Footcare Consultation with Dr.Edmund Lee at JennOrtho, Midvalley Megamall.

So, I’ve been having some backache and my feet is kinda prone to cramps. Now, I’ll be taking my diving exam in Perhentian next month and that’s a no no. I cannot be having leg cramps at 18m underwater. Absolutely no! It would be a catastrophe if I have to abort my dive midway! Realising how important feets are for divers, I consulted with my Dive Buddy and he suggested that I do something about the issue as unlike swimming where hands played an important role in moving you underwater, finning is what actually help you propel and glide effectively underwater while diving. And so, I decided to do something about it.

My Dive Master suspects that I may have been wearing the wrong kind of shoes and therefore I’m prone to cramps. He suggested some feet or chiro checkup. Visiting the chiro is a bit freaky for me since Covid19 happens, so I decided to visit the newly opened JennOrtho at Midvalley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur instead to have my feet checked.

Jenn Ortho is a leading center that provides Custom 3D Medical Orthotic shoes specially designed individually. At JennOrtho, it’s not just about selling health shoes but also help you to analyze your feet so that you will be able to pick the right footwear for you.

Free foot alignment check at JennOrtho

I was lucky. They were offering free consultation by Dato Dr.Edmund Lee himself when I visited the outlet.

Anyway, like I said, feet scanning and consultation is given for FREE here and therefore, I decided to go on ahead with the free consultation. Here’s the expert at JennOrtho scanning my feet to help me determine my feet type and the type of shoes I should be buying for myself to ensure maximum comfort all day long.

My scan result. I was informed that my feet are apparently a little bit on the flat and low arch side and extra support is needed.

During the consultation session with the experts at JennOrtho, I was informed of the common problems with our feet.

I didn’t really pay much attention then as I was too excited with all the shoes displayed over there and I was a bit distracted but here’s sharing with you some of the common problems that we usually faced that are related to our feet.

1. Flat feet (our feet are flat and has no proper arch for support)
2. Nunion (excess bulding at the side of your big toe)
3. Callous (thick dead skin cells under the base of your feet)
4. High arch
5. Intoe-ing (pigeon legs- walking with both legs pointing inwards)
6. Toe walking (tip toe when you walk)
7. Bowlegs (bending outward of the legs from the knees down)

And so here’s some of shoes that were suggested to me.

These shoes are especially designed to support flat feets.

Dr Edmund Lee, the owner and the in-house doctor at Jenn Ortho shared tips with me on choosing the right footwear during my visit and here’s sharing his tips with all of you here:

1. Buy shoes in the evening because our feet expands the most at that time

2. Suitable shoes are shoes that can be inserted two fingers behind the shoes and the front of the shoe. This is to allow for a space for our feet growth.

3. Try both side of the shoes and walk with them to make sure they are comfortable.

As of writing, they are having the 50% off on selected shoes and I thought it’s high time to pick some new shoes.

Wide range of health shoes to suit your needs.

Some of the collection for children. They’re not only smart in design but keeps your kids’ feet comfy all day long. Look at these, pretty neat, right?

JennOrtho is also selling supplements for bone health.

Anyway, if you are looking for shoes, or any casual shoes for both yourselves and your children to wear that’s not only fashionable but also promotes overall comfort and well being, you might want to head over to JennOrtho at Midvalley Megamall and check things out.

Remember, feet are the basis for healthy body formation. If you choose the wrong footwear that does not support your feet, it will affect your well being and you’ll have tendency for knee pain, unhealthy spine, waist and many more. Therefore, picking a pair of shoes that provides proper support is very important.

Ps: (Don’t worry about hygiene and stuff. JennOrtho completely adhere to the RMCO SOP and the machine is sanitized with every use.) You’re also required to check in for contact tracing purposes and all of their staffs wears masks during service as well, so yeah, go for it, guys!

For more info, refer below:

Address: S011 2nd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall.

Operating hour: 10am to 10pm daily.


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