How to Print Business Cards Online

Let’s admit it. It is 2019 and we are in the era where social media platforms like Facecook, Instagram, LinkIn and many more plays an important role when it comes to getting businesses connected with their prospect.

But as much as you use social media to connect your business to your prospects and leads, you will still need the old school way of self-introductory when you meet your prospects in a professional setting in real life. Believe it or not, a well-designed business card helps make a lasting good impression. Not only business cards are important, but Booklets and Flyers are important as well if you intend to host a business event and seminar.

Always remember that Business Cards, Booklets and Flyers make you look professional and credible.

There are plenty of sites where you can Print Business Cards online, but how do you go about it? Here’s sharing with you some tips on how to print business cards online:

1. Business Cards Size
Business Cards Size is a very important thing you need to consider before you print them online. Business card is a tangible and lasting representation of you. You need to carefully consider how it looks and feels. You can create good-looking business cards yourself by using business card tools on online website that offers business card printing services. Always pick business card size that is easy to store so that it will not be thrown away afterwards. The same goes if you want to Print Flyers as well.

2. Business Cards Designs

Most online printing services allows you to customize your own business cards, booklets and Flyer size by using their template. Remember to start designing your card with a template and customize what it includes based on the information you want to convey. If you are a physical store, you might want to include a street address, or maybe include social media accounts as well. Most services let you add or remove text boxes to your preference, so make use of that. You might want to add your logo on the on the cards too, but if you don’t have any pre-designed logo and whatnot, simply purchase those sold on the sites.

3. Printing Price

Card quality is about more than just weight and thickness. You also pay for textures. Linen, gloss, matte, and soft-touch are common choices offered on those online printing sites. All has their own appeal and characteristics.
Better type of papers for your cards usually costs more. If you are on a budget, simply choose the basic ones. They are mostly passable and quality-wise, still good. Make use of offers on those sites if any. Some offers cheaper price for more amount of cards that you order.

4. One Side Printing or Two Sides?

Printing on both sides of the cards can costs more, if you are on a budget, just opt for one side, otherwise, pick two sides as you can include more information about yourselves or the business that you are representing. If you want to Print Booklets, the same is applied too. The more pages you print for your booklet might cost more, so plan your content wisely so that the information you want to convey can be delivered effectively without costing more.

5. Delivery Time

Express delivery usually costs more, so do plan ahead on the timing if you need to use the business cards/booklets/flyers urgently. Last minute printing requests is a no no. There can be glitches where logistic is concerned due to bad weathers and stuff and you might not received your items in time.

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are plenty of sites that offers online printing services and it can be quite overwhelming to pick the online printing service that suits your needs. If you are a first timer, you might want to use services. The site is easy to navigate and is user friendly. I hope the tips given is useful for you. Til next time, I wish you luck in all your business endevours.

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