Behind The Scene Tour-Genting International Showroom.

The last time I was at Genting International Showroom was November 2013. My family and I were invited to experience Fantastica! 2 and Stars on String in Genting Resort World back then. It was indeed one of my most memorable trip as my husband ended up on the stage, dancing ballet with Fantastica! 2 performers in front of hundreds of audience, complete with a tutu. 😉 I believe, many of us who joined that trip back then still remembers his ballet performance. :p

 photo IMG_20140920_150918_zpsmvpgsr7t.jpg

My rather introverted husband breathes in relief this time around though. We were not there to make an impromptu performance but to find out how things works behind the stage during concerts or shows in Genting International Showroom.

 photo IMG_20140920_150521_zpstkkrjgcv.jpg

Here’s one of the sound and lighting crew member, briefing us on the stage sound and lighting.

 photo IMG_20140920_150810_zpsi17bxyau.jpg

Sound engineer demonstrating the arts of sound and blasting the Genting International Showroom with funky sound.

 photo IMG_20140928_152719_zpsn3mnelca.jpg

Here’s one for the album, the kid bloggers dancing and having their 5 minutes fame on stage in Genting International Showroom, complete with lighting and music before proceeding to our next stop; the educational visit to First World Hotel Laundry division.

This behind the scene tour is pretty much insightful and I learned that behind every successful show or concert in Genting, there is a whole crew behind of it to make it successful and yes…credits should be given to the backstage crews too. Bravo and kudos for making world class entertainment possible.

The Behind the Scene Tour was made possible by Genting Resort World.

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