Theme Park Hotel, A Family Friendly Accommodation in Resorts World Genting

Living in Kuala Lumpur is like living in an oven that’s being switched on to slowly roast a whole bird. The weather is always uncomfortably hot and therefore, my family and I always fancy places with more cooling weather whenever we decided to go for a short getaway. Since we are living just about 45mins drive away from the Genting Highlands, naturally this place became our number one family weekend’s destination of choice whenever we want some R&R. It is the only place that’s not only near home, but offers cool climate all year round as well.

Resorts World Genting has been our favourite weekend getaway destination of choice for many years now. Those who doesn’t know better, Resorts World Genting is just well known for being a gambler’s heaven. But to me and my family, Resorts World Genting have more to offer than just the casinos. It’s actually nature lovers’ paradise and a foodie heaven. But I won’t be elaborating on that in this post. Instead, I’d like to share with you the latest family-friendly accomodation in Resorts World Genting; Theme Park Hotel.

. The Theme Park Hotel in Resorts World Genting holds many nostalgic memories for the generations of guests who have stayed in the rooms and enjoyed its proximity to the magical world of Malaysia’s only mountaintop amusement park. Since the closure of the attraction in 2013, the Theme Park Hotel followed suit, but only so it could re-emerge ready to give a whole new generation of thrill seekers an insight into creative hotel expansion. There are plenty of attractions nearby the hotel; but a must visit attraction around is defnitely The English Garden which is just across the road and SkyAvenue, which is just about 5-10 minutes walk away.

The hotel is now opened, a nod to its proximity to the upcoming first-in-the-world Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park. Theme Park Hotel has no structural changes on the cards. The hotel is still retaining its 448 rooms to accomodate guests, but with vast improvements. Gearing towards family and fun, guests might feel as if they are in Wonderland. When I say Wonderland, I am literally refering to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, of course. Once you walked in into the lobby, you’ll spot giant teacups, giant bench and a bank of trick mirror, reflecting places that Alice passed by as she explored Wonderland when she followed the White Rabbit into the Rabbit Hole.

My family and I had an opportunity to stay at Theme Park Hotel during our most recent weekend getaway in Resorts World Genting, and here’s a picture of me and my son at the entrance of the hotel.

I didn’t manage to get a picture at the giant teacup and the giant bench as there were other guests hanging around there for photos. And so instead of waiting for my turn for a photo, my family and I headed for Eatopia for a quick bite before checking-in. This in-house cafe offers quite a few things for famished guests; pastries, pasta, Nasi Lemak, cookies and even sushis. They are all reasonably priced, so if you found yourselves hungry during your stay in Theme Park Hotel, you can head over to Eatopia for a quick bite to calm the growl in your tummy.

There’s a mirror trick art in the lobby. I decided to give it a go and here’s fooling around at the lobby before checking-in

My husband, doing his Spiderman pose.

Me and son fooling around

Just us, being crazy before checking-in.

Here’s our access card. Cute, don’t you think?

Our room was a Sixers with Double Decker Bed. It was located at level 3 in Theme Park Hotel. Here’s a picture of the hallway. Again, I felt like Alice walking into a maze in Wonderland.

The ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ machine spotted while walking to our room and I believe other floors has these too. These vending machine sells instant noodles, tidbits, drinks and the likes.

A video of our room

Our room, a Sixers with Double Decker Bed. The two queen-sized beds are propped on the tatami-style with one built-up Queen sized bunk bed above another platform. Very clever interior, I must say. The novelty of the bunk beds are bound to have children clamouring to sleep on top, allowing parents a chance to rest without fidgety children in their proximity. The raised sleeping platforms also serve as storage spaces. Compartments in the platforms are used to store luggage, while room safes are also built into the drawer. As the name suggest, the room can accomodate up to 6 pax at a time. Definitely great for families with young children.

Huge Queen-sized bed

The bed is pretty comfy and here’s my bed selfie.

Me and my son, fooling around on the bed. Why? Because it’s fun, of course.

Kid wanna check out the double decker bed

And so here’s us, checking out the double decker bed.

In lieu of expensive heavy drapes and curtains, artists pitched in to hand draw designs in white paint on blackout roller blinds, resulting in original works of art in every room. I find this really creative and refreshing.

More cute deco spotted in our room. But these are’s just drawings. It is a functional trick art deco. Clothes can be hung on knobs around which artists have drawn outlines of closets. The television set too is hung on brackets with artwork around it to make it seem that it is enclosed in a TV cabinet. Cleverly done.

There’s a study table by the window. And here’s a pic of my husband doing his stuff while our son chill around on the bed.

One of the trick art in our room. Me, sitting in an imaginary armchair.

Me, trying to get a pic of myself with the artsy pic, but well, I’m not much a photographer. Failed to get the whole background in the photo. Oh well, can’t say I didn’t try.

Bathroom was spacious. Shower room and toilet are in seperate stall.

Toiletries are provided by Theme Park Hotel, so no worries about not having any should you forget to bring your own during your stay.

Bedroom slippers are provided as well, with ‘Happy’ and ‘Feet’ embroided on it to keep our feet happy.

So my husband and I put on these ‘Happy Feet’ slippers. So, did we feel happier? Of course we felt happier. With the kid snoring away on his bunk bed and not anywhere near us that night, we pretty much get cuddlier and more.

My most recent visit to Resorts World Genting is definitely made more enjoyable by my experience in Theme Park Hotel. I highly recommend this hotel for people who would like to spend quality time uphill with their families.

For more information; booking and pricing for Theme Park Hotel, please visit or call 03-6101 1118

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