Die, Dong Dong Chiang Die!

This is a scheduled entry. By the time you’re reading this, I’m somewhere else, in the world where fantasy and reality collide, screaming “Die, monster, die! Die dong dong chiang, die!”.

Yep, Cleffairy will be away for a couple of days to battle those mobs… will she survive? Or will she be beaten to death? Only time will tell… in the meantime, enjoy your holidays, folks. Cleffairy and all her imaginary Over A Cuppa Tea crew wishes you all a happy Chinese New Year.

Cleffairy: Can you hear the silent screams from afar throughout the country? Good Lord, spare those poor unfortunate souls! Amen.


  1. MRC says:

    These look like PC games or mobile games – Yeap it’s escapism for me as well, in addition to movies / TV….

    Here’s wishing that you enjoy your getaway holidays & ignore all kind of monsters – imaginary or real

    • Cleffairy says:

      Oh, no… it’s not a PC game or mobile game… it’s an Online MMORPG- It’s known as Maplestory. Thanks, MRC… I appreciate all ur good wishes, hope u somehow made peace wih work too. Happy Chinese New Year… I’ll be back after 5th.

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