Adam dan Hawa


List Price: RM 19.90
ISBN: 983-124-216-5
Page count:  512
Weight: 450 gram
Publication date: 23rd Nov 2005

Publisher: Alaf 21 Karangkraf

As of late, I find that reading Malay novels is pretty much refreshing. It’s really quite a break from my usual fare, and I find myself enjoying it a bit more than the English novels. It’s usually intriguing, full of drama and romantic, but the scenes never goes beyond PG-13, which is quite fascinating for me. Malay novels usually evoke quite a lot of emotion within it’s pages and inspire me to read more and more of it. I got to admit, they are quite addictive in some ways. You just need to keep turning the pages to find out what will happen next.

Anyway, I was in MPH when I stumbled upon this book, Adam dan Hawa by Aisya Sofea. It’s on the top bestseller list and apparently, it has been adapted into a drama of the same name, currently showing in Astro Mustika HD (134) since 27th August 2012 at 10pm every Monday to Thursday.

Now, I don’ t have Astro at home, but I stumbled upon this trailer, and it’s quite interesting, I must say.

I can’t comment much on the drama adaptation of the novel, but I certainly can tell you what I think about the novel version of Adam dan Hawa.

First of all, I must say that the author chose quite a typical theme for her novel, which is the hero and the heroine is forced to get married due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the main character, Adam and Hawa was forced to get married because they are framed by Adam’s green-eyed monster ex-girlfriend and got caught in close proximity. Hawa, who happens to have a crush on Adam in the beginning of the story, loathe him after their marriage solemnization as he refused to declare that they did nothing wrong and decides to marry her instead to avoid gossips. She felt utterly violated as in her eyes, Adam is not qualified to be her husband. In her eyes, he is an ultimate playboy and a Casanova.

Interesting thing to note that despite the fact that Hawa hates her husband very much to the point that she ran away from him,  he does not detest her, and keep pining for her. The couple was separated for 8 years, and when they finally found each other again, Adam made a point to win her heart again despite of her hatred towards him. In my opinion, the story is rather romantic in nature, and I like how the author described Adam as a husband. He was in a way, like most husbands in Malay novels, is quite possessive and can be quite  romantic at times.

There’s plenty of rough patches here and there in the story. INSERT: Nasty ex girlfriend who wants him back, Hawa’s insecurities and jealousies, etc, but this book is definitely easy and enjoyable read. Plenty of characters development, and the pace is bearable too. This book radiates warmth, and you can easily feel the warm and fuzzy feeling after reading this book.

I would definitely pick this book up more than once, and quite a page turner if you like drama and romance. Personally, I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars for its emotional roller coaster ride.

Book description:

AIN HAWANI, zaman solonya ternoktah pada usia remaja. Hanya kerana silap perhitungan, timbul prasangka buruk, menyebabkan dia dan Adam Mukhriz terjerat. Rayuannya tidak dipedulikan. Lelaki itu pula diam membisu, seolah-olah benar apa yang berlaku. Akhirnya, ijab kabul antara mereka terlafaz dalam paksa dan tanpa rela.
Sayangnya, hubungan suami isteri ini hanya tertulis di atas kertas sahaja. Ain yang kecewa, pergi jauh mencari harga diri. Adam yang ditinggalkan, menghitung hari-hari nan sepi. Setiap saat rindunya terus melimpah. Namun Ain tidak pernah berpaling melihat cinta yang mekar di hatinya. Ah… Adam pasrah! Semua itu salahnya kerana tidak berani memaknakan kata-kata. Setelah lapan tahun pergi dan menanti, Ain dan Adam dipertemukan di depan pintu Majidilharam. Bagi Adam, kebetulan ini memang didoakan sekian lama. Ain pula terus membenci dan menganggap ikatan mereka sudah terputus. Hanya lafaz Adam yang ditunggu. Tapi tegarkah Ain? Sejak pertemuan itu, hati Ain berbolak-balik. Nafasnya bagai berombak, perasaannya jadi gementar dan hidupnya sudah tidak keruan hanya kerana Adam. Benarkah dalam hati ada cinta? Tapi keegoannya cuba menidakkan. Ingin diluah, mulut tak terkata. Ingin disimpan hati tak tertanggung. Bagi Adam, dia tetap menanti Hawanya biarpun lapan tahun lagi

ENGLISH TRANSLATION (sorry, I’m a bit rusty)

AIN HAWANI’s single life ended prematurely. Gossips, miscalculations, and misunderstanding imprisoned her and Adam Mukhriz in close proximity. She begged him to clear her name.The man chose not to say a word to clear the air, as if what they were accused of is really true. In the end, they were forced to be married.

Unfortunately, the marriage is just on made on paper. Frustrated, Ain left to seek for her pride again. Adam was left on his own, counting the days, pining for her. Ain never did bother to look back, to feel the love that she actually had for him deep inside her heart. Adam relented. It’s all his fault after all as he he was not brave enough to express his love for her.

After eight years being separated, Ain and Adam were reunited at the entrance of Masjidilharam. To Adam, this is a prayer answered. Ain, on the other hand, continue to hate him and takes their relationship as nothing more but  a piece of paper, and all she’s waiting for is for the talak. But is that true? After their reunion, she feels unsettled with his presence. There’s mixed feelings for Adam.

Is it true that there is love deep inside? Her ego says no. Can’t word things out, can’t keep it bottled in. For Adam, he will wait for his Hawa, even for eight years more.








  1. Cleffairy says:

    This book is quite okay… the plot is simple, but quite fun to read…not so draggy and not repetitive…keep me guessing what will happen next even though the story is just a typical Malay romance. The OTHER book is intolerable… I cannot stomach it. Dun understand why it is a bestseller!

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…it’s been quite a while since I last read a Malay novel too. Back then, I thought they’re mostly boring and not interesting, but things has change, I think… most Malay novels are not half as bad, actually. It’s just the matter of language… I kinda like it. LOL!

      ps: Or maybe I just got bored of reading English novels… hahahaha!

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