Gantetsu Tori Ramen

Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur is offering quite a gastronomic trail. Following my previous post, Flavours of Quill City Mall, here’s sharing with you what I had in the first restaurant in my previous write-up.

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Gantetsu Tori Ramen originates from Hokkaido, Japan. It is well known for it’s rich and naturally fresh ingredients.

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They have plenty of fabulous food items on their menu, but here’s what I got to try that day.

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Special King Chicken Ramen, RM26.90. The chicken drumstick was served on the side, in case you are wondering where the chicken is. This was delicious, and the portion was big enough for two small eaters to share. The broth thick, rich and flavourful while the ramen is pretty much springy. Ramen lovers would definitely approve this.

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Special Chicken Gyoza, 3pcs, RM5.60. Some would say that this is a tad pricey but I assure you that it is worth every cent. The gyoza was perfectly done. Adeptly fried. Smooth, crisp on the outside and was bursting with flavours inside.

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Fried Chicken Karaage, 3pcs, RM9.90. A must try item on the menu. I couldn’t resist taking one piece after another. The fried chicken batter was not too thick and was well flavoured. The chicken was juicy on the inside and good to eat on it’s own.

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Hokkaido Potato Croquette, RM8.50. The croquette is all right. I didn’t think it was special in any way, but my son seems to love this very much. He polished this off from the plate and actually wanted to request for more.

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Chicken Teriyaki
. I’ve forgotten the price for this, but it’s worth your calories if you like strong flavoured food.

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One of the house special. Fried tofu RM8.90. It may look humble and ordinary but surprisingly this tofu was my favourite that day. It was soft Japanese tofu dipped in flour batter and deep fried before serving. The crispy and soft combination is positively addictive and I definitely wouldn’t mind a few servings of this.

Overall I am satisfied with what this restaurant have to offer. While it is slightly more on the pricey side in comparison to other Japanese cuisine outlet that I frequent, the restaurant does not disappoint and the food is great. The outlet is a tad small to accommodate large crowd, so I’d advice you to try avoid dining during peak hours.

The outlet is Pork-Free and still in the process of obtaining Halal certificate from JAKIM.

Gantetsu Tori Hokkaido Raman
Lot 4-03, Fourth Floor
Quill City Mall

Contact: 03 2602 1215

More information on Quill City Mall, do hop over to their website here;

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