Harum Malam And Vee Spray: Malay Traditional Supplement, Aphrodisiac and…

So, the postman knocked the door and arrived with a parcel the other day. It contains these- Two bottles of Harum Malam Supplement and a small bottle of Vee Spray from INFO MASALAH WANITA.

So, what’s Harum Malam?

Well, basically, Harum Malam is an internal health supplements for women that helps resolve internal issues such as :

♡ Increases desire and sexual stimulation by lubricating the vagina

♡ Helps tighten and firming the vagina wall muscle

♡ Helps kill bacteria in the urinary tract as well as to overcome the problem of frequent urination

♡ Increase body resistance system and stabilizing hormone

♡ Reduce stress and tension

♡ Helps in reducing wrinkles and encourage skin regeneration

♡ Breast firming

♡ Helps increase intimacy

Harum Malam supplement contains: Rose Extract , Lemon Fig , Raisin , Honey, Goji , Kaffir Lime , Kayu Serapat Pomegranate , Manjakani , Pueraria lobata , Pueraria Mirifica .

Frequently Asked Questions About Harum Malam Supplement:

Can Harum Malam be consumed during your period ?
Yes.Harum Malam can be taken during menstruation. Some users claimed to no longer have menstrual cramps after taking Harum Malam

Harum Night for pregnant women ?
No. Harum night should not be taken by the expecting mothers but is fine for those who are lactating or during confinement.

Can teenagers non married women take Harum Malam ?
Yes because Harum Malam is not just an aphrodisiac, but a form supplement for women.

Can Harum Malam helps me increase fertility and chances of conceiving?
As Harum Malam in one or other ways helps with intimacy and internal bodily health in whole, there might be a chance of you conceiving.

So… how does Harum Malam works on me? Well, I’ve just started using Vee Spray and Harum Malam, there’s a few noticeable effects, but I’ll tell you more about it in the next post. 😀 Wait for my testimonial, yea?

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