Jesus Christ The Fugitive

I’ve received this in my email today, and I thought, I’d share with you Christian friends out there.

Jesus called himself a”thief in the night” an outlaw.

And, in many ways, even today,our Lord remains a “fugitive”who fled from us years ago.

Christ walks upon the waters. We have no fingerprints and no photographs of him, no portraits painted while he was alive. There are no recordings of his voice, no books written by him.

There’s just the testimony of a few long-dead witnesses: men and women who walked and talked with him, broke bread with him, washed his feet, heard his voice, looked in his eyes.

Some recorded small physical details about Jesus; others wrote more about his spirit. From their testimony, the four Gospels, we Christians today have general impressions of Jesus.

But until now, no writer has approached the Gospels as would a policeman pursuing a fugitive, intent on discovering every single detail about the one who has fled:

• how tall he is (and how strong)

• the way he stands

• the clothes he wears

• the friends he has

• the places he stays

• his gestures

• how his mind works

• his facial expressions

• and even how he looks at people.

Cleffairy: My question here is why, none of us pursue this Holy Fugitive the way we pursue others?


  1. ericlee says:

    may be this is a little bit controversial(i mean this comment)…Probably there is a documentation on how he is physically in the early days…as the Bible had gone through many years…some info might had been changed and neglected in order sculpture out the “perfect Jesus”…I had a lot to say and question but I shall leave my comment as it is to avoid any unwanted stuffs…XD nice post…

    • says:

      Bravo! I am waiting for this sort of comment. 😀 i think you are so right… definitely right, but I am not going to delve into that.

      Anyway, the living proof is Catholic vs Protestants. They exists because they have different views on Christianity, Jesus, God and Mother Mary. One depended on what Vatican City and the Pope on how one should interpret the Bible while another takes interpretations into their own hands. Both… have their own view on Christianity and has been disagreeing from Henry VIII’s time… but the purpose is just one…and I won’t say what it is over here. Human has always taken religions into their own hands and often stray from the purpose of religion. 🙁

      • ericlee says:

        it’s true that as time goes by…humans had eventually fallen out from the right path and back towards paganism..people used to worship God in a spiritual way and also understand the true purpose of religion…however, most people do not understand at all what their religion is about…they just worship words and other symbolic “words”, “books” and etc…religion is definitely the most powerful weapon around

  2. Alpha Ace says:

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  3. Alv0808 says:

    We cant read Jesus mind..if we do, we become just like Him..but we know He has a planned for everybody who believe in Him..

    Why we believe for every words that come out from Bible? because the WORDS itself represent Him 🙂

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