Coolhijab Hair Serum

Remember I shared how to tie a shawl/scarf in 25 ways not long ago? Well…I’m really nuts about em. To me, shawl/scarves are a must have accessory to go with my wardrobe. I may not style it into a hijab on daily basis, but I do style it that way occasionally. More often than not, during Muslim related events like a nikah ceremony in a mosque or a feast in mosque area where one is required to cover up their aurah with decent clothes.

I have no issue with that, but even for a short period of time, covering your hair in a piece of cloth like shawl or head scarves is that the weather in Malaysia is not always agreeable, causing discomfort and itchiness to the scalp whenever you cover up your hair.

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But lucky me, that problem can be remedied with this product, Coolhijab Hair Serum.

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I received a sample of this hair serum last week. It is recommended for those who are wearing hijab. It is supposed to sooth the scalp and keep it cool and fragrant even though you are wearing hijab. And after trying it out for a few days, I realized that this product delivers it’s promise. This hair serum not only helps my scalp to feel cool, but it reduces itchiness, scalp dryness and hair loss too. Another noticeable changes that I noticed is that my hair smells nice all the time after wearing it and my hair is much softer too.

It is a miracle serum I must say and I would definitely recommend this even for those who do not wear hijab. 🙂 Awesome stuff.

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