Beau.tea by Safi Review

If you’ve been following me on my social media, you’d probably remember that I complained about suffering from severe sunburns after my snorkeling trip to Perhentian Island. Despite of taking precautions by wearing rashguards that covers most parts of my body and wearing SPF50 sunscreens during my snorkeling trip,I still suffered from nasty sunburn regardless. It was really nasty, especially my face. My skin not only lost it’s usual healthy glow but got terribly sensitive,itchy and flaky as well. The dead skin on my face, especially the T-zone area kept falling off and I practically feel like a snake changing it’s skin. It’s really ugly and I had no idea on how to fix the skin problems, as the skin was terribly sensitive and my usual facial cleanser actually irritates the sunburns area further.

I was at wit’s end and when I was introduced to Beau.tea by Safi, I thought I’d give it a try. Considering that my teenage son is using another range of Safi cleansers and toner to battle his acne problems and was really gentle on his skin, I was hoping that this Beau.ty by Safi would be as gentle on my skin as well.

The Beau.tea by Safi comes in 4 variants: Apricot Tea, Revitalising Face Scrub, Green Tea&Neem, Anti Acne Gel Cleanser, Black Tea&Black Orchid, Detox Cream Cleanser and White Tea& Damask Rose, Hydrating Gel Cleanser. Beau.tea by Safi is derived from an invigorating selection of premium tea extracts and a combination of the finest natural ingredients formulated to combat the negative effects from pollution, stress and cosmetics with Anti PM 2.5 benefits for healthy skin.

Beau.tea by Safi-Apricot Tea, Revitalising Face Scrub. I was really impressed when I used this for the first time. The apricot scent is positively inviting. This revitalising scrub deeply cleanse, unclog pores and exfoliates without drying out my skin. It helps to remove all those flaky skin that’s cluttering my T-zone effectively without irritating my skin. The Beau.tea by Safi-Apricot Tea, Revitalising Face Scrub is Formulated with a blend of Apricot & White Tea extract. It’s rich in antioxidants and helps restore smooth skin texture for brighter and radiant skin. It’s best paired with other Beau.tea by Safi Cleansers.

Beau.tea by Safi- Green Tea&Neem, Anti Acne Gel Cleanser. I have no acne issues so most of the time, my son uses this instead. This gentle and soap-free gel cleanser helps to gently removes impurities and excess oil. Formulated with the precious blend of Green Tea & Neem leaf extracts, the cleanser helps to soothes and shield skin against external aggressors and acne breakouts, while regulating sebum to help minimize the appearance of scars. Highly recommended for those who suffered breakouts often. It is gentle enough for teenagers to use frequently as well.

Beau.tea by Safi- Black Tea&Black Orchid, Detox Cream Cleanser. This gentle, fragrance free Amino Acid cream cleanser deeply cleanse and remove impurities. Formulated with the precious blend of Black Tea & Black Orchid extracts helps to detox the skin, while keeping skin healthy and protected from premature aging. Now, I just hit my mid thirties this year and it’s definitely something that I need to keep my youthful good looks.

Beau.ty by Safi- White Tea& Damask Rose, Hydrating Gel Cleanser. This gentle and soap-free gel cleanser deeply cleanses clogged up pores and remove impurities. Formulated with the precious blend of White Tea & Damask Rose that is rich in antioxidants to balances skin’s moisture levels, hydrates and reduces the size of pores. Having dry skin type, I like this one the most among other Beau.ty by Safi cleansers. It instantly hydrate my skin upon usage.

Beau.ty by Safi is sold in most major supermarket, pharmacy and online shopping malls.

So, do I recommend these Beau.tea by Safi range of facial cleansers? Yes, definitely. You can actually see visible improvements after about two weeks usage, and the best part? It retails at a very reasonable price, so if you are looking for skincare items without blowing up your savings, this is what you might want to consider.

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