Kekasih by The Melvins is a Fenomena Meletop in Malaysian Beauty Scene

Not even a year in the market, the cosmetics brand Kekasih by The Melvins has quickly grabbed the attention of many. Founded by four beautiful siblings, Syatilla Melvin, Syida Melvin, Syafiqa Melvin and Syifa Melvin since May 1, 2019, the brand, which comes with its affordable lip matte and cream foundation, creates its own phenomenon.

Pic from clockwise, The Melvins sisters: Syatilla, Syafiqa,
Syifa and Syida.

Since the beginning of the matte lip release under the name Zahir Batin and Jiwa Raga, 180,000 units have been sold like hotcakes in the market. Kekasih by The Melvins is fast gaining a foothold in the latest promotion of the Tulus Suci matte lip combo launched since November 17.

The Tulus lipmatte combo,peacock edition

The Suci lipmatte combo, peacock version.

“This time our Tulus Suci matte lip combo presented an interesting color choice with strawberry scents. Previously through the previous combo, we showed off the banana and chocolate scent.

Lovely, beautiful colour that can bring out a woman’s inner allure.

For those who prefers sweet and romantic look.

Bold and youthful colour that will surely fire up your day.

Nude tone for those who prefers a more natural look.

“We also present it in a seasonally limited edition. So you need to get to the market quickly before it’s sold out, “Syatilla said.

“The main content of this lip matte is Argan oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. It is lightweight and waterproof. It is also a lightweight liquid but the effect after use will turn to matte.”

“The texture is so light that it doesn’t smash anything. It is not sticky and sticky. Its function is to maintain fine lines on the surface of the lips. It also acts as a moisturizer. At the same time, it also does not leave black impressions to the lips. More importantly, there are no chemicals and js Paraben-free. It smells good too,” Syatilla said.

Kekasih by The Melvins also practice the concept of opening up opportunities to housewives or those who want to make extra money by becoming agents and stockists.

“At Kekasih by The Melvins, we share with those outside who want to earn extra income. Within just a few months upon market penetration, we have been able to help them to earn more money by being agents and stockists. Thanks to such business opportunity, we are proud to help many people improve their living economy. Some can afford to buy gold, motorcycles, furniture, cars, renovate houses, travel abroad.” she said.

Syatilla, representing its other siblings, said despite the intense competition of selling the same product line, they were still optimistic and proud of their own brand.

Lipmatte combo is on sale for RM39 (2 piece of lipmatte) while Foundation cream is sold at Rm49

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Online hotline: 010-9000001

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