Respect it when people say NO!

I was lazily browsing around and blog hopping a moment ago, and I came across Eugene’s blog, and I really had to admire him for trusting his kids to do the right thing and not nag them to no end and drive them away from him. I suppose his method of parenting is pull and not push. I respect him for having enough faith that he taught his children well enough that they will have the conscience to do the right thing without having him nag them or force them to do so.

I think if you’re a regular reader over here in Over A Cuppa Tea, you would realize that I have met Eugene once during my trip to Penang somewhere in July, and as I was reading his blog, I recalled the time when we were having dinner together with his family.

We were happily chatting with each other over dinner in a food court somewhere in Gurney, and the subject about our mutual blogger friends came up. If my memories serves me right, we mentioned STP, Claire, Bananaz and also Smallkucing.

Eugene asked me if Smallkucing goes for foodie trip in Penang often, and so, I told him yes, but usually with his non-blogger friends and his grandparents, that is why his Mamarazzi(the real author behind don’t call up any blogger friend from Penang to visit them on her trips. You know how awkward it can get if we bring people who have nothing in common to meet the friends that we know online. The conservative elders wouldn’t approve that either. They will tell you that such people are considered strangers, and it’s no good to meet up with people you haven’t been introduced before.

Out of the sudden, Eugene got cheeky and asked me if he could have Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi’s phone number so that he could call her up and introduce himself. I told him no, he can’t have her number because Mamarazzi will strangle me, and if he wants to have her number, he’ll have to ask her himself. Well, Mamarazzi won’t strangle me. That’s just exaggerating, but I respect Mamarazzi’s privacy and I don’t wish to upset her by giving her phone number to people who does not have it. I always think that it’s better for her to make acquaintance with Eugene herself and vice versa.

Eugene did not push the issue when I said no to him. I was really surprised because not everyone whom I have encountered will take no for an answer, especially when it comes to giving our mutual friends’ phone number to the party who does not have it. They think it’s all right to do so, but I for one, don’t think it’s all right. Like what Eugene said to me back then, you got to respect it when people say no, and you got to respect people’s privacy.

I may not know Eugene very well as I just got to know him through the cyberworld, but I do know that he’s a charismatic man and he’s gentleman enough to take no as an answer from his friends and his family. Now, that’s something each and everyone of us should learn.

Cleffairy: Do you simply give your friends’ contact numbers and whatnot when people ask it from you, or you give them a firm no? Do respect people’s privacy if you want people to respect yours. There’s a limit to everything.

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