Celebrate Beauty with Althea

Written by: Guest writer Comot &Tutty
Edited by: Cleffairy
Photographer: Cleffairy
Assisted by: Hanny Abdullah&Hazirah Shah
Disclaimer: No furkids or humans were harmed in the making of this article. To avoid unnecessary clawing and chewing by the furkids, please don’t do this at home.

 photo 20160720_141932_zpslpt9lgxs_edit_1469041467299_zpskjtwrn4p.jpg

Heyya, come closer. Don’t be scared. I don’t bite…much. I usually just chew on things but mum will always stop me in time before things gets very nasty. My mum’s away on a short vacation and I’m in charge of the blog today. I have something to tell you.

 photo 20160720_143021_zpstbz52vlj.jpg

My mum’s a nasty shophaholic and she’s done it again. Take a look. She just made a shopping haul in Althea and here’s part of her loot. According to her…these babies are from Korea and they arrived within 5 working days upon ordering. Not bad, huh? Considering that Korea is miles away from Malaysia and you got to fly over to reach there and all that.

 photo 20160720_142848_zps9rs68qey.jpg

Let’s take a sniff…in case mum bought us some treats. We can always dig in before she comes home and re-wrap the this stuff and pretends nothing happens.

 photo 20160720_142936_zpsqvl1yy33.jpg

How disappointing.

 photo 20160720_141359_zpsia6soevt.jpg

There’s no treats. Only some stuff that according to mum and I quote, “the things that will make me look like a hotbabe and a sexy bombshell”.

 photo 20160720_150258_zpsxmsejlum.jpg

Oh well, at least there’s a party hat and a balloon for us to play with and if we feel like it, we can make it go BooM and KapoW and terrorize mum when she refuse to pay any attention to us.

 photo 20160720_142221_zpspnqv0ozh.jpg

Anyway, I cought mum stashing away a yummy birthday cake in the fridge. She said, it’s for Althea’s 1st birthday. Sorry. We can’t help ourselves and ate it. Don’t be mad at us, I’m sure there’s plenty of cakes at Althea.

 photo 0716_BdayPromo_mainbanner_MY_zps4hmiy0iw.jpg

I heard they are throwing a huge partayyyyyy in conjunction of the first Althea’s Birthday Celebration from 20th – 31st July, 2016.

 photo 0716_Althea1stBday_instagram_MY_03_zpstlsk0nwl.jpg

Althea is giving away limited edition birthday box + DIY party kit for orders placed on 20th July 2016 onwards and will also be free full size beauty products goodies that will help you look like a hotbabe and a sexy bombshells for first 1,500 shoppers, while stock last.

 photo 0716_Althea1stBday_catbanner_MY_zpsh5xbqvpj.jpg

And if you pick 3 Top Sellers 100% rebate will be credited into your account.

 photo 0716_BdayPromo_fbContest_MY_zpsrj0eipci.jpg

And there’s more. Greet Althea a happy birthday on instagram with the hashtag #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea. Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won. The contest starts from 20th July – 15th August, 2016, so whatcha waiting for? Insta away, babes!

Mum’s back. I got to sign off and hide before she finds out that we ate the cake she baked and turns into a banshee. Adios, people. See ya again next time.

Malaysia Tourism Council Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Malaysia Tourism Council celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in a splendid dinner affair last Saturday at Dewan Perdana Felda,Kuala Lumpur.

 photo BeautyPlus_20160719200053_save_zps7szwm0pb.jpg

Attended by people from the tourism industry and major travel agencies from both Malaysia and overseas, it was an event of networking and fellowship.
Malaysia Tourism Council revealed their long term plans on further eleviating Malaysia in international level as well as their official travel magazine, Santai Travel during their 30th Anniversary Dinner.

In line of their effort to support domestic travel, guests were also given a glimpse of what some states will have to offer for the Visit Malaysia year 2017 and #DekatJe campaign, mainly Perak, Johor and Terengganu.

 photo 20160716_212106_zpshwluylcx.jpg

The ‘Ulek Mayang’ dance being performed during the Malaysia Tourism Council 30th Anniversary Dinner. The dance originates from Terengganu and is said to have ritualistic element where the dance is actually performed to summon the spirit of seven mystical princess to heal a sick person.

Ulek Mayang Dance Performance

Watch the video. Eerily real and I actually got goosebumps when I recorded the video.

Sabai Sabai

It’s no secret that I am officially a Thai Lakorn addict and when the all time favourite Siamese hit ‘Sabai, Sabai’ being performed during Malaysia Tourism Council’s 30th Anniversary Dinner, I can’t help but sing along.

Needless to say, as a family friendly tourism activist, my family and I were all hyped up during the dinner as we get to meet likeminded people with the same visions and goals, and we sure hope that in tourism, we unite.

Up Close and Personal with Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee: Anyone Can Be a Property Millionaire

If there is one thing that I hate most on weekend is being mundane. I hate to stay at home and do nothing. It made me feel like I’m wasting a great amount of time when I could have gone out exploring and see the world. I was about to blow off my head last weekend as I happen to have nothing planned last Saturday. But lucky for me, amidst my irritation, I was presented with an opportunity to meet up with one of the country’s most prominent real estate personality, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee, who happens to be holding a brief meeting session with social media influencers in order to introduce his upcoming reality TV show, “Anyone Can Be a Property Millionaire”.

 photo IMG_7031_zpsdhb69jbn.jpg

Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee giving an introduction on his upcoming reality TV show, “Anyone Can Be A Property Millionaire”.

 photo IMG_7026_zps8lcrwo0d.jpg

Believing that owning a home and being rich is everyone’s rights, Dato’ Sri Gavin says the aim of the reality TV show is to search for 8 participants for “Anyone Can Be a Property Millionaire” where he will personally be coaching the participants into making their first 1million via property investment.

And so, I made the most out of my boring Saturday with Dato’ Seri Gavin Tee who is talking about investing in property. And guess what, he’s looking for participants for “Anyone can be a Property Millionaire” Reality TV Show where he will be personally coaching the participants on being a property millionaire.

Exclusive Interview with Dato Seri Gavin Tee

Watch my video interview with Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee where he explain what’s the reality TV show is all about.

 photo IMG_7130_zpsazspxgxb.jpg

Expected to be broadcasted in the 2nd quarter of 2017, the show’s creator and host, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee said he is inviting everyone (Chinese-speaking for the 1st season) to apply to participate.

Shortlisted participants will then go through a selection process where factors such as how they express themselves, financial ability, assessment tests results, and a simple self-introduction,will be taken into consideration.

The search for the 8 Property Millionaire Stars will kick off with Tee’s talk on “Anyone Can be a Property Millionaire” on July 24th (Sunday) at 2pm to be held at the Grand Ballroom, The Garden Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

To participate, you may purchase a ticket at only RM50 where you can attend Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee’s talk and meet him in person on 24th July (1-5pm) at the Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Online Ticket: www.propertymillionaire.com.my/talk724
Alternatively, interested participants and sponsors may log in to www.propertymillionaire.com.my/talk724 or contact 03-22888588 / [email protected] (Yee Ting).

But if you can’t manage to purchase the ticket, it’s all right. I’m giving away a pair of tickets worth RM100 to five lucky readers who comment here. So, what are you waiting for? Comment away. Who knows you might be the next property millionaire.

Cruise into Romantic Horizon with Dream Cruises

If there is one thing that you must try at least once in a lifetime is going on a cruise.

 photo FB_IMG_1468873888306_zpsazfhuq1y.jpg

Just last week, we were given a glimpse of what it is like to be on broad on a cruise liner during the announcement of Genting Dream’s latest romantic and dreamy package, their ‘ Dream Cruises Honeymoon Package’.

Dream Cruises, the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, announced the maiden cruise itinerary for Genting Dream along with their impressively romantic and intimate package catered especially for lovebirds and honeymooners, during their hi-tea session with Tourism Selangor and the members of the media abroad their sister liner, Star Cruise Gemini.

 photo FB_IMG_1468873910713_zpsnyer0bk6.jpg

VIP guests present: Tourism EXCO of Selangor, Datuk Seri Mirza DG of Tourism Malaysia, YB Elizabeth Wong and Datuk Rashidi of Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

 photo FB_IMG_1468873921211_zps60fcvkpf.jpg

In the white uniform, the captain of the ship.

 photo PhotoGrid_1468874835810_zpspgnjcunv.jpg

Dream Cruises offers inspirational luxury, which is Asian at heart and international in spirit. Genting Dream is designed to meet the large and ever growing demand for inspired vacation experiences from discerning guests across China and the Asia region. Complementing their Honeymoon package, Genting Dream in Southeast Asia will be featuring appealing, warmer destinations, designed to give you the privacy and intimacy you desire, plus the opportunity to socialise and meet others if you so choose.

You may choose to embark on an unforgettable 2, 5 or 7 night trip exploring the rich culture and beautiful tropical surroundings of Vietnam and Sanya or spoil yourselves rotten in world-class shopping in Hong Kong and explore sites rich with history and impressive architecture in the Pearl River Delta.

Genting Dream will accommodate some 3,400 guests, attended by 2,000 crew members, forming the highest crew to guest ratio in Asia-based cruising. Experience the ultimate luxury in ‘Dream Mansion’, a ‘ship-within-a-ship’ with two floors of lavish suites featuring European-style butler service. Accommodation aboard Genting Dream reflects both scale and choice for guests with 70 per cent of staterooms offering private balconies and 100 connecting rooms catering to extended families and larger groups.

More than 35 restaurant and bar concepts onboard offer a wide array of regional cuisines from across Asia, along with a wide range of international dining experiences. Innovative entertainment and leisure lifestyle venues include one of the world’s largest Asian reflexology spas at sea, thrilling live shows, duty-free retail and a wide range of recreation options including a variety of pools with six water slides, a stunning 610-metre wraparound promenade, two submersibles, thrilling ropes course and rock climbing wall. Enriching onboard activities including wine tasting, engaging lifestyle experts, guest speakers and immersive workshops will enhance perspectives, unlock new talents and fulfil guests’ dreams.

For more information on Dream Cruise packages and their ongoing promotion, hop over HERE.

We have yet to have the opportunity to be onboard of the Genting Dream, but here’s giving you a little glimpse on how it is like on their sister liner, the Star Cruise Gemini.

 photo received_10209799824050080_zpsj0vmpld1.jpeg

On the deck of Star Cruise Gemini

 photo received_10209799824250085_zpsdd4rsekx.jpeg

Guest swimming in the pool onboard of Star Cruise Gemini.

 photo received_10209799823930077_zpsg7hgczg8.jpeg

The pool, guests all time favourite lurk.

 photo received_10209771337577936_zpsvtbctsvf.jpeg

A guest spotted enjoying the view from the deck of Star Cruise Gemini.

Unlike other means of transportation during travel, cruising on a ship will without a doubt opens your eyes to new horizons as you experience travel from a new perspective. You will be able to learn about multiple countries and cultures in a fresh and exciting way, both on board and on shore, so by all means, do check out the packages offered by Star Cruise liners in this site HERE.


Tips on Dressing Up in Style While Traveling

 photo received_10209993509052384_zpsdezdbosi.jpeg

As someone who travels often and loves to mix business and pleasure whenever I’m on my trips, packing up can be quite a nuisance as I’m pretty vain. And despite it being a business trip, I refuse to let style go flying, even if that means making luggage heavier.

I used to carry almost the whole wardrobe with me whenever I travel, but a friend of mine shared some useful tips on packing up light but still make me look like I’m worth a million dollar.

Here’s sharing some must haves for die hard fashionistas while traveling:

1. A pair of jeans
2. Plain coloured shirts
3. Custom made dresses that does not crease
4. Shawl
5. Sunglasses
6. Accessories like earrings, bangles and necklaces.
7. Liptint ( they doubles perfectly as lipstick and blusher)
8. Sunscreen/ CC Cream
9. Travel sized toiletries
10. Wet wipes

The trick to traveling light and looking good is not a heavy luggage. I wasn’t very smart and used to stash half of my wardrobe into my luggage whenever I travel, resulting to having to pay more to the airlines and whatnot for excess baggage but little did I know that looking good while you are traveling, be it for business or pleasure lies in how you mix and match your clothing and your accessories. Be creative as you can. Put up some makeup and pair up your accessories like earrings and bangles with plain black shirt and skirt or just a necklace with a stylish summer dress or lunss and I assure you that you will look like a bombshell you really are during your travel. Or if your itinerary includes a romantic dinner, you can go all out and dress up in a custom made bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaids dresses are not just for weddings. To be honest they are pretty versatile if you know how to pick them up for dinner dates or special occasions.You’ll be turning heads, that’s for sure.

How to Take Instagram Worthy Pictures While Traveling

It is undeniable that Instagram is one of the most convenient smartphone application travelers used to record their travel. And if you’ve been following some top travel instagrammers, you would realize that their travel pictures are almost surreal and too beautiful to be true. Now, here’s sharing some tips how to take take instagram worthy pictures during your travel by just using your smart phones:

1. Take pictures horizontally. Always take the shot with the phone in horizontal position. Reason being is to get the most part of the scenery in the original picture and then crop it in square format directly on Instagram so that you have a choice to show what you really want to show your followers.

2. Don’t hesitate to get dirty.’ If you want the best picture of a scenery or a very original shot, look for new angles from the ground, from high, over a canal or a river and go to places where other people don’t go. 

3. Turn on the HDR mode when capturing a scene where there are both extremely bright and dark areas.

4. Turn on flash when photographing people in daylight so their faces don’t look too dark.

5. Use Instagram filters. Don’t be afraid to edit your photos. If you know how to post process or edit your photo it’s possible to never take a bad photo.

6. Be creative. Eg: Line up your hand to make it look like you’re holding the building that you are shooting.

7. Clean your smartphone lense. A clean lense ensures clarity and sharpness of your photo.

 photo bella-hadid-sexy-high-slit-plunging-v-neck-halter-red-prom-dress-cannes-2016-1_zpswpofu2fy.jpg

8. Make effort to dress up. If you are doing OOTD, make sure you choose a dress that befitting the scenery or an outfit that is really striking so that you will look standout in the crowd. Let’s say you want to go all out and do a celebrity look, perhaps you can choose to wear Blake lively dresses or if you’d like to do something more classy and outstanding, go for dresses like Rihanna red carpet dress. And a light makeup to bring up colour to your face wouldn’t bring any harm either.

9. Make use of selfie stick if you are traveling alone and needed a good selfie.

10. Make use of timer to time your shots if you are traveling on your own.

Taking travel photos for your instagramming pleasure does not have to be a pain, and I hope you’d benefit from the tips above. Happy instagramming and don’t forget to share your beautiful pictures with a personalized travel hashtag.

Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach

The world is like a book and those who does not travel, reads only one page. I always believe in this saying and naturally, I try to see the world as much as I can. I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to travel to a new place and I make a point to go to places that I’ve never been before at least once a month. I would immortalize my trips and journeys by using my smartphone and DSLR camera and whenever I look back on the memories that I made, it will put me into a different perspective and inspire me in an inexplainable ways, even when I’m having a bad day.

Now, like most travelers, I carry around multiple devices; my smartphones, powerbanks, tablet, waterproof camera, DSLR and many more. Problem? Yes. These devices needs to be charged, and more often than not, the charger and powerbanks does not provide sufficient power and the charging speed is not fast enough to sustain a heavy user like me.

I always fond myself wishing for nuclear powered devices or devices with infinite power so that I wouldn’t have to face the inconvenience of having to charge my phone often and at a very long duration at that too.

But since nuclear powered devices is just a farfetch idea, at least for the time being, the new Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach is the next best thing to sustain my needs for full powered devices all the time.

 photo 20160707_161758_zps0cih0h5b.jpg

Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach is a portable charging hub that enables you to charge up to three devices simultaneosly.

 photo 20160707_162121_zps92krhbhz.jpg

Package Contents
-LifeHub™ mobile USB power hub
-Power AdapterAC
-Power Cord
User Manual and Warranty

 photo 20160707_162002_zpstnobttlf.jpg

The Innergie LifeHub teardrop design is ultra slim and streamlined. LifeHub is surprisingly light and easy to handle.

 photo 20160707_162247_zpss4r8negi.jpg

The 3 USB ports allow the quick charging of three tablets or smartphones at the same time.

 photo 20160707_180300_zpsfnhhoaui.jpg

Innergie offers quicker charging that allows you to do more your the devices.

 photo 20160707_180052_zpsogdfiago.jpg

Over 10,000 types of mobile USB devices are supported, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets. An ample 6.3 Amp current provides the ports with 2.1 Amp output each, allowing the rapid and simultaneous charging of three tablets or smartphones, and yes, cameras with USB charging ports too. Definitely a convenience for travelers or people who is constantly on the go and can’t afford to spend time to wait for hours for their devices to be fully charged. When extended the LifeHub offers an extra 14.7 feet (4.5 meters) of cable so that you are no longer restricted by space or distance too.

I wouldn’t encourage device usage while charging, but I used my smartphones while charging and it is so far safe, at leasy for me.Innergie products are safer than ever. With Innergie’s InnerShield™ Protection Technology, all of your devices are protected from over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuiting, giving you stable power and peace of mind, but I recommend you to leave your devices to charge, for security precaution and to maximize the charging speed.

Below is the Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach specs, in case you are curious:

Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach Specifications

– AC Input100-240V AC / 1.2A 50-60 Hz

– USB Output5V DC / 2.1A (Each Port)USB Port3

– PortsOutput Power31.5W

– Dimensions (L × W × H)81.9 × 45.5 × 18.2 mm3.3 × 1.8 × 0.7 in

– Weight*79.2 g / 2.8 oz

– Cable Length4.5 m / 14.7 ft.*

– Weight excluding cables & accessories (+/- 10g)

Warranty 1-year limited warranty.

Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub with Extended Reach will be launched in Malaysia soon, so do stay tune for more about Innergie LifeHub over here. 

I’ve been using this Innergie LifeHub 3 USB Power Hub for almost 2 weeks and I’d have to say, I’m a very happy camper, my devices are now usually fully charged and I never never have to missed a beautiful moment during my travels anymore.

This device haven’t hit the Malaysian shore yet. Stay tune for Innergie’s arrival to Malaysia soon.

For more information, do visit their website HERE

Or follow them at their Facebook page HERE

Accidental Shortcuts Discovery with Salam Browser

So, I was looking for…ahem, a method to prevent my son from seeing what he is not supposed to see yet whenever he goes online. You know, as much as I would like to tell you that I’m a sweet angel who does not do naughty things online, it would be a blatant lie. I often watch movies that’s not so children friendly, I visited sites that is not appropriate for kids and you know, I do all sort of naughty stuff and my browsing history isn’t exactly angelic to say the least.

Having a pre-teen kid whom I allow to use the laptop for blogging and browsing purpose, I knew I had to protect his innocent mind from seeing the unseen. Pre-teens are curious creatures. I was a pre-teen once and I knew how out of hands things can be.

 photo Screenshot_2016-06-30-08-40-49_zps8gxcibrf.png

To cut long story short, I stumbled upon this Salam Browser while searching for secured browsing for kids. Reading up reviews, it is a browser that is supposedly children friendly. It is free to download and ensures secure browsing for children by enforcing great security.

Anyway, let’s put technicalities aside. Upon usage, I discovered that Salam Browser gives plenty of useful tips and one of it is keyboard shortcut tips.

Well, despite being married to a system engineer for more than a decade, I’m not quite that literate when it comes to techie stuff. When I browse and do things, it would be the old fashion way, the very useful and mighty mouse.

But now here’s sharing keyboard shortcuts that will make your online life easier, because I know how miserable it can be whenever your mouse goes faulty or when you need to do things at a faster speed.

Common keyboard shortcuts (can also be used on Salam Browser)

1. Open New Tab in browser

2. Close Current Tab

3. Reopen Last Tab Closed
Ctrl + Shift +T

4. View Specific Tab
Don’t clutter your screen with more than 9 tabs opened at once. Minimize distraction. With up to 9 tabs opened jump to a specific tab by holding Ctrl and pressing required tab number
Ctrl+ 1 or Ctrl+ 2 and so on.

Jumping to a specific tab in browser with Ctrl+1, +2, +3… shortcuts
Ctrl+Tab will let you jump on the next tab in the right direction. To go in the opposite directions add Shift.

5. Point mouse cursor into search bar without dragging your mouse there

6. Scroll with Spacebar
If your cursor is not in a text field press Spacebar to scroll down.

7. Jump to the top of the page

Press Home button

8. Open Downloaded Page

9. Browse in Incognito Mode
For extra privacy, use Ctrl+Shift+N

10. Quit Browser Window
Quit Incognito Mode window without clicking on ×. Simply press Ctrl+Q

There, easy-peasy, right? Hope all of you out there benefited from the shortcuts the way I do should you been in the dark about it.

From Malaysia to Around The World: The Affordable Way

 photo 20160528_172241_zpsdb345rtt.jpg

Going on holiday is something everyone would enjoy, either you are traveling solo or with friends and family, one or two holidays a year is needed to help you escape from the tiring and probably boring daily routines.

There are a lot to plan before you go on a holiday, one of the important matter before you plan any further is how are you getting there. For the domestic getaway there will be a lot of options to choose maybe by using buses or jumping on a train or even flying with airplanes. However, if you are planning to go to an international destination, using an airplane is one thing you have to do unless there is other option like going on a cruise.

In Malaysia though, the Kuala Lumpur international airports is now flying everywhere in the world and there are many Southeast Asian travellers (from Indonesia or Thailand) go to Kuala Lumpur to get them to international destination like India, Europe or United States with a more affordable price. Even the national airlines Malaysian Airlines is offering daily deals for international destinations like Australia, India, Europe and United Kingdom. Malaysia Airlines also flies to every city in Malaysia from Alor to Langkawi to Ipoh.

Now, purchasing the flight tickets is quite tricky since we all want to get cheap flights to save our holiday money, but how to get cheap flights? Here are some tips you can try at home before booking your holiday:

1. Try to fly early morning or at night time

Not many people like the early morning or midnight flights, therefore airplanes will normally give you cheaper price to fly at this hour.

2. Book your tickets two weeks before

Some air carriers would start their flight promotion two weeks before the departure date, however if you’re planning to go on holiday in the peak season like summer holiday try to book them much earlier like three or four months before to save yourself from the last minute seats.

3. Book your flight at midnight

Air carriers won’t issue your ticket unless you pay for it. When someone doesn’t pay, air carrier will have to cancel their tickets and you can get these cancelled tickets in a low price when you book them at midnight. Try to use direct online booking from the carrier so you won’t have to rely on travel agents.

4. Fly on Wednesday

There are not many people who would like to leave on a mid-week, this results in many empty seats on Wednesday and therefore, it will be easier for you to get the promotional/ discount airfares.

5. Befriend with A Travel Agent officer

This might sound silly but if you have a friend at the travel agent, it will be much easier for you to ask them to get you promotional fares when you need them. For example, if you know you will be traveling to Penang in December, you can always as your “travel-agent friend” to book you a ticket early when there is a promotion. You can also check online travel agent sites, like Traveloka, to get a lot of cheap flights option.

Warna Warni Aidilfitri 2016 at Kompleks Kraft Kuala Lumpur

Ramadan is fast coming to an end and if you have yet to do your shopping to prepare for the upcoming Aidilfitri celebration, here’s one place I would suggest; The Kompleks Kraft Kuala Lumpur.

Kraftangan Malaysia, an agency under Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) has just launched the annual Warna Warni Aidilfitri 2016, a bazaar that features creatives handmade crafts and  produce such as clothings, accessories, and agro produce at a very competitive price, and it would be a perfect place to hunt not only for great bargain, but for exclusive goods as well.
 photo 20160623_182656_zpshijapwn8.jpg

Minister of Tourism and Culture, Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri addressing the media and public during the launching of Warna Warni Aidilfitri.

 photo IMG_6134_zps8thmvn7u.jpg

Booths selling crafty goods for Aidilfitri

 photo IMG_6142_zpsz42ydlpz.jpg

Visitor shopping for clothes

 photo IMG_6158_zpscqsirgtp.jpg

Batik clothings

 photo IMG_6112_zpscs3bopjq.jpg

Contemporary clothes for women

 photo IMG_6114_zpspkfhclbr.jpg

Batik clothings for both men and women

 photo IMG_6204_zpsdoetn7cw.jpg

Agro produce being sold

 photo IMG_6170_zpspz2e6080.jpg

There’s also cooking demo on schedule so you might want to keep an eye on it too.

 photo IMG_6184_zpsx4dnyqik.jpg

Exotic dish spotted; Pulut Periuk Kera (Glutinous rice cooked in pitcher plant)

 photo IMG_6180_zpshxvoneym.jpg

A closer look at the pitcher plant glutinuos rice.

 photo IMG_6226_zps54nelztx.jpg

Warna Warni Aidilfitri 2016 will be ongoing from 22 June to 3 July 2016 from 10 am to 8 am (Mon-Thurs) and 10am to 10 pm (Fri-Sun).

The goods sold here at the Warna Warni Aidilfitri are exclusive and not sold anywhere else and was not mass produced, so if you are the kind who goes for classy and exclusive items, this is definitely the place to go.