Fun During Blogger Friend Yana Yassin’s Wedding

I’m pretty much well known for being afraid of attending Chinese weddings. Whenever I received Chinese wedding invitations, (I dubbed it as red bomb) I shudder. Why? Because culturally, it is expected of us to give huge amount of angpow whenever we attend Chinese weddings.

But the same cannot be said about Malay weddings. Gifts and angpows are appreciated, but not compulsory and not much are expected of guests except for attending the reception and have fun with the bride and grooms and mingle to their hearts content.


Attended my first Malay wedding in 2014. It’s been awhile since I last attended a Malay wedding, and it felt fabulous. I knew most of the guests and we greeted each other with warm hugs and air kisses on the cheek. πŸ™‚ I’m a sucker for hugs and kisses. Lol. Naturally, I feel very good there today.

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Crazy pic by blogger friends with bride Yana Yassin and husband. Familiar faces in the pic: Kelly Chin, Kak Jie, Namia Deqnoor

Kids hijacking the bridal dais.

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Wedding favours. Grabbed two of these thinking that it is boiled eggs. Ended up it was salted eggs. Lol. First time getting salted eggs as wedding favours.

So how about the food? The food was awesome, but I had too much fun chit chatting and catching up with friends to snap the pictures of food.

It is indeed a good start to 2014, and here’s wishing Yana and husband a blessed life together for the rest of their lives.


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