Himalaya Sports Candy, Refreshing Candies For Active& Sporty Individuals

If you’re following me on my social media accounts, eg: Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, you’d know that I’m quite an active person and I lead a very healthy lifestyle. I practice Qigong&Taichi and plays with cold weapons like sword, sabre and spear roo. Apart from practicing Chinese martial arts, I’m an active scuba diver as well. I dive almost every other weekend with my buddies.

You can say that I’m not a person that can stay still, and recently, I started taking interest in mermaiding. All of these things that I’m doing are energy demanding sports, and I’m somewhat prone to getting cramps, especially on my left leg. This rarely happens when I’m practicing Taichi, but it usually happens when I’m diving or mermaiding for long hours.

SSI Mermaid training -Duck dive& back flip

Uploaded by Elizabeth Toh on 2023-02-02.

If you haven’t heard what mermaiding is, here’s sharing with you one of my mermaiding videos.

Anyway, as I said, I’m prone to cramps. Luckily for me though, there’s somewhat a solution to prevent my leg cramps during these activities; which is Himalaya Sports Candy. It was recommended by a runner friend, who is also prone to cramps when she’s running.

Made with the natural Himalayan Salt, this sports candy comes in really handy should your body need some extra sodium before or after an intense workout. The candy is helpful in maintaining hydration in the body with natural salt and glucose. And the best part? It’s refreshing mint-like flavour is ideal for anyone who needs a minty fresh breath as well. And a bonus? It’s really good to sooth itchy or sore throat as well.

I’d usually take one Himalaya Sports Candy before any of these activities and one after I’m done with the activities, and I can assure you that it’s been quite helpful in preventing my leg cramps.

I rarely get any cramps when I take em candies prior to activities, in comparison to when I don’t consume them.

Himalaya Sports candy comes in two flavours – Lemon and Ginger Lemon. And the candy is also available in the new Himalaya Vajomba range which is available in two variants, Himalaya Vajomba Honey Lime Mints and Himalaya Vajomba Actiwhoosh Mints. My favourite is the Lemon flavour and the new Himalaya Vajomba Actiwhoosh Mints.

If you’re a gym goer, runner or someone who leads a sporty lifestyle like me and kinda prone to cramps, or simply need something to instantly perk you up after your activities you might wanna give this a try. I can assure you it’s really helpful. The candy is easily available in your neighborhood stores, convenient stores and yes, it’s also available in major pharmacies in Malaysia. Just look for them in candies and mints section.

The candy is certified Halal by JAKIM, , so no worries about it not being safe for consumption.

For more information on the Candie’s, visit: www.himalayacandy.com

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