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I went shopping last night. Shopping was never my favourite past time. I hate the crowds, I hate those pretty and expensive goods that I can only look at and not buy, and I hate those obnoxious and ignorant mall personnel who sometimes walk around not knowing what planet they’re living in when you ask them questions about the goods that’s sold there. I hate the cashiers who yak, and so the list goes on…

To make long story short, I am a weird woman. I hate shopping. It gives me nothing but eyesore and feet that hurts by the time I was done walking around the mall. But those eyesore and feet that hurt I can tolerate. I’ll take any of those torture, but I cannot tolerate brats that’s running around and was unsupervised by their parents. I find it annoying like hell! Don’t get me wrong,I don’t hate children. I love them, and I’ve been working with them in various ways since I graduated. I just hate it when children are let loose in the mall as if no danger will approach them. And I hate it even more when I heard announcement that’s announcing a child looking for his or her parents. Last night, a boy and his sister was lost in the mall and was brought to the announcement booth. So instead of showing off what I boughtย  for CNY last night, I have a message for shopaholic parents:

Dear parents, please take care of your children when you are shopping. Don’t wait til a cute child like this


End up like this, kidnapped and sexually molested in the most inhumane way and finally die painfully because of your lack of supervision.


For readers who are not Malaysian or have been hiding in a cave somewhere, the answer to your question is a YES, the picture of the dead body above is the picture of the cute little girl that’s in the first picture. She’s Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. Kidnapped because of lack of supervision on her parent’s part. She was 8, and went out of the safety of her home to buy something in a night market WITHOUT PARENTS SUPERVISION.

Her dead body was found stuffed in a sports bag, and even her parents could not recognize her dead body and DNA test was required to determined the identity after her death. Her dead body was found in the most pitiful condition. She was bruised and battered, and according to the medical officers, she was sexually abused in the most inhumane way til she finally could not take it anymore and died a slow, bloody and painful death.

Parents, is your shopping session more important than your children that you allowed them to run around without anyone supervising them? Are you not aware of crime that’s involving children in Malaysia?


People with bad intentions are everywhere. Please, protect your children. Do not let them loose without supervision. You seriously do not wish your children to suffer the same fate as Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, or those children above do you? There’s no use crying over spill milk, so please, supervise your children before it’s too late, I beg of you!

Cleffairy: Shopping is never therapeutic for me. Especially when the price is pointing to the sky and children are running around loose as if their parents are wishing for people to take their children away from them. One could never shop with a peace of mind with environment like these!


  1. U-Jean says:

    a child is a the parent’s responsibility but I’ve always felt that it is unfair to only blame the parents when cases of child abduction happens. It is our right to a safe environment and the government and the society to make this happen. We too have a responsibility to report if we see some child with people she don’t belong to.

  2. calvin says:

    maybe… were once a man in your previous life time, and you were supposed to be reincarnated as one too…hehehehe.

    children will always be children. mischievious, active and easily deceived. we cannot always scold or cane them whenever they’re naughty coz they just dont understand. parents play a very important role……to give security whenever and in whatever situation. i just cant help getting pissed off whenever i see children running about on the road in the evenings, and the parents just watch and stare as if nothing. and they expect us to look out for their children whilst driving. kena knock, then belebeh and marah2. kena kidnapped, then cry like hell. prevention is always better than cure, cant they just get it!

  3. chrisau says:

    yeap, i shall never leave my kid wander away in shopping centres especially it’s so crowded nowadays. most of the time, he will sitck with me and my wife.

  4. Bridge says:

    Girl, you make me feel a little bit guilty with this. I do love shopping, to the highest level. I only go to shopping malls though whenever I get my average salary from the company I work with, and ops, I only buy things that I need. It’s hard to splurge money that is HARD EARNED! When I buy things I don’t compromise quality with price. Quality is always on top of everything!

    Poor little girl….. PITIFUL Parents! They’re what you called “Shouda, Wouda, Couda!” Should have been, Would have been, COuld have been THEY SO CAREFUL AND THOUGHTFUL ABOUT THEIR CHILD, THE POOR GIRL WOULD STILL BE ALIVE TODAY ENJOYING BEING ON EARTH!!!!

    It made me mad, now what? Calm down… Good night!

  5. KevinP says:

    back.. hopefully for the better… albeit prolly busy through till after CNY.. :). Gonna be a tough year… so shrink down on shopping.. LOL.

    Just replaced my 14yo washing machine and 10yo shower heater.. :(. Pokai liao.. now gotta replace my sofa.. hmmm…

  6. Tera says:

    People have motion sickness, sea sickness and you have shopping sickness. I avoid all shopping complexes ESP when its crowded time. I get headaches and I SUPER hate squeezing with people.

    On a serious note. Parents should be aware of their children whereabout all the time, that is one of rules to be parents. But have you seen some of the kids? I do see some parents that tried all ways to properly educate and ‘contain’ the child but yet the kids are still all over the place.

    Anyway, it takes one second of a mistake to regret for the rest of the life. I rather be safe than to be sorry.

    So what did you get?

  7. eugene says:

    we should teach our children some basic tips about safety. In my neigbourhood, those police man’s kids i tell you, when you look at them ages between 9 to 12, can cycle in the vicinity and breaking all the rules.

    when something happens to a child, dont blame the children, always blame the parents,,,,,,,,

  8. James says:

    I totally agree with ahfu..since ppl are lazy enough to would be the best way to help solve cases like these..high quality cameras I mean..not those chapalang cam..government should strict dat every mall has it..the least those lazy bum could do..sry for my broken English =X

  9. cleffairy says:

    Kellaw… some parents really neglect their kids…and when things happened to their kids, they’ll start to point fingers everywhere, except for themselves.

    u-jean, yes, we cannot blame the parents alone for what happened, after all, evil are lurking everywhere. However, to report a child being with a stranger, that would be a bit hard if the child willingly followed the stranger, and we couldn’t determined whether the child belongs to the stranger or not. Government can’t be held responsible for children’s safety…they are too busy politicking *snort*, police are too busy going to Starbucks for coffee, so i suppose that just left us, the society to keep our eyes open.

    … that cannot be la… I enjoy being a woman lehhh… I get spoil, pampered and yes, I get to whine whine whine and complain and complain, and can give PMS as excuse to my mood swings. LMAO. Being a woman is good! ๐Ÿ˜› Eh, i also see that kind of parents a lot too. Not only in playground, they’re everywhere. once, I din notice a kid, and he bumped into me and fall flat on the floor, den the parent appeared after 5 minutes, not knowing wud happened, go berserk on me! Really useless!

    Jo… wah… I am better than those diet pills. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Bridge, if only I could enjoy shopping the way you do, I think i’ll feel more like a woman than a grumpy old miser. LOL. yes, Nurin, the girl was brutally murdered. And to think that the parents couldn’t even recognize her dead body saddens me…were they not attentive enough to notice if there are any birth marks that they remembered or something…

    Pete… sleep is better than shopping when hyperactive children are involved.

    Kevin, welcome back… lol… I’ll be busy too… but I also will try to come on every now and then… ๐Ÿ™ hate end of year, hate festive seasons… especially the ones we’re supposed to celebrate… money fly like nobody’s business.

    Tera….lol…I din realize got shopping sickness… but really, I can’t handle being in the crowds…that explains why I go shopping only when necessary and I avoid concerts and cinema at all cost… I must be a freak… lol…

    Eugene… you’re right… we cannot blame the children for parent’s negligence…what the hell is our education system is doing anyway? They are not teaching self defense class for kids for free, etc etc.

    FuFu, actually cameras are everywhere, but unfortunately, some of it are dummy CCTV or it’s placed at a non-strategic place. ๐Ÿ™

    Seng ah….most mall use cheapos cam lerr… some is not even functioning, dummy nia. No use. got case that time, no pic come out!

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