Fun Things to Do in Resorts World Genting: Watch Movies at Bona Cinema

Fancy some movie marathon with your loved ones? How about doing it up in the cloud at 6,000ft above sea level at Resorts World Genting?


Bona Cinemas at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting has recently announced that they’ve added IMAX and Gold Class with D-BOX halls to its gilded cineplex and I decided to go for a little movie marathon to enjoy the latest movie in these awesome settings with the best of technology. It was an awesome experience, I assure you.


Watching movies in IMAX equipped hall is really engaging. IMAX technology, derived from the words Image Maximum, is widely considered the gold standard in motion picture immersion, able to capture images of greater size and resolution to bring even the smallest of details and sounds to life with a visceral punch.


If you’re to ask me how it’s like to watch movies in IMAX, I will have to say IMAX draws you into something as close to reality as you have ever experienced. I was informed that at IMAX equipped halls, two projectors run simultaneously to provide the perfect image with a balance of warmth and sharpness. My movie watching experience in IMAX includes immensely real explosion. Even whispers from the movies seems to come over my shoulder. The rumbling bass can be felt instead of heard. Every note of the soundtrack and every drop of pin seems to be clearer in IMAX. It really feels as if the cinema has been fully customized for an optimal experience.


Apart from that, if you are looking for an out of the world movie watching experience, you may also opt for Bona Cinemas’ Gold Class VIP seats with D-BOX technology.


A first in the Malaysian market, Bona Cinemas has combined the luxurious pleasure of Gold Class VIP seats with the dynamic D-BOX technology.


Each seat at the Gold Class hall with D-BOX is equipped with the D-BOX patented motion system with four levels of intensity control, which swivels and tilts on a two-axis configuration to truly bring the viewer into the thick of the action.

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Combined with the latest Dolby Atmos audio system that wraps the audience with three-dimensional sound, the entire movie watching experience made me feel as if I am part of the scene – along for the ride in thrilling chase sequences and feeling the weight of every single impact, whether physical or emotional.

My movie marathon had never been more satisfying than watching the movies in IMAX and Gold Class in D-Box at Bona Cinemas. If I were to describe my overall experience, I must say that I went to another universe through those two halls. In my humble opinion, there is no better gateway into cinematic perfection in Malaysia than at Bona Cinemas in Resorts World Genting.

Bona Cinemas is located on Level 1 of SkyAvenue mall in Resorts World Genting. The cinema has a total of six halls, covering 38,848 square feet. All halls are equipped with the latest Dolby Atmos sound system for maximum cinematic immersion, and a wide variety of snacks are available at the concession stand.

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