Don’t cry Joni…

Have you ever want something or someone to love you so badly, but the love is unrequited? You gave all of your heart to that person, but your love is unreturned?

You love them, and waited for them with all of the devotion that you have… you wait and wait, and nothing happens, and then, one day… you stopped hoping, though you continued loving.

Time passes by. You stopped wanting anymore. You feel numb, you’re hurting inside and you desperately need to move on, and decided that it’s all right. It doesn’t matter anymore. If the person you love doesn’t return your feelings, you think that it’s time to let someone else… someone else who have been waiting for you to let you into their life for almost as long as you wait for the one you love to return your feelings.

It won’t be the same… to just receive love…but it would have been better that way, won’t it? You can try loving the one who love you, though you have no feelings for that person.

And then…the thing you have been waiting for happened. The person you loved… started to see something in you, and started to return your feelings. But it’s too late now…you fell in love with another, because ‘the other person’ whom was never your first choice is now the love of your love, and means everything to you.

Have you ever felt that way… how funny and ironic love is? Have you… ever felt like Joni…feel that one day, you’ll stop hoping and move on, because you can’t wait forever, and life goes on?


(Conway Twitty)

Conway Twitty & Joni Lee – 1975

Margo & Daniel O’Donnell – 2006

Joni was the girl who lived next door

I’ve known her, I guess, ten years or more

Joni wrote me a note one day

And this is what she had to say


(Jimmy, please say you’ll wait for me)

(I’ll grow up someday you’ll see)

(Saving all my kisses just for you)

(Signed with love forever true)

Slowly I read her note once more

I went over to the house next door

Her teardrops fell like rain that day

When I told Joni what I had to say

Joni, Joni please don’t cry

You’ll forget me by and by

You’re just fifteen, I’m twenty-two

And Joni, I just can’t wait for you

Soon I left our little home town

Got me a job and tried to settle down

But those words kept haunting my memory

The words that Joni wrote to me


(Jimmy, please say you’ll wait for me)

(I’ll grow up someday you’ll see)

(Saving all my kisses just for you)

(Signed with love forever true)

I packed my clothes and I caught a plane

I had to see Joni, I had to explain

How my heart was filled with her memory

And ask my Joni if she’d marry me

I ran all the way to the house next door

But things weren’t like they were before

My teardrops fell like rain that day

When I heard what Joni had to say


(Jimmy, Jimmy please don’t cry)

(You’ll forget me by and by)

(It’s been five years since you’ve been gone)

(And Jimmy, I married your best friend John)

Don’t Cry Joni is a very old song, and I used to sing this with my father when I was just a little girl. Thinking back… I wonder if he’s trying to teach me about how love doesn’t always turn out the way we wanted them to, and there’s always surprises when it comes to love?

Cleffairy: Jimmy, Jimmy please don’t cry. You’ll forget me by and by. It’s been five years since you’ve been gone. And Jimmy I married your best friend John.


    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…how old are you, actually? 😛 Yes… this song is so nice… I mean, there’s a story behind this song… just like other oldies. 😀 The man return Joni’s feelings too late… and he ends up miserable. LOL.

  1. fufu says:

    i know this well… now i could only wish her all the best with her bf…

    ryc : anyway no matter who you are, you still welcome to be my friends… i dont care if you are gay/les/bi/tranny or whatever

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