Kembara #dekatje: Kampung Style Breakfast at Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre

Morning at Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre seems to be a big thing for everyone. You can see guests jogging around or frolicking in the river for an early morning swim as early as 7am over here.

It must be the green environment that makes people want to kick start their morning in such an active way. One thing for sure, it is very refreshing to be able to workout so close to nature and breathe in fresh air instead of working out in a gym that reek with sweaty smell.

 photo 20151026_083202_zpshbgcwwdv.jpg

Breakfast is generally included with the room packages in Kalumpang Resorts and Training Centre. This is what we had for breakfast during our stay. Typical traditional Malaysian breakfast of Nasi Lemak with condiments, traditional pink pancakes and black coffee to perk you up.

Guests who sign up for training packages or rooms may make special request or plan their meals in advance here in Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre. So if you have any special dietery requirement, just let them know and they will accomodate you.

For more information on how you can plan your meals during your stay here, please contact:


Lot 426 & 427 Jalan Sg Inki,Kg Pasir Putih, Kalumpang 44100 Kerling, Hulu Selangor, Selangor

Tel : 03-6049 1969
Fax : 03-6049 1087

Email : [email protected][email protected]

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