Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2016 Soft Launching at Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is being increasingly recognized for being a leader in the ASEAN region with its high fashion footwear and exporter of international fashion wares and aiming to continuously recognized as such, Malaysia has once again kicked off its 7th edition of Malaysia International Shoe Festival. The Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2016 is supported by Ministry of Tourism and Culture  and organized by The Malaysian Footwear Manufacturers Association.

 photo 20160409_143654_zpsk8nmzqgp.jpg

Datuk Rashidi Bin Hasbullah, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) addressing the media and the members of the public during Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2016 at the entrance of Sungei Wang Plaza, one of the reputable tourists friendly shopping destination in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

 photo 20160409_150532_zpscv7aekrc.jpg

Fashion show during the launch, showcasing the latest shoe collection from this year’s participating exhibitors.
MISF2016 Soft Launch Showcasing

Showcasing video

 photo 20160409_150936_zpszmmvxfxz.jpg

The flagging off of the giant stiletto car which will be roaming Kuala Lumpur with exciting quizzes and giveaways to promote the festival.

In keeping with MISF 2016 theme “Sole of the Nation: A Colourful World of Shoes”, this year’s festival will see local and international brand including Fiorucci, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Larrie, Lanbaharin, Christy Ng, Fipper, Asadi and many more. Other highlights of the festival are; Shoe Vintage Gallery,  Showcase of  trendy shoes designed by college students and ‘A Walking Success’ forum by the famous Prof Datuk Dr. Jimmy Choo, Bon Zainal and Christy Ng.

There will also be activities for children of all ages and an early bird offer mega deal by Asadi where you’ll get to buy a pair of Asadi shoes worth RM15.90 pee pair for just RM3 by liking and sharing the updates on MISF official Facebook Page.

Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2016 promises an excitingly unique fashion experience for visitors young and old, so be sure to bring the whole family to have a fun day out together and shop til you drop.

Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2016 will take place at Hall 4, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur on 29th April 2016 for traders and public and is open to public on 30th April 2016 to 1st May 2016 from 10.30am to 8.30pm.

For more information on Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2016, click HERE.

Transit Destination Guide in Kuala Lumpur: Experience Culture, Nature and History in 8 Hours

Traveling and is transiting in KLIA/KLIA2 in Malaysia? Feeling restless and not sure what to do during your long wait for the next flight? Why not explore Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia during your transit? Kuala Lumpur, the sleepless and bustling city is a wondrous place and have plenty of tourists attraction that could awe you without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

My family and I played tourist for a day in our own country a couple of weeks back and discovered that there’s plenty of fun places you can visit in Kuala Lumpur in just 8 hours.

Here’s what you can actually do in an 8 hours daytime transit in KLIA/KLIA2 as per adviced from Tourism Information Centre in KLIA if you are traveling in small group or traveling with family and small children; National Mosque, Islamic Arts Museum, KL Bird Park and Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. Mode of transport that’s recommended for these destination is by taxi and by foot/shuttles.

 photo 20160326_090854_zps8xry1vyq.jpg

Taking taxi can be quite a hassle in some situations, but chartered taxis are easily available in KLIA/KLIA2. All you need to do is just head over to the taxi counter and buy your preferred destination coupon. In this case, from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur. Regular taxi fares from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur costs about RM75 for one way while premium taxi fares costs about RM120 for one way. A regular taxi could accommodate about 4pax, so if you are traveling in groups, taxis could save you much more in comparison of taking the ERL of KLIA express. The journey from KLIA to Kuala Lumpur by taxi takes about 45minutes to 1 hour, depending on the traffic.

 photo PhotoGrid_1459645484892_zpsiug5dpzh.jpg

So here’s our route: KLIA-National Mosque-Islamic Arts Museum-KL Bird Park-KL City Gallery. We departed from KLIA via taxi to Kuala Lumpur at 9.15am, explore Kuala Lumpur in stipulated time and went back to KLIA by 6pm.

Yes. It is possible to visit these 4 attractions in Kuala Lumpur in just 8 hours and still be in time to catch your flight. All you need to do is plan your time well and here’s a brief guide on how you can accomplish it:

First destination; the National Mosque. Recommended visit time allocation for transit passengers: 45mins to 1hour.

 photo 20160326_104508_zpsxolcutgo.jpg

National Mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. But apart from being a place of worship, it is also a commmunity centre where plenty of religion related activities and events is held.

 photo PhotoGrid_1459644043572_zpshfan1dsk.jpg

Apart from the 5 times daily prayers, common events that’s held daily over here are Quranic classes and solemnization of marriage. National mosque is open to public’s visit at certain hours during non prayer time. More about National Mosque in detail HERE.

 photo 20160326_105338_zpsxrck40x3.jpg

Once done visiting National Mosque, head over to Islamic Arts Museum. It is located opposite of National Mosque and is just 5-10 minutes walk away. Recommended time to be allocated during the visit to Islamic Arts Museum for transit passengers is 1 hour.

 photo PhotoGrid_1459644392410_zps745k7j09.jpg

The museum is the largest museum of Islamic arts in South East Asia with more than seven thousands artefacts from the Islamic world. Read more about Islamic Arts Museum in detail HERE.

 photo 20160326_130632_zpsqs0lh3em.jpg

Feeling overwhelmed with all the artefacts? Free your mind and get close to nature in KL Bird Park. KL Bird Park is just 15 minutes walk away from the Islamic Arts Museum. Recommended time allocation over here for transit passenger is 2 hours.

 photo PhotoGrid_1459644229598_zpsjo3xibh6.jpg

It is the home to more than 3,000 birds of approximately 200 species of local and foreign birds. Read more about KL Bird Park in detail HERE.

 photo 20160326_155223_zpsuhsbmwox.jpg

Final destination of the day was the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. Located in Dataran Merdeka, it is about 20minutes walk away from KL Bird Park. Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is an interesting tourist information centre with a collection of paintings and photos of KL’s history, plus miniature mock ups of famous city landmarks. Recommended time allocation for transit passenger in Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is 40 minutes.

 photo PhotoGrid_1459644590497_zpscltykqpr.jpg

Set in a 114-year old, colonial-style building just beside Dataran Merdeka, this free museum is great if you want to find out a little bit more about the history of Kuala Lumpur. You may read about Kuala Lumpur City Gallery in detail HERE.

Once done visiting the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, hail a metered taxi from Dataran Merdeka and head back to KLIA. Fare estimation from Dataran Merdeka back to KLIA is RM75 for regular taxi and RM125 for premium taxi.

Transiting in Malaysia, especially if you are transiting at KLIA/KLIA2 does not have to be boring. There’s plenty of interesting places in the vicinity of the airports and Klang Valley to visit. Moving around in public transport is pretty easy. So, if you’re ever transiting in KLIA/KLIA2, be sure to step out of the airport and have fun exploring.

Attractions in Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Wish to learn about Kuala Lumpur in an innovative way?

 photo 20160326_155603_zps9ty3yeq8.jpg

Here’s one place you can visit, the KL City gallery, located in a historical building from 1899 at Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square)

 photo 20160326_155655_zps9etblgfj.jpg

Basically the place is a free information centre on Kuala Lumpur. The exhibits in the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery shows the history of Kuala Lumpur, the present Kuala Lumpur and the plans for Kuala Lumpur in the future.

 photo 20160326_155650_zpsd0h2jptt.jpg

Informative exhibit

 photo 20160326_155759_zpsapvwmqca.jpg

Information on the heritage of Malaysia

 photo 20160326_155736_zpsgc6d6kve.jpg

Delicately crafted miniature Masjid Jamek

 photo 20160326_155713_zpstj78qppu.jpg

Interactive video exhibit

 photo FB_IMG_1459824719974_zpskmyeopq6.jpg

If you’d like to see more, go for the spectacular Kuala Lumpur model show. Tickets costs only RM3 (Normal price RM5).

 photo 20160326_161821_zpsjkfqbaew.jpg

Here’s the entire Kuala Lumpur in miniature.

 photo 20160326_160002_zps9gcnjuip.jpg

Occasionally, there will be cultural and art exhibition being held at the gallery, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

 photo 20160326_155939_zpsvrgmaqse.jpg

Batik exhibition in Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

 photo 20160326_162102_zpsn93ac7rn.jpg

The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is operated by ARCH Collection Sdn. Bhd, a Malaysian brand that makes collectables and gifts made of wood veneer (using laser technology).Their work shop is located at the ground floor of the City Gallery and they have a huge souvenir shop for you to splurge on.

The entry to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is free of charge unless you opt to go for some special exhibition of the month, so the place is highly recommended to backpackers as it costs you nothing but there will be loads of infos on Kuala Lumpur over here.

 photo FB_IMG_1459861101355_zpsu7vggex2.jpg

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is located at the southern end of Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka), between the History Museum and the City Library. The closest LRT stations are Masjid Jamek and Pasar Seni.

Entrance fee: Free

Guided Tour: RM45 per person (min. 8 person – max. 12 person)

Opening Hours
8am – 6pm daily

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
No. 27, Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka,, 50050 Dataran Merdeka, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Attractions in Kuala Lumpur: KL Bird Park

Love bird-watching but it’s too much a hassle to travel to their natural habitat deep in the rainforest for bird watching activities? Well, fret not, there is one place nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where you can literally get up close and personal with more than 200 species of birds; The KL Bird Park.

 photo 20160326_130632_zpsgehslpuw.jpg

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is definitely an attraction in Kuala Lumpur that is not to be missed as it is the world’s largest free flight aviary; which means most birds in the Bird Park flies freely as if they are in natural habitat.

 photo 20160326_145554_zpsw8skabzx.jpg

Some of the main attractions of the park are the hornbill park, the flamingo pond, the world of parrots, the egg incubation area, the bird gallery and education center just to name a few.

 photo FB_IMG_1459670216926_zpsfer3k1ul.jpg

Getting up close and personal with birds

 photo 20160326_142734_zpsdalikusx.jpg

Peacocks aplenty in the birdpark and if you wait long enough, they will proudly flare their tails to you.

 photo 20160326_142222_zpsvc0hajdg.jpg

Parrot. This little guy can’t talk, but he is certainly a friendly fella, as whenever visitors goes near, he will offer you whatever he’s been eating by picking them up with his beak and walks towards you while nodding his head up and down, insisting that you take the food. Talk about hospitality at it’s best.

 photo 20160326_143453_zpsqf5inurr.jpg

Why play Angry Birds when you can play with a real ‘angry bird’?

 photo 20160326_142455_zpsg1ujaddu.jpg

This bird actually came to me and held his pose until I finished taking my photos.

 photo 20160326_143111_zpszvv7e4kc.jpg

The saying, ‘Birds of a feather, flocks together is indeed true’

The birds are mostly used to visitors approaching them, so they are tame and would actually go to you if you are patient enough. Visitors can take long strolls along the walkway of the park while enjoying the view of birds of various colours and sizes.

Entrance fees

MyKad holder: RM 27
Non MyKad holder: RM 50

CHILD (3 – 12 years old)                    : MyKid holder: RM13
Non MyKid holder: RM41

Other than the Bird Park, there are some interesting tourists attractions in the area that you can visit too. They are the Islamic Arts Museum, The National Mosque and the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery.

Visitors can take get to the bird park via bus or train. Below are the available options to get to the park.

By Bus:

*Take the Intrakota Bus 21C, 48C (From Kota Raya).
*Take the Intrakota Bus 18, 21A (From Chow Kit).
*Take the RapidKL Bus 115 (From KL Sentral).

By Train:

KTM Komuter – disembark at the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, then walk to the Park or take simply hail a metered taxi.


KL Bird Park
No. 920, Jalan Cenderawasih, Taman Tasik Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Office Number:+603 2272 1010
Opening Hours:09:00am – 06:00pm (Daily)

Kuala Lumpur Attractions: Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur

The Islamic Arts Museum is a place you should not miss if you are keen to learn more about Islamic culture and history.

 photo 20160326_105338_zpss0ic4iet.jpg

Located just near to the famous Lake Gardens Kuala Lumpur and a stone throw away from the National Mosque, the Islamic Arts Museum houses artifacts all the way from China, Southeast Asia, India and even the famous regions like the Middle East and Iran. Exhibitions are held here from time to time to provide education Islam.
The museum have a few galleries and each of these galleries contains various kind of artefacts.

The first gallery houses displays of Islamic architecture featuring small scale of the world’s most important mosque such as the Prophet’s mosque in Medina and the Al Haram Mosque in Mecca.

 photo 20160326_110308_zpsa9hk3529.jpg

Small scale Mecca

 photo 20160326_110924_zpsci7t3m5d.jpg

Small scale Taj Mahal, India

 photo 20160326_111254_zpsm2gwyy5m.jpg

Tengkera Mosque Melaka, Malaysia

 photo 20160326_110350_zpsz4bbgdar.jpg

Dome of The Rock, Juruselam

 photo 20160326_110850_zpstdxm1uee.jpg

Da Xue Xi Mosque, China

 photo 20160326_112001_zpsdlrkukt5.jpg

An Ottoman manuscript

 photo 20160326_111424_zpswefqifbb.jpg

Handwritten Holy Quran

 photo 20160326_111354_zpsyttui7sc.jpg

Various kinds of manuscripts

 photo 20160326_111835_zpsu68ysyjw.jpg

The Ottoman’s room

 photo 20160326_115959_zpsdclaleto.jpg

A display of the prayer mat

 photo 20160326_115705_zpsk7jgtd3q.jpg

Textile exhibits

 photo 20160326_115554_zpse4acdtoz.jpg

Jewelries exhibits

 photo 20160326_120207_zpsc39ycsil.jpg

Dome architecture

 photo received_1705996139646991_zpsxseqwmbs.jpeg

There’s practically a world of Islam for you to see and learn over here in Islamic Arts Museum, definitely worth your time if you are interested in arts and culture.

The best way to get to the Islamic Arts Museum is of course either by taxi or by driving here. But if you want to experience taking public transport in Kuala Lumpur, you can take the KTM Komuter and stop at the Old Railway Station and walk your way to the museum.

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-04-01-04-1101_zpsd05jwivw.png

Address: Jalan Lembah Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Office Number: +603 2274 2020
Opening Hours: 09:00am – 06:00pm (Daily)

Kuala Lumpur Attractions: National Mosque

 photo MasjidNegara02_zpsk43ym1kw.jpg

The National Mosque of Malaysia is located in Kuala Lumpur. The mosque can accommodate up to15,000 people at one time and is surrounded by lush greeneries which expands to a 13-acre land.

 photo 20160326_103912_zpsot0bfubf.jpg

One interesting about the mosque is that it was actually built on the site of a church in 1965. The mosque has been standing firm on its grounds since then and is now deemed as an important symbol of the Islamic country of Malaysia.

 photo masjid_zpsh2ji5nsz.jpg

The main dome of the National Mosque is designed in the shape of an 18-point star to represent the 13 states of Malaysia and the five central Pillars of Islam, and has the appearance of a partly opened umbrella roof which symbolises the aspirations of an independent nation.

 photo 20160326_100802_zpsdfmsonv6.jpg

Caligraphy art spotted at the main entrance of the National Mosque. This is the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic, the name of God whom the Muslims worship.

 photo 20160326_101658_zpss5ljepi3.jpg

Mirroring water fountains spotted in the mosque, making it such a serene sight to behold.

 photo 20160326_101013_zps6tepkpcm.jpg

Peaceful courtyard surrounded by water fountains

 photo 20160326_101121_zpsnyiippna.jpg

National mosque is open to public’s visit at certain hours during non prayer time and as this is a place of worship for Muslims, tourists will need to dress up appropriately before entering the mosque.

Whether visiting alone, or as a group, it is important to follow the guidelines for clothing and behaviour so as not to cause offence. For groups, it is important not to talk loudly, thus disturbing anyone who may be at prayer.

Clothing should be modest for both men and women. For women this means an ankle length skirt or trousers, which should not be tight or transparent, together with a long sleeved and high- necked top. A headscarf is usually essential for women. Shoes are removed before going into the prayer hall and put on the racks provided. Clean and presentable socks, stockings, or tights are therefore a good idea.

 photo 20160326_101219_zps0ejltchh.jpg

If you are not dressed appropriately, just head over to the registration counter, jot down your name and time of visit and grab a set of clothing that consists of a pair robe, and a pair of scarves for the ladies.

 photo 20160326_101149_zps9kvditvl.jpg

Put on the robe to cover up your body before entering the mosque. Donning the robe can be quite tricky to some, so if you need assistance donning the robe or head scarves, just ask the staffs to help you out. They are very helpful.

 photo 20160326_101135_zpsrg4zqipi.jpg

Once you’re covered up appropriately, you will be allowed to enter the mosque to visit.

 photo 20160326_102224_zpshzdljnsv.jpg

This is deemed appropriately dressed. One must be covered up nicely from top to toe and for ladies, hair should be decently covered with a scarf. To visit the prayer hall, walk quietly into the hall, and sit on the floor, avoiding pointing the feet in the direction of the Qibla, the wall with the niche or alcove in it, indicating the direction of Makkah. If you happened to be visiting as a group during a time when prayers are taking place, sit together toward the rear of the hall.

When Salat, one of the five daily prayer is in progress, non-Muslim visitors are welcomed but simply to observe rather than to join in. If arriving at such a time, find a place near the rear wall and sit quietly observing the prayer. No sacred or blessed food will be offered, nor will visitors be expected to make any physical gesture of respect to holy objects except removing their shoes and acting respectfully in the prayer hall. Vistors may be greeted by the Arabic greeting “Assalamualaikum” which means “peace be upon you.” The answer, if the visitor would like to use it, is “Wa ‘alaikum-as-salam”, which means “peace be upon you too”. Do not offer, or expect, to shake hands with people of the opposite sex.

 photo 20160326_103354_zpsx56eqcsj.jpg

As one of Southeast Asia’s largest mosques, its unique modern design embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art, calligraphy and ornamentation.

 photo solat-600x360_zpsvhfw0rw6.jpg

National Mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. But apart from being a place of worship, it is also a community centre where plenty of religion related activities and events is held. Apart from the 5 times daily prayers, common events that’s held daily over here are Quranic classes and solemnization of marriage.

 photo 20160326_102258_zpsk3xaihsq.jpg

Religious class ongoing

 photo 20160326_103800_zpswalbscg3.jpg

A happy couple spotted after their solemnization of marriage in the National Mosque.

 photo 20160326_103857_zpswo2lnmdz_edit_1459672790014_zpsokjpe1ca.jpg

At the back garden of the mosque is ‘Makam Pahlawan’, a mausoleum where the deceased leaders of the country were laid to rest. It is opened to visitors any time of the day.

 photo 20160326_103948_zpsdfjw5tjx.jpg

Prayer before entering the mausoleum. Muslims are encouraged to recite the prayer before entering the mausoleum.

 photo 20160326_104050_zpsskxyf7em.jpg

Here is where the late Prime Ministers of Malaysia and their deputies were laid to rest.

The National Mosque is located right next to the architecturally fabulous old railway station, and just a short walk to the sprawling Lake Gardens and National Monument and KL Bird Park and is great to visit if you live cultural stuff or would like to learn more about Islam.

The easiest way to get to the National Mosque is via taxi. Per trip via taxi should set you back about RM20 from anywhere within the city center and about RM75 via taxi from KLIA. If you want to opt for a cheaper means of transportation, you can take the RapidKL bus (B101 and B112) and get off at the Dayabumi Complex. From the complex, you can walk to the National Mosque. If you plan to take the KTM Kommuter, just remember to stop at the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. You will need to walk towards the National Mosque.

Location info

Masjid Negara
Jalan Perdana, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Office Number:+603 2693 7905
Opening Hours:06:30am – 01:00pm, 
02:30pm – 04:00pm,
05:30pm – 07:00pm.

Seven Seas to Provide Free Meals for Underprivileged School Kids

 photo IMG_6807_zpsvurs4c9v.jpg

Studies have found that undernutrition and unhealthy dietary practices are still prevalent among children in Malaysia. A study published in 2013 – Nutritional status of Malaysian children – studied the nutritional status and dietary intake of children aged between six months and 12 years, found that 4.4% of the 3,542 sample population had a deficiency of iron and Vitamin A.

Low income pre-schoolers (4-7 years old) and school aged children (7-10 years old) were found to have the lowest intakes for most nutrients and the highest percentages that did not meet energy and nutrient recommendations.

Seven Seas to Provide Free Meals for Approximately 6,000 kids from selected schools nationwide will benefit from the #FreeCanteen programme, a first-time collaboration between Seven Seas, a brand under Merck Consumer Health Division in Malaysia and social cause advocate, Syed Azmi Alhabshi.

Through the #FreeCanteen programme, underprivileged kids from selected schools will be provided with one free meal during recess, while also being educated on the value of a nutritious meal and the benefits it can bring to their general health and well-being.

Seven Seas, one of the health supplement brands under Merck – the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world since 1668 – has pledged to contribute RM1 for every unit of Seven Seas Kids products sold between 1 April to 30 June 2016, in support of the #FreeCanteen programme.

With more than 80 years’ experience, Seven Seas understands the nutritional needs of families at different stages of life. Backed by scientific expertise and high standard of excellence, an extensive selection of nutritional supplements has been developed to meet the needs of children and provide them with nutrients for healthy growth. Each product is uniquely formulated to support child development from the inside out.

Seven Seas #DontWorryMom | The constant struggles of motherhood never ends

Check out Seven Seas’ first-ever short web film, in line with the brand’s objectives to alleviate the worries of mothers in raising their children. The video tells the heart-warming story of Sara and her mother, the journey and worries of raising a child, and the power of unconditional love, and also introduces the brand’s hashtag #DontWorryMom.

For more information on Seven Seas Malaysia and its products, visit

C Asean Consonant Concert 2016: The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN

It is a common knowledge that we’re all divided by languages and culture, but music is something that everyone in the world have in common despite of the language barrier. Music is an international language that transcends linguistics, cultural, religious, political and economics barrier.

Realizing this, C asean , a Bangkok based social enterprise whose aims are to strengthen regional connectivity formed C asean Consonant, bringing together generations of musicians across ASEAN countries. Members of C asean Consonant are talented youth from 10 ASEAN countries gathering to showcase their traditional instruments. This ensemble offers a platform for younger generation to develop, to share and to preserve traditional music of ASEAN.

 photo FB_IMG_1459627554665_zps88iuargb.jpg

C asean Consonant Concert in MaTiC, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with lineups of talented young musicians from ASEAN countries; Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam performing “The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN”; medley of traditional songs from each countries.

 photo 20160402_212347_zpsiyofeugu.jpg

A total of 10 ASEAN countries performed with traditional musical instrument of their respective countries:

Sukirman Sugadto from Brunei
Marvin Tamayo from Philippines
Niranjan Pandian from Singapore
Agung Hero Hernanda from Indonesia
Kammathep Theeralertrat from Thailand
Noor Leyzam Ali from Malaysia
Le Thuy Linh from Vietnam
War War San from Myanmar
Sinthavong Sengmounthong from Laos
Peseth Sart from Cambodia

The music presented is able to give an idea that music is a universal language that is able to melt, eliminating differences, and unite the various tribes, races, and languages ​​between countries in the ASEAN region.

 photo FB_IMG_1459627547692_zpsglciq0mq.jpg

Ethnic music was considered old-fashioned by most young people around the world was presented with a package that includes a musical arrangement with contemporary elements.

Here’s sharing some of the instrumental songs that was performed in the C asean Consonant concert that was held in MaTiC, Kuala Lumpur.

‘Asian Way’, the theme song for ASEAN countries.

Cambodian song: Sarika Keo which tells about the natural beauty of Cambodia.

Dayung Sampan, a song from Malaysia. Instruments used for this song is similar to songs played in a Chinese weddings.

Ai ai Salidumay, a song from Philippines is equally interesting. This song is usually sung by the community or communities in the Philippines to provide encouragement in carrying out their daily activities.

The meaningful C ASEAN Consonant Concert: The Sound and Spirit of ASEAN received a standing ovation by the end of the concert and this definitely showed the world that different countries could appear together harmoniously and stand united with each other.

Detoxify, Relax and Rejuvenate at Unique Wellness Centre sweatspa™

 photo 2a_zpsyrmusiuz.jpg

Unique Wellness Centre sweatspa™ Reveals Ning Baizura As Spokesperson and Ambassador Kuala Lumpur, 6 April 2016:  Following the success of their outlets; sweatspa™, an up-and-rising wellness brand in Malaysia, introduced Malaysian pop and R&B singer, Ning Baizura binti Sheikh Hamzah or better known as Ning Baizura, as its brand ambassador.  Ning has won various awards including AIM Awards, Voice of Asia, and Best Artiste Development Award and is known for her roles in movies such as Malaikat di Jendela and Muallaf. As the brand ambassador and spokesperson for sweatspa™, Ning will advocate the importance of sweating for health, keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

 photo 1a_zpsabcv95jt.jpg

At sweatspa™, it is all about sweating for better health.  Different from the traditional saunas, each cabin utilises medical grade Sunlighten™ Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy with emphasis on safety and comfort, to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate the body.  Infrared therapy has been around but the Full Spectrum Infrared sauna is a league ahead with its Near, Mid, and Far infrared rays. This means really specific and targeted improvements can be programmed into the treatment.  

Near Infrared Rays are best for wound healing and increased immune functions, Mid Infrared levels are best for increasing circulation and promoting muscle relaxation, and FIR levels are used primarily for detoxification purposes. Customers may enjoy the therapy at the outlets or in the comforts of their home. 

 photo FIR Cabin_zpsqnbf0fdh.jpg

For those who prefer to enjoy the spa in the comforts of their home, the Sunlighten™ cabins are available for sale, with two lines available – the Signature series and the mPulse Series. People today don’t sweat enough.  Sweating is a natural function of the human body, and is very important to the body health. The first function is to cool the body down when it is heating up. The second function is to provide a secondary system that removes toxins through the skin.  Therefore, sweating could provide greater detoxification benefits to achieve optimal health, beauty and vitality.

sweatspa™ sweatspa™ was founded in 2014 with the purpose of helping people gain vibrant health and beauty. sweatspa™ is a wellness brand that advocates sweating for better health, utilizing the medical grade Sunlighten™ Full Spectrum Infrared therapy.

Menara Kuala Lumpur Media Nite 2016

Menara Kuala Lumpur rising from the crest of Bukit Nanas at 421metre tall, offers the best city views in Kuala Lumpur.

 photo Screenshot_2016-04-01-23-50-0101_zpsqyo85cts.png

Surrounded by a pocket of primary rainforest, this lofty spire is the world’s fourth-highest telecommunications tower. The bulb at the top is inspired by ‘Gasing’,a traditional Malay spinning top toy, contains a revolving restaurant, an interior observation deck at 276m and, most thrilling of all, an open deck at 300m, access to which is weather dependent.

 photo 20151118_213836_zpsj6bwzyws.jpg

Menara Kuala Lumpur also acts as the Islamic falak observatory to observe the crescent moon which marks the beginning of Muslim month of Ramadhan, Syawal, and Zulhijjah, to celebrate fasting month of Ramadhan, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Aidiladha. Menara Kuala Lumour is the highest viewpoint in Kuala Lumpur that is open to the public. A free shuttle bus runs from the gate on Jln Punchak, or you can walk up through the KL Forest Eco Park and its new canopy walkway.

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I have been to Menara Kuala Lumpur a couple of times for business purpose, but never for leisure and haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the view from the tower itself until last week during Menara Kuala Lumpur Media Nite 2016 where they spent time with the members of the media and tourism players from all corners of Malaysia to appreciate all the publicities and the unconditional support that has been given by the members of the media to Menara Kuala Lumpur.

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Breathtaking view from Menara Kuala Lumpur at night. The picture was taken as soon as I was seated at my designated table with the rest of the media. The city looks like a huge glittering jewellery box, don’t you think?

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The night was made lively by one of the legendary actress and emcee in the entertainment industry, Fauziah Ahmad Daud or better known simply as Ogy.

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The night kicked off with a singing and dancing performance by Menara KL Head of Departments.

Video of Menara KL Head of Departments performing.

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Members of the media being entertained by various local artistses’ performance.

The emcee herself, who used to be a singing sensation in her youth performing a song by requests from the audience.

 photo 20160325_232145_zpsi0uptdgl.jpg

Best dressed winners

 photo 20160325_235318_zpsg3014iyg.jpg

Lucky draw grand prize winner

 photo 20160325_222030_zps2sni2cuu.jpg

Certificate of recognition given to members of the media as a token of appreciation for their unconditional supports and contributions in elevating Menara KL as one of the most preferred tourism destination in Malaysia.

Being a member of the media, I often work behind the scene, away from the glitz and glams. It’s surely a nice change that we are being appreciated and recognized that night. Thank you Menara KL for the amazing evening.

To find out more on what Menara KL has to offer, visit their website HERE.