Beautiful Belum Rainforest: 2D1N Family Adventure with Caravan Serai Holidays at Royal Belum Rainforest

My family and I were invited by the good folks in Caravan Serai Holidays to experience the great outdoors of the Royal Belum Rainforest (Royal Belum State Park) in Perak last weekend during the school holidays and I immediately said yes to their invitation. Explore Royal Belum Rainforest? Spend 2D1N on a houseboat? It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and I wouldn’t pass that opportunity for anything else in the world. Plus, it’s been on my bucket list for a very long time.

Despite being almost an unplanned trip, we packed our bags and went for a 2D1N adventure in Royal Belum Rainforest, Perak. I intend to write a series of in depth article for our little randezvous last weekend, but first, here’s summarizing our chronicles of adventure in Royal Belum Rainforest in Perak on the Royal Belum Houseboat with the Caravan Serai crews and other adventurers:

Day 1

We started our journey at 11.30pm on 24th March 2016 from Bandar Tasik Selatan via Caravan Serai Holidays’ bus.
The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Hentian Royal Belum Amanjaya Jetty in Grik was about 8 hours drive.

 photo 20170325_090628_zpsnv8ddngc.jpg

Hentian Royal Belum Amanjaya

 photo 20170325_095338_zps9ejbtskt.jpg

The weather was really good that day.

 photo BeautyPlus_20170331224332_save_zpsx0jfygna.jpg

Houseboats are seen docking from afar at the Tasik Banding Jetty. Ours was the middle one; Royal Belum Houseboat.

 photo 20170325_122144_zpsopsfvho8.jpg

Our houseboat looks small in comparison to the other luxurious cruiser houseboats, but don’t let the look deceive you. The houseboat have 8 large rooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen and a hall. The Royal Belum Houseboat can accommodate 30-40 pax of guests at one time.

 photo IMG_3658_zpscth4tliv.jpg

The kitchen

 photo IMG_3663_zpstmbrn2rh.jpg

Attached at the rear of the houseboat are two speedboats and two bamboo raft.

 photo 20170326_164319_zpstipuzn9a.jpg

Boarding the houseboat with Caravan Serai Holidays’ crews and other adventurers, we’re off for our 2D1N adventure in Royal Belum.The first thing on our itinerary was visiting Kg. Aman Damai in Royal Belum where the Aborigines of Jahai Tribe resides. The journey to Kg. Aman Damai from Hentian Royal Belum Amanjaya took about 2 hours via the waterway

 photo BeautyPlus_20170331230726_save_zpswnrifpsq.jpg

A pic with my husband and son on the deck.

 photo BeautyPlus_20170331235325_save_zpsgmfcy3qc.jpg

Getting all hyped up

 photo 20170325_104055_zpsnzhqjjim.jpg

Picture of me and my newfound friends. Having left with nothing much to do as the houseboat started moving, we took a wefie together.

 photo 20170325_105054_zpszpkbj6t1.jpg

Dipping my feet into the lake and playing with the water at the side deck as the houseboat was moving. Don’t worry. It’s completely safe as the houseboat speed was not fast enough to throw anyone off the deck.

 photo 20170325_103914_zpswtxfejsa.jpg

Sceneries throughout our journey was soothingly green. Here’s abit about The Royal Belum State Park; The Royal Belum rainforest is located in the Gerik area (Hulu Perak). Coverage area is about 290.000 hectares with more than 146.000 hectares of virgin forest. The forest is divided into two sections: the upper Belum area (Royal Belum State Park) and the lower Belum (Temenggor Forest Reserve) which is mostly covered by the Temenggor Lake. Some of main attractions within the area are wildlife observation, Rafflesia flowers, salt licks, aboriginal villages & waterfalls. An entry permit for every visitor into Royal Belum area is a must and will only be issued in advance. Royal Belum Rainforest is bordered by Thailand on the north, the state of Kelantan to the east, and Sungai Gadong in the west. The East-West Highway runs along its southern border, bisecting the forest complex and separating the park area from Temenggor Forest Reserve to the south. It is contiguous with Thailand’s Bang Lang National Park in Yala Province to the north, and the Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary in Narathiwat Province, to the north-east. The only human inhabitants within Royal Belum right now as of writing now are the indigenous Orang Asli, mostly of the Jahai tribe.

 photo 20170325_120634_zpskhoq20hh.jpg

After about 2 hours journey, we arrived at the Kg. Aman Damai where we visited the Jahai tribe.

 photo IMG_3773_zpsntsvawgg.jpg

You may read more about our experience in Kg. Aman Damai HERE.

 photo MAKEUP_20170401103252_save_zpsje8zpqxw.jpg

After an educational time in the aborigines settlement, we board the houseboat again and off to our next destination; to the Sungai Kooi Waterfall. (Pronounced as ‘Ko’oi, which means beautiful) The journey from Kg. Aman Damai to Kooi Waterfall area takes about 1 hour via the boathouse that’s docked at Tasik Banding and another 10 minutes boatride to the entrance. Here’s a picture of us riding the boat to the Kooi Waterfall entrance from Tasik Banding.

 photo IMG_3847_zps9zlsusll.jpg

At the entrance of the Sungai Kooi Waterfall.

 photo DSCN0062_zpsoph02375.jpg

To access the Kooi waterfall, about 30 minutes of jungle trekking is required.

 photo IMG_3871_zpsqe4bczrt.jpg

Trekking to Kooi Waterfall

 photo 20170325_163623_zpsab7rv6oy.jpg

I’m not a professional hiker so I find the experience pretty taxing on my energy reserve, with rocky and slippery path, but it was indeed a wonderful experience for the three of us.

 photo 20170325_163655_zpsphmnk572.jpg

The unique feature of the Kooi Fall is that it spreads like a shower. You may read more about our adventure to Kooi Waterfall HERE.

 photo BeautyPlus_20170401203721_save_zpsim5kzwci_edit_1491050315949_zpsduegy3o6.jpg

It was about 5.30 pm when we made our way back to the houseboat in Tasik Banding for a free and easy time swimming and bamboo rafting in the lake.

 photo DSCN0147_zpsfdptrx6f_edit_1491020194994_zps0svutxp5.jpg

Me, swimming in Tasik Banding

 photo DSCN0116_zpstsucesb7_edit_1491020150880_zpsa7x2ndpm.jpg

You are reading that right. We jumped and swam in the lake.

 photo DSCN0107_zps9dqtzgfc_edit_1491020134079_zpsphmodwtl.jpg

My son swam in the lake with us too. You may read our experience in detail HERE.

 photo DSCN0221_zpst71cyb7a_edit_1491020263417_zpsxnog4qyq.jpg

Nightfall came too soon.

 photo DSCN0227_zpsrwabhwfa.jpg

I have to say that I haven’t had enough swimming and bamboo rafting in the lake but as the sun sets in the west, we were called back to the houseboat for a sumptuos BBQ dinner.

 photo DSCN0206_zps3godispp.jpg

The guys BBQ-ing

 photo IMG_3943_zpsm9gsc40q.jpg

Preparing for the night activity after our BBQ dinner.

 photo IMG_3982_zpsbwbtsbmr.jpg

Ice breaking session with the rest and free and easy time.

 photo 20170325_222247_zpsmvcqh73p.jpg

My husband and I; participating in the activities organized by Caravan Serai Holidays’ crews.

Anyway, everyone was tired and decided to call it an early night after the ice breaking session. We had the option to sleep in the cabin or anywhere that we like in the houseboat but my family and I wanted to enjoy the soft breeze and the stars above, so we decided to unpack our sleepingbags and crash at the main hall instead of the rooms. But alas, our plans were somewhat twarted. We didn’t even stay awake past midnight. It was really cold at night in Tasik Banding, and we were lulled to sleep almost immediately under the stars. We may not spend the night in a 5 stars resort, but the experience beats anything that we experienced in a luxurious resort. It was the most relaxing sleep I’ve had in a long time, I kid you not. This was definitely billion stars hotel’ experience, literally.

Day 2

 photo 20170326_072322_zpsvh5yjlgf.jpg

I’m not a morning person. I’m usually cranky and not always human before 1pm, but waking up to this? Well, this is worth waking up in the morning for. I could practically see the sun rising in the east and it was breathtakingly beautiful.

 photo 20170326_075447_zpswapo8si7.jpg

Funky morning excercise at the deck

 photo 20170326_082550_zpszhqt9qxl.jpg

Breakfast at the deck as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

 photo DSCN0232_zpsao83nsky.jpg

Our itinerary on the second day was as interesting as our first day. It includes trekking to Ruok Waterfall. The journey to Ruok Waterfall area took about 2 hours boathouse ride away from our docking in Tasik Banding and another 5 minutes boatride away to the entrance.

 photo DSCN0237_zpsxoyywpxd_edit_1491021573987_zpsjdjcswgk.jpg

Ruok Waterfall entrance. Unlike the Kooi Waterfall where we had to trek more than 30 minutes, the distance from the Ruok Waterfall entrance to the waterfall itself is surprisingly near.

 photo IMG_4052_zpsyjo1hvmc.jpg

It was just about 5 minutes of trekking away. But the path to the waterfall was much more slippery and steep than the one to Ko’oi Waterfall.

 photo IMG_4037_zps7obygmrg.jpg

One thing to note; the place is actually a freshwater fish sanctuary, any fishing activity is not allowed in the area. So you will find shoals of fish, either Kelah, Tengas or Temoleh swimming around.

 photo DSCN0312_zpssi6ech7t_edit_1491021708724_zpslyhxbvby.jpg

The Ruok Waterfall. It has 3 tiers of waterfalls, but the 3rd tier is closed to the public.

 photo DSCN0265_zpsqicuai8p_edit_1491021532418_zps7blbmjnm.jpg

You may read more about our experience at Ruok Waterfall HERE.

 photo IMG_4049_zpsus5iejz8.jpg

There’s also a Rafflesia flowers site in the vicinity of Ruok Waterfall which is 10 minutes hike away. You may read all about it HERE.

Our trip to Ruok Waterfall were cut short as the sky was getting dark and before we know it, it was raining cats and dogs before we even managed to get back to our houseboat. But thanks to our guide, Uncle Joe, we made it back safe and sound.

All good things must come to an end and our journey in Royal Belum Rainforest ends after our little excursion to Ruok Waterfall. We departed back to Tasik Banding Jetty shortly after and headed back to Kuala Lumpur.

Traveling and exploring has always been a balm to my free-spirited soul. And I’m lucky enough that both my husband and son share the same passion with me. I got married at a very young age and I noticed many others who are my age prefers to travel with friends or travel solo, but I prefer traveling with my boys. To me, the world is a huge classroom and we learn alot from our travel as a family. But as much as we love traveling and exploring as a family, especially in Malaysia, we come to realize that not many people appreciates the concept of bringing the children to explore the great outdoors. Children these days are mostly gadget dependent and chained to their desks in preparation of taking exams and such. Not quite my idea of how my son should spend his childhood and growing up years, I must say and I don’t intend to force him to participate in the never ending rat race. I may not be able to change the rest of the world and how things run, but at least I could change ‘my world’.

Our 2D1N trip to Royal Belum Rainforest on the Royal Belum Boathouse with Caravan Serai crews is something I would always remember for the rest of my life. We not only had fun throughout the 2D1N but we learned alot from the trip too. Overall, it was one of the most memorable weekend getaway for me and my family.

Here’s a checklist for you to refer to should you ever decided to embark on this adventure:

*Mosquito repellant
*First aid travel kit with personal medicine
*Sports shoes/hiking shoes
*Sleeping bag (in case you decided to sleep outside in the hall or at the houseboat’s deck instead of the cabin)
*Small pillow
*Sufficient clothes for 3 days
*Dry bag to keep your equipments eg: camera, phones, powerbanks etc. (permit for camera is required. RM5 per camera)
*Fishing rod if you plan to fish (permit for fishing rod is required.1 rod-RM5)

Those who are interested to join the 2D1N Royal Belum Houseboat trip organized by Caravan Serai may hop over HERE for more information. Package for a 2D1N starts as low as RM199(+RM70 for two way bus transfer from Kuala Lumpur to Tasik Banding Jetty) per pax.

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