Gua Damai Extreme Park, Batu Caves

I never knew that I could climb mountains; literally climb mountains until I visited Gua Damai Extreme Park. If you are my friend on Facebook or Instagram, you’d probably noticed my updates where I attempted rock climbing a couple of weeks ago along with my friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor.

Now, while I like to try new things and loves to travel alot, extreme sports is not exactly my forte and I steer away from them as far as I could. I’ll be honest with you. I prefer art and culture stuff over extreme sports, thank you very much, but Gua Damai simply beckons me to make acquaintance with it.

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So, where is this Gua Damai Extreme Park? Gua Damai Extreme Park is surprisingly located somewhere near the well famed Batu Caves and is a rock climbing heaven.

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Gua Damai extreme Park boasts of over 70 over climbing routes which is a place that still less known among the locals although it is internationally known among extreme sports enthusiasts. The spacious climbing area has spotlight for night climbing, ample parking area, toilet and children playground. It is basically a place for the whole family to chill outdoor.

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Gua Damai. If you look closely, there is a cave in this huge chunk of rock. Apart from being a family friendly attraction, Gua Damai Extreme Park is also the first and only place  in Malaysia where base jumpers can jump at the height of 316 feet from the peak of Gua Damai.

 photo DSCN7128_zps32ytm1rd.jpg

To accomodate base jumping, a special platform is built for the professional base jumpers. And guess what? We were quite lucky. Upon arrival of our visit, we were told there were base jumping activity going on, and I practically had my heart in my mouth watching that.

 photo DSCN7155_zpspclt28c0.jpg

Here’s a base jumper jumping from the top of Gua Damai.

 photo DSCN7160_zpsrxabztrq.jpg

Perfect landing

Base jumpers. I don’t know what went over me. It must have been the adrenaline rush or something. I actually approached them and asked if they could do tandem base jumping ; you know, carry me along when they jump, but unfortunately for me, they lacked proper equipment to do so. According to the base jumper, if I want to do tandem base jump with them, they would have to customize the rope and the clips accordingly to my weight, which wasn’t exactly possible at the moment since I was terribly underweight and their equipments obviously is to accommodate people with normal weight. 🙁 But yes. If you are wondering if tandem base jumping is possible, the answer is yes. But you would need to inform them and make appointments beforehand.

For a coward who steer away from extreme sport, I was sorely disappointed, and I sulked for a little bit before heading to the rock climbing area after the base jumping performance.

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Gua Damai Extreme Park staff, checking the ropes and getting things ready for rock climbing session.

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Part of the equipments needed for rock climbing and abseiling; helmet, shoes, harness, clips and gloves.

The staff, preparing the ropes for rock climbing and abseiling.

 photo DSCN7169_zpscrua5cyb.jpg

Well, girl can’t get tandem base jump, so might as well do the next best thing, which is rock climbing and abseiling. Let me tell you something. I know nothing about rock climbing. I never tried it before in my life, not even those indoor ones in themepark, but I decided to try it nevertheless after giving it a thorough thought. There’s always a first time in everything, and one can’t just stay in their comfort zone, right?

 photo DSCN7171_zps8vltrjl1.jpg

That’s me. Trying to get a grip on the rock.

 photo DSCN7174_zpspiza4omr.jpg

A little bit at a time. I do look like I was kissing the rock, don’t I?

 photo received_10153164556689077_zpsblxwssi1.jpeg

Getting a grip

 photo received_10153164557414077_zpsmqzojlnu.jpeg

Climbing, with the dexterity of a snail. 😛

 photo received_10153164561869077_zpsy2hkdjjr.jpeg

Seriously, it wasn’t as easy as it looks, and halfway through to the top, I felt like giving up. I kept calling out to my instructor, saying “I can’t do it!”, “There is no more climbing point, “, and “It’s too difficult,”. Thinking back, I’m really ashamed that said all the negative things to demoralize myself despite the fact that I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.

 photo DSCN7184_zpsulg5enwk.jpg

But I was really blessed. My instructor had faith in me and did not give up on me when I nearly gave up on myself. He yelled encouragingly at me when I nearly cried, telling me that I can do it, and that there’s loads of climbing points for me to grip on, and he kept reminding me that I was nearly there on top of the cave, and I was glad that I listened to him.

 photo received_10153164572044077_zpskdlvbq8h.jpeg

I managed. Yes. I managed to reach the top although halfway through I didn’t think it was possible. 🙂 To say that I was ecstatic was an understatement, and to hear my son happily cheer for me from the ground as if I was a superhero was an indescribable feeling. Then, it suddenly occurred to me that I could practically climb mountains with the right push and motivation. The short rock climbing session was perhaps just a shot of adrenaline to most, but to me, it was quite a slap in the face. I come to a realization that I lacked people who will push me into the right direction in my life. I always wanted to do a lot of things in life. Achieve things and challenge myself, but I lack people who inspire me to do things that I want, and lack of people in my circle who will motivate me to be a better person, and perhaps, it is time for me to make some changes in my life instead of just being comfortable going nowhere.

The rock climbing session was not merely a physical thing, but a spiritual enlightenment to me. I’m truly glad that I did try and accomplish it against all odds.

If you haven’t try rock climbing or abseiling, I highly recommend for you and your kids to try it. Yes. They do cater rockclimbing for children too. Forget those indoor themepark rock climbing spots. Get your hands on the real thing here at Gua Damai Extreme Park.

Here’s the package for your reference:

Basic Rock Climbing

Price: RM160 (1 day course)


-Knowing the equipment
-Tying the knots
-Rules of belaying
-Safety of fundamentals
-Basic climbing (top rope)

*Package caters to groups of more than 12 persons with packed lunch, full usage of climbing equipment and experienced guides

Fun climbing

Price: RM70 

Duration: 1/2 a day trip
(morning or afternoon session)
Time: 9.30am- 1pm/ 2pm-5pm
*Accept walk in

Fun abseiling

Price: RM60
Duration: 1/2 a day trip
(morning or afternoon session)
Time: 9.30am- 1pm/ 2pm-5pm
*min 6 persons 

Fun climbing & abseiling

Price: RM100
Duration: 1 day trip
(morning or afternoon session)
Time: 9.30am- 1pm/ 2pm-5pm

Caters to groups of more than 12 persons , includes packed meals, full usage of climbing equipment and experienced guides.

Gua Damai Exploration package:

Price: RM130 
Duration: 1 day trip

-Spot traditional herbs while trekking
-Educational caving
-Glide 250m zip line

*Cater to a groups of 12 persons, includes packed meals, full usage of climbing equipment, experienced guides.

Getting there can be quite tricky if you are not local, though. But below is a guide on how you can get there:

Getting there:

Via KTMB commuter: stops at Batu Caves station and take a taxi to Kg Melayu Wira Damai.

Via Rapidkl: stops at Pniggiran Batu Caves and walks briskly for 20 minutes to the destination.

Via Car: accessible via Jln Kuching or MRR2 from Kepong or from Hulu Kelang. Duke Highway heading for Gombak would take you to Sri Gombak. Once on the flyover of Sri Gombak, drive straight on Lebuh Utama Sri Gombak until you reach Taman Gombak Permai. Turn left into Jalan Gombak Permai 2 and via Jalan Gombak Permai 3 where there will be an open field that welcomes you into the view of gua Damai.

Sri Subramaniam Temple,
Jalan Zamrud,
Kampung Melayu Wira Damai,
68100 Selangor. 

Wira Adventure Consultant
No 3-2, Jalan PGN 1A/1,
Pinggiran Batu Caves,
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
[email protected]
Mustapha: 012-4812005


  1. Sebrinah Yeo says:

    Adrenaline rush! For me la… I can never climb… My greatest enemy “stairs”…. So no-no to climbing up anywhere unless terpaksa… But Great job! I would be crying on my way Up lolx…

  2. Koey Leow says:

    Wow this place is awesome!! But I am not going to try climb up because lazy to move lol hahaha btw thanks for sharing I will forward this to my friends who love adventurous

  3. Sharon Lee says:

    wow, a really challenging activities! You done a great job as other ppl may not dare to climb. But nowadays KL is cover with haze, better to decrease outdoor activities! Have fun!

  4. Anfieldyee says:

    That’s strange.. my comp seems cannot see the photos. Must be my PC hardware problem. 🙁 Anyway, glad to know that you’re a travel blogger 😀 I love traveling and also being to Batu Cave. But I’m not brave enough to do rock climbing lol! So, thumbs up for you!!

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