Can’t quite give a damn…

I know there’s a lot of hoo-hahs going out there in the cyberspace about Steve Job’s passing on 6th October 2011, but seriously, I can’t quite give a damn right at the moment. Would love to extend my condolence and whatnot, but I can’t seems to find the words to do so right at the moment. Hey, don’t blame me for being heartless or cold about the matter, I’m just being honest.

While he contributed his ideas and energy alot to make the world a better and a more stylish place to live in, he made very little impact on my life. Say… I’m not an Apple products user. I don’t use iPod, iPad, iPhone and whatnot, and the last time I used a Mac desktop was when I was 6 years old. That was two decades ago.

Right at the moment, I can’t quite a give a damn about anyone else’s passing…not when I don’t know them personally and not when my father in law is in the hospital and I have to fill my head with worries about him instead. Sure, his lung surgery had gone well, and he’s slowly recuperating, but the sight of him coughing blood and the dirty blood that’s slowly being pumped out of his punctured lungs through two plastic tubes into a large glass jar somehow scares me.I cannot imagine the pain that he’s going through right now, even with the sedatives and painkillers.

It is hard to show that you’re brave and strong when you’re filled with worries. Things are rather overwhelming to me right now, and I don’t really have the mood to do much things. I may not get along well with my in laws, especially my mother in law, but I do love and respect my father in law nevertheless. He have been very kind and understanding towards me, and I wish to repay his kindness.

I’m feeling rather drained and tired. There’s too much bad news around me. A couple of says ago Uncle Chee (the actor who played Baba- my childhood idol) passed away. That hit me really hard. It was really unexpected as I met him at the end of August and he was looking fine, and there was no sign of sickness at all. The news rendered me speechless, in fact. I guess when it’s time for you to go, then you will go, isn’t it? Nobody can beat Death, I suppose.

*SIGH* I’m in need of positive vibes. I know it’s not possible to ask people to stop telling me about people’s death, but isn’t there any GOOD NEWS around? 🙁 I need a few good news to make my day.

Cleffairy: Sorry for the lack of coherence in this post. I wrote this using my smart-phone and I’m just being emotional. I just need to let the bad things out. *SIGH*





    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes… life is only temporary and every one of us must live as if we’ll die tomorrow.

      Thank you for the good wishes. My FIL is slowly recuperating and my family and I are praying hard so that there will be no relapse.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Uncle news more sad than Jobs’s news. Cuz I kenal uncle personally but not Steve Jobs. I din post up anything to honour him cuz was busy with FIL’s things. 🙁

      Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers, Ling. I hope he will recover fast too.

  1. ladyviral says:

    To be honest… you totally agree with you. Yes he may be the icon of the century for creating iPhone.

    Wow! But hey I don’t even fancy iPhone haha!

    But surely yes, may he rest in peace… but he doesn’t affect me in anyway.

    hope your FIL will get better soon.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… his demise got no effect on me… I’m not an Apple product user. >.< But I got to say, I admire the way he market the products and staying at the top until the final moments. His life must have revolved around Apple alot, huh? Thank you for the good wishes. I hope he recovers soon too. 😀

  2. Christopher Au says:

    May the Lord speed up the recovery of your FIL. And, you take good care of yourself. Worry can’t help much , it makes you more miserable. Sometimes, it’s good to cheer up, though the odds are against you.

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