Bento nasi ayam?

These days, whenever I had to fetch my boy or wait for him til he finish his class, I’d go and chill out in a nearby cafe. And as usual, I’d be hungry and wouldn’t be able to resist from ordering food from there, despite the fact that the place actually cut people’s throat with their price.

Second time around, I decided to order their chicken rice (Rm 7.90, comes with a huge quarter chicken along with braised egg and chicken soup), in which I assume would be served on a normal plate. But to my dismay, even the chicken rice comes in a bento box.

Good Lord, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with their cafe, do they seriously think that people actually enjoy eating out of bento box? Well, I guess eating from a bento box is really enjoyable if the dish is an authentic Japanese dish where the dish and whatnot is cut to bite-able piece and the rice is sticky enough to be picked up easily, but this dish is not.

I have no complaints whatsoever on the taste… the rice was really fragrant and buttery while the chicken was crunchy and juicy, but eating this stuff out of the bento box is a real killer. I practically have to dig for the huge chicken and the rice were really hard to scoop out.

I got really fed up cuz the food was really good and yet the presentation spoils my mood. So I requested for an empty plate and ended up scooping everything out onto the plate and eat from it. And from the look of it, I was not the only one there who requested for an empty plate along with the food that I ordered. I saw a couple of patrons there who did the same with their nasi dagang, nasi lemak, nasi ayam and whatnot. TSK TSK TSK.

Cleffairy: I chose practicality over flowery presentation and decided that instead of trying to change people, I’m better off changing myself first. But I wonder how far can this go? I may be able to accommodate this cafe and their impracticality, but how many more impractical people I have to accommodate just because they refuse to hear and see reason? I wonder.


    • Cleffairy says:

      It was nasi goreng belacan… πŸ™ Ya… it’s the same place… I have no where else to wait for my son til he finish class, so go to this particular cafe to relax while wait for him…

      Taste-wise… really no complain, but damn lo… the presentation really menyusahkan orang. Susau mau makan!!! I see so many ppl oso request for plate to transfer their rice and lauk into…really tak paham why must put in bento box!!!

  1. claire says:

    hey, u seem to be taking the same old food each day… chicken, chicken rice.. go try adventuring other stuff.. hehe…. by the way, the durian already arrived in KL ah?

  2. Annie Q says:

    Use bento box to put nasi goreng and chicken rice? Sound very interesting. hahahahhahahhahahhaha

    I think the boss want to be “creative”. πŸ˜›

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