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If you have been following me on my social media, you’d realize by now that the #KonMari a.k.a Marie Kondo wave has taken me by the storm since last year. No idea what #KonMari is? Well, you may look her up on the Internet. She’s basically a cleaning up and a decluttering guru who inspire many around the globe to spark joy through cleaning up and decluttering. I am one of those who was inspired by Marie Kondo. The Konmari method is seriously lifechanging. I used to hate staying at home as it used to be super cluttered and messy but now I feel more at ease and happy now that everything at home is properly organized since I got rid of the things that doesn’t spark joy anymore.

Apart from decluttering and organizing, I also have been on religiously maintaining order at home by keeping things clean. I hate to do things manually, and therefore, I’m constantly on the lookout for gadgets that will make my spring-cleaning missions a breeze. And here’s sharing with you an awesome cleaning up gadget; RAYCOP.


This is basically an allergen vaccuum machine that helps to suck dust from fabrics.


Here’s a closer look at the machine. RAYCOP allergen vacuums had a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filter fitted with a fine mesh to trap 99.9% of the dust mite matter, dirt, pollen and pet dander that settle on our fabric surfaces such as mattress, pillows, sofa and our children’s toys.


The machine is very easy to use and even children can handle it with ease. All you need to do is just switch it on and run it through like a regular vaccuum cleaner on any fabric surfaces that you’d like to clean.


RAYCOP uses a powerful UV lamp with a wavelength calibrated to effectively eliminate over 99% of bacteria from fabric surfaces throughout our home. The UV light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. With the UV light, it also alters the DNA of dust mite eggs and significantly reduces egg hatch rates. RAYCOP had the combination of suction and vibration along with the UV light which is proven to eliminate 3 times more allergens than a regular vacuum. RAYCOP has pulsating pads to loosen and lift particles and suction calibrated to be powerful enough to effectively remove debris and allergens from fabric surfaces yet is gentle enough to safely use on delicate fabrics without tugging or trapping the fabric. The particles also pass through a dual filtration system where larger particles are trapped in the dust box filter and microscopic particles are trapped in the HEPA filter so they can’t be released back into the air.


The HEPA filter traps the particles without releasing them back into the air like the exhaust of a regular vacuum does. These particles that are removed are common irritants that affects the health of our family members.


Here’s yours truly using RAYCOP. It takes me just about 3 minutes to vacuum my son’s mattress.

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Check this out. These are the dusts from my son’s mattress. How horrifying. Can you see the difference between the clean filter on the left and the dirty one on the right? I shudder whenever I think that my son have been sleeping with these.

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Getting rid of the dusts that has been collected in the filter is really easy.

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All you need to do is just run the filter through tap water and brush it a little with a small brush, and leave it to dry before using it again.


Yes, I must say that using this machine definitely sparks joy. What’s not to like about it? It not only helps me save time cleaning up, but keeps my family’s health in check too; with my husband having lesser sinus problem in the morning and my son no longer complains of itchy skin whenever he sleeps in. This is without a doubt a keeper and I positively recommend this as your spring-cleaning assistant.

For more information, on RAYCOP, hop over to or facebook page at for more promotion and updates or send your whatsapps messages to or 012-9222260 to learn more about RAYCOP.

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