelet from one of the stall to share with my husband.

 photo IMG_20150306_230853_zpsqjlocz5v.jpg

And when the Oyster Omelet was not enough, we ordered a plate Duck Eggs Char Koay Teow. Unfortunately for me, they have forgotten to omit the beansprouts. :( I have intolerance towards that stuff. So I told my husband to just finish it off for me. But I suppose he felt like indulging me that night and so he picked them out one by one and fed me with those without beansprouts :)

We called a night and instead of driving all the way back to KL after the festival, we stayed the night in a hotel nearby. ;)

To say that I was happy by the end of the night is an understatement, being indulged and pampered that way. :) Life can be a box of chocolate every now and then, I guess, if you lower your expectations and at the same time, make effort to make your loved ones happy ;)

MyFest Melaka 2015: Melaka Alive- The Winds of Melaka

I have always believed in educating my child OUTSIDE of the classroom and giving him real life experience instead of grilling him to be a four eyed nerd. ;) As I mentioned in my previous post, I went on a solo trip with my son to Melaka with me to join in the Lantern Festival Night celebration that was being held over the weekend . Coincidentally, we were invited by Nuevo Attractions to witness the soft launching of Melaka Alive. And so, I accepted the invitation brought him to watch Melaka Alive.

So, what’s Melaka Alive is all about? Melaka Alive is a project that aims to present the past of Melaka in 5D. In other words, it is a cultural performance that tells the history of Melaka as it originally should, from Parameswara to The Malaccan Sultanate to the times of Portuguese occupation through live theatre performance.

It is indeed an experience of a lifetime. Now, let’s take a closer look at the stage. The Melaka Alive stage is located nearby the well-famed Porta de Santiago and directly opposite the Proclamation of Independence Memorial.

 photo IMG_9140_zpsm1okvztz.jpg

Yes, this is the stage.

 photo IMG_20150306_193944_zpshtuzwoto.jpg

A closer look on Bahtera Merdeka where the Melaka Alive Cultural Performance is staged. The ‘stage’ is actually a ship, and to watch the performance, you’ll have to actually board the ship. Rather interesting concept, I must say. I was told that there will be a few more stage performance that will bring history alive across the famous locations in Melaka; the ruins of Porta de Santiago and The Christ Church in the Dutch Square, but for now it’s just The Ship, Bahtera Merdeka.

 photo IMG_9152_zpsva9kq6an.jpg

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the casts who are already fully costumed. They will lead you to board the ship. This is where you’ll feel that you have just stepped into a time machine, where you were brought into Melaka of the past. With such fantastic traditional costume galore, I felt so out of place in my regular street clothing, and the vain pot in me chided myself for not wearing traditional clothes that night.

One word of advice; they were’t kidding when they said that the performance is in 5D. If you are seated in front and the Bahtera Merdeka’s crew hand you a disposable raincoat, you might want to put it on.

 photo IMG-20150201-WA0012_zps1nmfmxus.jpg

There is plenty of realistic rainfalls and ocean tide’s splashes throughout the show. The one that I watched was called ‘The Winds of Melaka’

 photo melakaalive_zpsswqnm0iw.jpg

So this is where history actually comes alive. Set on board of the ‘Bahtera Merdeka’, the  ship inspired stage, this extravaganza tale of Panglima Awang is brought to life in a play that combines spectacular visuals, effects, music and live acting to tell the story of Melaka’s rich and diverse history, from the establishment of the city by it’s founder Parameswara, to the glorious Melaccan Sultanate to it’s fall into the Portuguese hands. Amongst other things, the performance also highlights the legends of the Mouse Deer and dogs, the arrival of Cheng Ho’s fleet and the coming of de Sequiera and de Albuquerque to the shores of the kingdom.

Here’s sharing with you a video I took that night. :)

So what did I think about the entire Melaka Alive: The Winds of Melaka performance? Magnificent! I felt as if I was thrown back in time. My son who have always enjoyed live performances and theater probably learned more about the Melaccan history here than he would have in the classroom.

Melaka Alive is definitely a must see tourist attraction for all who visit Melaka and Malaysia. Like it’s tagline goes, it is ‘very history, very drama in 5D’.

Interested to see history comes alive before your very eyes? Here’s the ticketing details:

Ticket Pricing

Adult RM35
Child RM20

Non MyKad
Adult RM45
Child RM28

Senior Citizen (60 years +) RM20 -

Terms & Conditions
Prove of MYKad at redemption counter is needed.
Child 3 years old and below or 90 cm below is free.


Every Thursday to Sunday
Time: 7.30 pm & 9 pm

For more info, visit their site at www.melakaalive.com.my and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Official-Melaka-Alive/745782112168059

MyFest Melaka 2015: The Lantern Festival Night

How can you not love a man who will go the distance just to be with you, literally and figuratively? :) I’m blessed with such a man.

 photo IMG_20150306_192301_1_zpsanr6xtu1.jpg

I went on a solo trip with my boy to Melaka for the Lantern Festival a.k.a the Chinese Valentine’s day celebration ans my husband went over soon after he finished work to spend the weekend with me.

 photo IMG_20150306_190225_1_zps8huzazza.jpg

Anyway, as I said earlier, it was the Chinese Valentine’s festival or commonly known as Chap Goh Mei over here in Melaka and men and women were given oranges and bananas respectively to be thrown into the river to find their love match.

Chap Goh Mei is associated with the traditional myth of young unmarried ladies throwing mandarin oranges inscribed with names and telephone numbers into rivers in search of a boyfriend or husband.

However, ‘Chap Goh Mei’ itself means the 15th night of Chinese New Year in Hokkien, which also marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

The day is celebrated similarly to the day before Chinese New Year is celebrated –with much joy and festivity. During Chap Goh Mei, families gather over a grand meal which includes glutinous rice balls and homes are beautifully lit with red lanterns. At the temples during Chap Goh Mei, people offers prayers to the God of Prosperity (Cai Shen Yeh) to bless their family with good fortune for the coming year.

Traditionally, the day is punctuated by the sounds of the love ballad called Dondang Sayang that is sung in streets to the instruments of a violin, two drums and a gong. Sometimes this becomes comedy when the lyrics are changed by the singers.

 photo IMG_20150306_190345_1_zpsynhe5jyt.jpg

I told my husband I’ve thrown an orange too when he came to meet me in Melaka. :P Oh hey…I’m spoken for but I’m a hopeless romantic. Can’t blame me for that, can you? My husband asked me what I wrote on the orange before I threw it into the river. I said….I just wrote my blog link http://cleffairy.com. :P but that’s not all I wrote, actually. I was just too shy to tell him. Yes yes, 12 going on 13 years together and I still blush around him every now and then
;) I wrote ’520, for all eternity’. ;) Nobody knew what the numbers really meant, but my husband and I shared something really significant about the numbers. ;)

I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day, be it the Western or the Chinese version, but hey…I’m not complaining. ;) it was indeed an experience to remember and a wonderful memory to cherish.

Did quite a lot of things during the Chap Goh Mei weekend and I will be sharing with you about Melaka Alive cultural performance and more interesting places to visit soon, so stay tuned for more. :)

My 14 Days Natural Wonder Journey with NEUTRAX

I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother and somewhat a traveler. Although I don’t do much holidaying overseas and people keep telling me that I should get out of my shell to see the world more, I do explore Malaysia as much as I could. In my humble opinion, Malaysia have so much to offer, especially this year; The Year of Festival 2015. There is a lot of unique, never seen before cultural festivals going on throughout the country this year and it’s such a shame that Malaysians tends to spend their time and money overseas rather than exploring their own country. Call me a frog in the well, but I prefer to explore my own country, thank you very much. Malaysia is so beautiful, culturally rich and have so much to offer and I think I ought to get to know my own country first before exploring the outside world. That way, I could tell the world how beautiful my country is instead of worshiping the beauty of other countries. :) You can’t blame me for being a patriot, can you?

Anyway, it’s 3am as of writing. I just came back from my short trip to Perlis,  and I happened to spot my Facebook friend tagging me with this tagging game. It sounds like this; ‘Show the contents of your bag right now’. I seriously loathe such games. I hate it when people tag me and as me to do stuff like that, but I was in the ‘nice girl’ mood, so here’ mine. :P

 photo IMG_20150314_153828_zpsspbee15z.jpg

Okay…I know, I know. I’m a traveler but I’m quite a vain pot. I believe that style shouldn’t go flying even when you’re traveling, so that explains why apart from the essentials like identifications and DSLR camera along with power banks,I have contact lenses, basic makeups stuff, and shawl to accesorize myself with so that I could look different even when I wear the same outfit for two consecutive days (well you can’t help it if you are backpacking).

 photo IMG_20150314_154336_zps1ibrlkjt.jpg

Apart from my vanity supplies, there is also Nutri Prezz On The Go Energy Bars, Vita 500 Slush drinks, and healthcare items such as NEUTRAX Original and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil. These are all products by Felda Wellness Corporation.

 photo IMG_20150314_153942_zpspibazczk.jpg

Having seen the contents of my bag, my friend is familiar with all of the items shown except for NEUTRAX Original and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil. So I thought…why don’t I share it with all of you here? ;) They are both a wonderful healthcare item produced by Felda Wellness Corporation. Sure I was skeptical when I was first introduced to NEUTRAX Original and NEUTRAX Therapy Oil, but I’m now using it religiously as it helps me a lot in my daily lives as a busy person. My life is pretty hectic and I don’t exactly have the time to care and pamper myself inside out, so I need some effective healthcare item that could supplement my body inside out.

So, what’s NEUTRAX is all about?

 photo IMG_20150314_132514_zpswpcmq6mu.jpg

NEUTRAX Original is a premium quality Superfood like no other produced by Felda Wellness Corporation. It is actually Cultured Coconut Extract (CCE)with Bio-Lipopeptide; made through a proprietary advanced microaerophilic fermentation process using carefully selected coconut milk that is ethically harvested at a specific maturity.

NEUTRAX Original contains extraordinary immune boosting lauric acid, found only in breast milk, which is known to improve energy levels, boost immunity, regulate hormones, stabilize sugar levels, and boost the cellular healing process.

The 5As benefits of Neutrax Original :

1)Anti Microbial – Manage diabetes, kills candida fungus, curb infections. 
2)Anti Inflammatory – Reduce and manage gout. arthritis, rheumatism, fibroyalga, diabetis. 
3)Anti-Oxidant – Prevent Alzheimer, slows aging and promote cell regeneration. 
4)Active Lipid – Reduces bad cholesterol, reduces risk of heart diseases, boost metabolism. 
5)Active Immunity – Manage asthma and severe eczema, speed up recovery process. 

NEUTRAX Original is fairly easy to use.

NEUTRAX Original can be taken:

* 2 tablespoons daily; (unless instructed otherwise by doctor or health advisor)

* NEUTRAX Original can be taken on its own or can be mixed with food or beverage.

*NEUTRAX original is HALAL, so no worries if you are a Muslim.

Check out the video of my friend, Arief Farhan, an actor, entertainer and a young entrepreneur demonstrating how to consume NEUTRAX Original. ;) He’s a NEUTRAX user too. :P

I’ve been taking NEUTRAX Original for about two weeks now and I could see the positive effects on me. Unlike before where I feel tired easily, but now I feel much more energized and revitalized. ;)


Below is my NEUTRAX Diary: 14 Days  Natural Wonder Journey with NEUTRAX

Day 1: I was a little skeptical about drinking NEUTRAX, cuz most supplement taste nasty. But I tried it regardless and discovered that it tasted like highly concentrated coconut milkshakes, minus the sweetness. Not for the faint hearted, and definitely would need an acquired taste to get used to.

Day 2: Did not notice any changes.

Day 3: I noticed that I had no problems running around like the crazy Duracell Bunny all day long in events and whatnot. That’s pretty surprising cuz I get tired pretty easily and my mood can get terribly nasty due to fatigue.

Day 4: Bowel movements improves. But I keep feeling so thirsty and drank water much more than usual. Not sure if it was the heat or if it was the NEUTRAX Original’s detoxing effect.

Day 5: I was able to sleep better. Being fully energized and powered up during the day makes me sleep earlier at night. And I could wake up earlier and feeling relaxed after a proper good night rest.

Day 6: Started noticing that I now no longer have constipation problems and could do my business with ease. Instead of 2-3 days once, it’s now once a day.

Day 7: The real fun begins, could really start to notice the distinctive difference in my energy level and my mood. I don’t easily feel irritated anymore and I feel very energized.

Day 8: Was out whole day again, attending events. Was filled with energy and people mistook my son for being my kid brother twice.

Day 9: Flaky and scaly skin due to being outdoor is much lesser and I could seriously see the new skin regeneration effects.

Day 10: Skin is much clearer and smoother

Day 11: Took a good look in the mirror and noticed that my face have natural rosy blush though there was no make up on. Skin is devoid of pimples though I was having PMS symptoms. Skin tone is much more even too.

Day 12: Another noticeable positive changes that I noticed is that my gum no longer bleed easily whenever I brushes my teeth.

Day 13: Again, someone mistook me as my son’s elder sister and I noticed I not only look different but feel different too.

Day 14: Some scar is no longer noticeable. Skin much softer and smoother and my face is much more radiant than before. My rashes due to excessive swimming during my trip to Perlis has miraculously disappeared too. Check out the before and after picture below.

 photo pizapcom13804275379551_zpsd54e6394.jpg


Apart from that, my mood swings is not as violent in comparison before I started consuming NEUTRAX Original.

NEUTRAX Original is definitely a natural wonder. So, basically, it helps me with my energy level tremendously. And as it has detox effect, I could see the magic it does to my skin from the inside.

But then again, I’m not sure if the skin rejuvenation part is strictly contributed by NEUTRAX Original as at the same time, I’ve been using NEUTRAX Therapy Oil too.

 photo IMG_20150314_132533_zpsmo3wfrcm.jpg

NEUTRAX Therapy Oil’s potent formula is 100% plant based, with Bio-Lipopeptide. It is of course, HALAL to use too, so if you are a Muslim, don’t be afraid to try this out.

 photo IMG_20150312_194213_1_zpse7rvqqj7.jpg

Apply the oil onto your skin and scalp after showering daily you’ll discover that it is very pleasant to use.

Here’s some of the benefits of using NEUTRAX Therapy Oil.

 1. Deep moisturising for healthy glow 
 2. Protects against extreme weather, environment pollution, and lifestyle stresses 
 3. Regulates sebum production – Cell renewal and restoration (eg skin with burns & scars) 
 4. Prevents premature aging 
 5.Protects against UVA/UVB oxadative stress 
 6. Rehydrates skin/hair, uneven skin tone, pigmented, sensitive and irritated skin (eg acne, eczema) 

Check out the video on how to use the NEUTRAX Therapy Oil

NEUTRAX Therapy Oil is highly absorbent, with added Geranium essential oil, which is known to regulate hormones, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and irritation. Apart from that, it also alleviate the effects of PMS, improve circulation and tighten skin for a healthier and younger look. I definitely approve. A bonus: It smell so good that it could pass off as an aroma therapy oil or a musky perfume.

I liked these two products so much that I’ve been passing it around for friends to try.
 photo IMG_20150312_225958_zpsnr0twtro.jpg

One of them is my good friend, confidant and mentor, DJ Koz. Sharing is caring, you know? I would want my friends to benefit from it too. Check out a testimonial video by my friend, Deejay Koz of eWana.fm after using NEUTRAX Original for a few weeks.

Did you watch it? ;) In my interview with DJ Koz, who have also been using NEUTRAX also approves this natural wonder.

NEUTRAX has basically changed my life and those who are using it for the better. I don’t easily feel exhausted now and my family, especially my husband could see the difference. My husband told me I look much more rejuvenated and much more cheerful after using NEUTRAX. I’m much much cheerful, playful and much more generous with my kisses to him. I’m hardly crossed these days and easier to deal with as my mood don’t swing as much, even during those time of the month.

My friends, family and I have benefited from NEUTRAX in a way that we could never imagine and the quality of our lives has improved tremendously in a short period of time. Won’t you want to be like us too? Check out NEUTRAX from the links below. ;) You’ll be surprised on how this natural wonder works magic in your lives.

Website: www.neutrax.com.my

Facebook: http://facebook.com/felda.wellness

Careline: 1-800-222-FWC (392)

Valentine’s Day 2015 at Avenue K Rooftop

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? My husband and I celebrated it in quite a romantic setting this year instead of the usual quiet dinner at home. :)

 photo IMG_20150214_213202_zpst9sbdg0c.jpg

We celebrated at Avenue K rooftop. A rather romantic and dreamy setting I must say. There’s the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower as the backdrop and glittering lights like diamonds when the night falls.

 photo IMG_20150214_211854_zpsltp5z03j.jpg

Avenue K has outdone themselves for Valentine’s Day I must say. There’s even live jazz performance for those who are celebrating that night.

 photo IMG_20150214_202811_zpsxwqmifww.jpg

Beautiful jazz music all night through

 photo IMG_20150214_201738_zps4dsy0rr9.jpg

Light fruit salad as dinner. :)

 photo IMG_20150214_212548_zpsfo1iaawz.jpg

And then husband and I danced a lil bit that night, along with other couples who were there. The last time I danced with my husband was when we were still young and just start dating. We were still in college then. I was only 17 then.Yes. I married my college sweetheart. ;) He was my first love, and still in love with him against all odd.

 photo IMG_20150214_205952_zpsrkg7tzfm.jpg

Love is not something you could actually describe, but who is complaining when they received roses and chocolates as tokens of love?

It was indeed a memorable and lovely night. :) Everyone was in the mood for love. Thank you Avenue K for all the things that has been done for all the lovers that night. The time spent with husband that night is something I’ll cherish and remember for the rest of my life. :)