Dove Micellar Detoxifying Green Tea Shower Gel Review

So it’s still CMCO and while I’ve been cooped up at home, I haven’t been neglecting my workout routine. Well, a girl got to do anything to stay healthy and fit, or all the binge eating is going to bite me with vengeance, right?

I’ve been doing cardio dance at home and been sweating out alot. Problems? Yes. These days whenever I workout and sweat out, the sweat caused heat rashes on my skin that last at least two weeks, and it’s so irritating. It’s so itchy and gives burns like sensation. It’s so irritating to the touch that I had to apply soothing aloe vera gels on it to sooth the discomfort.

I don’t know what contributes to this problem. I don’t have such problems after workouts before, but I’m guessing the stress of being locked up at home and the unhealthy diet I’ve been indulging in is actually accumulating toxins in my body, hence the this is one of the way my body detox my system-through the sweat.

Spotting red dots and dashes all over my body is not an appealing thing, and so I decided to do something about it apart from changing my diet; changing my shower gel.

I decided to give this Dove Micellar Shower Gel a go, considering that I’ve tried Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo and was absolutely happy with it, I’m hopeful that Dove Micellar Detoxifying Green Tea Shower Gel.

According to the label, it’s supposed to soothe and purifies by deep cleansing the skin. Well, that’s just the thing that I need, and after using it for a couple of days, I decided that while the shower gel does not instantly gives soothing effect; perhaps because I already have rashes all over prior to using it, it is proven helpful in reducing my heat rashes spots. As of writing, my skin is no longer that spotty and no new spots appeared after workouts anymore after a few days of usage.

The irritations is also lesser now and I no longer have the urge to scratch my skin til it breaks, so I guess this Dove Micellar Detoxifying Green Tea Shower Gel is really helpful in helping me reduce my heat rashes.Yay to that. I no longer have to suffer heat rashes after workouts. The best part about this shower gel is that it’s also gentle enough to be used on the face. It’s surprisingly effective in removing makeups as well and hydrates the skin well.

I’m definitely a happy camper with this Dove Micellar Detoxifying Green Tea Shower Gel and I highly recommend it for those who have especially active lifestyle or those who needs deep cleansing for their skin. Gym goers, sports enthusiasts and those who leads an active lifestyle will most likely appreciate this Dove Micellar Detoxifying Green Tea Shower Gel . It’s not only soothing on the skin, but the green tea scents are refreshing as well. You smell so good after showering with it.

Dove Micellar Detoxifying Green Tea Shower Gel is available at major drugstores in Malaysia at RM22.90.

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