BaRnana Leaf Restaurant Offers Banana Leaf Rice and More with A Twist

Love banana leaf rice? As a true blue Malaysian inside out, I sure do love to indulge in banana leaf rice whenever I have terrible cravings for carbs. Just the thought of a plate loaded up with piping hot rice flooded by spicy curries and surrounded with a variety of fresh vegetable dishes and addictive papadoms is enough to salivate me.


There are plenty of restaurants serving banana leaf rice in Kuala Lumpur, but here’s one in Kuala Lumpur that’s pretty impressive; the BaRnana Leaf. The quaint restaurant is located next to BaRkery at Red Hotel by Sirocco with an open bar space outside the establishment.


What’s usually highlighted here is the basic banana leaf set that comes with rice and three types of vegetables and a curry, but if you are looking for more to tease your palate, visit BaRnana Leaf restaurant on Sunday and ask for their Briyani Rice.


Here’s yours truly deciding to try some Briyani Rice during her visit. They are offering briyani rice in three varieties; Vegetarian Briyani, Chicken Briyani and Mutton Briyani. Visiting with family and friends, we decided to order all three and share em among ourselves.


What’s interesting is that the large portion of fragrant Briyani Rice are served in a special clay pot wear.


Vegetarian Briyani (RM12.00). As the name suggested, this briyani rice is cooked only with vegetables and is topped with boiled egg(you may opt to omit the eggs if you’re a strict vegetarian). It may look like nothing much, but among all of the briyani rice that are offered here at the restaurant, the Vegetarian Briyani is my favourite. The spices are not overwhelming and is pretty light on the palate.


Chicken Briyani (RM18.00). The chicken was tender and the briyani rice was practically bursting with flavours. Those who likes strong tasting food will definitely love the chicken briyani.

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Mutton Briyani (RM24.00). A fan of meaty food? Go for the mutton briyani. It’s pretty promising. The rice was really fragrant with herbs and spices. No worries about the usual gamey smell that comes from the mutton. There was absolutely none in this one, I assure you. The mutton absorbed the spices really well and complemented the rice perfectly.

After all the lovely briyani rice, you may choose to wash down the briyani rice meals with a cup of tea or coffee, but do note that this is a fusion of a bar and a restaurant, so if you feel like getting a sip of those adult drinks, don’t be shy, simply ask for a glass of cocktail or two.

The claypot briyani is only available on Sundays from 12pm-4pm.

For more information on BaRnana Leaf, simply refer to the information below:

BaRnana Leaf
15, Jalan Kamunting
Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

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