Beautiful Terengganu: Romantic Seaside Dinner Under The Stars at Oasis Beach Bistro

Looking for a beach romance in the East Coast? Here’s one place that’s just perfect for unwinding with your other half; the Oasis Beach Bistro.

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I’ve dine in Oasis Beach Bistro with my husband during my RW Media Retreat 2016 and I thought it was just so beautifully romantic. Located in the private beach of Resorts World Kijal, Oasis Beach Bistro is every hopeless romantic’s dream. It is not only perfect for dining under the starlights, but perfect for proposing to your intended or a beachside wedding reception as well.

Here in Oasis Beach Bistro, you will not only be able to sit back and feel the sea breeze, but you will be able to enjoy your scrumptious meal while being serenaded by local live liveband and cultural performance as well.

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Romantic table setting

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Bonfire set up in the vicinity of the Oasis Beach Bistro

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Traditional dance performance during our retreat.

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One of the most memorable experience that night was the special arrangement made by our host from Resorts World Genting and Resorts World Kijal, where we Celebrate the birthdays of September babies in Oasis Beach Bistro on stage. I was immensely pleased and delighted, as being born in September, I was one of the lucky people dragged onto stage. Now, this is definitely a wonderful first experience that I won’t be forgetting for a very long time.

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Anyway, enough on the ambience. Let’s get down to business and talk about food offered by Oasis Beach Bistro.The buffet highlights the quality and freshness ingredients in a style that captures the diversity of local cultures.

Romantic Beachside Dinner at Oasis Beach Bistro, Resorts World Kijal

Watch the video to see what Oasis Beach Bistro has to offer the guests

 photo 20160924_194840_zps5po81hdd.jpg

The BBQ station offers plenty of BBQ favourites like seafood, poutry as well as lamb and beef.

 photo 20160924_195808_zpspcu2n6l4.jpg

We kicked off our appetite by having crisps salad with Thousand Island dressings.

 photo IMG_3173_zpssdeixgwu.jpg

My husband and I shared a platter of this and we had seconds within minutes

 photo 20160924_195431_zpstx8lo28z.jpg

Our second plate of oceanic goodness.

Chef Preparing Pasta at Oasis Beach Bistro

Oasis Beach Bistro also offers ala minute station where you can request your pastas to be done to your liking. Watch the video to see the chef meticulously preparing my customized Spaghetti Carbonara.

 photo 20160924_195759_zpspo5zwzty.jpg

And here’s my plate of rich, creamy goodness of Spaghetti Carbonara, with extra mushrooms and shrimps.

Our dining experience was truly wonderful. All we did was relax and enjoy ourselves as the attentive staff caters to our needs while we delight in the tantalizing food, delightful beverages, and the stunning view.

Being together with my husband for 14 going on 15 years, made me wish that we will be able to celebrate our 15th years anniversary here in Resorts World Kijal next year. The place is just so beautiful, with first class hospitality and if you are looking for a great place to unwind in Kijal with your loved ones, this is the place you might want to go.

For more information on Oasis Beach Bistro in Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu, please refer to the information below:

Oasis Beach Bistro, Resorts World Kijal
Add: Km 28, Jalan Kemaman-Dungun, 24100 Kijal, Kemaman, Terengganu.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (609) 864 1188
Fax: (609) 864 1688

Business hours: 
3.00pm – 12.00midnight (Daily)

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