Fixing Damaged Hair with Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo

As a scuba diver, it’s quite difficult to maintain smooth, silky and healthy hair like non-divers. Why? Well, it’s because I’m always exposed to either sea water during my open water dives or chlorine infested pool water during my training sessions. My hair is always dry, frazzled and is constantly cursed with split end. And what’s worst is that I suffer dry and itchy scalp. It can get really ugly because all the itchiness makes me wanna scratch my head all the time. And to add insult to injury, I suffer terrible hair loss as well. Whenever I brush through my hair, the hair will drop like crazy and it’s really scary.

Although right now I don’t dive in the open water or the pool as much due to the restrictions imposed by the government because of the Covid19 pandemic, my bad hair days is not getting better. In fact, it seems to be getting worst as I stay home. Not sure what contribute to that but I reckon it’s because of lack of essential vitamins and the skyrocketing stress caused by having to stay home all the time.

I thought of going to salon for treatments but they definitely will not be an enjoyable experience anymore like prior to Covid19 as there are many SOP to follow, and so, I tried this new drugstore shampoo by Dove.

The Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo with Hyaluron+Hydra Complex. The shampoo is supposed to be helpful in keeping the hair smooth and silky and we’ll managed.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m rather skeptical about it cuz I’ve tried plenty of shampoos and yet it doesn’t really help. But I have it a go nevertheless, and after 3 days of continuos usage, I’m happy to report that it actually show results.

My hair is now softer and smoother and easier to managed. My scalp feels somewhat fresh and moisturized throughout the day and it doesn’t itch that much anymore. I stopped having urge to unconsciously scratch my scalp. The flaky dandruffs are now a thing of the past and the best part of all is that when I brushed through my hair after showering, my hair shows significantly lesser drops. It’s really a pleasant experience. My hair now looks better than ever and it’s even bouncy and looks as if it has more volumes upon styling.

I wasn’t expecting this, to be honest as I’ve tried plenty of shampoos but none of them is as effective as Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo.

So is Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo is a yay or nay? Well, personally I think it’s a yay, and I would definitely recommend this to those with unhealthy scalp and hair issues.

I’m convinced that other Scuba divers like me who always have problems maintaining healthy hair will no doubt benefit from this Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo. We no longer have to resort to cutting our hair short to look decently presentable and my dive buddies will be the first I’d recommend to try this shampoo.

The Dove Hyaluron Purifying Serum Shampoo is available in major drugstores and shopping malls in Malaysia at RM30.60.

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