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Some people say I look younger than my age. I don’t know how true is that but trust me, I’m already in my 30s and have a teenage son at that. People often ask me what’s my secret. Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t really have any well guarded secret. Perhaps just hanging on to the belief that less is more and I usually don’t do ‘heavy makeup’ but opt for the sweet ‘no makeup’ look instead; meaning no heavy eye makeup, no thick foundation or extra bright lip colours. They don’t really highlight my feature and make me look striking, of course, but it does help in creating the fresh, youthful image.

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Here’s my ‘no makeup’ look. My essential makeup stuff, well, usually to create the ‘no makeup’ look, picking the right CC or DD cream for proper coverage on the face is essential. And here’s the recent one from that I think is not too shabby if you want to create the natural youthful look.

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Sweet Aiman 3D Cream DD Mineral Cushion (RM 89.90/ RM94.90)This product is a collaboration between a Malaysian teen singing sensation, Aiman Tino with Wonder Glow Cosmetic Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company that specializes in skincare and beauty products. Available in two tone; fair and natural glow.

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Mine is in fair tone, since my skin tone is naturally fair.

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The 3D Cream DD Mineral Cushion’s coverage is quite decent, covering my flaws and eyebags while giving off a somewhat radiant glow. This product is great for those who wants to create a sweet, natural look. Disclaimer: Some may feel the texture of the 3D Cream DD Mineral Cushion is slightly sticky and oily upon application, especially those with oily skin type, but I don’t really have such problem.

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Apart from the Sweet Aiman 3D Cream DD Mineral Cushion, there’s Sweet Aiman range of products also includes supplements in the form of Candy Cherry Brite (RM 69.90/ RM 74.90)
and Cherry Brite HD (RM 89.90/ RM 94.90). Both of these are actually daily health supplement containing Acerola Powder, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, (Vitamin C), Apple Stem Cells, Grape Stem Cells and Argan Stem Cells. The candy variant is in the form of candy tablet while the other one is in the form of powder, recommended to be taken once a day before 30 minutes before meals. The advantage of these two products is that it helps to supplement the body’s need for collagen and Vitamin C and at the same time, helps to whiten the skin. I won’t comment much on the effect of these two products as the effects varies on individuals. I can only say that so far it works great on me in terms of making my skin feels more smooth.

So, where can you buy these products? Well, refer to the information below:

IG: @sweetaiman360deg

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