Althea Angel’s Pick: Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid


I don’t really do much makeups but
I have weakness for all things that helps me to colour my lips. And so, I got myself not one but three Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid from Althea.


I always loved products from Innisfree. Not only their packaging are clean and pretty, but most of their items are made from natural ingredients from Jeju Island as well. And a bonus? They usually smell really good too. These Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid are no exception.


Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid 3.5g- 02 Coral Pink Double Shot (RM37.00)


Here’s my Coral Pink Double Shot look. The colour is not overly bright and I like how it brightens my feature with a sweet and youthful look.


Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid 3.5g- 06 Espresso Red (RM37.00)


Espresso Red look is the kind of colour that you would want to pick when you’re feeling bold and daring or simply want to look classy like the late Marilyn Monroe. The red tone of the lip matte is rather fierce and striking I must say.

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Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid 3.5g- 09 Capuccino Pink (RM37.00)

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And last but not least, the Capuccino Pink. The colour is quite neutral and muted in my opinion, and will pair well just about any style or look that you decide to go with. Will serve well as your daily lipstick, I reckon.

Overall I am happy with all the Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid that I currently have. They smell good, very easy to apply, not drying on the lips and pretty long lasting too. No re-application needed after long hours as the colour remains striking even then. My only concern is that they do leave stains easily and this is not the kind of thing you’d want to wear if you’re in a discreet relationship. They’ll leave marks for sure.

The Innisfree Real Fit Matte Liquid can be bought from More info about it, visit

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