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As of late, I stumbled upon a family management website. It’s a comprehensive, one stop family management website made easy. Take a look at the vid:

AboutOne is an online family management system with a touch of magic.  It is one place that is accessible anytime, anywhere from any device. In just seconds you can store, secure, and manage what matters most: precious memories and household information. If you’re familiar with the social networking platform like Facebook, you’d find this portal very easy to use.

By taking a few seconds to record events in AboutOne, from any location, any device (phone or scanner), and at any time – right when they happen or later when you have a free moment – you’ll have quick access to that information when you need it in the future.

Printables are the real magic of AboutOne. Your posts are automatically combined, saving you time on everyday chores like creating family newsletters, scrapbooks, beautiful hard-cover memory books or baby-books, and creating and mailing holiday cards; or completing school forms, college applications, caregiver instructions, and tax returns (for example capital gains on a sold property). With AboutOne Printables, we take what you are already doing, and give back even more to save you time, and help you be prepared for those inevitable life events.

The AboutOne Inbox makes it so simple to capture memories as they happen and add them to AboutOne. Simply snap a photo from your phone, type in the memory description, and some facts that you want to remember forever about that memory, and email it to [email protected]. The next time you login to your AboutOne account you’ll see the new items in your inbox that can be assigned to a family member, relationship or home picture, or automatically included in your digital scrapbook and family newsletter as a memory. Plus any member of your family can send memories to the AboutOne Inbox—spouses out of town for business, kids away at college, just add their email address to their profile and they will have full usage of the inbox feature!

Each family member has their own page where you can enter the memories, photos, and activities they participate in. You can also upload important documents like birth certificates or passports so that you have them in case of an emergency. In addition you get fun facts about the year each member of your family was born including: birth stone, flower, who the president of the United States was and what the price of milk, bread, and gas was that year.

This portal is something like Facebook, only it’s more secure and family oriented. And if you’d like to manage your family data in a more systematic way, this is the place to go!

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