Even the kindergarten are screwed up now…

The education system in Malaysia is totally screwed up. There’s no joke about that. For those who are not parents yet will never understand the frustration that they are having when their children are forced to endure an education system where academical achievement is highly appreciated and more valued.

The kids who couldn’t catch up with the academical based education system or still in their ‘exploration’ stage where they want to experience and experiment with what’s going on around them are considered retarded and incapable of learning anything at all, and they are suggested to go to ‘special’ school because the ‘educators’ thought that are a nuisance and merely impeding others from advancing.

As of late, I get to experience first hand seeing nasty and kiasu attitude displayed by people who have the cheek who called themselves educators. This shocked me to death. I had not realized that Malaysian education system is so damn screwed up. Not just mildly screwed up, but badly screwed up. Bloody and nasty at that!

There’s this kindergarten in KL, and they are using Fungates system where learning are supposed to be fun and not stressful. The system are supposed to allowed children to learn while playing, and yet the kindergarten ‘teachers’ and the bloody principal are doing the exact opposite, which is rushing off with the syllabus even with children who are first timer in kindergarten.

First timer that I’m referring to are those little children who barely turn 4 yet. First year in kindergarten. Some are still in diapers, vocabulary are limited, and still wailing for their mummies and daddies when they are left in the care of those teachers. These children’s communication skill is of course quite terrible. They will fight over toys, cry when they feel like it, pee in their pants and so the list would go on and on. These ‘teachers’ coaxed the children during the first day of orientation, but apparently their ‘kind’, ‘loving’ and ‘passionate about children’ motto seems to have expiry date, as at the second day of school, children are expected to already know how to hold the pencil or already know how to do colouring, and they are no longer expected to run around, mingle or even yell wail for their mom and dad. They are also expected to answer to their given names when sometimes, these kids do not even know what their names are as they go by petnames at home.

Now, I must say, this kind of expectation is quite high for children who haven’t even turn 4 years old yet. Some parents do not teach their little ‘babies’ at home. They prefer to send their children to kindergarten when they reach kindergarten age and let the teachers teach their children the basics. This certain kindergarten, however expects the children that have been sent to them to know every goddamn basic.

What the hell is all this all about? I thought it’s teacher’s job to teach these little children those basics like how to hold the pencil and do colouring and stuff. Why the hell are they just standing in front and do lecturing? What happened to the good old guiding children how to use pencil by holding their hands? Something is very, very wrong here. I am not a kindergarten teacher, however, I think it is not right to just rush off with the syllabus without letting the children get used to their environment and know the basics. I also know it’s bloody wrong to treat 3 1/3 years old children like primary school children. These children are not trained in the field of communication. They are supposed to be taught how to behave with their peers. These children cannot be expected to have social skills of those who went for finishing school. They are children. they probably only sticked to their parents and immediate relative in their 3 1/2 years of life. How are they supposed to know they are not supposed to share things or not throw tantrums when they couldn’t get what they want? Teachers are supposed to teach them not expect them to behave like some 12 years old kids.

Education are just another form of lucrative business these days, especially the kindergarten business. The fees are goddamn expensive. Everything involves money. One year, one could spend an average of more than Rm5k for their kids kindergarten and daycare program. But it aggravates me to see that some kindergarten teachers expected to have an easy job when they deal with first time students. When they come across children who are handful, they get very pissed off and couldn’t wait to toss them aside and expel them and never to see them again. Children who have ADHD (Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or refused to listen and follow their instruction because he/she do not respond well to bloody strangers that they only know for 2-3 days are considered retarded, and incapable of learning and of course, they would do anything to get the child off the kindergarten compound as soon as possible because they refused to spend time and effort to get these children’s attention and educate them.

I had known that Malaysian education system is very screwed up, but I did not realize that it’s extremely screwed to the point where even in kindergarten, the children are not allowed to be active, slow learner or even mediocre. They must not be different at all cost, or they will be labeled retarded, uncontrollable and is not capable of learning at all. They must excel and expected to be the Jack of all trade even on their first week of kindergarten, or else, they will be expel, because the kindergarten have a name to live up to.

I would not believe all this if I did not see such things with my very own two eyes. The principal of the kindergarten is not nurturing despite of having extensive training in early education. All she seems to do is ” This kid ADHD ah? Eh, retard la, stupid, dunno how to listen, cannot sit still, always running around, hard to teach, expel la! So mafan, like down syndrome nia. Must faster expel, if not, we susah nia.” and “This kid cry too much ah? Put her in one room alone la, nonid to care oredi” as well as “This kid hard to deal with, ask the parents to send him elsewhere.I don’t want obnoxious brat in my school”.

I’ve come to a conclusion that even the kindergarten are just another form of business now. If teachers refused to teach and nurture the younger generation and only care bout their savings account, what will become to our country, actually? I dare not think of the answer.

Cleffairy: If I have the chance to tell these kind of teachers and principal off, I would tell her to go and screw her own asshole inside out for refusing to teach and expel children who are hyper and challenging.These kind of ‘educators’ are ruining the good name of loving and nurturing teachers all around.

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