Behind The Scene at Food Factory’s Machinery

In my previous post, I’ve written about my dining experience with my husband and son in the Food Factory, Resorts World Genting.

Like I mentioned in that post, Food Factory, located at 3rd floor in First World Plaza at Resorts World Genting is offering sumptuous treats for hi-tea as it’s school holiday special, in conjunction of Genting International Children’s Festival 2016.

What I did not mentioned in that post is that Food Factory is actually a food factory. Yes. Literally and figuratively a food factory, as suggested by it’s name. Most of the food there are freshly cooked and produced by using machines, and here’s giving you a peek on how some delicacies are produced in the kitchen of the Food Factory, enabling it to cater up to 1,300 diners at one time.

Here’s a little exclusive with Sous Chef of Food Factory, Chef Murugan who have been kind enough to show us how how some things worked around the kitchen.

The restaurant has a few giant cooking utensil, and here’s showing the pancakr machine and the giant fried rice/noodle machine.

Chef Murugan&The Pancakes Machine

 photo IMG_1785_zpsdun01scw.jpg

Here’s Chef Murugan, showing us how pancakes are made here in Food Factory. It’s all produced by machine.

 photo IMG_1797_zps1bl5iooe.jpg

Pancake making in progress.

 photo IMG_1793_zpsckxmwcvp.jpg

Cooked pancakes passing through the conveyer belt and into the collection tray.

 photo IMG_1795_zpsuwatxiwk.jpg

Perfectly cooked pancakes. Standard in size and tastes really good too.

 photo IMG_1812_zpsrk5tzabs_edit_1458732725111_zpsj6pkdun4.jpg

According to Chef Murugan, the machine made it possible to serve up pancakes for 2,000 at one time. The pancake machine can flip up to 200 pieces of pancakes in approximately 30 minutes. Definitely cost saving and resourceful, I must say.

Moving forward, here’s Chef Murugan showing us the noodle/fried rice machine.

 photo IMG_1839_zpsu5miifuy.jpg

It is not easy to produce fried noodles for 2,000 people daily. To make life easier for everyone, the kitchen staff, especially, the Food Factory uses a state of art machine to fry up fried rice/noodles.

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Here’s Chef Murugan showing us how fried noodles are cooked in this large machine to cater to a large crowd at each service session.

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Fried noodles being mixed with sauces and meat ingredients.

 photo IMG_1883_zpsq3bbqinn.jpg

Freshly cooked noodles being collected

 photo IMG_1890_zpsk53lk7bu.jpg

Here’s Chef Murugan, with the large amount of noodles ready to be served at the buffet counter for diner’s gastronomic pleasure.

The concept in Food Factory is certainly an interesting one. Having the food churned out by these machines certainly puts on an interesting show to diners who dined there, especially young children. Guests at Food Factory will certainly enjoy watching food being cooked while enjoying the wide array of food offered at the Food Factory.

Do make a run to Food Factory should you be in Resorts World Genting this March 2016. Food Factory usually caters to breakfasts only but they are currently offering a special High Tea Buffet as a school holiday special and available only from 12th to 20th March 2016 and 26th to 27th March from 1pm to 5pm.

Hi Tea Buffet Price
Adults: RM38nett
Children: RM10nett

Food Factory is a Pork-Free restaurant.

For more information, contact 03-27181118 or hop over to

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