From Malaysia to Around The World: The Affordable Way

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Going on holiday is something everyone would enjoy, either you are traveling solo or with friends and family, one or two holidays a year is needed to help you escape from the tiring and probably boring daily routines.

There are a lot to plan before you go on a holiday, one of the important matter before you plan any further is how are you getting there. For the domestic getaway there will be a lot of options to choose maybe by using buses or jumping on a train or even flying with airplanes. However, if you are planning to go to an international destination, using an airplane is one thing you have to do unless there is other option like going on a cruise.

In Malaysia though, the Kuala Lumpur international airports is now flying everywhere in the world and there are many Southeast Asian travellers (from Indonesia or Thailand) go to Kuala Lumpur to get them to international destination like India, Europe or United States with a more affordable price. Even the national airlines Malaysian Airlines is offering daily deals for international destinations like Australia, India, Europe and United Kingdom. Malaysia Airlines also flies to every city in Malaysia from Alor to Langkawi to Ipoh.

Now, purchasing the flight tickets is quite tricky since we all want to get cheap flights to save our holiday money, but how to get cheap flights? Here are some tips you can try at home before booking your holiday:

1. Try to fly early morning or at night time

Not many people like the early morning or midnight flights, therefore airplanes will normally give you cheaper price to fly at this hour.

2. Book your tickets two weeks before

Some air carriers would start their flight promotion two weeks before the departure date, however if you’re planning to go on holiday in the peak season like summer holiday try to book them much earlier like three or four months before to save yourself from the last minute seats.

3. Book your flight at midnight

Air carriers won’t issue your ticket unless you pay for it. When someone doesn’t pay, air carrier will have to cancel their tickets and you can get these cancelled tickets in a low price when you book them at midnight. Try to use direct online booking from the carrier so you won’t have to rely on travel agents.

4. Fly on Wednesday

There are not many people who would like to leave on a mid-week, this results in many empty seats on Wednesday and therefore, it will be easier for you to get the promotional/ discount airfares.

5. Befriend with A Travel Agent officer

This might sound silly but if you have a friend at the travel agent, it will be much easier for you to ask them to get you promotional fares when you need them. For example, if you know you will be traveling to Penang in December, you can always as your “travel-agent friend” to book you a ticket early when there is a promotion. You can also check online travel agent sites, like Traveloka, to get a lot of cheap flights option.

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