King’s Park Gives Back and Celebrate Festive Joy As They Donate Land to Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan&Sealed MOU with PKKII and Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan

Renowned as the emerging central business district in Genting Highlands, King’s Park distinguishes itself not merely a developer but as the visionary force behind a monumental RM10 billion project, including the forthcoming Hard Rock Hotel Genting Highlands and the Accor Group’s Swissotel Genting Highlands.

Under King’s Park ESG commitment, the developer is riding high on the Year of the Dragon on a positive note by announcing that it is making a donation of a 7.75-acre land in Bentong to Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan (PKKII) – a home for mentally challenged children based in Kuchai Lama, today. The event held in King’s Park saw the presence of YBhg Dato’ Haji Zainal Abidin Bin Haji Sakom, Chairman, YBhg Dtin Dr Hjh Hartini Osman, Advisor and Encik Zulhairy Bin Jalaluddin, Director from Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan, Dr Tiew Chew Ming, Founder & President of PKKII and Mr Darren Yang Managing Director of Cornell Academy. They were welcomed by Mr Hendric Lim, Director and Mr Sean Chen, Executive Vice President of King’s Park.

In his address, Hendric emphasized King’s Park’s commitment to the community betterment, especially for the vulnerable. He said, ‘We are not just giving a land; we are giving these wonderful children a new beginning, a place they can play, learn and thrive.’

He further announced, ‘To construct the new PKKII home, we are launching a fundraising initiative named the ‘Happy Nest Building Donation’. We are collaborating with Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan (YBK) to raise RM15 million, offering donors the added incentive of tax exemption. We invite generous member from the public or organizations to come forward to help.’

To formalize the collaboration with YBK, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mr Hendric Lim and Dato Haji Zainal Abidin Bin Haji Sakom, witness by Encik Zulhairy Bin Jalaluddin, Datin Hartini from YBK, Dr Tiew Chew Ming, Mr Wong Pau San, Mr Pay Wee Hing from PKKII and Mr Sean Chen of King’s Park.

PKKII is PKKII is a non-profit organization that shelters brain-injured children. The home located in Happy Garden, Kuchai Lama relies on public funds for daily operations, catering to over 70 youths and kids currently residing at PKKII since a tender age. The home’s monthly expenses exceed RM40,000 and conducts fundraising such as charity sales and charity dinner to keep the home in operation. Dr Tiew Chew Ming said, ‘We express our heartfelt gratitude to King’s Park for their generous land donation to PKKII. With the upcoming building, we aim to provide not only a home for more children, but prioritizing the establishment as a training and rehabilitation center.’

The occasion also took the opportunity to include King’s Park formalizing a Memorandum of Understanding with YBK, committing to sponsor 300 of their youth for an educational and skill development journey at King’s Park through the Cornell Academy program.

Speaking at the event, Mr Sean Chen, King’s Park Executive Vice President said, King’s Park is pleased to work with YBK to further develop their youth. He elaborated, ‘We firmly believe in the capacity to cultivate exceptionally talented individuals within the walls of our integrated entertainment hub. Our vision involves close collaborations with all stakeholders, nurturing talents and contributing to the creation of a highly skilled pool tailored for this dynamic industry. The paramount importance of possessing industry-relevant skills from the outset cannot be overstated, as it catalyses efficiency and productivity upon entry into the workforce. We aspire to play a pivotal role in the promising growth of this vibrant group of young individuals. We fervently hope for broader community involvement with this sponsorship initiative by engaging and supporting local development through enhanced educational and job prospects.’

Cornell Academy is a newly established institution that embodies a contemporary curriculum crafted to provide immersive experiential learning and active stakeholder engagement. All this is fostered within a nurturing, student-centered environment. Its education is certified by Universiti Sains Malaysia, Graduate School of Business, offering a myriad of professional development and skill enhancement courses in the field of Business Management, and Hospitality with many more other programs to come soon.

Dato Haji Zainal expressed his enthusiasm for the dual programs initiated by King’s Park in collaboration with YBK said, ‘YBK, with 34 years of establishment, stands as a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty. We are immensely grateful to partner with King’s Park on these projects, collaborating to raise funds and extend the support for tax exemption. We will be embarking on a series of fundraising projects and events and we welcome the public and organizations to join us on this journey in ensuring the realization of Brick with Love Building Donation’s development.’

He added, ‘In addition, our foundation nurture many children and youth in numerous programs with the aim to enhance their lives and provide them with education, nurturing them as future contributors to society. We are immensely pleased that King’s Park is sponsoring our youths and we are certain they will be looking forward to the experience and skill training in your integrated resort.’

For more information on Happy Nest Building Donation please contact Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan at 03-7875 0036, Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan at or call 03-7982 4502, Cornell Academy, please visit or write to [email protected] and King’s Park at www.kings or call +601162216168.

Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins Review

Heyya, fellow mermaids and deep-sea explorers! Today, I’m diving deep into the world of freediving and bringing you a review of the Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins. These fins are the underwater equivalent of having your very own pair of magical tails that instantly transport you to a world of weightless wonder!

As a freediver and mermaid enthusiast, I’ve always been on the lookout for fins that not only enhance my performance but also make me feel like a graceful creature of the sea. And I can confidently say that the Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins have checked all the boxes, and then some!

Let’s start with the design. These fins are an absolute visual delight! The vibrant colors and sleek shape instantly make me feel like I’m on an exciting underwater adventure. They come in various enchanting shades, ranging from vivid baby blue to striking pink, meaning there’s a perfect color to match every mermaid’s unique style.

But it’s not just about looks. The performance of the Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins is definitely on another level. They are made from premium materials that create a perfect balance between responsiveness and flexibility. With each kick, I feel like I’m effortlessly soaring through the depths, my fins cutting through the water like a graceful gentle current.

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♬ nhạc nền – Kho Âm Nhạc Giải Trí – Kho Âm Nhạc Giải Trí

Here’s a video of me having some fun in the pool with my striking pink Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins.

These fins were clearly designed with mermaids and freedivers in mind. It’s super comfy. The foot pockets are snug, providing excellent support and stability, yet still manage to feel like a cozy hug. No more worrying about slipping fins – these beauties stay put, allowing me to focus solely on the pure joy of my underwater adventures.

Another fantastic feature of the Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins is their adaptability. Whether you’re a seasoned freediving pro or just starting to dip your toes in the enchanting world of mermaid life, these fins are perfect for every level of experience. They provide enough power and control for impressive dives into the blue abyss, while still being forgiving enough for casual leisurely swims. They practically bring fun back into training too. The best part? They’re durable and can stand all sorts of abuse during travels.

The Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins have undoubtedly cast their spell on me. With their stunning design, unparalleled performance, exceptional comfort, and the spirit of the ocean infused in every fin stroke, these fins are an absolute treasure for any mermaid or freediver. Are you ready to dive in and experience the enchantment of the deep? Grab your very own pair of Molchanovs CORE Silicone Bifins and let the underwater magic begin!

PS: There is also a monofin version of the Molchanovs CORE. Sadly I don’t own a pair and can’t review that, but when I do get my hands on it, I’ll be sure to share it with you all about it.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and in no way a collaboration with Molchanovs’ brand. All opinions are of my own.

My Thrilling Experience as a Safety Diver in Onshore Pool Freediving Competition 2023

Dear readers, it’s been awhile since I’ve last shared things with you, isn’t it? Well, things have been really busy on my side, but today I’m excited to share my enthralling journey as a Safety Diver with you.

If you have been following my social media; say…my Facebook, you would notice that I’ve recently volunteered in Onshore Pool Freediving Competition as a Safety Diver and I’ve shared tiny tidbits of my journey there, but here’s a lengthier version of it, so come and join me as share with you the empowering nature of this event that brings together freedivers from all walks of life, while ensuring their safety throughout the captivating competition.

One day before the competition; briefing, safety team’s scenario training and judges training. The training was to ensure we are well prepared for all possible scenarios and to prevent any preventable mishaps throughout the competition day.

As I arrived at the Arena Sukan indoor pool in the morning during the competition day, a wave of anticipation washed over me. Surrounded by a hubbub of energetic athletes, I couldn’t wait to begin my role as a Safety Diver. The atmosphere was electric, with each breath seemingly charged with excitement, fueling the participants’ determination to showcase their prowess.

Here’s Team FAM in action; the Safety Divers and the athletes. Yup. Freediving Adventure Malaysia sent representatives in the form of athletes and safety divers too this round.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Safety Diver is knowing that my teammates and I played a crucial role in the competition’s success.

We underwent extensive training, equipping us with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the athletes’ well-being, both physically and mentally.

As athletes prepared to perform, my heart raced in sync with theirs. Meticulously positioned at strategic points within the pool, my fellow Safety Divers and I remained vigilant, ready to assist in any situation. Our presence acted as a reassuring lifeline, instilling a sense of confidence and encouraging the competitors to push their boundaries.

The sheer diversity of freedivers participating instantly captivated me. From seasoned veterans to those dipping their toes into this captivating sport for the first time, every individual exuded incredible courage and resilience. Witnessing these incredible humans, empowered by their unwavering determination, was awe-inspiring.

With one of the freediving athletes that I was assigned to do safety for today; Azua Shafii , during STA discipline.

Adam Lau on the other hand, was assigned to take care of her during her DYN performance. She’s very well known in the FD community as a very prolific athlete in Malaysia. Her achievements are really inspiring, and I look forward to seeing her perform in competition again. I’m not sure what the future will bring , but maybe we will cross paths again some day, since I’ve decided that I’ll still volunteer as a safety diver in freediving competitions in the future.

As a Safety Diver, I had the privilege of giving moral support to competitors prior to their session, offering words of encouragement as they showcased their breath-holding prowess. Here’s a picture of yours truly with Team FAM’s athlete, Mabel Lee.

Mable Lee is the most positive, easygoing and the most cheerful athlete ever. Super friendly and the best to cuddle with. I was assigned to be her safety diver during the STA discipline session at the Onshore Pool Freediving Competition. She did really well for this discipline and I am super happy and proud of her.

Not only she did well in STA discipline, but she managed to break her personal best record as well for the DYN discipline as well. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her in more competitions in the near future.

The enthusiasm was contagious, uniting us all in a shared celebration of personal growth and achievement. Here’s yours truly with her freediving schoolmates, Team FAM at Onshore Pool Freediving Competition; the athletes, the safety team and our emotional support buddies.

There was no greater joy than witnessing the adrenaline-fueled smiles on their faces, knowing we played a part in their triumphant experience.

The Onshore Pool Freediving Competition not only serves as a platform for participants to challenge themselves physically but also offers valuable opportunities to connect with like-minded adventurers. The camaraderie that bloomed between athletes, Safety Divers, and the audience was truly heartwarming.

Whether mingling by the poolside or swapping tales of underwater conquests, the shared passion for freediving united us all. Countless friendships were forged, forming an invaluable support network that will undoubtedly continue to empower each individual in their future freediving endeavors.

As the competition drew to a close, my heart swelled with pride and happiness. Here’s Ms.Amy Cheng from Onshore Mermaid presenting me a certificate of participation as a token of appreciation for volunteering. A moment that truly warms my heart. Again, I never expected anything in return for volunteering, not even acknowledgments. All I wanted was just to give back to the freediving community while gaining precious experiences along the way. But it is certainly nice to be appreciated this way. The freediving community is definitely on another level.

The memories created, the bonds formed, and the unwavering spirit of those who took part left an indelible mark on my soul. Being a part of this exhilarating event has not only empowered the freedivers, but it has also empowered me to embrace my own personal obstacles, fostering a newfound belief in my abilities.

The Onshore Pool Freediving Competition held at Kuala Lumpur’s Arena Sukan pool is a celebration of empowerment, bringing together individuals from all walks of life and unleashing their true potential. As a Safety Diver, I couldn’t be prouder to have played a role in this empowering journey.

One for the album. As we continue to dive headfirst into life’s challenges, let us always remember the empowering spirit that comes with pushing our boundaries and supporting one another along the way. Let us be inspired by the remarkable triumphs witnessed amidst the thrilling competition.

For those who are interested in the competition’s official result may have a look HERE

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An Epic Journey into the World of Freediving at MFC 2023 2nd Edition

Dear readers and fellow adventure enthusiasts, I’m super stoked to share my recent escapade as an emcee at the 2nd edition of MFC 2023, an incredible freediving competition organized by Life Freediving and sanctioned by the awesome AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea).

The behind the scenes picture, the organizer, the judges, the volunteers and last but not least, the safety divers.

Picture this: Malaysian athletes, daring safety divers, enthusiastic volunteers, and an electrifying atmosphere. Get ready to dive right in, people!

So, let’s talk about the athletes at MFC 2023 2nd Edition.They were like graceful mermaids and mermen, effortlessly gliding through the water. Let me tell you, they gave new meaning to the phrase “making a splash”. It was a moment of pure wonder and left us all in awe.I don’t have much pictures of athletes to share since I was grounded doing emceeing tasks, but here’s sharing some pictures of athletes and coaches from my freediving school, Freediving Adventure Malaysia. From left; Boey, Mabel, Carin, Qi Hao and Melissa.

In any competition, true sportsmanship is like the cherry on top of a cake. And let me tell you, these athletes cherry-picked their sportsmanship skills, showing us all that resilience, determination, and a positive attitude make all the difference.My buddy Ahmad Syaifulizan getting a white card for DYNB discipline, with excellent surface coaching by Team FAM’s Boey.  There is a backstory to this picture. Syaiful and Boey didn’t know each other prior to the competition, but Boey offered to be his surface coach after discovering that Syaiful doesn’t have one. I was so touched to see how friendship were forged during the event. This is indeed a true display of sportsmanship. It isn’t just about winning the competition, but about making lifelong friends as well.Touching moments captured during the competition.

Let’s give a special shout-out to the phenomenal team of safety divers, who fearlessly plunged into the depths, ensuring the athletes’ safety at all times.Now, let’s give a loud, cheerful round of applause for the unsung heroes of MFC 2023. The behind the scenes folks.They are the true underwater superheroes who deserve medals of their own!

These amazing individuals were the glue that held the whole event together, and they deserve all the love and appreciation in the world.The incredible AIDA judges who brought their expertise to the competition. Paul Sack, Swen Becht, and Ms. Lee Wei Lin. You guys rocked the judging panel. Thank you for your meticulous assessment and ensuring that the competition was fair and square. Your invaluable contribution made MFC 2023 an unforgettable experience. We love all the white cards you gave out.

The athletes for MFC 2023 2nd Edition.From left: Lee Wei Lin, Lei Quen, Swen Becht and Paul Sack. Lei Quen and Mabel Lee bagged both Best Overall Male, Best Overall Female alongside with Best Newcomer Male and Best Newcomer Female category. They brought home Trudive Smooth Skin Competition wetsuit, sponsored by Freediving Adventure Malaysia. The official competition result can be seen HERE.

Being part of MFC 2023 as an emcee was a wild ride filled with cheers, laughter, and breathtaking moments. The athletes took the stage and left everyone speechless with their phenomenal performances and sportsmanship. They truly immersed us in the world of freediving.

MFC 2023 was a living testament to the power of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for a thrilling sport. It reminds us that when we come together, magic happens. So, if you ever have the chance to participate at an event like this, take the plunge—I promise you won’t regret it!

Cetma Composites Dynamitech Freediving Fins Review

I know that choosing the right gear is essential to achieving my best performance in the water. That’s why I’ve been thrilled with my recent purchase: the Cetma Composites Dynamitech fins. These fins have been a game changer, providing me with top-notch performance and reliability.

First and foremost, the Cetma Composites Dynamitech fins have an outstanding level of power and propulsion. The  blade design allows for incredible thrust in the water, making it easy for me to glide through the depths with minimal effort. This increased power also translates to greater distance, which is essential for personal best attempts; both dynamic and depth.

Another fantastic feature of the Cetma Composites Dynamitech fins is their amazing responsiveness. These fins are incredibly agile, allowing me to make quick movements in the water.  

Another significant selling point for the Cetma Composites Dynamitech fins is their durability and reliability. Made from high-quality carbon fibre materials, these fins are exceptionally strong and designed to last for years. 

Overall, I am thrilled with my decision to invest in the Cetma Composites Dynamitech long fins. These fins have completely transformed my experience as a freediver, offering me unparalleled performance, responsiveness, and durability. The only downside that I can think of is that the fin’s footpocket is on the hard side, instead of the soft comfy rubber that I’m used to. Any Cetma Composites Dynamitech’s S Wing Footpocket would definitely need some breaking in, as in, a real breaking in, and those who bruised easily and have low tolerance towards stiff material against the feet would want to wear thick socks with these fins to avoid rubbings and blisters, but other than that, I have no complaints. I would also advise you to try it on first before buying, as the footpocket can be quite a tight fit and terribly squeezy, and some of you would want to purchase it in a size bigger, especially if you prefer to wear socks with your fins so that the footpocket won’t compress your feet too much.

If you’re looking for a high-quality set of long fins, I can’t recommend the Cetma Composites Dynamitech enough. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular fins among experienced freedivers worldwide.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The honest review is all of my own opinions.

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Bastille Have Come Together with Multiple Academy Award® and Grammy®-Winning Xomposer Hans Zimmer to Release A Special Reworking of their Era-Defining International Hit Single, Pompeii.

Listen HERE

Bastille have come together with multiple Academy Award® and Grammy®-winning composer Hans Zimmer to release a special reworking of their era-defining international hit single, Pompeii.

The glistening rendition, entitled Pompeii MMXXIII came about as frontman Dan Smith and Zimmer were working together on other projects. A captivating live recording of the track was filmed in Cardiff with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, watch a clip of the video here.

Hans Zimmer says, “It’s been proven time and time again that a beautiful, crafted song by a great band can have many lives and Pompeii is a shining example of this. Working hand in hand with Bastille and my team at Bleeding Fingers has been an exhilarating experience and an honour to be part of this remarkable journey. I’m so excited to share this rendition with you all!”

Dan Smith says, “Having the opportunity to work with the living legend that is Hans Zimmer, and his brilliant team, has been an absolute dream. Working with them on this new version of “Pompeii” has been incredible and has put the biggest smiles on our faces throughout the whole wonderfully surreal experience.”

Pompeii is the lead single from the band’s multi-million selling debut album Bad Blood and was originally released in 2013 charting at No.2 in the UK charts. The single remains in the Top 50 most streamed songs of all time in the UK with over 3.5 billion streams.

2023 has been a year of celebration for the Grammy and Brit winning four-piece as they mark the 10-year anniversary of the release of their breakthrough debut album, Bad Blood which catapulted the band from alt-pop newcomers to global chart-conquering festival headliners.

Over the summer Bastille released, ‘Bad Blood X’ an extended edition of Bad Blood which included 3 never-before-heard demos, 2 additional covers and a suite of Bad Blood live tracks. The band have also played a special series of sold-out Bad Blood X shows and festivals across the UK, Europe and the US giving fans the opportunity to hear the album in full alongside other fan favourites.

Released on the 4th of March 2013, ‘Bad Blood’ charted at #1 on the UK Albums chart, spending 3 weeks at the top and earning the title of the biggest-selling digital album of 2013. Bastille were crowned the British Breakthrough Act at the 2014 BRITS, along with receiving two Grammy nominations. ‘Bad Blood’ has since gone on to achieve triple platinum status, with over 1 million copies sold in the UK alone. The band have amassed more than 11.9 billion streams across all partners since breaking through over a decade ago.



Hans Zimmer has scored more than 500 projects across all mediums, which, combined, have grossed more than 28 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Zimmer has been honored with two Academy Awards®, three Golden Globes®, four Grammys®, an American Music Award, and a Tony® Award. His work highlights include Dune: Part One, Top Gun: Maverick, No Time to Die, Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, As Good as It Gets, Rain Man, The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Thelma and Louise, The Last Samurai, 12 Years A Slave, Blade Runner 2049 (co-scored w/Benjamin Wallfisch) and Dunkirk, as well as multiple seasons of David Attenborough’s Prehistoric Planet, including the upcoming third season, and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two, the follow-up to his Academy Award®-winning score for Dune: Part One.  Beyond his award-winning compositions, Zimmer is a remarkably successful touring artist, having just concluded his second “Hans Zimmer Live” European tour and performing in the Middle East at Dubai’s renowned Coca-Cola Arena for two consecutive nights as well as Formula 1’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Hard Rock Hotel To Make A Debut At Genting Highlands In 2027

A historic milestone was achieved today on 14th October 2023 as HR Resort & Residences Sdn Bhd had broken new ground with the signing of an agreement with the globally acclaimed Hard Rock brand, bringing the renowned hotel chain to King’s Park and further transforming Hard Rock Genting Highlands into the largest in Asia.

With the signing of this agreement, HR Hotel & Residences Sdn Bhd and Hard Rock International, a company known for its rock ‘n’ roll heritage, entertainment, and hospitality, have begun a collaboration for the ages. Located in the heart of the 130-million-year-old tropical jungle on the mid-hills of Genting Highlands, HR Hotel & Residences Sdn Bhd aims to introduce a world-class entertainment experience by fusing the tenacious spirit of Hard Rock with the unparalleled beauty of King’s
Park, an integrated entertainment hub and the first Central Business District (CBD) at 1,000 m above the sea level with 365 days of cool weather.

Thanks to this partnership, the blueprint for the legendary Hard Rock Hotel is now set in stone in King’s Park, Genting Highlands to have 1001 of the most luxuriously appointed hotel rooms and suites in Asia.

The new partnership was announced at an event attended by Hard Rock International’s senior vice president and head of global business development, Mr Todd Hricko, King’s Park’s group chief executive officer, Datuk Wira Jayandren Subramanian, and HR Resort & Residences’ chairman, Mr Lim Kim Chai, as well as King’s Park’s executive vice president, Mr Sean Chen.

“This partnership marks a monumental milestone in the world of hospitality,” stated Sean, Executive Vice President of King’s Park. “Our focus is on creating an unforgettable adventure that fuses the best of high-end design with the freewheeling energy of rock ‘n’roll. Here at King’s Park, the soon-to-be-open Hard Rock Genting Highlands in Malaysia will
represent the pinnacle of high-energy fun, luxury, and elegance for solo travelers, groups of friends, and families alike. When this spectacular hotel opens its doors in 2027, we will be sure to take centre stage alongside our wonderful partners at Hard Rock International in stunning the globe, and showing the world that indeed, the spirit of Rock is very, very much alive.”

He continued, “I too am an avid guitar player with a deep love for rock and guitar-based music. Thus, it is with enormous pride and venerable excitement that we’ve constructed a concept for Hard Rock Genting Highlands to make it the largest in Asia. There would be nowhere else that boasts this many Hard Rock branded rooms which would make it stand distinctly apart from its global equivalents. With its exquisite location at an amazing height of 1000 m above sea level, we are confident that this business will be a central pillar amongst the attractions at King’s Park and also a pioneering gem in the renowned Hard Rock tradition.

Sean went on to express confidence that the upcoming Hard Rock Genting Highlands hotel would generate a large number of jobs in fields such as room division, engineering, food and beverage, and other services, thanks to the high profile of the Hard Rock brand. This course will unquestionably spur economic growth and significantly improve the quality of life in Pahang and the surrounding states.

In his address, Todd remarked, “We take enormous delight in the fact that King’s Park will be home to another iconic property for Hard Rock, holding the distinction of the largest in Asia. This strengthens Hard Rock’s position and profile in the area. Here at Hard Rock, our success is predicated on a love of music and is the perfect synthesis of enjoyment and amusement. Our essence lies in developing the exact experiences people seek for, and I wholeheartedly believe that King’s Park, with its abundant options, would irresistibly lure persons to share in joy, savour drinks and culinary delights, and liberally indulge in adventures. We believe King’s Park to be the embodiment of these essential qualities, and we are ecstatic to have established such a pivotal cooperation with HR Resort & Residences.

The Hard Rock Genting Highlands Hotel is planning to open with an amazing 371 opulent hotel rooms and 630 suites, giving guests an exceptionally experiential stay. Guests can enjoy the hotel’s 200 square meter retail space, affectionately referred to as the “Rock Shop,” as well as the heated swimming pool, diverse dining options, Rock Spa, and nightly Rock ‘n’ Roll excitement in the hotel’s stylish lounge and bar. Visitors to this carefully chosen area will be able to purchase one- of a-kind Hard Rock souvenirs, infused with an unmistakable Hard Rock swag, to take home as a memento.

The eminent King’s Park is positioned at a practical 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur and is indeed as much a shining beacon of commercial excitement as it is a relaxing haven. As a result of its long and illustrious history, Genting Highlands
has become one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing in over 41 million people every year and only continuing to grow in popularity.
King’s Park Genting Highlands is a colossal mega development that takes advantage of the booming tourism industry in the region thanks to a successful partnership between Yuk Tung Group and the Association for the Promotion of Higher Education in Malaysia (APHEM). Set to become Genting Highland’s first Central Business District (CBD), it spans a massive 61 hectares of freehold land and has an integrated entertainment hub that seamlessly combines commercial experiences with recreational delights. This massive RM10 billion gross development value project is set up well to take advantage of the improving investment climate in the heart of Genting. A staggering 53 million tourists are expected to visit Genting Highlands by 2026, with a catchment area of nearly 700,000 people within a 5-kilometer radius.

Taking cues from colonial and historical architecture, the King’s Park development displays a state-of-the-art 2,000-meterlong pedestrian boulevard with a 500-meter riverside patio and a total of 360 businesses spread throughout 12 beautifully built blocks. The approximately 18,680 square meters of ‘Truly Asia Cultural Streets’ is an ode to our rich East-Asian heritage and will only add to the splendour of King’s Park. The project also plans to include a halal retail zone and a halal luxury boutique hotel that will welcome Muslim guests from all around the world. This promotes cultural awareness, inclusion and diversity by capitalizing on the expanding demand for halal-friendly vacation spots and eateries. King’s Park will have a large area set aside for eco-sports and mountain biking routes, perfect forthrill and adventureseekers alike. Other attractions such as branded theme parks and the world’s largest terrarium, which spans an astonishing 600 meters, are also within easy walking distance, adding to the charm of King’s Park.

The inauguration of Accor’s famous Swissôtel brand within King’s Park Genting Highlands in 2028 will dovetail around the much-anticipated Hard Rock Genting Highlands, which is scheduled for a grand opening in 2027. There is little doubt that
King’s Park Genting Highlands, as an integrated entertainment hub and Central Business District (CBD), will have plenty of hotel rooms and exciting experiences to accommodate the discerning needs of every traveler, tourist, backpacker, or visitor.

Please visit or call +601162216168 to learn more about King’s Park.

For more information on Hard Rock International, visit or


18 dazzling Miss Malaysia Tourism finalists stole the spotlight at King’s Park in Genting Highlands, stunning nearly 200 guests at the King’s Park
Appreciation Night. The finalists from diverse states is scheduled to grace a number of events leading up to the grand finals on 13th October at the Berjaya Times Square.

At the entrance of King’s Park gallery, were Mr Thanesh Subramaniam, Executive Director, Mr Sean
Chen, Executive Vice President and Mr Steve Chan, Director of Sales & Marketing from King’s Park
flanked by 17 finalists from Miss Malaysia Tourism 2023.

In his heartfelt welcome, Mr Sean Chen, Executive Vice President of King’s Park remarked,
“King’s Park is on the verge of becoming the epitome of an integrated entertainment hub and
Central Business District (CBD) in the captivating realm of Genting Highlands. Our visionary development is destined to magnetize tourists, and we are genuinely delighted to actively contribute to the Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant, showcasing the beauty of Pahang and

He added, “Our involvement extends beyond the mere promotion of both institutions. We firmly believe in opportunity and empowerment, with these talented finalists serving as the
catalysts for such empowerment. The aligned values of King’s Park and Ms Malaysia Tourism share that common goal of showcasing the best that Malaysia has to offer, not only in beauty and heritage, but also in social progress and shared national prosperity.”

Winner of Miss King’s Park Lifestyle (middle) Miss Sherlyn Poh showing off her RM20,000 voucher to purchase
any property At King’s Park. With her were, (left) Datuk Jayandren Subramaniam and (right) Mr Sean Chen and the finalists of Miss Malaysia Tourism 2023.

The event showcased Malaysia’s esteemed designer, Yani Bakthiar, as the 18 finalists gracefully adorned her casual wear collection. Following this the finalists engaged in an enlightening session in Yani’s evening wear, expressing their perspectives on ‘shaping today’s lifestyle.’ This dialogue was a crucial step in the journey towards vying for the prestigious title of Miss King’s
Park Lifestyle.

At the panel of judges for the esteemed Miss King’s Park Lifestyle title were Datin Sri Ezzan Othman, Datuk Jayandren Subramaniam, Group Chief Executive Officer, King’s Park, Mr Sean Chen, Mr Darren Yang, Managing Director, Cornell Academy and Mr Lee Meng Tuck, Director of Business Development King’s Park.

The competition unfolded with intense fervor as the finalists showcased their eloquence and
answered the question with flying colors. Yet, amidst the exceptional pool of talent, emerged a singular victor – Age 24, Miss Shelyn Poh from Penang.

The new Miss King’s Park Lifestyle walked away with a grand voucher worth RM20,000 for her next property purchase within King’s Park, Genting Highlands and she also solidify her role as the new Brand Ambassador of King’s Park.

When asked about her victory as the new Miss King’s Park Lifestyle, she enthused, “This win is a delightful surprise, boosting my confidence for the days ahead in this competition. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase and promote King’s Park and Malaysia on a global stage.”

For more information on Miss Malaysia Tourism, please visit or
King’s Park at


Students in Malaysia have a lot to be excited about with the launch of Cornell Academy, a new educational institute certified by Universiti Sains Malaysia, Graduate School of Business, offering a myriad of professional development and skill enhancement courses in the field of
Business Management, and Hospitality with many more other programs to come soon.

Today, in a Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony between Cornell Academy and The
Approved Learning Center of Graduate School of Business, USM, Cornell Academy’s Managing Director, Mr Darren Yang welcomed the Dean and Associate Professor of Graduate School of Business, USM, Dr
Fathyah Hashim, its Centre for Executive Education and Development, GSB, USM, Dr Karpal Singh A/l Dara Singh and Edu Assist Sdn Bhd, Chairman, Professor Dr Nadarajah Lee at the King’s Park Gallery in Genting Highlands. Also in attendance at the event was Mr Sean Chen, Executive Vice President of King’s Park Development.
Agreement sealed.

From left to right: Mr Sean Chen, Mr Darren Yang, Professor Dr Nadarajah Lee, Professor Dr Fathyah Hashim and Dr Karpal Singh.

In his warm welcome address, Mr Yang expressed, ‘We are absolutely thrilled to solidify our partnership
today with the globally esteemed Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Graduate School of Business. This landmark partnership will commence by certifying Cornell Academy’s distinguished Business Management courses. As we look ahead, we envision an expansion into Diploma programs covering Food & Beverage, Retail, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship. This holistic approach will underscore a profound understanding of ESG principles, fortifying our commitment in sustainable education.’

He further emphasized, “The tourism industry is burgeoning, necessitating elevated training and a profound understanding of comprehensive business management, with a keen focus on the nuances of hospitality and delivering exceptional customer service. Cornell Academy keenly recognizes this demand. Through our collaboration with the esteemed Graduate School of Business, we aspire to elevate ambitious young talents to new heights in these domains. Our goal is to provide them not only with academic credentials but also a comprehensive understanding and practical experience in the industry, broadening their horizons.”

Underscoring its dedication, Cornell Academy has forged a significant partnership with King’sPark
Genting Highlands. The latter will generously sponsor training opportunities for 1000 students at its
upcoming integrated entertainment hub,set to welcome visitors from 2026 to 2028. This expansive hub will encompass retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, wellness centers,theme parks, and a plethora of other exciting attractions.

Echoing Cornell Academy’s initiatives, Dr Fathyah Hashim stated, ‘USM Graduate School of Business
currently boasts close to 30 affiliations with esteemed international universities, including those from the UK, China, and Taiwan, along with globally recognized accountancy, transportation, and technology bodies. We take immense pride in certifying Cornell Academy’s programs under Graduate School of
Business, USM as we consistently advocate for the advancement of knowledge and educational

Sharing King’s Park’s dedicated pledge to sponsor 1000 students at Cornell Academy, Mr. Sean Chen
emphasized, “At King’s Park, we firmly believe that we possess the resources necessary for the nurturing of exceptionally talented individuals within the walls of our integrated entertainment hub. Our vision entails close collaborations with all parties involved in order to foster these talents, contributing to the cultivation of a highly skilled talent pool tailored explicitly for this dynamic industry. The growing importance of possessing industry-relevant skills from the get-go cannot be overstated, as it
kickstarts efficiency and productivity upon entry into the workforce. Our aspiration is to play an integral
role in the promising growth of this vibrant group of young individuals.”

Sean further emphasized, “King’s Park fervently hopes for broader community involvement with this
sponsorship initiative. We firmly believe that engaging and supporting local development will empower
the region’s youth through enhanced educational and job prospects. This sponsorship’s diverse group of recipients will significantly contribute to promoting workforce diversity, fostering an inclusive culture within the industry. Our aspiration in sponsoring these individuals isto witness their transformation into invaluable assets, not only benefiting King’s Park but also enriching the entire industry.”

The commencement of course registration at Cornell Academy will start in 2025. Cornell Academy
invites aspiring individuals to join its Diploma programs in Food & Beverage, Hotel Management and
Business Management. Each course, priced at approximately RM36,000, for a three-year duration, integrates five days of hands-on training and one full day of classroom education per week. Students are guaranteed job opportunities upon successful course completion with no post-training bonding requirements. To explore further, details about Cornell academy and its enriching courses, visit the official website at

Brunch at Lou Lou James The Kitchen

As someone who enjoys trying out new restaurants and finding hidden gems in the city, I stumbled upon Lou Lou James The Kitchen located in Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City, and I must say it was a pleasant experience.

The restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance, with beautiful outdoor dining that gives off an al fresco feel.

I was intrigued by the story behind the restaurant, which was opened by Esther Ng and her late husband, James Gan, a Malaysia former national badminton player. Esther aims to keep her late husband’s memory alive through their shared passion for food and culinary arts. See the logo for Lou Lou James The Kitchen here? Something interesting is embedded there. There’s the initial E and J. I suppose this stands for Esther and James. Pretty romantic, right?

The concept of the restaurant revolves around al fresco dining, and it offers a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. The sun was high and the heat was unbearably hot though during my visit, and I was practically melting, so I decided to dine indoors where the air cond is refreshingly at full blast.

I got to indulge in some of the dishes on the menu, and I must say, I was impressed.

First, there was the Caesar Salad, which had the right balance of greens, croutons, dressing and Parmesan cheese, with an added twist of roasted chicken as a protein source. It was a delicious starter that whetted my appetite for more.

Next, I had James’ Big Brunch, which is the restaurant’s signature dish for brunch. As the name suggested, this is also a tribute menu for the late James Gan. It was a sizable portion of fluffy scrambled eggs, turkey ham slices, sausages, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and toasted bread. The dish was perfectly cooked, and it had a burst of flavors with every bite. If you’re looking for a hearty brunch with family or friends, this dish is a must-try. Warning: the portion is huge. Small eaters might find the portion a bit overwhelming, so this is perfect for sharing.

Seafood Tomyam Pasta was a combination of two of my favorite cuisines – Thai and Italian, which made this a unique and tasty dish. The pasta had a generous amount of seafood such as big fat prawns and mussels, infused with a spicy and tangy Tomyam flavor. It was a perfect balance of both cuisines that left my taste buds wanting more.

The Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Burger was another item that left a lasting impression. The chicken was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, sandwiched between two brioche buns, served with rich and creamy buttermilk sauce alongside with a generous serving of homemade fries on the side . It was a well-rounded burger that perfectly complemented the flavors.

I washed down all this deliciousness with a Mixed Berries Smoothies while my husband had the Iced Machhiato. The Mixed Berries Smoothie was refreshingly cool and came with a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. I’m not a coffee person, so I just had a sip of my husband’s Iced Machhiato. I must say I’m quite impressed. The Iced Macchiato had the perfect balance of coffee, milk, and sweetness with a hint of hazelnut flavor.

Lou Lou James The Kitchen is a beautiful restaurant that not only offers delicious food and drinks, but also tells a story of two people’s love for each other and their passion for all things culinary. What’s also great about Lou Lou James The Kitchen is that it’s a pet-friendly restaurant, so you don’t have to leave your furry friends at home while you’re enjoying your day out. It’s a perfect spot for brunch with family and pets, or even a romantic dinner under the stars.

Whether you’re in the mood for brunch, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find something on the menu that will satisfy your cravings.

For more information on Lou Lou James Kitchen, check out the information below:

Lou Lou James The Kitchen
F-G-5, Plaza Arkadia, 3, Jalan Intisari,
Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 016-326 8209

Operating hours:

Weekdays 4pm-10pm
Weekends 11am-10pm

Note: The restaurant is not halal certified, but it is Muslim friendly where it doesn’t serve pork or lard.