Ephyra, The Best Collagen Drink I’ve Tried

Ephyra is a collagen-based antioxidant drink, the most delicious, in the form of sachets made from natural ingredients (L-Glutathione, Astaxanthin, Acai Berry, AcerollaCeri, Marigold Flower Extract, Gum Acacia, Superberi & Tomato powder) that treat, renew and further enhances inner and outer health.

There are loads of collagen products out there, but EPHYRA has gained a place in the hearts of thousands of loyal users. So why EPHYRA is different from the others in the market? Well, for one, EPHYRA uses marine collagen from “white fish” which live in the deep sea. Reason being: deep-sea fish are free of contamination. EPHYRA uses hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen consists of the smallest fraction of amino acids, which are easily absorbed by the body.

EPHYRA contains absorbable collagen. This is very important. Do you know why loads of people people takes collagen, but couldn’t really see the result? High collagen molecule density is the reason. The body can’t absorb it easily. A brand’s collagen is measured in DALTON (Da). It’s not about how many mg of collagen there is in the content, but how small the protein is. The more rapidly absorbed, the sooner see the effects of body. Important fact: The density of EPHYRA collagen = less than 1500Dalton. EPHYRA collagen size = less than 1500 Dalton and therefore very easily absorbed by the body . That’s why those who are drinking EPHYRA can see the effects as early as 7 days unlike most collagen in the market where one needs 3-4 boxes of collagen to see the effect.

EPHYRA collagen content is sufficient for the body .The human body does not require a large amount of collagen, but only needs small amount of it. (Do note that exessive amount of collagen can be damaging to the kidney in the long run. :()

EPHYRA is a skin supplement , (a beauty drink ), but not the only the skin that will be able to benefit from it . There are other benefits besides bright and elastic skin . Among them are: Energy booster

    • Less hair loss. ~ Strengthen hair roots , and encourages new hair growth.
    • Weight control.
    • Shiny and healthy nails.
    • Cracked heel decreases. ~ No more dry and cracked heels.
    • Dark circles under the eyes is reduced and more even skin tone.
    • Reduce inflammation & joint pain as well as knee pain.
    • EPHYRA is proven to be effective as early as 7-14 days.

There are many collagen products out there that claims to be safe & clean , but surprisingly when we checked them out with MOH & JAKIM, it is not. It is important to choose a product that will not be harmful to your body. EPHYRA is certified Halal, so if you’re a Muslim, you won’t have to worry about consuming a non-halal product. 😉

 photo promoephyra2_zps9657793e.jpg

EPHYRA has been proven effective by so many users. Just take a look at the testimonial below:

 photo testimoniephyra1_zps6514b509.jpg

The Skin condition of this user is much better after consuming EPHYRA after quite some time. 😀

 photo testimoniephyra2_zps7b019a0c.jpg

It doesn’t just work for the ladies, but EPHYRA doesn’t have any gender discrimination. Men can consume and benefit from EPHYRA too. 😉 I know a few male bloggers who consumed EPHYRA religiously…and they have benefited tremendously from it. Among them are Shakiddo and Eyriqazz. 😉 Check their blogs out and find out for yourself how they actually benefited from it. If I’m not mistaken, EPHYRA also helped boost up EYriqazz’s fertility and his wife is now pregnant with another child. 😉

I’m myself an EPHYRA user. And I assure you that it’s nothing short of miracle. Below is the recap of my first 14 days experience with EPHYRA.

14 days journal entry with EPHYRA

Day 1: I was a little skeptical about drinking EPHYRA, cuz most collagen and beauty drinks taste nasty. But I tried it regardless and was pleased to discover that EPHYRA is not only easy to prepare; all you need to do is just pour out the sachet contents into the shaker and shake it with cold water, but it taste very, very good too! EPHYRA tasted like a yummilicious glass of orange juice. I was all smile and immediately craved for a second glass on the spot, but rules are rules. One can only take EPHYRA once a day and according to prescribed serving. Completely a pleasant experience.

Day 2: I did not realize if there is any changes, but I noticed that I had no problems running around like the crazy Duracell Bunny all day long in events and whatnot. That’s pretty surprising cuz I get tired pretty easily and my mood can get terribly nasty due to fatigue.

Day 3: My skin isn’t any fairer and the dark chicken pox scar was still there, but I noticed that my skin is not as dry.

Day 4: Bowel movements improves and I pee more often.

Day 5: I was able to sleep better.

Day 6: Started noticing that my face is getting smoother and much more hydrated from within.

Day 7: The real fun begins, could really start to notice the difference in my face. It’s now brighter and my skin feels hydrated from within.

Day 8: Was out whole day again, attending events. Was filled with energy and people mistook my son for being my kid brother twice.

Day 9: Flaky and scaly skin is much lesser and I could seriously see the new skin regeneration effects.

Day 10: Skin is much clearer, smoother and the best part, chicken pox scar started to really fade.

Day 11: Took a good look in the mirror and noticed that my face is much fairer and my cheeks have natural rosy blush though there was no make up on. Skin is devoid of pimples though I was having PMS symptoms. The dark circles around the eyes and eyebags has pretty much faded. Skin tone is much more even too.

Day 12: More and more chicken pox scars faded away and my skin feels hydrated from.within all day through. Another noticeable positive changes that I noticed is that my gum no longer bleed easily. I suppose all that vitamins in EPHYRA contributed in this change too.

Day 13: Again, someone mistook me as my son’s elder sister and I noticed that my lips is surprisingly soft, fuller and pinkish without the usage of lip balm.

Day 14: Chicken pox scar is no longer noticeable. Skin much softer and smoother and my face is much more radiant than before. Took selfies and compared the picture with the one taken before I started to consume EPHYRA and I can happily say that I look much better and healthier now.

So, am I satisfied with the result? Yes, absolutely! I could actually see positive results in just 5 days of usage, and I’m definitely a happy camper, considering that I feel much more beautiful and confident now. I rarely feel as tired as before, and feel completely revitalized. A note here: I did not use any other skincare products throughout my 14 days challenge with EPHYRA, so I can vouch that it is really, really effective!

Not convinced? Well then just take a look at the before and after below.

Can you see the difference? Skin is much fairer and flawless.

And lips is much pinker. These photos are taken completely ‘nude’ with no makeups on and no filter was used whatsoever. Please ignore the damaged- looking hair, though. I had a little bit of a disaster in a stupid hairsalon and not even EPHYRA could save my burnt and frazzled hair. That’s another story altogether and I need to fix it and rescue it by using some hair products or chopped them all off, but apart from the disastrous hair, I believe that the changes that EPHYRA helped me achieve is amazing!

 photo pizapcom13804275379551_zpsd54e6394.jpg

Ugly chicken pox scar has faded, and my skin is not as flaky and as dry as before too and I have no doubts that with continuous usage, I’ll be able to get rid of them unhealthy skin and damaged skin completely. :D

EPHYRA might be a tad costly for some, but I have some good news for those who are living in Putrajaya and Perak. EPHYRA will be joining Karnival Utusan (Putrajaya ) & Karnival Jom Heboh (Perak) from  26th April to  27th April 2014. EPHYRA will be sold at a promotional price during these carnivals.
 photo promoephyra001_zps82f34a0b.jpg

Visit any of these EPHYRA booth during the carnival, and stand a chance to meet celebrity couple Memey Suhaiza and Norman Hakim. 😀

 photo promoephyra4_zpsb40e9b02.jpg

And in conjunction of EPHYRA’s 2nd anniversary, OCEANLIFE will be have a MEGA SALE starting from 28th April 2014 where you can take advantage of the promotional price of RM180 (original price is RM197). So…grab em. It’s really worth every penny spent as I can vouch for the effectiveness. 😀


And in conjunction of the anniversary, EPHYRA is also producing exclusive, limited edition t-shirts at RM15 each. It’s really cool and comfy, so you might wanna grab em too. 😀 Check out their booth during the carnival to take advantage of the promo price and loads of freebies awaits. 😉 I’ll probably check out the Putrajaya one and let me know if you’re going too, and I’ll meet you there.


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