Comfort food: Simple hot dog

I like comfort food. They warm my stomach when I’m busy and have not much time to cook. As of late, I’ve been very busy with my work and stuff and I barely have time to cook elaborate stuff for myself and my family. Apart from the corn soup and the corn fritters… below is what I feed myself these days:

Hot dogs and mustard. LOL…it’s been one of my favourite food these days when I’m busy, inspired by Joshua (smallkucing) who loves to sing hot dog song.

All I need to do is fly some hot dog in the frying pan along with the hot dog bread,ƂĀ  place the hot dog into the bun when it’s ready and dress it up with mustard or ketchup. Easy stuff. You can make some too.

Hot dog, is one of my favourite comfort food. What is yours? What do you like to eat when you’re busy and have not much time to cook? Care to share with me?


  1. dating frequency says:

    My comfort food would be Tomyam Campur. I usually cook once a day, at night cook and you can eat it until next day lunch. Just cut all ingredients and toss them into pot. boil/simmer for 25 minutes. While waiting for rice to cook can cook this. Or when I’m to busy, rice with fried eggs and kicap will do the trick.

  2. claire says:

    OH gosh.. peel away the blackie thing before u wallop that, Chef Cleff.. nanti cekik.. u must be on the pc when the bun was burning in the nonstick pan…
    hehheeee… not to worry, i m also like that one!

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