Dolsot Bibimbap @The Food Garden, The Gardens

My dad treated me to a Korean meal the other day when we got tired of walking around in the Gardens. It’s Dolsot Bibimbap (Some sort of Korean Mixed Rice) with a side of extra sour and spicy Kimchi soup and complimentary sliced potatoes and kimchi. This Dolsot Bibimbap set cost Rm 22.90, if I’m not mistaken, inclusive of some iced watermelon dessert.

I was in heaven immediately when I gobbled these up, not only because the food was nice and to my liking, but because of the good service provided by the lady who owned the stall. I’ve been patronizing her stall for quite some time now, and she never failed to bow and greet me in Korean. Gosh, such good manners. If only Malaysian could also show such manners to others, especially the customers!

Cleffairy: What good will it do to you if you have no manners?


    • Cleffairy says:

      Ya, the lady is soooo sweet, isn’t she? Yea, quite pricey, but I’d go for this stall anytime that the bento shop opposite of this stall. That bento stall… the service… adeihhh!

  1. twilightzone says:

    I love that Bibimbap!!! I first discovered this dish when I lived with Korean students in US back in 90s. I am still addicted to this healthy dish till today. That stall is good and popular with diners.

    Let me share the Korean story behind this dish. It was a poor maid’s dish during the old dynasties in Korea. One maid scooped all the left over food served in the palace and she mixed them all together in a hot stoneware as she was not allowed to cook anything. She loved and ate them hungrily till being discovered by the Queen or concubine who caught her eating the weird ‘bibimbap’ dish. They loved it and it became a new dish in the Royal Courts. When you order “Dolsot” you get them in hot stoneware but if just plain ‘bibimbap”, it is without the stoneware.

  2. fattyoldman says:

    besok sudah balik lor…next time wen I free drop in kl again but duno wil b 1 yr later onot…lol..u noe I’m vy fat so u bring go eat stimbot ey…okok…gud gud but I prefer vy spicy stimbot :p *btw ur ears vy big n they say luck vy gud if ears big* 🙂

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