Fashion Police? Or plain nuisance?

I found myself in a rather frustrating predicament a few days ago. You see, I have this pair of favourite sneakers. It’s in pink and very striking. It does not match most of my outfits but it’s very comfortable to wear. I think, I’ve worn them for almost two years now, and it’s rather worn and old but very comfortable.

Someone I used to know once told me that this pair of footwear looks very childish and cheap and makes me look like some hoochy mama. Read: teenage whore wannabe. But I am not exactly a fashionista and nobody should be my fashion police. I’ll wear what I want and whatever I’m comfortable with. To me, as long as it’s comfortable and does not violate any dress code in any event venue, nothing else matters. I’ll make my own fashion statement, thank you very much.

Besides, I’m the one who will be walking and traveling in that pair of sneakers, not them. Why should I suffer discomfort? Why should I allow others to dictate me or allow their comments to get to my head? They are simply irrelevant, considering that they are not in the fashion line themselves.

It never fails to amuse me that some people around me are constantly looking for fault in almost everything. It makes me wonder if it actually kills them to say positive things or be encouraging to others? Just because I take things with a pinch of salt and have sense of humour does not mean I like it when people criticize me on things that does not actually matter or things that is simply just wasting my time. My parents taught me not to be rude to people. Regardless of the situation and unpleasant conversation, I was taught not to snap back rudely at people in public, but I guess I need to start to be ‘rude’ to people in public when they say something that I don’t like or not happy with so that they stop thinking that I’m such a pushover and easy to be bullied and continuously do the same thing over and over again.

Cleffairy: Can no longer tolerate crap and people who don’t watch their mouth and thinks that they are above everything.

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