eWana FM, More Than Just a Radio

When I was a little girl, my ambition was to be one of these three:

1. A doctor
2. A journalist
3. A deejay

I never did became a doctor or a deejay, I’m afraid, but I did pursue my tertiary education in Mass Communication and became a journalist for a short period of time. I suppose, someway…somehow…I did realize my childhood dreams, even for a short while.

Funny how life turns out…but no complains there. I’m now a writer in my own rights and I’m grateful and contented with all the blessings that I have in my life.

God is great and gave me what I want occasionally in His own way and terms. I may not be a doctor or a deejay, but He gave me friends who are deejays. šŸ˜‰

 photo IMG-20141207-WA0055_zpsom5dt73z.jpg

Here’s a picture taken a few days ago in eWana FM, during a surprise birthday celebration for Kos Serani a.k.a DJ Koz, designer cum deejay.

eWana FM is a place that I consider a home away from home. A place that is more than just a radio; where I get to connect with a lot of awesome people in the media and entertainment industry.

The people on the photos…they are deejays, models and media practitioners. šŸ™‚

From the surface, one would have the impression that the people in the industry are cocky and unapproachable, but the truth is far cry from people’s common perception. I have the privilege to get to know the models, the artists, the deejays and whatnot personally and I assure you that they are not only easily approachable, but friendly to boot as well. So yes…never judge a person from their appearances or their job, and never stereotype them for whatever reasons.

Anyway, eWana FM is going through a major revamp for their show segments and whatnot. It will indeed be more than just an online radio as soon, the listeners would be able to watch their favourite deejays live while they are on air via live TV stream. šŸ™‚ Cool, huh?

 photo IMG_523835756836521_zps6i2wmrao.jpeg

My friend DJ Koz here will resume his show in eWana FM soon, and guess what?

 photo IMG_530854508240816_zps21xa2oei.jpeg
He is looking for guests who are interested to be interviewed on his show! So…if you have something to promote; doing business etc and is looking for good, clean publicity whatsoever, you may contact https://ewana.fm or directly contact DJ Koz at +60 16-278 1412 to be one of the guests on the show. šŸ˜‰

The listeners will not only be able to listen to you, but could see you as well!
I daresay it would be a good exposure for you…and if you’re ever there in eWana FM and would like to get to meet me in person and get to know me,just give me a holler and perhaps I could go over and we could go for a cuppa or two. šŸ˜‰


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