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Do you print things, dear readers? I don’t know if you do print out for your documents or not, but I certainly do. I print out quite a lot of things, including soft copies of my novel manuscripts, my students’ exercise sheets, my assignments, promo vouchers and coupons and many more. (Yes, yes, I do print out the softcopy of my novel manuscripts before my publishers does. I’m vain, deal with it. 😛 And yes, I do print out those freebies coupons on vouchers. I can’t help it. They are irresistible!)

It’s really hard for me to get a good printer that lasts really long, so I was really glad that I was recently introduced to one of the leading printer brand in Malaysia, Ricoh.

Ricoh is one of the world’s leading suppliers of office automation equipment, including copiers, facsimile machines, data processing systems, and related supplies. Ricoh is also renowned for its state-of-the-art electronic devices and photographic equipment, and recently, Ricoh Malaysia has just launched its 1st Black and White Compact Laser Printers, i.e. Aficioâ„¢ SP 100 e Series Printers.

There are three models in this series, i.e.

  • SP 100 e
  • SP 100SU e  
  • SP 100SF e

New Printers Feature

Ricoh Aficioâ„¢ SP 100 e

Ricoh Aficioâ„¢ SP 100 e

           Ricoh Aficio™ SP 100SU e

Ricoh Aficioâ„¢ SP 100SU e

Ricoh Aficioâ„¢ SP 100SF e

Ricoh Aficioâ„¢ SP 100SF e
Here’s a little bit about the printers above. SP 100 e – RM 299 A4 mono laser printer ideal for personal use whileSP 100SU e and SP 100 SF e – RM 499 and RM 669 Multi Function Printers providing small businesses the option of keeping overheads low.

These printers are pretty stylish, I must say.  Its’compact design frees up valuable space on your desk, and it’s certainly suitable for those  limited space. I would highly recommend this for students and entrepreneurs as these printers can can placed on a desktop, shop counter or open shelf.

Those who are in business line would find this device is highly mobile too as  it can easily be brought to conferences or meeting rooms to provide access to print, copy and scan functionality. These portable devices can be placed in a carrier bag and transported around to wherever their versatile functionality is required.

Apart from being mobile, these printers are also productive. Print speeds up to 13ppm A4 with 16MB memory (SP 100 e and SP 100SU e) / 32MB memory (SP 100SF e), and it also prints up to 1,200 x 600 dpi resolution.

All models come with the starter AIO (All-In-One) cartridge which are easy to maintain and replace.  They’re have simple and fast USB connectivity with full front operation and machine access for easy paper jam removal. The printers are also designed for easy cartridges change as well, so you don’t have to worry about changing cartridges whenever the printers is out of cartridges.

These robust and durable devices have an impressive unit life of 50,000 prints, and the best part of all is that these printers is idiot proof for those who are not exactly techie literate.  The setup time is reduced as you can plug the device into the USB slot of the host computer and be used within minutes. Yes. It’s a plug and play device.

One thing that I like about these printing devices is that they are environmentally friendly. They are devices without the ID chip and has been designed with the industry-first toner refilling option—a feature that also reduces costs. These Ricoh printers have energy-saving mode and  uses as little as 5 W or less. Absolutely great to use if you want to reduce your electric bills.

The manual duplex printing  has the ability to print recycled paper. Great way to reduce the usage of paper, don’t you think?

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Anyway, Ricoh Malaysia is now tied up with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ movie in conjunction with its release on 19th July.  And right at the moment, they are offering exclusive rewards upon purchase

Instant Rewards upon printer purchase.

Cool, huh? The promo doesn’t just end there. Those who purchase the printer can stand a chance to win Weekly and Monthly Rewards, which is HTC One S and HTC One X upon registering the printer online.

Awesome, huh? Well, what are you waiting for, head over anorexia recovery datingright now to find out more about it.There will also be daily giveaways to Ricoh’s Facebook fans.

Yups, you can try to win something without any purchase. Here’s how:

2)Click “Daily Giveaways”
3)Follow the 3 Steps, i.e.
b)Share the campaign site
c)Complete the participation form
*List of winners will be posted on the campaign site as well as Ricoh fan page every evening.
Anyway, just a little note here. If you are a student, you also might want to take advantage of their free printing service. Ricoh is currently offering free printing for students. Ricoh is running a roadshow/campus tour in the locations below:
So if you’re a student and interested in Ricoh Aficio latest printer and want to try it , just stop by and get FREE printing up to 50 pages.
Here’s how you can do that:
1) Like RICOH MALAYSIA (Official) Fan Page.
2) Leave your details.
3) Print up to 50 pages
For more updates on this ongoing campaign, CLICK HERE


  1. suituapui says:

    Looks nice. I had a RICOH camera once…in the 70’s. My first “DSLR”, non-auto camera. I wonder if they have LCD projectors as well – a must for teachers to have these days…. Must buy one for my girl.

  2. Garfield says:

    What I can say is, Ricoh printer never disappoint me b4.
    Compare to the other brands, Ricoh and Xerox is so far the best multipurpose printer that I’ve seen, when I am doing configuration for my customer’s printer.
    Canon is the worse ones!

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