5 Cheap Eats in Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is a small town in South Perak. Famous for it’s very own leaning clock tower, the town is almost a food heaven with plenty of reasonable cheap eats.

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Here’s my top 5 Muslim friendly (pork-free) food pick in Teluk Intan, Perak. They’re the place where the locals dine, so no worries about these food joints being a tourist trap.

1. No.1 Lo Han Guo a.k.a the Hawaii

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Located just beside Anson Hotel, Teluk Intan, place is with perpetual crowd, especially during festive season. Their poison? Assorted noodles with their signature being the Mee Rebus and shaved ice desserts.

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Price range is about RM5.00 per plate/bowl.

2. Satay Sri Intan( Gerai no. 20 in front of the clocktower)

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Fancy some sweetened skewered meat? Well, this is the place for you then.

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Price is RM0.60 per satay stick and RM1 for ketupat nasi. Peanut sauce dip is complimentary.

3. Gado Gado Maideen (Gerai no. 20 in front of the clocktower)

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Gado Gado Maideen’s special is their Gado Gado (Prawn fritters, sliced fried tofu and sliced cucumber served with sweetened tapioca sauce dip). Great for light and easy snacking during teatime.

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The price is RM2 per plate.

4. Shameema Begam Ghulam Rasul

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Ghulam Rasul and all of it’s franchise is famous for their Nasi Kandar but if you are looking for something light, then just go for their satisfying and comforting Roti Bakar Telur. Basically, this is French toast, done Mamak style.

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Price for this Roti Bakar Telur is RM2.40 per set.

5. Coffee Lab

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Moving on to a tad higher end food of our food hunt, we stumbled upon Coffee Lab in Bandar Baru Teluk Intan. The cafe is offering great coffees and smoothies with reasonable price.

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Recommended beverage: Ristretto Mocha and Yogurt Smoothies. Price range: RM6 and above.

There is plenty of cheap eats in Teluk Intan. But be forewarned, they are usually crowded with ravenous diner and if you want to dine at any of these places, make sure your patience is in check. Do keep in mind too that they usually charge higher than regular price during festive seasons.

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