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Having traveled a lot these days with my family does not make me any smarter. Well, at least not where shopping is concerned, as I am quite a terrible shopper.I’m an impulsive buyer. If I had it my way, I would probably just grab anything I fancy from the shelf while shopping. Alleviating stress would also prompt me to go on retail therapy, leaving me with buyer’s remorse soon after. All these habits would be fine if I am a rich woman with savings like a Fort Knox, but sad to say these habits are just killing me.

As much as I would love to stop being such a shopaholic, I got to admit that at times it is rather tereupeutic. So I suppose things can still be under control if I could make better desicions when I am on my shopping rampage.

Have you ever purchased something, or went to an eatery and upon finding out the price during payment, felt if you did not get the best deal? I always find myself in such a predicament, but lucky for me that there is a smartphone app to remedy that.

Here’s introducing CREAM, a new smartphone application currently available for android devices, with iOS compatibility coming soon.

So, what does it do? Read on below then. New Smartphone Application - Real Time Pricing Info

CREAM can help you start making smarter purchasing decisions. Leverage the crowd by using CREAM to get real-time pricing information from others to determine if you are receiving a good deal or not.Features of this apps include:

  • Unlimited amount of pricing questions to ask the crowd
  • Notifications when you receive feedback on your pricing decision
  • Price comparison tools to help you find more deals
  • Compare prices on the same product all across the world
  • Easy currency converter to convert foreign currencies
Download the CREAM app from Android's Play Store
BuzzElement, the creators of CREAM, have released the official beta version of their app on Google Play.CREAM is a consumer based mobile app and platform that leverages the crowd to help consumers determine if they are receiving a good deal or not on their purchase. The app is positioning itself to be the “Waze for real-time pricing data.” CREAM users have the ability to leverage large groups of people to help them determine if they are receiving a good deal or not on their purchase.

Download the CREAM app from Android's Play Store
Step #1: Snap a photo
So how exactly does it work? Well, CREAM app works bothways, meaning consumers like you and me do our part to post a photo of the item we want to purchase with its pricing to share with other CREAM users. It’s rather simple, in four steps you are on your way to participate in a growing community who will give feedbacks and interact, discussing whether the purchase was a good deal or not.
Step#2: Enter the price of the item
Step#2: Enter the price of the item
From the CREAM application itself, the first step would be to snap a photo of the item we want to purchase, be it food items, gadgets, or virtually anything under the sun. The user interface is really intuitive, where in three steps you are already on your way to share your would be purchase with everyone.
Step #3: Share it with all the users in
Step #3: Share it with all the users in
Feedbacks are almost instantaneous as well, as other users can leave a feedback, or give a thumbs up, or thumbs down to the would-be purchase or have purchased. This way, you will know if the deal is a good one or not, and subsequently decide whether to go ahead to buy it, or walk away. application gives us the option to give feedbacks on other users’ purchases based on our past experience.
imageI’ve been using CREAM for the past one week or so since its launching on my Android based smartphone, the Ninetology U9Z1+.
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Check out the activities notifications that I received.Even though CREAM is currently still in beta stage, the amount of users have been increasing daily, with more and more photos being shared and hundreds of feedbacks given.
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Here is what I usually do: simply snap a picture of the item they were looking to buy, add the price and add a quick description of the item.


It would then be instantly sent out to CREAM users where they could let the consumer know if they were receiving a good price on the item. Users could then select other places nearby with better deals and also recommend other options and items. The data would then be presented nicely in a chart graph for the CREAM user to analyze and decide if they should purchase the item.

Cream from BuzzElement on Vimeo.

Basically, CREAM is a downloadable mobile app for smartphones that uses geo-technology and crowdsourcing to help consumers around the world make informed pricing decisions. For more information on CREAM please visit –’s initial focus is to build up a large community of dedicated CREAM users to make the pricing data more accurate and valuable. As the users and pricing data start to grow, CREAM will be able to use the analytics to create a real-time pricing engine using their proprietary technology. The pricing engine could then be used by travelers looking to budget for their next trip, brands who want to see their product pricing variations globally and researchers to help them predict global pricing patterns.
So what are you waiting for? If you have an Android based smartphone, head on to the Play Store and download CREAM. Their official website is at , with promise of iOS support coming soon. CREAM is free on Google Play and can be downloaded here at


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