It’s All About Me and Domino’s Pizza


Most of you defined me by my marriage. You know me as someone’s wife and someone’s mother. But am I just that? I have no doubt that at times, some of you ask yourselves that question too. As we grow older, people defined us merely by what we do for a living and our status. But we are more than that. We are not just someone’s daughter, someone’s brother or sister, someone’s wife, someone’s mother. We are all unique individuals and we shouldn’t forget that. I like a lot of things in life. I have immense passion for writing; especially writing novels and I very much rather you recognize me as an author more than anything else. I like watching dramas and anime. I very much rather discuss that with those who shared the same interest with me. I like shopping and doing outdoor activities. I love traveling and going for eco-escapade and I very much rather you know me as a traveler and a nature lover. I am abit of a glutton and I love food very much, and I certainly love to enjoy great food with good companions.

Our spouse and children became the center of our world when we got married. This fact is true, especially for ladies. But let’s not forget that our life is not just about other people. It’s about us too. This life is ours to live and we should celebrate our individuality instead of burying it alive. I know some of us feel jaded in life on how people defined us and we try to live up to their expectations to the point that we are overly harsh to ourselves that we stopped being kind to ourselves. I think this is not right. I believe it is important to reward ourselves for all the little achievements that we achieved as if we don’t, nobody else would.


One of the way for me to reward myself for the little successes in my life or to encourage myself to keep on going in the face of adversities and the challenges I’m facing is to treat myself to good food.


One of my favourite reward to myself is pizza. I have a couple of my all time favourite pizzeria but if there’s one that’s regularly on top of my list since my teenage years is Domino’s. They are not only affordable but easy to order as well. You can chopse to either call them up and have the pizzas delivered or simply order the pizzas online.

Domino’s has been accompanying me throughout the most parts of my life. I have them whenever I need to burn the midnight oil and work late to meet datelines. They served as fuel to keep me going. I had Domino’s pizzas during the times of darkness and during the times of heartbreak and they gave me such comfort. I had Domino’s pizza to commemorate little success or important events in my life as well. Funny how a simple and humble food played such an important role in my life.

That said, my point is that while it is great that we give unconditional love to our children and our spouse, but let’s not forget that loving ourselves a little bit more does not mean that we love our loved ones less. Do things that you like. Stop just existing and live life to the fullest. Have a better day today than tomorrow.

Weird write up? Well, all I want to say is that you should reward yourselves every now and then. Celebrate your worth as an individual. Because life is all about you and you are definitely worth it. Go ahead. Have a pizza or two. At Domino’s, it’s all about you too. Hop over to and treat yourselves to some pizzas and don’t forget to share with me your Domino’s pizza stories on social media with the hashtag #DominosMY and #ItsAllAboutYou. Remember, life is all about you and you are worth it.


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