A bunch of misbehaved children…

What would you do if you have kids, and they misbehaved badly? They wail, they rant, they never listen, they don’t know how to play together and they are definitely a bunch of selfish bastards who do not know how to share their playthings. When you brought them to visit your relatives or friends, they simply humiliate you with their spoil brat antics. When they’re wrong they don’t apologize, and they definitely do not say thank you when they are given something to play with. They are greedy and constantly trying to take away other children’s toys when they already have enough. These kids are also big bullies and would never try to get along with other children. They simply think that they must have their ways, or they will be on their full scale terrorist mode that would scare even the fiercest school principal.

As parents, what would you do? You’ve tried to talk to them nicely, but these bunch of spoil rotten children simply refused to listen. Training and talking to a bunch of smelly farm animals would be easier than talking to these children. So, you tried talking to them nicely, and you even scold them countlessly but whatever you say or do to them simply do not penetrate into their thick skull, so what do you do to the bunch of misbehaved children in need of some discipline?

Why, you go the old fashion ways of course. You give them a good knock on their head or a nasty spanking on their backside and remind them who is actually boss. If they still refused to listen, then you take the good old trustworthy cane and give them some nice beating on their butt and tells them who is actually feeding them and who is actually putting a roof over their head and don’t try to mess with you. Yes. If all fails, by all means, discipline your children. There should be no compromise in that.

Same goes with BN and Pakatan Rakyat. They are like a bunch of misbehaved children in need of spanking. Yes, indeed, they are like a bunch of spoil rotten children whom were not taught by their parents on how to behave in public. They do rotten things and created havoc in our country, as if we need more troubles to even begin with. In other words, both are hypocrites with the need to learn more about moral.

Instead of trying to get along with each other and share, they placed toads in each other’s pants. They laughed gleefully when the other squeal in shock and panic. And instead of sharing their ‘playings’ they went on their full scale Godzilla mode and terrorize around to get what they want. And instead of being thankful to the citizens for voting for them during the general Election in 2008, they betrayed the citizen’s trust by not doing their job properly. They are selfish, only think for themselves, and instead of trying to recession-proof our country like what other country leaders are trying to do, they make a fool of themselves and our country in the eyes of the world. Instead of believing in democracy as well as check and balance, these people believe in dictatorship, where only one party must rule and reign supreme.

I think I can hear Mr. President Obama laughing his ass out all the way from White House at our political mayhem in Perak. Hey, can’t blame the guy, can we? Who wouldn’t laugh at our leader’s foolishness? While others are busy trying to stimulate their country’s economy or work very hard to get some peace in their country, our leaders are busy trying to create havoc and uncertainties in the times of the great depression.

Those misbehaved children are not only ungrateful to the people who actually keep their stomach full and put a roof over their head for them,their families and cronies, but bites the hands that feeds them too. When the citizens voiced up their opinion and told them to stop being a jackass, they go berserk and told the citizens that they know what they are doing. Whatever things that the citizens do to bring them back to their senses are considered a threat to the country, and the next thing you know, you are in ISA, enjoying boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinners.

BN&co and Pakatan Rakyat are both a bunch of retarded children in need of some disciplining to me. Both are unfit to govern the country. BN are no longer relevant and popular, and is going down while Pakatan Rakyat have a lot more to learn. If this is the way our leaders going to continue to run a country, please, by all means, just let a bunch of kindergarten loose in parliament and let them lead our country. At least real children will listen and obey you once you give them a good reprimanding or a spanking on their butt.

Cleffairy: Discipline starts early, no compromise in that. Discipline your brats before they ended up like BN creeps and Pakatan Rakyat’s frogs.


  1. cleffairy says:

    Zara… hehe, good morning dear. Had a nice long weekend? *sigh* Their antics are not funny anymore. I see people getting retrenched, fired, etc everywhere. People are loosing their job and their source of income. The economy is pretty bad, and what the hell are those jackass doing? They are playing ‘katak lompat’ and ‘tarik tali’. WTF! They are no better than a bunch of bratty 3 years old in diapers. Heck, toddlers are even better than them. At least they listen and learn!

  2. calvin says:

    leaders….they are not leaders. they’re but a bunch of crappy retarded old men quenching their thirst from our income taxes over lollipops and popsickles.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Jo… lol…I’d hate to think that i behaved the same way when i was 3, but there’s something I still do when I was 3 now. LOL… I’m still a picky eater and rather starve than eat tasteless food!

    Calvin…if only they satisfy their greed over lollies and popsickles…the thing is, they go for more than candies and ice creams. 🙁

    FuFu… Malaysia really no hope oredi… if got chance, I’ll be the first to pack my bags and fly away from here. maybe new Zealand would be a better choice. Go and live with the REAL cows… at least they are easier to talk to. If they don’t, then we can just slaughter them and make some good steak!

  4. eugene says:

    ai yo yo, dont talk about BN lah, they will soon be history, the look of Najib’s face makes me real sick, and even Ong Tee Keat also makes me sick, Samy also same, Tsu Khoon also same, semua from BN makes me sick la.

    I hope next time, DAP will know how to pick their candidates, no more Hee woman, cos she cannot tahan the enticement from He Man.

    You see cleff, this is crazy, if one were to buy his way up to party called ARMno, then he shall become the PM,, where got such thing one….i just cannot complehend,,,, so if we got money and then got power, when you power than you got money, if you had both, we can have C$ C% or even C10..

    bb BN

  5. cleffairy says:

    Eugene… *sigh* I’m also sick of their nonsense. 🙁 And a man who died out of heart attack while the other resigned on the same day is also too much of a coincidence to me. Act of God? I’m not too sure about it these days. The economy is slowing down, and yet all those ppl care about is fighting each other. I’m sick to the stomach!

    Kellaw… I got say I don’t have any kids meh? LMAO… why ask me this? Wanna be my free nanny ah? Eh, faster come over la… can help change diapers and stuff. Whahahhaa.

    Amoker… liddat only ah? Should say they got wagged their tongue at each other also and call for their mummies!

  6. Tera says:

    I actually stopped caring for our country politics since end of last year. They are bunch of soap operators. Sure can win award. I wonder who’s running the country while these kinda parades go on and on.

    They are worst than a 3 years old kid.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Chris… yeah, those values are important. 😀 I’m sure you will raise them well.

    , spank only not enuff. Must rotan wan.

    … must do taknak campaign on all these politicians. They are more dangerous than ciggs.

    … yalah, spare the rod will definitely spoil the child. If it’s our own kids, we definitely can rotan them, but how about these overgrown bastards? How to exactly ‘rotan’ them and make them behave? A question to ponder upon.

    Tera….I wanted to stop caring, but sometimes, these things really irks me,you see… almost everyone I know is affected by the economic downturn, but the people who have the powers to actually do something and help the people are doing nothing but playing around. So pissed off!

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